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My introduction to The Lifestyle

This is an exerpt from a story i wrote a few years ago with a chrismas theme, i may repost it around christmas time inits original entirety.

  When i was a teenager and first started dating, my father gave me sage advice, "Belle, if a boy hits you, he doesn't like you." I nodded and absorbed that information as all teen aged girls do. At the time i had no idea what he was saying to me or why. All the boys I had dated were nice boys who treated me well. When i started dating and i had a few nice boyfriends and then in college i met who i thought was THE ONE.

Marco was an exchange student ... Continue»
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My sex slave

"I was sick of not getting pussy" thats all I could think of at 3 am couldnt sl**p and feeling sorry for myself I just went for a drive. I was driving several blocks and I stopped at the red light I noticed on the other side of the street I could see a young woman sitting at the bus stop all alone. The light turned greened and I slowly pulled up to the bus stop and the young woman was distraught I asked whats wrong she had just gotten to a argument with her mother and stormed out the house she said. She asked for a ride home and the thought just hit me!!! I would never get a chance like this. ... Continue»
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Coveting my Fathers Wife in Church

I opened the door to the confessional and could smell that the load I shot all over the darkened wood had not been cleaned. It had been 48 since the priest ran out with a pecker swollen from years of celibacy. The thought of a woman who gets on her knees less then a foot from his celibate cock and then closes her eyes and trusts that he is only going to place the body of christ in her waiting mouth, has caused him two sl**pless nights. At first Father Mothcock, was going to cancel the evening confessions afraid I would tell him the details of Moms 5 foot 130lbs body that is 70 percent tits and... Continue»
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“Hi, Mum,”

“Tom?” Toni said. What is it?”

“Nothing. Just saying hi.” The boy said looking at his mother.

“Oh, Hi,” Toni said a little flustered.

“We got a study afternoon so I thought I’d come and see if you needed anything doing.”

“Er, Tom,”

“Yes, Mum?”

“Have you noticed anything?”

Tom stood and looked at his mother.

“You’ve had your hair coloured,” he said at last. “Covered the grey ones.”

“No,” Toni said “It’s not that, love. It’s….. What do you mean ‘grey ones’/ I don’t have grey hairs do I?”

She turned to look in the mirror and saw her son, slig... Continue»
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Young Johnny's Mother

The mother is an attractive and above averaged-sized breasted woman with a perfect mix of sexiness and beauty. She had silky brown hair than hung down to her shoulders, a face that was both seductive, warm, and caring. Complimented with a gentle smile and perfect blue eyes. Her body was slim and toned, and at five-foot-twelve she towered over me who, at four feet was nothing. Her breasts were an obvious focal point of her body, those big melons an impressive 36D in size. They were not too large, but we're big nonetheless, and very firm, shapely and topped with dark-red nipples. ... Continue»
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the night before her wedding

The last few months I had been down on my luck
I had to take a job as an event staff team member.
There was one upside to this job, I had the chance
To travel all over the Southeastern United States.
This weekend we were in Memphis TN.

As I unloaded the necessary equipment and decorations
I bumped into this gorgeous female she looked like a
Young Vanessa Williams, I liked to play Macho man
While setting up the events. Well the more I unloaded
At one time the faster I could get done with the set up.
As always I had a small trail of items that I had dropped
In route to the ballro... Continue»
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Training of a Slut MILF Wife Chapter 1

Background continued from last (new down below):
For those that have followed by stories about fucking the preachers daughter, 23 year old Jaimie and her MILF mommy Pam, I even did something I thought I never would, I fucked a dude, I fucked the preacher square in the ass. So, now I have three sex slave cum sluts that have turned from blackmail to willing submissive fuck toys.

Jaimie, who will be 24 soon is living with my wife and I and unknowing to my wife, is my Number #1 slut that I use almost daily. Jaimie does have orders to suck me at least three times each day, which she does do!
... Continue»
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KB and Me

The following story is true, and accurate, as best to my recollection. If it was fiction, it would have had a much happier ending.

“What are your intentions with my mom?'

Those were some of the first words I can recall hearing from the beautiful 10 year old. Looking deep into her steel blue eyes, glancing back, over to her mother seeing the hope in her golden brown eyes.

“To love her completely,” was my reply.

“Good, for how long?” was KB's next question.

“For as long as you all, and her let me,” was my reply.

That was one of the first nights that I recall talking with her ... Continue»
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The Fxxxxy Affair Part 2

"Mommy," Sandy said aloud."
Betty lifted her face from her daughter's splayed legs, "Yes
Sandy's hand moved to her mother's head and gently pushed it back
to her wet pussy licking. "Don't stop mommy," Sandy said in an overly sweet
voice. "I'm not talking to you. I'm thinking aloud."
Sandy's mother firmly pressed her mouth against her daughter's
glistening, hairless pussy. A muffled moan escaped her mouth as she
relished the sweet wet folds of a teen pussy. She looked up from Sandy's
crotch, over her nylon covered tummy and little pert titties to her
beautiful eyes looking ... Continue»
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The Fxxxxy Affair

Peter was in the seventh grade and he was a slim cute looking boy
with blue eyes and shoulder length blonde hair. In a few months Peter would
officially become a teenager and he looked forward to that day when he
would finally be a teenager and not a p*****n. Peter was like most boys his
age, horny nearly all the time. It didn't help that his older s****r Sandy
was a gorgeous f******n old girl with 33B titties on a sweet body with long
strawberry blonde hair that framed her freckled face. Her eyes were an
alluring green shade and her lips were soft and pouty. One of her nicest
features... Continue»
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u wanna know how? ill tell u how
Jemma wakes up in Natalies bed, arms and legs bound togther behind her back, legs brought back and arms pulled down so her forearms r against her calves, then wrapped tight in rope binding her helplessly her body arched and vulnerable

when i hear her struggle i cum in with clamps and chains, attach 2 clamps on each lip and pull outwards wrapping the chains around her thighs stretching her lips open, i call Natalie and she walks in, her lips opened in the same way with a long double ended dildo sticking out
i order Natalie on the bed on all 4's and feed the... Continue»
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My Mum's Birthday (part 3)

The Morning After:-

I woke about 8 am. We were lying on my mum's double bed, and we were both naked. Mum was still sound asl**p. The lower half of the bed felt distinctly damp. I thought about what had happened last night (see previous stories). God, it had felt so good, and the fact that it was taboo had made it all the more exciting. One thing was for sure; I had got the taste for it now and wanted more. But how would my mum react? Would she say it had all been a terrible misjudgment and tell me it couldn't happen again? She had been an enthusiastic partner all right, but would she ... Continue»
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Preachers Daughter Chapter 13 and Preacher Sucks

My wife, Charlotte, thought it was very nice and thoughtful for Jaimie, the 23 year old preachers daughter now moving with us, and unknown to my Mrs, Jaimie was carrying my baby, "Jaimie, thank you for all you did around the house today, but you know, you are not our slave, are our guest!" If my wife only knew, that Jaimie was "my slave" and number #1 cum slut.

Charlotte was always wild in bed when alone or away in a hotel or when our k_ds were not home, date night always got me plenty of hot wet pussy. Well, she was shy knowing jaimie could hear up fuck, but I liked that, I would pound an... Continue»
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Youngsville Part 3: Settling in

Part 3: Settling in

Later that evening, around 23:30, I was lying in my bed. I was thinking about how I would decorate my cottage. The cottage was about 3x4 meters. It definitely needed a renovation. The first thing that came to mind was the lighting. It was worthless! I had a small and weak gas lamp on the ground next to the bed, making it hard to see. I would have to think about decorating in the morning.
Thinking about the light, I saw a shadow move outside the window above my head. There was a light outside and something disturbed the lighting in my cottage for a second. Something was ... Continue»
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Preachers Daughter Chapter 12 and Preachers Wife

Well we arrived at my house and we all three carried everything into Jaimies room and unloaded it, I had both mother (Pam) and daughter (Jaimie) wearing summer dresses without panties and bras. Whenever I wanted, I would get a feel or reach under a dress to feel their pussies or asses or down the top to cup a breast. Jaimies young firm tits that I knew soon would be getting full of my babies milk as her 23 year old now sex slave cum slut to me, little preachers daughter, had become, with her nice waxed pussy and her mommy, Pam, the middle ages hottie MILF with the 38D full tits with nice lon... Continue»
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Training of a MILF Slut Wife

For those that have followed by stories about fucking the preachers daughter, 23 year old Jaimie and her MILF mommy Pam, I even did something I thought I never would, I fucked a dude, I fucked the preacher square in the ass. So, now I have three sex slave cum sluts that have turned from blackmail to willing submissive fuck toys.

Jaimie, who will be 24 soon is living with my wife and I and unknowing to my wife, is my Number #1 slut that I use almost daily. Jaimie does have orders to suck me at least three times each day, which she does do!

Pam, the MILF preachers wife is fucked at least ... Continue»
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Fucking A Friend's Mother

Some years ago now, when I was 23. I’d been visiting a friend’s house, who lived at his mother’s. My friend and I had had a disagreement previously, because I’d been fucking his s****r. However that was in the past and we were friends again.

On this particular night, we decided we would spend the night drinking beer and watching a DVD. That was until his girlfriend showed up. After the film had finished, the two of them had got a little frisky with each other and with me being too d***k to drive home, I left them alone in the back room and went to see his mother in the front room. I explain... Continue»
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Granny Gets Spit-Roasted (Granny's Version)

Granny Gets Spit-Roasted (Granny’s Version)
I met young Don a while ago while on a bus trip to Oklahoma City. We both really connected despite our age differences (he is 43 and I am 68). Don has reawakened the women in me. I have a slim petite body and weigh about 115 pounds with silver gray hair and just a few wrinkles. I still draw quite a few stares from men when I go through the airport. The unusual thing about me is that I always loved being fucked in the ass; I even prefer it to vaginal sex. Why I do not know, but I have tremendous orgasms as a man’s cock massages my “G” spot. Don has... Continue»
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My First Gloryhole

I had a really bad morning. I had a fight with my girlfriend, and an awful day at work. I was extremely horny and pissed off. I needed to cum so I could get on with my day.
While driving between job sites I decided to stop at an adult bookstore. I had been to bookstores before a few times to buy magazines, or even jack off in a video booth once or twice. This time I decided to check out a vid.
I paid for tokens and nervously went to the back of the store, into the arcade. It was 10am and no one was around. I went into a shoddy video booth and chose a movie. Probably something with cock suc... Continue»
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Some Guy at a Concert and I Got Hands-y

"Screw him!" Jess said down the phone and I knew she was right. "I have two tickets in my hot little hands to a concert tonight and we have to go!"

Jess was my best friend since as long as I could remember. We were always there for each other no matter what. She wasn't a fan of Darren when we first hooked up eight months ago and was pretty vocal about me moving on. Darren cheating on me was the clincher.

"I really want to have a quiet one." I said in a tone that told Jess if she asked one more time I would go. She picked up on this.

"I'll be over in thirty minutes and then we are goi... Continue»
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