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Taboo Porn Stories

Sexy mom


It was my 16th birthday. I wasn’t planning on doing much. Just have cake and ice cream. With a few family and friends. My dad had gone to the coast on a fishing trip. It was six o’clock and a few guest were arriving . To my surprise one of my step mom’s coworker’s and her son showed up he was just a few months older that me and we had been around each other on other outings. He attended a school that we played against in sports. But away from the guys from our schools we got along good. Now let me tell you about his mom Iris. She was a older mature woman not knowing her age I would guess her a… Read more

Posted by adam8023 4 days ago 7,484 100%

Zerbrochenes Vergnügen

AnalSex HumorTaboo

Keine 2 Jahre ist es nun her gewesen... Als wir miteinander schlussmachten, muss ich zugeben... war ich wohl der treibende Faktor. Selbst dass sich das stetige Gefühl bestätigte, dass etwas nicht stimmte und sie mir fremdging bzw. gehen würde, machte für mich im Einzelnden die Situation nicht weniger Schmerzhaft oder fairer, selbst ihr gegenüber. Doch muss ich sagen, dass es warscheinlich so am besten gewesen ist, da ich in der Beziehung wohl nur in die Enge gedrängt und mich gefangen gefühlt, aber auch sie und ihr wesen Aufgerieben hätte... (wer will schon in einer Beziehung enden, in der… Read more

Posted by Baerenmarke85 4 days ago 276

Arab wife used by older white neighbor (Cuckold)

FetishInterracial SexTaboo

Looking back, I'm in disbelief this actually happened. My wife and I are quite conservative - I'm 36 and she's 29, we immigrated to Boston from Morocco in 2012.  We follow Islam and my wife, Hayat, wears a hijab most of the time.  Our life in Boston was quiet and simple - nothing extravagant.  I have a good job and Hayat was going to school to become a RN - we planned on having a c***d soon, but weren't sure exactly due to her schooling. The one thing I must say, once moving to the USA, I began to watch a lot of porn (without my wife's knowledge, of course).  I began to see fetish videos… Read more

Posted by matt_boston 5 days ago 3 3,408 87%

Mom and the Doggers

Group SexHardcoreTaboo

Mom’s into Dogging. My Mom ditched my Dad five years ago, she always said it’s because he was a dirty ratbag who cheated on her, but now I know differently. It wasn’t until one of my best mates told me, that I found out the truth about my Mom and here’s the story. So I get a phone call from my friend and he’s out of breath, having ran from somewhere and then he reveals why. “Barry! I’ve been somewhere tonight and you’re not going to believe me over the phone, so can I come and see you?” “Sure nobody’s in come over?” Ten minutes later he’s rattling my letter box and I let him in. He’s stil… Read more

Posted by monkeymonkey42 5 days ago 3 5,875 90%

The Sibling Diaries P06

First TimeHardcoreTaboo

Let the Games Begin After arguing with the cab company about the address, paying the jerks too much to get me home at midnight, and realizing that I would still have to deal with Tommy because he worked where I did, I made it back to my apartment -- still pissed off. I shut the door, leaned back against it and looked around in the darkness. God, I felt like an idiot. I went to my room and pulled my clothes off quickly. I wanted a shower like nobody's business. As I walked to the closet, I saw the mirror by my bed. I put the clothes down, pushed the mirror back and looked down. My body wa… Read more

Posted by sexykamel 5 days ago 1 1,456 100%

My Wife's Sister Part III Final

First TimeGroup SexTaboo

My Wife’s Sister Part III Final My wife and I had retired to our bedroom so that I could play with her now shaved pussy. I had been waiting to this time since we had taken a shower. My wife informed me that the blowjob I just got from her sister was so that I’d last longer while fucking her. I asked my wife if there were other plans and all she would say is I’d have to wait a see, but for now just enjoy the moment. My wife disrobed then helped me undress all the while caressing me. I just could get enough of the site of her shaved pussy, something that didn’t happen often since we’d been marr… Read more

Posted by setxcpl1000 5 days ago 4 3,008 100%

Saritha Bhabhi Fucked


When my brother went to US for his postdoctoral research, his wife, that is my bhabi was left alone at their house. Her mother could not come because of her daughter had come home for confinement. My mother herself was not in good health and hence she too could not come. My brother asked whether I can be of help to her. I was doing my PG and I may have to spend my nights in the house of my brother. His wife, my bhabi, Saritha was an asst Prof. in a college and hence she could not accompany her husband. My bhabiji asked me how I am going to manage. I told that I will discuss with my parents and… Read more

Posted by stallionblack77 5 days ago 1,076 75%

ein Augenblick zum Fick ....

First TimeMatureTaboo

Es sind diese Momente! Du siehst SIE in der Bahn. Eure Blicke treffen sich. Ein kurzes Lächeln! Ein kurzes Wahrnehmen., Und kurze Zeit später wieder. Ein Blick in die Augen. Sie lächelt zurück. Wir sehen uns an. Unsere Blicke verschmelzen. Unglaublich. Was das in mir bewirkt. Ich sehe SIE an. Wieder und wieder. Und sie mich auch. Während sie mich ansieht, lass ich meinen Blick zu ihren Lippen schweifen. Sie erwiedert das. Auch sie schaut auf meine Lippen. Wir kommen uns näher. Die Bahn ist voll. Ich will jetzt ganz nah bei ihr sein. Sie hält sich mit einer Hand an der Haltestange fes… Read more

Posted by german--man 5 days ago 246

Massaging my hot sis

First TimeHardcoreTaboo

My sister Sara had always been attractive to me. Throughout our c***dhood I always knew that she stood out a bit more than the rest. When this happened I was 19 and she was 18. By this point she had began to mature nicely and she had a nice plump butt that just made me crazy. She was rather petite with long blonde hair and small but not thin frame. She had these huge blue eyes that you could drown in. She had still small boobs at a 34B but she still had nice ones and they were round and perky. Her body curved in ways that I haven't seen equaled. I had some intense masturbation sessions and I h… Read more

Posted by iamsuperman007 5 days ago 5 5,860 100%

Office Meeting

TabooHardcoreGroup Sex

You sit at your desk, one hand typing on your office computer, the other ducked below your desk fidgeting on your phone. Occasionally you shift down to reply to the strangers on pornhub. As you do, you notice moist pool at the base of your underwear. You curl your wrist press it against yourself and softly nudging at your pussy. Just to feel something, wishing it was your fingers, or much better yet a fucking thick cock. You occasionally force yourself to peer up, to see if others are noticing. Everyone seems distracted, clattering away on their own machine. One peer of eyes however was lookin… Read more

Posted by Lilwill123 5 days ago 1,537 100%

Discovering cock fun Part 2

TabooMatureGay Male

Well I had done it, sucked a stranger and swallowed his sperm, that night and the next morning I wanked myself silly thinking about what a slut I had become, I couldn’t wait to repeat the experience now I had discovered the world of man sex. I visited that toilet many times and discovered many similar ones in my local area, and right from the start I knew my place was as a cock sucking slut, my life now revolved around hanging about filthy public toilets and seeking men to suck and fill my mouth with spunk. Over the years I have performed oral on 100s of men and It would take too long to reliv… Read more

Posted by cocklover57 5 days ago 1,735 91%

fun in the park


“The sun was rising in the east, slowly emerging from its slumber. The shadows fading upon the sarengeti. You could hear the galloping antelope spry with the new day and the roar of a roller coaster?....My name is Jack im a a****l caretaker at the park and my day has started to wind down after a long night shift. But I was not ready to go home as I had finally asked out this girl who works in the Rescue a****l show on the other side of the park.Her name was Dalia. And she had the most beautiful dark eyes and voluptuous hair I have ever seen.We decided why not spend a day together at the park t… Read more

Posted by onestory 5 days ago 1,029 67%

Historia 8 La Cita (2 Parte)

First TimeTaboo

Después de lo que había pasado en el hotel aquel, no podía quitarme de la cabeza lo ocurrido. Antes de salir de la habitación me había dado un pequeño papel con la dirección de su trabajo y el número de teléfono. Había pasado ya casi un mes cuando encontré esa nota guardada en mi cajón entre mi ropa anterior, la saque y no pude evitar sentir que mi respiración se agito recordando de nuevo aquella verga en mis labios entrando y saliendo, sus venas marcadas. Cargue la nota entre mis libros unos días más hasta que me decidí a buscar la dirección, empecé por la colonia y esta se encontraba entr… Read more

Posted by amdes 5 days ago 2 192

Schweinchen Tick

Sex HumorFetishTaboo

Schweinchen Tick Ein modernes, kurzweiliges Märchen. Ich bin Tick, naja nicht wirklich, aber mein Ebername lautet so. In Wirklichkeit und meiner wahren menschlichen Gestalt heiße ich Rick. Nur grad eben nicht. Ich bin ein Schwein, in echt, kein Spaß sondern bitterer Ernst. Klar, gelacht habe ich auch als diese doofe Hexe mich hasserfüllt angeschrien hat. ,, Du wirst für deine Arroganz büßen. Nur so lange, bis es durch der wahren Liebe Kuss, der Zauber aufgehoben wird. Du wirst mit anderen Schweinen am Trog fressen und dich im Schlamm suhlen. Doch eines sei dir vergönnt. Dein Schwanz soll der… Read more

Posted by Heilfee 5 days ago 1 329 100%

Bunked Bonked Buggered -Sisters


Lucy and Hannah had always known each other and shared space for as long as either of them could remember. They shared it intimately in the bedroom and the bathroom. They were sisters only ten months apart. They shared a small two bedroom inner city apartment with their mother as the male presence in their lives disappearing while they were both toddlers. They were brought up very strictly by their mother who insisted they attend the local all girls’ Catholic school and got an overload of moral rectitude through regular confession and Church every Sunday. The control started slipping at a mix… Read more

Posted by janus2017 5 days ago 1 2,358 100%

Sexy Susie Has Huge Tits


When I was 22 or so I worked as a repairman for a well known company. I would drive a company truck and make service calls at people's homes. At the time I had long hair and kind of had the surfer look, though we were nowhere near the beach. But girls liked it! So I got a call to a house, kind of a trashy part of town, and as I arrive, the husband and wife are leaving with their oldest daughter to a softball game. They say the babysitter knows the problem and will tell me where it is. So I meet the babysitter, a short, very pretty girl with short brown hair. She has on short blue shorts and… Read more

Posted by bbwsrfun 6 days ago 4 3,823 94%

Emmy, BBW Slut


Hi Please Comment On My Stories, Whether Good or Bad. I met Emmy back when I was a teenager, before my senior year of high school. I'm talking about 25 years ago. Life was good, I had an old car, a girlfriend with big tits who let me take her virginity, and I was going to get to spend the summer with my older cousin John, who lived in Los Angeles, which was like 50 miles away. John had always been like a b*****r to me, so I was really looking forward to having some good times together. John had a tiny studio apartment in Van Nuys, but it was cool, there was a bed in the corner and he said… Read more

Posted by bbwsrfun 6 days ago 3 1,511 100%

Son and Mom's Tan

First TimeMatureTaboo

It all started when I was 15. First, some background info: my dad had been called up for the reserve and had been somewhere in Korea or the Pacific for quite some time -- all I knew is that it was standard duty and nothing bad would happen. Although we were fairly well off my mom still worked as a clerk at the bank. She said she liked the job and had many friends there but she would often come from work exhausted and physically in pain because she had to stand almost all day. She would most often ask for a massage to help soothe her suffering; for some reason, my little thirteen year old broth… Read more

Posted by deniadaniya10 6 days ago 5 12,755 97%

Maduras Anonimas Cap. 04


El verano se acercaba a su fin y pronto tendría que comenzar a asistir a la escuela. Me preocupaba que pasaría si se realizaba una reunión y yo no podía asistir. ¿Perdería mi privilegiado lugar en el grupo? ¿Doña Elide seria comprensiva y me dejaría volver? Mis miedos se vieron materializados cuando mi madre me informo que le habían dado vacaciones y quería que fuéramos a pasar un fin de semana en la playa. Al principio me emocione al respecto pero cuando me dijo las fechas me di cuenta que serían las mismas de la próxima reunión. Era obvio que mi madre no me dejaría quedarme así como que tamp… Read more

Posted by Infamousx420 6 days ago 323

Mit dem Onkel auf Wohnmobiltour


Ich bin der Werner, 66 Jahre alt, seid 2 Jahren in Rente. Ich war nie verheiratet und wenn´s mich mal gepackt hat dann bin ich ins Bordell, das hab ich mir dann auch mal was kosten lassen. Ich habe mir ein Wohnmobil gekauft als ich in Rente ging und fahre jetzt, so wie ich Lust habe einfach mal ein paar Tage weg. Ich habe eine Eigentumswohnung mit Schlafzimmer, Küche, Bad, Gästezimmer, Arbeitszimmer, Wohnzimmer und Flur. Dazu gehört auch noch ein Kellerraum. Ich fühle mich wohl, bin noch ziemlich fit für mein Alter und freue mich über jeden Tag der noch kommt. Ich habe noch 4 jüngere Geschwist… Read more

Posted by rotkaepchen02 6 days ago 1 578 100%