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my first sex

my first time with my aunt (ladies can contct me at and skype me at

Hello everybody! This is Sunny with a fantasized story. I fantasize a lot about touching; feeling and fondling big-breasted females and also beautiful, voluptuous bellies, deep holed navels. I love females wearing saris and revealing. I can give them lot of pleasure, fondling and pampering. I also love to keep my erection for a longer period and enjoy it. Sometimes I enjoy my erection for many numbers of days. I am married hence “No Sex” with others. Only fore playing and fond... Continue»
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I was frozen. Cassie slowly walked closer to me, her eyes never quite meeting mine. Was I dreaming? I had to be...there was no other rational explanation for what was happening.
I reached down and covered my dick up with my hand, secretly cursing myself for not putting the damn thing up while I was outside. I was just glad all the lights in the house were out. It might make it a little harder to see that I had an erection.
With only a few feet between us now, Cassie was close enough for me to... Continue»
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My mum's birthday (part 2)

Well, I couldn't very well argue with that, and I wasn't sure that I wanted to anyway. In truth, I was getting to really like the idea of my own mother getting completely wasted and found it quite a turn on. However, we must have slept for quite a while, it was now 8 pm and I hadn't eaten since lunchtime, so I said: I'm pretty hungry, can we have something to eat first. Mum said: I'm parched, we 'll have a drink first, then we can eat.

What are you going to wear? I said. Mum thought for a moment, and then went over and opened a draw, and held up a very skimpy black tube dress. How ab... Continue»
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Oedipus takes a train

Oedipus takes a train

It was the second day of a 10 day trip...

18 year old Danny and his mom Diana were taking a very long overdue vacation.

The first was spent covering distance to get to the Rocky Mountains. The trip including stopping at some point each day for an afternoon or evening at some interesting spot. Lots of amazing scenery and a lot of walking to do. The train was nice and modern and they did have a compartment. But rather than the 2 beds they had booked they had a single couch. The beds ... Continue»
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Me and my stp saster

When I was 17 my father remarried, over 10 years after my mom passed away. I was happy for him, but my new step-s****r was one of the hottest girls in my High School, Nicole DeLeon, whom I’ve had a huge crush on for years. Not that I really had a chance, but now that we’re ‘related’, my chances were basically 0. To help paint a pic picture a girl with jet black hair, green eyes, perfectly toned body with an ass you could bounce a quarter off and large shapely tits that she loved to show off. I myself am average looking but had a well-toned swimmer’s build with an 8”+ cock that’s as thick a... Continue»
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sis and I head to the beach

M sys sis and I are twins. We both just graduated from high school and we both have been accepted to good schools. Jenni is headed to the west coast and I’m going to a Big 10 school. Mom and Dad sent us to San Diego for a week as part of a graduation present. Jenni is about 5’9”, long brown hair and long lean legs. She has small to medium sized tits and she is very athletic. We (f****y) belong to a a country club so we are always playing tennis, golf or swimming. Jenni has a deep tan from all of the hours in the sun.
I’m 6’4” and athletic also. I keep my hair short and I don’t tan as much as ... Continue»
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From Toilet Brush to Cock, a Girls Journey

If I asked a man to write a small essay every time he has a wank, to let me know what was going through his head as he stroked his flesh, I am sure of a couple of things:

His cock would be sore, but his essay skills would approach genius

I would in all probability, read it and touch myself as I did, yes I do masturbate to some of the stories on here in xHamster.

My point being, we as humans are confronted in daily life with sexual opportunities, that both entice and seduce us, even without the use of stimulants, our sexual urges are so powerful, that no one is safe from ourselves.

... Continue»
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Should I tell them?

I left my home town 3 years ago for what I thought was my dream job. It was great at first but when we were bought out and the new management came in, it seems like our team was slowly getting weaned out. Our perks like flexible work schedules and bonuses were taken away and just not a fun environment to be in.

I decided to go back to my hometown. I took a job at this company similar to what I had. The money was less but I would take almost anything at this moment. When I got back, I decided to link up with my old friends specially Marie and Tom.

Both were recently married and for the m... Continue»
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My mother, my lover

I have no idea where to begin with this story. My mom came by yesterday while the k**s were off fishing on the lake.
I knew when she got here that there was one thing on her mind, and she was not shy about letting me know either. I was painting our daughters room when she came in calling for me, I knew just by seeing how she was dressed that my implant was in for a workout.

She walked into my bedroom and starts calling out " Baby mommy wants to play".
I walked into the room and saw that she was only wearing a smile on her face, both nipple rings, her tongue piercing, and on her toes... Continue»
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"Oh yes! Eat me! Eat my pussy! GOD! I’m

After a break from their first round of sex, she made them drinks and they refreshed their minds and bodies. She stood there smiling at him, as her pussy still throbbed from his mouth and tongue. He told her: “I have to have you. I have to have you now.”

Her lover held her against the wall in the living room as he dry humped her body. His cock was like a rock and his need was so great. She bit and sucked on his tongue deep in her mouth feeling his cock rubbing against her!

“Oh fuck I feel like I'm on fire!” she moaned as she saw his hand pull her blouse up fast and yanking her bra dow... Continue»
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A Loving Niece (Part 2)

It was a beautiful, very warm, sunny day in Edinburgh. What few s**ttered clouds there were, would be unable to block out the fierce sun on this wonderful day. Having collected all of Julia's bags we strolled through the concourse, making our way to the parking lot where my car awaited.

As I pushed the baggage cart along I kept glimpsing over to see how Julia was reacting to her big arrival. Almost skipping along in her bright yellow sun dress. Curly locks of golden hair bouncing along to her energetic steps, kissing off her bare shoulders. A smile across her face that I imagined woul... Continue»
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Seducing Mom with Kisses

“I’d really like to give you something extra special for your 18th birthday,” said Mom, as we stood in the kitchen in the early evening, “but I don’t know what.”
Well, I could think of something extra special that I would like to have my mother give me, but I wasn’t foolish enough to say it. For years, ever since I had begun to have the slightest inkling of what sex was, I had had a tremendous craving for Mom’s big luscious body. Thousands of times I had fucked her and licked her and fondled and kissed every part of her anatomy in my fantasies, spilling gallons of cum through ardent masturbat... Continue»
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Three Girls

Ric was the single father of three teen girls. Mary was 17, Pam was 18, and Lisa was 19. The girls had been kept protected all their lives but now as their bodies developed they got sex curious and wanted to explore. They and always ran around the house half naked and now dad was noticing how they were developing into sexy women. He did not know the girls had been watching porn and reading about sex. Mary said one day "I think dad has not had sex since mom died. We should help him. He is a very handsome and sexy man." Pam agreed "Let's see if we can get him interested. The girls then made a pl... Continue»
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My s****r becomes my cum slut

I had just started high school when my older s****r moved back into the house. It had just been mom and I for the last two years. My older s****r Pat had moved into a dorm room at the local college after she had graduated high school. We still got to see her fairly often but I never expected her to move back in. It was apparent why she was back, she was three months pregnant.

She had gotten pregnant and didn’t even know who the father was. Pat looked a lot like my mother, she was five one and had beautiful C cup tits with an ass I had always loved to look at with a nice gap under her pussy.... Continue»
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Moms Birthday

My friend was waiting outside for me, he asked what I bought my mom. "Uh... Oh just some clothes", I said. All the way home I thought about the saleslady showing me her panties. I got home about an hour before my mom was due to get home from work. I wondered what I could whip up for dinner as I didn't want mom to have to cook on her birthday. I found some spaghetti sauce in the freezer. I took it out and put it on the stove to heat up slowly. I made a salad with italian dressing. I found a bottle of wine in the fridge still unopened. I took it out to warm up a bit. What else? I thought. Cake,... Continue»
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Preachers Wife Chapter 2 from preachers daughter c

I will back track a couple paragraphs...
What did Pam see?

Pam saw Jaimie masturbating, Jaimie fucking me, even last Tuesdays at their house in Jamies bed and her own bed, when Jaimie obviously was not being f***ed at that time.
What's more, I told her that such actions would ruin Jaimies future, get her kicked out of her college, and ruin her husbands preaching career if this ever got out.

Pam, asked me what I wanted, they had no money, please do not show the preacher nor tell anyone, she begged. That is when I said, "I simply want you my dear!"

Pam, weakly pleaded, then asked ... Continue»
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Scavenger hunt for Ms Patrice. Part 1

I finished up the job in Dallas way ahead of schedule and considered catching an earlier flight home but something told me to hang and have some fun. I got back to the hotel and hit the pool, grabbed some dinner and walked down to the corner market for a newspaper and a six pack of whatever was on sale. Back in my room I showered up, jumped on the bed and thumbed through the paper. Feeling kinda bored and tired I figured I'd just hit the sack but then I came across the adult classified section of the paper.

The usual massage incall/outcall ads, e****ts, and phone sex lines. I was kind... Continue»
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African Men surrounded my nude body, Daddy smiled

I was thirteen when I lived with my dad in Angola in that Summer. My bedroom was at the back of the large house, and because it was behind the South facing front, it was cooler, and for that I thanked daddy, but the view it afforded, was not all that great, and I had just happened to mention it over dinner.

Daddy put his finger to his lips, smiled, then winked, a signal all was not lost, or I had missed something, in my quick assessment of my chosen abode.

Mariel my darling daughter, he began, putting his arm around my broad shoulders, a typical trait for Scandinavian girls, tall gangly,... Continue»
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My Dirty s****r

So it was 2 months after my first s****r encounter. I got home from school and went to sit in the tub and masturbate and think of the girls at my school in the tight pants. I was sitting in the bath tub with a massive boner. All of the sudden I heard the door knob clack around. I knew it was my s****r because my parents were not home. I said " someones in here" I got no answer the door still kept clacking. all of the sudden the door opened. My s****r had picked the bathroom door lock and opened the door. She was naked but covered with a towel. She closed the door behind her and locked it. I wa... Continue»
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Twin/cest Sabrina and Katrina's Story Part 4

Bree's heart had finally begun to slow back to a normal pace nearly a half hour later. The twins hadn't spoken much as they laid there in bed. Their moment together had been so intense that it seemed to have drained all of their energy. Bree could feel her eyes heavy with sl**p now but tried to fight it off. She still needed to return the favor to her s****r and she didn't want to wait any longer to do so.

Bree looked at Trina as she lay on her shoulder. Trina looked to be fighting sl**p as well. Bree could feel the shyness creep back into her as she thought about what to say so she could ... Continue»
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