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Taboo Porn Stories

Veronica Cheats on Her Passed-Out Boyfriend

FetishSex HumorTaboo

Veronica met up with Ryan after work. He had been promising to grab a drink with her for months now, but their schedules never seemed to match. However, they were both available on this particular Thursday as Friday was a furlough day, so they met at an upper scale pub downtown and sat down at the bar. Even this early, it was crowded in the bar, so it was difficult to catch up with all of the noise. Eventually a booth in the back opened up and Ryan and Veronica practically ran to get it before some other group could stake their claim. It was a little more insulated in the booth, so they… Read more

Posted by PureCoffee 4 years ago 3 6,982 100%

Granny And Her Lesbian Cop

Lesbian SexMatureTaboo

Granny and Her Lesbian Cop My friend Alice and I (ages sixty-six and fifty-seven respectively), decided to visit Denver for the weekend to have a foursome with her young boyfriend Ken and his friend Ron. Well things worked out much better than I had planned. Ken did not show up and instead his police partner Evelyn showed up. She was a thin gorgeous athletic woman with a short boyish haircut and male mannerisms and physique that screamed out I am a lesbian! I have been bisexual since college and Evelyn and I wound up in bed together for a night of Sapphic lovemaking. It had been years since… Read more

Posted by jimbojim 4 years ago 1 4,362 100%

Sports bar quicky

FetishGay MaleTaboo

I was taking a road trip and stop for the night in a little town in California, I saw there was a sports bar down the road from the hotel. I decided to walk down and grab a burger and beer. I sat towards the end bar where there was an older man drinking a beer by himself. We started talking about baseball and before long we were talking about all sorts of stuff. I told him that I was surprised that a gay athlete came out. I normally don't let many people know Im bi, but I guess the beer and the fact that I was out of town I let my guard down and said there is no way I could do that if I was p… Read more

Posted by thetodd83 4 years ago 2 3,266 100%

My Curiosity for Sex Started at a Young Age

First TimeMasturbationTaboo

Before my mother re-married I had never really had a close female companion. I had two b*****rs, one a year older and the other a year younger. But with the second marriage of my mother I inherited a step-b*****r and step-s****r. He was four years older than me and she was the same age but a couple of months younger than me. At that age we were both freckled faced, same color hair and eyes and about the same size physically so people naturally mistook us for being twins. The funny part was when I mother would reveal that we were actually three months apart without telling someone that we were… Read more

Posted by bigsoftee 4 years ago 7 5,388 100%



Today is the day to mark my dad 1st year of departing this world. I was oversea when my dad die and I did not attend his cremation. My dad has been sick for over 7 years. Now my mom officially a Widow. Mom is 60 years old and still look good for her age. I am returning home on my dad 1st aniversary, and took my mom to Monterey Bay where my dad ashes was s**tered.We check in into one of the 1st class Hotel with only 1 bedroom. We went to Piers and throw a flower for my dad and then ,go to the Aquarium and many other places in Monterey. At around 12:18 we having lunch and back to… Read more

Posted by Js4plsr 4 years ago 3,957 61%


Group SexMasturbationTaboo

i am not sure i know where to start my name is stacey i am nearly 14 years old and i have a dilemma which is making me feel both extremely confused and awkward, you see i am having feelings, thoughts even fantasies if you like, about my parents at first i kept trying to stop them, f***e them from my mind as i felt they were not normal and i would start to masturbate thinking about my best friend who i have also experimented with a little but it would inevitably lead always to me thinking about my dad’s cock or mum’s tits, pussy and ass and i would have the biggest orgasms way bigger than when… Read more

Posted by pervpete 4 years ago 5 9,095 92%

Jenny Becomes a Porn Star Chapter Seven


Chapter Seven is in the works. Our afternoon scene that day was a simple one for me. I played a house wife that was doing her shopping chores at different stores around town. My first stop of the day was at the butchers to get meat for the evening meal and of course in order to get the very best cuts and price I gave the butcher a blowjob and swallowed down a big load of cum from him. On the way to the next store I get pulled over by Carl playing the town’s police officer. He tells me he is in need of his daily blowjob so I suck Carl’s cock inside his squad car until he takes over and… Read more

Posted by rollhigh 4 years ago 986 100%

Young Mother from garage sale fucked rough


I waited until Friday and then called Katrina's cell number. I told her who it was and asked if she was still game for a good time. She was nervous, somewhat hesitant, but she said, "OK, I will do the same as last time for $500" I told her "No, you will do the same as last time and I will fuck you for $500 dollars" She asked where and I told her to slip away from her friends (see earlier story) and to meet me at a nice hotel where I would have a room reserved. She was to go to the desk, ask for me by name, and call the room. I would then let her come up. I asked how long she had… Read more

Posted by harleyrider6969 4 years ago 3 9,294 89%

Losing my mouths virginity (true story)

First TimeHardcoreTaboo

This is the first sexual encounter I ever experienced with a grown ass man who I had just met for the first time that night. As a c***d growing up I happened to be a very rebellious girl and I gave my f****y hell with my attitude and behavior. Because I grew up with basically a lot of freedom I would do as I pleased when I pleased and even though I knew I would get into loads of trouble I didn’t really care. I must have been around the age of 12 at the time of this incident and I happened to be going through some pretty hectic shit at home. I hated being at home (normal early teenager behavior… Read more

Posted by jenny08 4 years ago 5 5,280 90%

Movin in

FetishGay MaleTaboo

I walked up the stairs to the small studio we were going to move in to, two stacked boxes in my arms. My wife was still in the car, getting some smaller things. I tried to peek around my heavy load, and saw that the door was slightly ajar. The landlord had insisted on helping us, and it seemed he had already arrived. I walked in, and set the boxes down, wiping my brow. This was looking up to be one of those hot and dry afternoons, the clouds having dissipated after the morning rain. The landlord was already naked from the waist up, trying to cool off in the heat. Some of the windows were op… Read more

Posted by malesub01 4 years ago 5 4,091 100%

Sissy discovers (Part 3)

First TimeTabooVoyeur

part 3 of an original story ******************** After dinner fun After the drive to the lake it is a f****y tradition to pick up a pizza from the local joint at the village. The pizza is delicious after a day of driving. The whole f****y, mom dad and the k**s have just about demolished the large pepperoni and roasted red pepper pie. They sit around the counter and woof down the last slices. As they talk about the tomorrow and plans Vicky gets up to clean the counter, and Tom snuggles up behind. The k**s look on and snicker as Tom is rubbing Vicky’s ass and she… Read more

Posted by hottyryder 4 years ago 3 2,267 100%

Youngsville Part 4: Expanding interests


During the days after my arrival, I got better acquainted with my new household, learning about the Day-Sea’s routines and getting used to the farm. The girls took very good care of me and helped me with anything I needed or wondered about. The girls found a way for me to repay them too, which I thought was more of a treat than a debt. After they returned from their long working hours I would find them at their usual resting areas. The first one who had free time was Jill. All of the girls left the house early in the morning to take care of the farm or Jessie who would study in town. Jill,… Read more

Posted by drfleisch 4 years ago 4 1,825 100%

A fantasy of mother-in-law

First TimeMatureTaboo

I was beginning to like this Mr. Mom stuff. Since our son was born and it was decided that I was the most logical one to stay home to raise him my sex life has taken a decided turn for the better. I was happy staying home and my wife was happy going back to work and getting fucked regularly by her man at home. Life was beautiful. About two weeks had gone by since the night I shaved myself and my wife turned into a slut in bed. We had sex almost every night since then and I was getting used to screwing a lot. That’s why I was disappointed when Donna told me that her mother was coming for a… Read more

Posted by gao38096 4 years ago 6 9,675 100%

Mother-in-Law BlowJob

First TimeMatureTaboo

I called in to see my mother in law of twenty years to see if she wanted anything doing because of the snow and to have a coffee. She had already been down the street for her newspaper and started to tell me that someone had built some snowmen sitting on the seat. I thought nothing of it until she said it had a big willy and the other one had tits with big icy nipples. She seemed a little excited telling me, but I was gob smacked when she came out with “I would be no good sucking on him, it would just melt away in my mouth” I’d never heard my 66 years old mother in law talk so bluntly about… Read more

Posted by gao38096 4 years ago 3 5,675 100%

religious technique againt mom

First TimeMatureTaboo

if you like this story u can contact me on my skype id : It’s a very true story between Indian mother and her son and please don’t’ think about it as fake. It happened between my friend and his mom. I am telling this story from my friend’s perspective. I know it is very rare for such thing to happen in India but believe me it happened between these families. So please, let your fantasies and role playing is away for some time as what you are going to read is a true account of i****t which blossomed in a traditional and conservative Indian f****y. My name is anupam… Read more

Posted by ronniers 4 years ago 2 4,692 80%

Steel black Dick


Over the past few weeks I had become Great friends with Mrs. Sherri Woods. Mrs. Woods was The human resource manager at my current place of Employment. I was busting my butt in order to become a Full time team member. I figured if I was friendly and did some Innocent flirting with Mrs. Woods I would be able to land the position Full time. Now Mrs. Woods was an African American middle aged divorced MILF She was far from a beauty queen, but she had the body of a Goddess. Mrs. Woods stood around 5’9 180 with some huge melon sized tits. It was something about her dark skin complexio… Read more

Posted by kinghut 4 years ago 1 2,220 85%

First Black Cock,...Prequel,...

First TimeInterracial SexTaboo

Again, here’s the rundown on my wife, she’s 44 and a mother, strawberry blonde, blue eyes, 5’ 6”, slender, 34C, nice ass and has a sultry slow Georgia peach drawl. She’s just as sexy as they come and when it’s time she knows just how to cuckold me with her sultry body, those timely looks out of the corner of her eye, her choice of words when she flirts to let me know we are gonna play and those mind blowing sensual sexy sounds when she is being pleased. We hadn’t played in a while and we really don’t go looking for something to happen. We just let the opportunities happen when they do aris… Read more

Posted by discreetoneok 4 years ago 2 3,884 100%

Jenny Becomes a Porn Star Chapter Six

Group SexHardcoreTaboo

Jenny Becomes A Porn Star Chapter Six After the morning alarm went off I got up and went into Steven’s room to wake him up and found him sl**ping nude with his beautiful cock completely within my view. It took everything I had within me to leave him alone so he would still be enthusiastic during our shoot today. Then for the longest time after he had gotten out of bed he walked around the apartment with that meat of his swinging in my view till just before we left to go to work. My mind was already racing with all the poss… Read more

Posted by rollhigh 4 years ago 5 2,674 90%

My daughter was a gift

First TimeInterracial SexTaboo

This is a real story. It had happened to my daughter and me. It was during a summer when my daughter was about sixteen. My husband was away at work and our black neighbor was helping me with one thing or another. With one ear I knew that my daughter was in her room with the door closed. But my own salaciousness was taking the best of me. This being a hot summer day, he was shirtless and wearing thin sports slacks. His abs were fabulous. I had on pair of tiny white cotton athletic shorts that were a size to small fitting my ass tightly. My inner labia are always hanging out so my shave… Read more

Posted by milf4bbcstretch 4 years ago 16 15,602 94%

My Mum's Holiday (part 3)


I woke about 10 o'clock. Mum was still asl**p. I crept out of bed, threw on a t-shirt and shorts, and made my way out of the hotel to the main road at the front. I bought a cheap litre bottle of bubbly and a large carton of orange juice at a nearby supermarket. The I went to the hotel restaurant and collected a couple of yoghurts and a selection of cakes from the breakfast buffet, and returned to our room with them. There was a table and a couple of chairs on the balcony, so I set the things out on the table with a couple of glasses, and went back in the bedroom. Mum must have heard me,… Read more

Posted by coradia 4 years ago 1 7,652 98%