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TabooGroup SexFetish

It was during a Wednesday nite supper this past April when Penny my wife of seven years, suddenly looked me straight in the eyes while calling me a GAY COCKSUCKER ! Instantly while I swollowed hard and quickly looked away from her, my worse dreaded fears in life had somehow just become reality! So as I sat there trembling with a bowed head, Penny told me all about the phone call she had gotten earlier that day from Mary! Yes the very same Mary who was the wife of my secret gay friend Robert and who had walked in on us and caught us red handed on their bed deep into a mutual cocksucking sixty… Read more

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My Wife fucks another man


It has been a while since our first adventure and that was one that wasn't planned so see our previous adventure from 4 years ago. ttps://xhamster.com/stories/my-wifes-first-threesome-seduced-true-374022 Here is an account of our next true adventure that occurred last month. Debbie is now 52 and I am 53 and we have both been married for 30 years. Debbie is 5'3'' and with a nice 38 chest, and average size for a woman of her age. For the past 4 years I have lived off watching my wife being seduced by a younger man and then slowly and sensually fucked. We had on occasions talked about the w… Read more

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A Sister's Desire Finally Fulfilled

First TimeHardcoreTaboo

This story is related to the His First Time with Mom series, taking place 30 years later in my life. Having lost my Mom after a beautiful 9 year relationship, I wondered around through a series of partners. Aunt Mary and Cousin Dote had moved away because Uncle Pete had been transferred out of town. Two marriages, one failed and one widowed to cancer, and several women between. I was on my third wife, and our relationship had been on a rocky road for the last few years. She had given me the son that I had always wanted, so I felt obligated to stay with her if only for him. She also brought my… Read more

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Mom barges in her son's room. Surprise! Surpr

MatureFirst TimeTaboo

It had been a long grueling day. The exams had turned out to be even worst than I had expected. Four hours of trying to remember all the things that I had learned in four years of high school had my head throbbing. The house was empty and the shower was hot. I love to take hot showers. With mom and Sissy in the house, by the time I wanted to take my shower, the water was always just lukewarm. But with mom out and Sissy spending the night at her friend's house, I had all the hot water I wanted. I was lying on my bed thinking about all the fun I would be missing this weekend. Mom had grounded… Read more

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Memorable Wedding Night


William has no trouble recalling a memorable wedding night and the participants: his brother’s wife, Kate; his niece; Pip and himself. Plenty of big bouncy boobs, cute booty, useful booze bottles and even more outrageous alcohol fuelled antics.... My name is Will and my brother’s wife’s name is Kate, not an abbreviated Catherine. And Katie chose the name Philippa for their only c***d, a daughter when Benny didn’t get his Phillip pushed out. Nice compromise on gender nomenclature preferences. Of course the distinguished Philippa was shortened by her friends to Pippa in high school and it stuck… Read more

Posted by janus2017 5 days ago 2,076 100%

Mother's Touch is Best

MatureFirst TimeTaboo

Sometimes a girl just needs to blow off some steam. Go out with her bestie and have a good dance. And that's exactly what I was doing, in a club on a Friday night. After we left the club, we walked back to Linda's house, where I confided in her about my teenage son's erratic behaviour. Her response was not what I was expecting, and rather shocking. As Linda uncorked a bottle of wine, I began, "Tommy has been going completely off the rails lately. I don't know what's gotten into him. I don't know what to do, Linda. It's a weight on my mind, it really is." "Why, what's he been doing?" she aske… Read more

Posted by Tonysex96 5 days ago 2 3,484 100%

Brother-In-Law Made Me A Porn Star

TabooVoyeurSex Humor

It all started 3 months back with my sister Anu (Name changed)when she got pregnant with her boyfriend. Anu was elder to me by 6 years and worked in a call center. At 25 years of age, she wanted to… Read more

Posted by harika2323 5 days ago 1 1,979 60%

Caught! Part 2

Gay MaleTabooMasturbation

The headlights flicked off and Rick's eyes struggled to adjust to the darkness. He tried to see where the first Officer was taking Mel, but she disappeared behind the patrol car, and the flashing lights distracted his vision. The second Officer stood up in Rick's face, demanding his attention. "Well your a dirty little fucker aren't you?" he asked, and without waiting for a response reached out and grabbed Rick's still fully hard cock. Rick could not believe he still had an erection, but bizarrely he was feeling excited. Rick stepped back in shock, and the condom came off in the cop's hand.… Read more

Posted by Slickpost 5 days ago 1 1,909 83%

Rainy day with dad


I awoke to see the walls and ceiling of my room flash with lightning, then crash! Another peel of thunder seemed to open up the skies even more. A hard rain drove like nails into the tiny home's roof. Summers were like this in Illinois. In between sweltering July heat, we were pelted by electrical storms and sometimes high winds. Those days made it impossible for my dad to work his construction job. As I wiped he sleep from my eyes and gave my morning wood a few quick strokes, I could make out his legs and feet in the recliner in the livingroom just ouside my bedroom door. Most mornings of s… Read more

Posted by 33kizo33 5 days ago 2,547 50%

Rent Paid With My Body

HardcoreTabooFirst Time

Myself Harika doing my final year in B.Com at a college in Pune. I am from a small village few hours from Pune. Though i am not from a rich family, my friend Priya is a wealthy girl studying with me. She is from Hyderabad. She has taken a house on rent and stays alone. As I had built up good relation with her, she a… Read more

Posted by harika2323 5 days ago 2,128 100%

Long hair beauty

HardcoreTabooSex Humor

This is my first & true story. My name is Harika. I am a Tamil girl. I am 24 years old, fair, & slim. I am 5’6” tall and have a long, thick, and silky hair. I have size 34 d boobs & clean shaved pussy. I think my sex appeal lies in my long hair as guys go crazy after my long hair. I have received many compliments espec… Read more

Posted by harika2323 5 days ago 910 50%

Fantasy about training my sister...

TabooFirst TimeFetish

I always thought it would be soo hot to be involved during my little sister's first ever deepthroat session... partly because she's so tiny and perfect for guys to man-handle as rough as they wanted.. and also because I'd lowkey seriously enjoy helping force her to learn... it would be amazing.. to convince her to let us handcuff her hands behind her back, with only her skirt allowed to remain on.. we'd convince her that everything was going to… Read more

Posted by Lena-Robinson 6 days ago 2 3,148 73%

My daughter's big boobs


I woke up with the usual morning urge to piss like a race horse. The bathroom door was closed so I knew my 22 year old daughter must be in there. I knocked and I said, "Lisa I gotta piss real bad." She was taking a bath and she said, "Hold on while I close the curtain." After a minute or so she said come on in. As I stood there pissing like a water fall I let out a groan which caused Lisa to laugh. "Feel's good to pee first thing in the morning doesn't it?" Before I could say anything she said, "Dad can I ask you a personal question?" "Sure baby, I'm open to anything you want to know." She… Read more

Posted by DirtyDan1952 6 days ago 16 11,349 94%

Taking Annis anal cherry

AnalFirst TimeTaboo

Anni did not need to lure me cycling for long. She’s fresh UNI student and I fucked her last spring when I was one of the adults on their college reunion trip. I was more than happy to follow Anni and watch how her tight shorts made her ass look even more sexy. It did not made my situation any easier, that she had thin tank top but no bras. - I would love to cool a little. Let’s go swimming Sam. We biked to shore nearby and park our bikes. Anni run straight to water thigh deep and waterd her hands and face. When se walked toward bikes I couldn’t help staring her hardened nipples that were po… Read more

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My First Time with Daddy

FetishFirst TimeTaboo

I couldn't believe it was Molly's eighteenth birthday. My wife and I were just eighteen when we had her, just two stupid k**s who were still in high school. Allison's parents were wild---they had wanted her to go to college, and thought I wasn't good enough for their precious only c***d. We tried for a few years to make it work, but Allison's parents worked on her enough so that she decided to leave me. She even left US--Molly was just four. It was supposed to be temporary. Allison's parents were paying for college, a fancy private school that never knew about Molly at all. Allison even lived… Read more

Posted by StefaniaCarlucci 6 days ago 7 4,976 97%

My father in law strikes again


Once again my father in law had used my body at his entire will. He had caught me naked at the laundry room; he had cornered me there and he finally had fucked me silly onto the washing machine. For the next days I felt the guilt; the excitement and the longing for more, all wrapped up in one. I was really horny for that man. I got into a bad habit of imagining it was his cock instead of my husband’s when we fucked at night in our marital bed. Every time I came wild and out loud, it was always after that naughty thought. I wanted my father in law again… and I wanted it so bad. Dur… Read more

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Hotel Quickie with my sister Kay


New to my stories? Kay is my younger sister. We are both ... mature now, but we have had a lot of fun over the years! Occasionally I share some of our meetings, in part because I know you guys like reading about my buxom Germanic sister but mostly because I know she reads them... and they make her horny for more!!! (This is not her pic... but it gives you a fair visual. She would never let me have a pic in reality!!!) ---------- Kay and I had teased the hell out of each other the whole evening an… Read more

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Daddy's fun on the sofa


I came over to visit you at your apartment. We were sitting on your sofa, and you lean over put your head in my lap as we talk and I play with your hair. My hands wander a bit, rubbing your breasts and back. I know that a father should not be playing with his daughter’s tits. We are still chatting away, I am not being too pushy, but being a bit more than friendly, loving your nipples harden as we chat about everything. We both feel the sexual tension, but no one is in a rush. My cock is swollen, and puffy, but not stiff. We talk and we are comfy, then I say something funny, and you kneel and… Read more

Posted by DirtyDan1952 8 days ago 2 5,488 88%

Daddy, My Teacher and Me

FetishTabooFirst Time

"Hi Daddy, I'm home." she said as she walked in the door, setting her school bag on the floor and kicking off her shoes. "I have a note for you, Daddy." "Bring it here Baby, come sit on Daddy's lap while he reads it." She walks over, swaying her sweet hips just the way I like. She crawls up onto my lap, her school skirt climbing up her soft thighs, my lovely eighteen year old girl; I can't believe she'll be out of high school in a matter of months. She hands me an envelope with my name on it. I open it and read the note from her teacher. "What does it say Daddy?" she asks, giving me a teasi… Read more

Posted by StefaniaCarlucci 8 days ago 9 12,273 95%

Jilted daughter moves in with dad.

TabooFirst TimeHardcore

It was 3:35 am on a Saturday morning. Someone was knocking on my door. "Daddy, daddy wake up. Let me in." It was my daughter Cindy. I quickly threw in a robe and rushed to the door. I knew it had to be something bad for Cindy to be at my door this time of morning. I opened the door for her. She came sobbing into my arms. "What is it Cindy? What's wrong?" I asked. "I found the SOB with another woman," Cindy replied referring to her husband Bill. "I knew all along that he was cheating." I made her some tea to which I added a generous slug of scotch. "Drink this," I told her. "It will make… Read more

Posted by tommysex96 8 days ago 1 10,478 96%