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Chapter One “This will surely go down in the record books as the storm of the century.” The meteorologist’s voice bellowed from the 32 inch flat TV screen. That was the last thing Sarah Sheldon heard before the lights flickered, once…twice, and then everything went dark. Her body stiffened, paralyzed by her fear of storms. “Shit!” she shrieked. “Daddy…? The power’s out!” Of course he would have already figured that one out for himself, but Sarah had been afraid of storms for as long as she could remember and the idea of sitting alone, staring at nothing but darkness, made her petite body s… Read more

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Episode 94: Feminising Adam

BDSMTabooLesbian Sex

Author’s Note I’ve been informed that Anna and Suzy actually work in Winchester, but it doesn’t have any sex shops, so their office has been transported to Andover which has ‘An Amazing Fantasy’ (previously enjoyed by some as ‘Erotica Belle’); where Emma may work on occasion. Meeting Mistress Adam walked hand in hand with his mum across the park. He was wearing his favourite shiny pink leotard under the school blazer, white shoes with kitten heels and white ankle socks. He took small steps to avoid his tiny boy-clit rubbing up another erection inside the soft fabric. “Look at t… Read more

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Cheating wife with best friend

TabooFirst Time

Cheating wife with best friend This story takes place about 4 years ago when my husband was away on business. The company my husband works for had asked him to go away for a few days for training, my husband knows I don't like being alone and as much as I like hanging out with women I generally prefer male company so hubby said to me why don't you get Adam to come over for tea and chill with your for the evenings ( Adam is my husband's closest friend). On the day of my husband leaving to travel I arranged with Adam to come round for dinner and then chill to watch a film or something along t… Read more

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Lake Nicaragua


CHAPTER I Finally, summer vacation was here! Six whole weeks of doing whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted. The minute I got through the door at home I kicked off my shoes and ran upstairs, turning the shower on and tossing my bag down onto my bedroom floor. I unzipped my skirt and it dropped to the floor, I kicked it towards the laundry bin and began unbuttoning my shirt. I wasn't sure what was with Miss Chapman today, considering it was supposed to be the last day I would have thought it would have been nice and chilled. But no, she breaks out a spontaneous end of term test and it hit us… Read more

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This story is pure fantasy but is loosely based on something an ex girlfriend told me happened to her. I will tell the story as if it was her telling me. Before I tell you this story I must tell you a little bit about myself, I admit to being fairly pretty with nice firm tits and a cute bum and am often hit upon but have not dated since I was 18 when an ex boyfriend destroyed my faith in men. I had been going out with Romeo [yes I know, we were often teased about our names] for about six months and loved each other very much, so much in fact that we were talking about getting married in the… Read more

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Mckenzie Finds Brotherly Love


McKenzie had just turned eighteen when her family was forced to moved into a different home because her parents lost their previous one in an economic slowdown. She had always had her own room and enjoyed her privacy which enabled her to enjoy masturbating without fear of discovery. She was very lacking in sexual experience being extremely shy. She had only recently learned the joys of masturbation. She had two older brothers, Austin 19 and Ryan 21. Ryan worked two jobs and was struggling in college so he had to have his own room. They had tried putting Austin and Ryan together in one bedroom… Read more

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Mother and Daughter


Mother and Daughter part one Now that I’m getting on a bit and nearing retiring age things are not normally all that exciting on the sexual front but that changed not too long ago. I have been seeing a nice divorced lady in her late 40’s for a few years now, Linda has light hair a small frame and is fairly trim and ever since I showed her there was more to sex than the missionary position she has been a real handful in bed, certainly can’t complain about the frequency or variation. I usually visit once or twice a week. Linda has two married daughters Belinda and Melinda, Belinda is a fair b… Read more

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Diary - Son Made Me Topless Model


TO READERS: Ma wrote this photography session in her diary. I read this many days later after our first copulation. I think it is better for reader to study her version instead of my narration. You can read full story separately in title-“Long Dong King Kong in Mom” with son’s (me) narration. “Tonight my son made me model. Not an ordinary housewife model but a sexy, semi naked under wear model. What I couldn’t dream ever in life, my 19 years son did it with me, his 40years old mother. For photo shoot he brought four cameras from his room. My heart sank, seeing his cameras. It was Cannon digi… Read more

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Family Web

Group SexTabooHardcore

We girls were sitting on the lawns outside, awaiting the clock to strike for the practical class. Just then a flying bird shitted on the jutting of my left breast, I mean, over my blouse. I looked up: it was a crane. “It’s a good omen of luck!” opined my classmates. My father used to say that I was conceived in a spiritual way and would bring good luck and fortune once I grew, but he didn’t have any luck to see it realized. And luck is here in the premonition of … Oh shit! I had to have a wash and change. On my way to the hostel, I met Bhavana and she accompanied me into my room. Bhavana wa… Read more

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Strange temptations


Devyani Dutta was furious. She had just received a phone call from the detective agency that she had hired to spy upon her husband. An agent from Delhi just informed her that a girl had been visiting her husband in his hotel’s room for the last two nights. This night as well she was there… For more than two hours. “Sonofabitch… !” She fumed with anger as she cut the phone. “The bastard is busy screwing a bitch on his wedding anniversary.” She lay on her bed trying to control her rage. She looked around… Her expensively decorated bedroom… Her master size bed. Tears swelled in her eyes. She wa… Read more

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Sensational vacation


A family on their way to their vacation destination becomes sexually aware of each other. This story took place the year of my Last teen birthday. It was the last real family vacation my family took together. I was the last year of my teen age, almost six feet tall, still a skinny teen but my muscles were developing as I was getting into lifting weights. My hair was dark, cut short, dark skin complexion like my mother and I have black eyes, which I got from my father. It was late summer and dad decided we were all going to Goa Beach for a week vacation. My 43-year-old mom Madhuri, 47-year-old… Read more

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Family Life Ch 13 - Unexpected Romance


David left his mother and Laura in the reception area while he went to find out where his father was. Eventually he was directed to the intensive care unit. When the three of them got there they were told that the medical staff were still working on him and they were shown into a private waiting room. “I know this may sound awful Mum,” David said, “but l don’t know what to feel, l don’t wish him dead of course but he has brought this on himself and after what happened yesterday l don’t have a lot of sympathy.” “I understand,” Mary replied, “he’s not been happy for years, Laura is the only on… Read more

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This is the story of my life time sexual fantasy and sexual encounters Characters ages and the period of relation are Me – 19years Mom – Shobha – 36years 36d-34- 36 sizes Dad Murali -46years Kistappa – 56 years TIME PERIOD (1990-1992) My dad is a landlord. Mom is a house wife. I have a brother and a sister. We live in a town nearby. First let me start with a small incident that awakened the sexual desire in me and two small events before a big incident which made me think and lust for my mom. It was summer holidays. I used to stay at home all the day to keep away from the hot sun. That aft… Read more

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My Mom Is A Cheater

Group SexVoyeurTaboo

This is about how my mom cheated my dad for sex. My dad is a common man who works hard for the welfare of our family and is working abroad in U.A.E. He has left India at a very young age to make more earning so that his family will live happily in home. We are an upper middle class family from Kerala. My family consists of me, dad, mom and grandpa. My mom is a housewife who always spends lot of her time and money to go to beauty spa and health clubs and maybe due to all these she looked really young and beautiful for her age. She could make any man get a hard on by her sexy curves. Now before… Read more

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Journey Towards Sex With Mom


This is a real story. It is unlike those other fakes where people directly have sex with their moms. I am 22, live in Pune and work in an IT firm. My parents live in Mumbai. My dad had bought a house in Pune long back and thus I live in it alone. My mom and dad visit frequently and stay over the weekend. My dad had to go to London for business work for 2 weeks and hence my mom came to live with me in Pune while he was gone. Living alone, I had got me into some very bad habits like masturbating twice a day, watching a lot of porn. I also had habit of watching i****t porn and reading ISS so I… Read more

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Mommy Sexual Journey

MatureGroup SexTaboo

I will give a brief details about me. Myself Shradda on my 9th standard. I’m from Jabalpur it is in Madhya Pradesh. Our family consists of 3 members’ mom and dad. My dad works as a taxi driver and mom is a house wife as our great grandparents left much money for us we are living happily. My mom’s name is Archana. She got married to dad when she was young and within one year she got pregnant and gave birth to me and our happy family. Now my mom’s age is 32 now s dad is a taxi driver he comes very late in the nights and sometimes don’t come home in the nights. He will go with his friends and e… Read more

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What a day

TabooFirst TimeHardcore

Although the present Administration has overlooked us in many ways here lately, the upper middle class citizen isn't doing too badly. I live in a very nice house in one of the City's exclusive neighborhoods with my parents and my older sister, Jackie. My name is Perry and I have just completed my first year at State University. I am home for the summer, and I plan to concentrate on doing a whole lot of nothing for three months. For example, I am lounging by the pool and thoroughly enjoying my leisure. Then I noticed my tall, slender sister slinking across the deck toward me. She is attractive… Read more

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My pregnant Sis

TabooAnalFirst Time

My sister's real name is Laura, but I've been calling her B. J. which stands for Big Jerk for almost as long as I can remember. It's all in fun because Laura is not a jerk, and I love her dearly. It's just something that evolved out of us growing up together with her four years my senior. She is twenty-two now which makes me, ready or not, eligible to vote and screw up just like an adult if I so desire. I don't feel any different than I did a month ago, but everyone is insisting that I am now a man. Big deal. The really big deal in our house is that B. J. is pregnant - six months pregnant a… Read more

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My chat with Mom


I hear comments constantly about the shortcomings that go with being raised in a single parent environment, and I can't for the life of me determine where these know-it-alls get their information. I qualify as one of those poor unfortunate victims, but I cannot identify with the misfortune I keep hearing about. In my case, my parents split up because they couldn't get along with each other. c***d custody was not an issue; I'm 20 years old and a senior at the local university. One of the main issues for the divorce was that my mom was more successful than my dad, and he was too macho to accept… Read more

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Sneha And Her Son Sachin


Cast for the Story Sneha a 44 year old Curvy Typical Indian woman with good share of fat in much needed places. Sachin a normal 18 year old guy. Background:Sneha is a carefree woman living in Bengaluru and feels nudity isn’t taboo.She has always been okay with her son Sachin seeing her half naked and after he crossed 18,all the inhibitions she had were left away. “Good Morning Sachuu.” Sneha said as she passed her son in the front of her room.She looked like a 44 year old Vidya Balan, but only with a curvy figure and kinda big breasts and ass.Sneha had just come from the bathroom and a tiny… Read more

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