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My sexy hijabi student

My name is Jayson Reese and I recently got a teaching job in an Indonesian high school. Since Indonesia is primarily made up of Muslims the school was predominately made up of muslim students. Every day I would teach my class and the same student would watch my every movement and would smile at me all the time. Her name was Indah Rahmanisa, she wore a white hijab with the school uniform on. She had a huge pair of tits and her face was very beautiful. Her nails were always painted a different color each day. One day she was smiling and giggling a lot more than usual talking to her friends sitti... Continue»
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sharing of the milf in our pool

We had planned a big 4th of July party again and as the evening wore down. Most everyone was either trashed and wanting to go home or they left to go make love, but we still had about 5 people remaining in our yard and pool. My wife Peggy was in our pool with three of the high school graduates from our neighborhood. her b*****r Tom was helping me clean up and his buddy Chris was one of the fresher arrivals. I had not been introduced to Chris as yet, but Tom said he would take care of that after we cleaned up and put things away. tom and I finished cleaning the house inside and had prepared the... Continue»
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understall at the mall

I like to visit the mall and spend time in the restroom checking out the guys in the next stall. I will often suck or be sucked but usually I am only allowed the opportunity to masturbate another guys cock.
I was sitting in the stall on the day in question and about to leave for lack of action, when I heard the door open. the urinal was being used, so I figured nobody was coming in. I stood up and was pulling up my jeans when I heard the stall door click next to me. I sat back down and glanced to the bottom of the stall wall next to me and could see a pair of high dollar sneakers and a pair ... Continue»
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Mom's Boy Toy Part 1

My Mom and Dad had a very open relationship. From an early age I knew they were having separate affairs. Paula the oldest of my siblings told me stories about strange men and women in their bedroom late at night and that she had watched a few times as Mom fucked some young guy and how she saw Dad fucking a young woman,who worked for him at our house, in the pool house. She was only 16.

One night I watched as a young man left my Mom's room. I was 15 at the time. He saw me and stopped whispering to me " did you enjoy what you saw? Your Mother is a wild lady." He walked away leaving me wonder... Continue»
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The Awakening

Sometimes you are just going through one of the more mundane parts of your life and suddenly something happens that awakens a part of you that you never knew was there…..

It was back in the mid-nineties. I was a 30-something working mom back then, married (though I can’t say happily). I was doing well with my career having risen to the level of mid-management with a nationwide telephone corporation. In mid-summer of whatever year it was, about eighty men and women from around the country were tasked with attending a 3 day training course in Phoenix. It was more of a big corpor... Continue»
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The Baby Sitter

The summer before I started my junior year of college.
I took a job as a baby-sitter for the Simmons f****y. Mr. Simmons was my
history professor. All my girl friends were jealous.
Most of the girls in his class had a crush on him and dreamed of
romantic interludes with him, myself included.

"Anna, you bitch! Why do you get all the lucky breaks?" a friend of
mine said.

It was a lucky break. At 35, Mr. Simmons looked absolutely gorgeous.
I often wondered why he was a history teacher instead of a model or
something. He was six feet tall and had nicely tanned skin. He kept
hi... Continue»
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Poppers Summer Camp #1

Dear Diary, Very Early Monday Morning

I thought that coming to Popper Camp this summer would be a great idea and if the rest of the week is anything like last night I'll defaintely make this an annual summer treat.

If you remember, diary, I saw a little ad on the poppers website about an exclusive summer camp for guys who love poppers. I am so glad I pursued it. The inital interview was rough and I had to prove I was worthy for consideration, (several intense interviews and sniffing sessions), but now that I'm here it seems a very minor thing to do in excha... Continue»
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I gave my friend a pair of my wife`s panties

I love sexy lingerie and in fact buy tons for my wife who really appreciates its and wears it well. Sharon is a petite brunette and at the age of 29 had a body that simply hugged her lacy bras and matching panties. Just seeing her walking around our bedroom with a low cut, french style bra and thong panties got my dick hard in no time at all. Sharon knew it and tended to prance as if she enjoyed making me watch her show without saying a word. So this story begins one Friday night out the guys for some beers and a few games of darts. Like most guy`s nights out the topic eventually got around to... Continue»
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Thursty night and my friend fucks my girlfriend

To start let me say that all names have been changed to protect the innocent (haha innocent). Also, this is a true story minus very few alterations which were necessary but none which effect what actually happened. That said, enjoy and please tell me what you think as this is my first submission. I hope the story turns you on as much as it did for me to share it.

Those involved we will call Sam (me), Sarah (my lovely girlfriend) and Jason (my friend). I am about 6 foot tall, dark hair and eyes, and with a very athletic build. Sarah is dark haired, dark eyed, has a perfectly shaved pussy and... Continue»
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My Wife and a My Pal

My girlfriend (who is now my wife) and I began talking about involving others in our sex life fairly early on in our relationship. We did include a couple of females in threesomes and enjoyed it. I then began to read stories about wife sharing and it really sounded hot to me. Not sure exactly why. Maybe the "wrongness" of it, or seeing her being naughty or slutty (in a good way), but whatever it was it was hot to think of. So I started to talk to her of the idea and we began to use it during sex to role play about me being someone else. This all evolved over time and we both enjoyed it. I even... Continue»
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Guest at my buddies place

I was in bed, but unable to drift off to sl**p. The guestroom was lit with a ghostly pale light from the moon shining through sheer curtains. I could hear them moving and whispering in bed next door.

I had gone to bed about 15 minutes before they did, saying my goodnights while they puttered around the house closing up and shutting down things. She was touching him gently when he passed, and kissing his neck when she could. Her eyes were shining. I went to the guestroom that was mine, and decided to follow my usual practice of sl**ping nude. No point in changing my habits just because I w... Continue»
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A wifes hint at being shared

Once I got past the idea that my husband was a pervert or something because he wanted to share me, I agreed to give him his wish that I have sex with another man.

That was a wonderful first experience and I still treasure the memory of that evening and the sensitive, gentle and understanding man who guided me through my nervousness and fear. If he had not been so good for me then, I may never have wanted to try it again.

After that first time, I admit that I was anxious to try it again. I was a little fearful that my husband would have fulfilled his fantasy by my first adventure. Now tha... Continue»
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Mr. Smith

Jon smith was eighty years old and still sexually very active. When he was younger he was known for having a horse size cock. It was long and thick and he loved to fuck. Now he still loved to fuck but his cock was shrunk to nine inches but still very thick. He loved young girls. The young pussy really turned him on. He searched for the girls on a site called "Young Pussy/Old Men". Today a beautiful sexy little young girl was coming over. Jon took four of cock hardener pills. He wanted to be able to perform for hours with this cutie. He showered and only put on a see through banana hammock unde... Continue»
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English mature and the plumber part 4

Hi everyone, this is an odd story (but true)
I've been back to see Tina many times over the last year or so, and everytime she is hornier and happier than ever. I call her and say I'm coming round to fix her pipes and she always laughs and says 'great, her pipes really do need a good hard fixing'.
Anyway, last week I called her and said I'd be round about 10.00am but she sounded a bit down, but said yeh come over for a cuppa. That's odd? she is normally so happy and normally gagging for it!
I knocked on the door and she opened it as always hiding behind the door in case a neighbour was ... Continue»
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While She Slept

Lastnight was so hot, I just have to tell you about it. I suggested we go to bed earlier, the girlfriend and me, we hadn't had sex in a few days, and I was a bit horny … well, very horny … if you know what I mean?

The thing is, she'd been yawning already for a while, and by the time she'd done her face, and put on her creams, and done all her other 'beauty' stuff (which is totally un-necessary in my book, as she's a knockout already) her eyes were beginning to droop, and I knew in my heart of hearts, that I wasn't going to get any.

So, unfortunately the light went out, she leaned over an... Continue»
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Sprung flashing the elderly neighbor

Remembering back a few years to when I first discovered my sexuality and a time in my life I when I discovered I had feelings that bewildered me. I was only sixteen and basically only knew what we had been taught in sex education in school, I knew I could ask mum and dad anything but never did as I found it all a bit embarrassing at the time. One night I had just had my shower and walked into my bedroom with just a towel wrapped around me and never really took much notice that my curtain on the bedroom window was about half way open, I stood in front of the mirror and started brushing my hai... Continue»
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Mary the Super Slut and her Unwilling Cuckold Part

So i have had a pretty interesting and exciting sexual life. All the stories i write about are true.
This is the story of Mary, the sluttiest girl i have ever known and probably a contender for the worlds biggest slut. I first met Mary when i was 21, she was supervisor at the new call center job i had just started at. On the first day of meeting her she came over to where i was sitting, chatted for a while and gave me her number and told me to call her that night. Mary is a good looking girl, not beautiful but good looking. Creamy white skin and raven black hair that she dyes that w... Continue»
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A Mom's sexuality is Awaken Chapter 3

Chapter Three
A Mom’s Sexuality Is Awaken

After sucking his cock clean she got up to leave the room and Josh asked her where she was going. She told him the bathroom. He got up and followed her into the bathroom. She looked at him with a puzzled look and he reminded her about agreeing to be his complete slut to use anyway he wanted. I never seen you naked and now I want to see what kind of body my slut has to give other men. Okay but let me pee first, she said. Josh, having never seen a woman pee, stayed right there. He could hear the pee, but by th... Continue»
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A Mom's Intuition For the Survival of Her Son


Intellectual property of of DIZZYD427 … But GREATLY adapted!

But at that moment, neither the young mother nor her son was thinking about any of that. The sudden, freak blizzard had reduced visibility down to zero, and the roads were getting worse by the minute. Living in the mountains had given Linda plenty of experience for driving in bad conditions, and the 4x4 SUV helped… but the problem was that she didn’t know anything about the area they were in. And as she was watching the edge of the road, she had inadvertently left the highway, and... Continue»
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The long nights

Jan's mom got married again for the fourth time. This time she married a man twenty years younger than her and not much older than Jan. He was good looking and very sexy and Jan could see why her horny mom wanted him. He mostly ran around the house after his shower with just a towel around his hips. He would let it ride way low as if he would love to show his cock to any one wanting to look. Sometimes she could see his hair sticking above the towel. Jan could only imagine how endowed he was as her mom liked the big ones. Her mom had a great body for in her late forties. Her tits were still per... Continue»
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