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Taboo Porn Stories

A few I'd like to do


I admit it, I am a big pervert. I am simply in love with pussy. If asked am I a butt and legs man or breast man, I always cop to butts and legs. It’s true I love them. But the truth is that I am a pussy man! I LOVE PUSSY! But what makes me a pervert is my view of sex. I don’t have any limitations unless it’s just that I’m just not attracted to the girl. If the person is young, who cares? Are they cute and is their body nice? That’s all that matters. Are they a relative? Who cares? Are they cute and is their body nice? That’s all that really matters. I’d let my grand mom blow me if she was cute… Read more

Posted by forubabe 4 years ago 1 3,295 89%



SLUT ASHLEY 10 It turned out that he was out later than he thought, and he was quite d***k. Ashley left Holly by midnight, and turned on her bedroom light at 1am, signaling that she was free to see her new lover. Two thirty rolled around, and she was climbing the walls with arousal. At two forty five, she gave up. She changed into her pajamas (which she sometimes wore) and got ready for bed. Looks like she would have to masturbate! Her pajamas are difficult to describe. They were one piece, and covered her entire body except above her shoulders, below her wrists, and below her ankl… Read more

Posted by BellDonn 4 years ago 1 1,459 100%


First TimeHardcoreTaboo

SLUT ASHLEY 9 The next day, it took all her willpower to not rush over to Keenum’s house at one o’clock, but Ashley managed. It was Thursday now - just eight days after her first “date” with him. It was hard to believe that her first sexual experience with him was a mere eight days ago – they have fucked so many times since! Today was her first day of her part time job. In a few days, Monday to be exact, she would commence school. She would be quite busy at that point, but she knew that she could make time for that big cock of his! Her shift started at four, and she left a little ea… Read more

Posted by BellDonn 4 years ago 780 100%

Blind Dating Mom


I was addicted to webcam porn and messaging and I had been messaging this older woman called Carmel and we had been exchanging messages of what we wanted to do to each other. I had sent a webcam broadcast of me jacking off and she sent me one of her bringing her self off. What a gorgeous pussy she had – shaven and wet. We sent quite a few of these videos of each other. After a while we agreed to meet in an obscure car park for a bit of fun. I suggested we wear red roses and meet at about 8pm. The night came to meet and I was waiting in the car park when I saw mom walking towards my car. I… Read more

Posted by sexycock3 4 years ago 10 11,868 100%

Aunty and Me Fuck....


Usually during the long weekends, I always get together with my two cousins, for Golf, Hockey and some movies together. Gerald is the same age as me, 42, and Tom is 40, married with two k**s....neither Gerald or myself have k**s or ever been married and my Aunt, Joyce just turned 70 and is retired. Gerald lives with her to help her financially and helps with the bills and mortgage. We got together during the July long weekend to celebrate Gerald's and my birthdays, so we had planned 2 days of golf, watching the hockey game Saturday night, drink and smoke a little pot.....but I don't smoke t… Read more

Posted by carnival1971 4 years ago 5 6,423 100%

My earliest masturbation, and my sons love


You start by feeling the rigid contours of your vagina on the outside of your panties. When you're young your vaginal lips are so well defined, so like an irresistible itch, tracing their contours can have an arousing effect, with your fingers slipping under the elastic of your panties, over the smooth pubis, down between the moist warm lips, and inside your being, where at this point, your inexperienced mind takes over, and all sorts of fantasies about sex, men, boys, and some sorts of a****ls, drive your fingers, like pistons of a well oiled engine, slim hips arched into a receiving position… Read more

Posted by MarieL 4 years ago 7 6,509 100%



DARK CARNIVAL A STORY OF HORROR AND RETRIBUTION FICTION BY AMANDA WRIGHTER CHAPTER 5 Ben “Junior” Stokes For the hundredth time I punched the steering wheel. I was so filled with rage and panic and fear that I was having a hard time keeping the car on the road. I knew it would happen one day, but why did it have to be TODAY? Why did it have to happen while I was with HER? It was all I could do to sit there and act calm when I really wanted to run. There was nothing I could do now…I kept repeating this over and over in my head. It was done, and I couldn’t take it bac… Read more

Posted by crazyxxxcash 4 years ago 2 1,519 100%

What goes on on campus..


I was bored with a hard-on and no woman around in my final year of university. I knew there was a party going on at the campus center so I decided to go for a walk. On my way I saw this beauty walking through the area of the men's dorm. What was she doing there?, I thought, so I said hi. She was very sweet and polite and said she was just going for a walk. I told her there was a party at the rec center and asked if she wanted to go. She said yes, so off we went. It was about a mile away so we enjoyed the walk and got to know each other a little more. We had a few drinks and spent the entire… Read more

Posted by lovethis_xxx 4 years ago 2,471 100%

Vampire's Slave pt 2

FetishSex HumorTaboo

The venture The previous night, after shooting a copious load of cum down the gorgeous vampire's throat, Danny had agreed to drive Sylvia across the country to meet with her b*****r and s****r. Well not her actual b*****r and s****r, but the three vampires had all been turned into bl**dsuckers by the same elder vampire and apparently in their world that meant they were f****y. That morning at 5am, well before the sun was up, Danny and Sylvia hit the road. Sylvia's car turned out to be a very nice black limousine, not the most subtle vehicle, but it had specially darkened windows and… Read more

Posted by engineerx1980 4 years ago 1 1,255 100%

Sugar and Spice this girl is really nice


I could feel his eyes on me, 'Fuck I must be getting desperate', went through my mind. Here am I shopping in the local supermarket, looking for something they dont sell, I'm horny as hell and thinking about having a quickie, with anyone who is up for it. Now before you get carried away wondering who I am, I am not a middle-aged woman in a loveless relationship, a nymphomaniac, or something like that, no I am a girl, under the age of consent, but in the body of a woman, desperate to fuck a man, I am in my cock hungry stage in life, and my pussy is gnawing at my panties to be poked. So bea… Read more

Posted by MarieL 4 years ago 2 1,795 100%

my s****r and her collage friends continued

FetishFirst TimeTaboo

so with Beth and Debbie now sucking my cock Kate hovers her pussy over my face and tells me to lick her, as he pussy lowers to my face all i keep thinking is i hope i get to fuck her, her pussy now over my face i start to lick , trying to find my way to her clit i push my tongue up and find her hole, its soaking wet hmmm she moans as i flick my tongue around inside her i close my eyes and lick away suddenly her moaning stops and she gets off i open my eyes and now Debbie is hovering over me naked she lowers herself on to my face and whispers "now taste me" as she pushes her pussy on to my face… Read more

Posted by waughs 4 years ago 6 6,711 95%

godess sarita 8 (smothering)


after one and a half years with goddess sarita things were getting less hard as I knew what and how goddess wanted so punishment was very rare.. but due to long time in chastity I could not take off my mind of my cage and I was thinking of some how getting it off and cum for once when goddess is at work .. it was Monday goddess woke up un chained me from the bed let me take a dump and get fresh then I prepared breakfast.. goddess finished breakfast asked me to do the house works and left for office.. I did as I was said but the worst part was I was said to turn on the tv and kneel infront of… Read more

Posted by mashroorr 4 years ago 2 1,380 100%

mum and dad

AnalGay MaleTaboo

When I was married to my wife it was a torrid time and full of abuse and had to endure much torment when the wife wanted to punish me, I plucked up enough courage to leave and start a new life, I always questioned my sexuality and decided to find out if I was gay or it was just the ex wife. I was now getting my life together and decided that tonight was the night for fun I got ready and went to a well known gay bar, the night was going well and got chatting to a nice couple who invited me back to their place, we got back and had drinks and was really relaxed when Andy and Gerry started to k… Read more

Posted by rodma 4 years ago 3 6,764 100%

Fucked My Cousin s****r

First TimeHardcoreTaboo

Hi guys I am Rudra from Delhi currently turned 19. I am regular reader of desipapa and today I am able to have sexual intercourse with my cousin s****r only because of the stories on this site. So without wasting time I would like to start with my story. It happened a year back when I was not having any girlfriend and I used to watch lots of porn. I always fantasized of having i****t sex because I was unable to make a girlfriend at that time as I was not so attractive but I have a huge dick and well-built personality. I was on vacations after completing my 12th board exams so I decided to… Read more

Posted by sidhuputt 4 years ago 3,221 33%

Soft Sex With Cousin


This is not exaggeration and this is based on my story of 2002. I shouldn't have done this to her. I am from South Tamil Nadu. It was in my semester vacation of my first year, and she was studying 11th Std. It all started from this point, in the night before my s****r's marriage, she looked as if an angel. She is a medium complexion but really beautiful mean it. She was wearing silk blow and the bottom (pattu pavadai). I was instructed to look after the k**s who were playing on the Marriage's hall terrace. I saw my cousin s****r playing with these k**s. The k**s were all below 8 years.… Read more

Posted by sidhuputt 4 years ago 2,310 83%

Banged My Cousin Wife


One day it just happened and all names faked and I went to my cousin's house. I told him that I’m coming but he said he is out of the city and his wife is there to care us. We went there we had some food and all. Mini wore blue long top and jeans. Her top was too long. We were seeing mini's boobs and ass she went to the kitchen and I followed her. All boys are normal and dusky in colours 6 feet and gym bodies. She was doing something in kitchen and seen and said why you came here? Go and sl**p it's too late now. I came here to see you mini. Why? Just interested in seeing you. It's very c… Read more

Posted by sidhuputt 4 years ago 1,291 50%

My Aunty Hidden Desire


It all began when I completed my 12th from our local suburb college and secured 90% in 12th. I was 18 that time. I decided to go to one of the top colleges in Mumbai and due to my high percentile even I got into one of them. But now question arises how could i travel from my home to college daily? It was almost 2.5-3 hours daily single journey. My mom suggested if we can ask her s****r who lived in Mumbai about this situation. Because mom's s****r - Radha aunty and Ramesh uncle had a very nice flat in Mumbai just nearby from my college when Ramesh uncle and Radha aunty came to our house to… Read more

Posted by sidhuputt 4 years ago 2,937 100%

Pumping Darling Aunty

First TimeHardcoreTaboo

I am Suresh from Mumbai. I am 24, 6’1” tall, good looking and weighs 65Kg. I have been a regular visitor of this site for a long time. All this happened some 6 years ago, when I was enjoying my annual school vacation in my Mom’s home in a small village near Kottayam. It’s a beautiful place with rubber plantations and the river Meenachil nearby. In the home, there was my grandmother, uncle’s (mom’s b*****r) wife Renuka, and their two c***dren. The elder was a girl and just one year younger to me. The younger boy was about 10 at that time. Uncle was working at Cochin, comes home on every Satu… Read more

Posted by sidhuputt 4 years ago 3,074 80%

Aunty Jaya


This is story of mine where I fuck my busty aunty and her daughter. I’m Shyam living in b’lore and doing my BBM in a reputed college. My aunt’s name is Jaya. I never felt anything wrong about my aunt in the starting. But one day when she was working in kitchen her saree got fire n when she was in panic she removed her pallu in a hurry. That was the first scene where a got glance of her boobs with blouse. It was awesome. Guys I bet u will cum surely seeing her boobs uhh. It was like Mt. Everest saying about her figure I think her boobs must b at least 44 hips 38 and butt 38.she always wore sare… Read more

Posted by sidhuputt 4 years ago 2,737 93%

My Cousin Plan In The Bathroom


This is a real life incident that happened with me 3 months back. Ok, first of all let me introduce myself to all of you reader's present here and I am Alifa a 26 year old doctor in Brussels. I was born in India but after that have always been in Belgium and other European countries only. My niece was having an account on this website and I’m using her account for sharing my incident with all of you which I was looking forward from a long time to share with all. I live alone in my home 3 months back my 18 year old cousin b*****r came to visit for some of his work. He was staying in my hom… Read more

Posted by sidhuputt 4 years ago 2,780 50%