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School and story around it.

hello everyone.
I know some may don't like my story's because involved my c***dhood. But this is the truth unexpected harsh truth it made us for who ever we are now.
Any way I want to write about my life out side of home. In school I was one of happiest k**. But after my father start to get very close to me he would always telling me about don't let anyone get very close to u , do not make physical joke and all kinds of this advice. He wanted me for him self he get some sort of protecting mood. That's why I get more and more separated from other k**s. But I couldn't avoid all contacts. In s... Continue»
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Measuring My Cum - pt2


After having been wanking in private for so many years
and being careful not to have mom catch me whilst doing
it, it had felt quite liberating to have done in front
of her, and, even better, with her doing the 'wanking
off' part for me.

It was an amazing, exhilarating feeling. It felt like
some chains on my sexual freedom had been removed,
although why I had these aches in my balls was still a
bit of a downer in the whole situation. Hopefully, it
was just a phase that would pass, as Dr Taylor had said.

After a few moments of pondering my thoughts, I decided... Continue»
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Measuring My Cum

My problem started soon after I had just turned 18. My
name is Jacob and I'm just a regular kind of guy. Or so
I thought. Ok, so I had a few issues back then, but
doesn't everyone at 18? For me most of these issues
revolved around my mom being temperamental and
difficult, and the way I had been brought up.

My mom, Margaret Addington, or Marge as she liked to be
known, had divorced three years back, and now at 55, in
the prime of her life, she had become a bit of a
recluse. She'd given up on men, 'I'm not giving myself
to another man' she would say angrily, when I'd sugges... Continue»
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A Country Girl's Dildo

Not only country boys know how to survive even though
the song that tells of their prowess would leave that
impression. We country girls have ways of seeing to
our needs also, and can do that quite well thank you.

One of our country girl needs is to keep down the
level of sexual stress to a point where we can
function otherwise. Of course, there are lots of ways
to do that and we usually find them and that's what
this little story is about, how I found mine.

I suppose I was like most girls in discovering the
exquisite pleasures my clitty could provide. My
fingers and th... Continue»
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My Aunt Lisa

It was a snowy February afternoon in 1990; I was in
7th grade. When I got home my aunt and mom were
talking. My aunt Lisa was crying. I said "hi" and
quickly went to my room. I later found out that my
uncle had taken off with his secretary. I played
dumb, but I knew what it meant. My aunt and cousin
would come over often and talk with my mom as things
progressed. I had to keep my cousin occupied which
was a pain, but I knew I had my duty to keep things
as normal as possible.

As time went on my uncle didn't seem to care about
anything anymore. We didn't see him after Marc... Continue»
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Fucked by daddy's friend

This story was a fantasy of mine from when I was about 11yrs and still think of it happening now even tho the guy in question, is in his mid 60's

I'd be at home from school alone as my parents were at work. This is when I would go through my mums sexy underwear draw. I picked out a black suspender belt, matching bra and see through panties and some black seamed stockings. Luckily I was young enough to have a hair free body and was the same dress and shoe size as my mum. So I picked out a dress theat finished half way up my thighs but covering my stocking tops and a gorgeous pair of black 4"... Continue»
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Die Silvesternacht war der letzte Abend, den ich bei meinem Bruder verbringen sollte. Entsprechend war der Plan, noch einmal ordentlich feiern zu gehen, bevor wir uns für einige Zeit nicht sehen würden. Ich hatte mir extra für den Abend noch ein neues Kleid gekauft, Weihnachtsgeld sei dank, dessen schwarzer Stoff hauteng saß und um den Hals mit einem Träger gebunden wurde. Die Schultern lagen frei und auch der Ausschnitt, den es präsentierte, war nicht zu verachten, zumal ich mich dafür entschieden hatte, auf einen BH zu verzichten. Ich möchte von mir behaupten, dass ich durchaus Rythmusgefühl... Continue»
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My Big Fat Farty Friend 3

Hello lovelies, it's Danni here again just in time for Christmas...though there's no way you could fit me down your chimney hehe!

I can't believe how much you all love my silly little anecdotes, but I'm so glad you do and I'm happy to share them here via my lovely mate.

So, when I last left you I was talking about the time I was trapped in a lift and how I stunk the place out before getting rescued by a very hunky very dishy fireman.

I'm going to tell you what happened next.

It was a couple of nights later when Brendan, that was the fireman's name, rang me. I'd just got in from wo... Continue»
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My Big Fat Farty Friend 4 : Festive Farts

I love Christmas. I love the presents, giving and receiving, I love catching up with folks and friends, I love lazing in front of the TV watching movies I've seen a dozen times before already and all the festive specials, but most of all I love the food.

Christmas Day saw me blitz everything on my plate. As is tradition I go back to the folks where mum lays on all the trimmings; turkey, roasted potatoes, mash potatoes, carrots and turnips, stuffing, pigs in blankets, parsnips and of course sprouts.

Not many people like sprouts. They kind of endure them for Christmas because its tradition... Continue»
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Best Roadtrip Ever

Best Roadtrip Ever

Summer of 2014 my girlfriend and I were going to take a trip to California. We had planned just planned this and we were set and ready to roll. She then recently found out about her little cousin. Just graduated high school. Boyfriend broke up with her and had to head to college. Seems like a bad way to end your senior year. No celebration? We were late 20's and weren't much older but she called us her aunt and uncle. So being mature wee decided to take her along. It wasn't intended for a long trip we had already told her yet she decided to take up on our offer. My girlfr... Continue»
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The naughty f****y pt1

It was past midnight, Saturday over and Sunday beginning when I was heading up the stairs to go to bed when I'd heard noise coming from my son's room. I paused at the head of the staircase, my hand still on the railing as I considered the sound of something being bumped into or maybe dropped. I had just made my rounds, checking that the doors were all locked and the downstairs lights were out and I knew that since Scotty was four hundred miles away, finishing up graduate school and my wife was sound asl**p in our bedroom, I had a pretty good idea who was messing around in his room.

Softly, ... Continue»
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Summer Fun

Summer fun is the best way to describe a great three months of sex I have had in some time. We lived in an apartment complex and I started going to the pool when it opened. I noticed that Rob, the maintenance man for the complex was always doing work around the pool when I would go there. To test this I went at different times and sure enough, he would show up. Hubby was working a job at the time where he was working six days a week and starting at 6:00AM and getting off around 11:00PM, so he was not home much. I filled the void by flirting with Rob when I saw him at the pool. Rob was into it... Continue»
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s****r and I are Close Then Mom (3)

For the next few days that went by, Clare and I would have sex every night in my room and every morning, I would put my arms around mom from behind her with my arms across her tits and pushing my cock into her ass crack through her night gown and house coat, and I would be in just a pair of pants on till after breakfast.

Saturday morning the following week of my return home, Clare was still in her bedroom when I stepped into the kitchen to see mom as usual in her house coat and gown, at the stove cooking breakfast.

Juas as I stepped up behind mom and reached out to take her into my arms ... Continue»
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Matthew-The Awakening - Part 3

Matthew - The Awakening - Part 3

Part 1
Part 2

I got home from school on Monday at the usual time, 3:30. My entire day was a blur. I kept wondering if my mom was going to be good to her word this week and if so, when? Could I even last through the week? On top of that, my geometry teacher noticed me staring at her legs again and kept me after class to admonish me to focus on my studies; a not so veiled directed comment that she noticed me staring at her and she not... Continue»
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Playing With My Wife Kay Encounter With Young Stud

I have been married to my beautiful wife Kay for over 20 years. She is a 47 year old brunette. She looks no where near her 47 years……more like mid to late 30ish. She has a beautiful body that she keeps tanned throughout the year. She is 5-1 115 pounds with beautiful shape for her small frame….32c breasts with huge nipples that get extremely erect when she is the least bit turned on, and a nice little heart shaped ass. This is a true story about her encountering a young 19 year old stud that would make a play for her. She would have to decide whether she could resist her desire for his young ha... Continue»
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Regina's First

I told my mom I was taking Boots, my beagle out for some training. Boots is my rabbit dog and everything else he could chase. As I was walking out the door, Regina’s my t****e year old s****r asked if she could go. I told her sure but she’d have to be quiet.
We walked the long road up to the big fields, that had lots of brush and hedge rows along the edges, perfect rabbit hide outs.
We just at the edge of the big field and Regina said look at Boots. I asked what? She said look at his “thing”. I said “Oh, he must smell a female dog.”
She asked me “What I meant?” I told we humans can talk ... Continue»
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How i became a slut for older men PART 2

PART 1 :

Things stayed like that since December holidays. It became like a routine even if I was still feeling bad about that situation. More, I could not talk to anybody, even my closest friends to what was happening every evening when I was going back to my apartment.
I was concentrating on my studies to forget the rest but I must admit it probably had a negative impact on my social life cause I was nearly the only girl that nearly never went out at evenings and week-ends even when I was invited. I think my friends imagined th... Continue»
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Mom's special Christmas present

“Jake, I can’t believe you went to all this trouble!” Tanya Nolan said as her son took his hands from her eyes. The 18-year old had led her into the f****y dining room with his hands covering her eyes, making sure she enjoyed the surprise.

“Anything for you, Mom, especially at Christmas.”

It was Christmas Eve, and the two of them were alone. Tanya’s husband, Warren, had left just a few days before on business, overseeing an important project for his company in China. He’d been home for close to a month, but was needed back on site by Dec. 23rd for an important meeting with the Chinese d... Continue»
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Fixing my s****r-in-law's computer - Part 3

The door slowly closed shut behind my wife. The click of the door handle settling could have been as loud as a gunshot it was so quiet in there. My wife stared blankly at us as if she were in a trance.

"Ash..." I said quietly, slowly retracting from inside her s****r.

Ashley just gazed on again. I stood up and found my clothes and handed Chloe hers. As I got my boxers on and Chloe pulled up her panties, she suddenly spoke up.

"Mom asked me to come set some meat out to defrost since Chloe wasn't answering her phone. She thought she was at a friend's house and just ignoring her. Instead... Continue»
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First time with b*****r (Fiction)

This story is fiction and it wasn't written by me.

As Melody was getting out of the pool, she saw her dad had an erection, under his swimsuit, and it was huge from what she could make out, like she had heard her mom say. He was trying to be cool about it, but she most assuredly saw, and like many thing, it got her very wet. She started thinking about him playing with her pussy, and than giving her his cock. And of her dad, cumming deep inside her with his big cock. She excused herself as she left, “I’ll be right back I gotta text a friend,” She tried to make a quick excuse to go leave, an... Continue»
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