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It was summer time and we were both young and ready for adventure and fun. I was a staff member at a summer camp, back from my first year at college and you were just out looking for some fun. I was a 20 year old male boat driver and wakeboard instructor and to this day I don’t remember your name but I know you were an 18 year old Hispanic female, very attractive and that we definitely caught each other’s eye. We were hanging out with our mutual friends at a church gathering called camp meeting. A gathering usually reserved for adults to talk about boring church business while the younger age… Read more

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SSTER Lacey need some help.


No one’s marriage is perfect. My sister’s is not. My own is really not. The other day Lacey called and asked if I could come down the next weekend. Her husband has been working out of country for the last few weeks and there were some things that needed “a man’s touch” as she put it. My wife had a conference on Saturday and Sunday was going to volunteer at an art auction so I told her I would see her late Friday evening. It’s a six hour drive from where I work to Lacey’s home, so I pulled into her drive a little before 11:00.… Read more

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Another wild encounter with Romeo


The next day my mind and body were both in the middle of a fog. I had let three different cocks fuck me last night. Worst of all, the biggest one had fucked me in my asshole. I had not much rest during the night and I was sore all over especially in my burning anus… That Rottweiler’s knot had been huge and it would be a long while before I could let something that big try to get inside my asshole again. After my loving husband left for his office, I was about to lay down for a mid morning nap when the doorbell rang. It was my sweet neighbor Caroline. She wanted to thank me for taking… Read more

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Fishing with dad

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The mountains were a rich pine green. The air was cooled by the breeze sweeping across the river. Father and son had waded into the cool water at calf deep. Rods were swung as the line was cast, the sinker at the end of the line giving it purpose. Each of them wore a fair brimmed soft hat decorated at the band with feathered fish hooks. Each wore a utility vest pocketed with sinkers, pen knives and the necessities of fly fishing. Each was otherwise naked. Peter at 36 was a strong hirsute man, dark-haired, well-muscled from years spent in his construction trade. He stood a solid six feet. His… Read more

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Motherly Love

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I had been awake for the last hour, lying quietly in bed, waiting for my husband to wake up. The furnace had kicked on earlier so it was beginning to warm in the bedroom. There was snow on the ground outside and it was still dark at 6AM. It was not getting light now until around 8 O’clock. I slowly lifted my hips and pulled the t-shirt I wore to bed up and then worked it up my body and over my head. I moved closer to Greg and put my arm across his chest. Lying against him naked I was hoping he would awake before the alarm and have time for me. It has been over a year since the last time we… Read more

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Mom's Curvy, Her Daughter Curvier - An Adult

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I had only been out of college for a short two years. I got a job part time in my field doing computer web design and was working some hours bagging grocery at a local store. It all happens very quickly one night. I was helping an older woman to her car with some groceries. I could tell she was pretty rich by her ride and all the gold rings and her expensive outfit. When she asked me out, I think I just shook my head. We made plans for dinner about a week later. It went well and I was kind of shocked when she asked if I wanted to go to Jamaica next week with her. We be gone for 10 days. It was… Read more

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Cross dressing has changed my life...

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As a gay guy of 32, 8" cock and neat balls I should have been happy, but I have a fetish for wearing tights (Pantyhose), panties of all kinds and stockings with suspenders, also love hold ups with lace tops. Good job I live alone, I have a large wardrobe full of fem gear, I wear tights for my workplace under my suits and love them. I am a bottom guy and like to get fucked wearing open crotch tights and panties, wearing open crotch tights for work means I can sometimes get a quick fuck in my lunchtime like today, I went for a piss in the mens toilets and a gorgeous guy came in a stood alongside… Read more

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Time for Change Chapter 1 ■ PostapPantsdown


Exhaling slowly Catherine watched the smoke dissipate into the night air just like beliefs that had seemed to be carved in stone days earlier. Throughout her whole life she had lived through good phases that slowly declined until she felt the need for hard cuts, sometimes painful but always healing. Burning bridges was always more invigorating than building them and it seemed the time had come yet again. For weeks she had found herself unsatisfied with the status quo, getting her life up to snuff one step at a time. She had fixed… Read more

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Foursome with mum, peter and nicola

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I had been struggling all month to work out what to do for my mother’s birthday, I was searching the internet high and low and eventually found a deal for a night stay with a couple of spa treatments. I went ahead and booked it for the following week of her birthday. Being a surprise, I didn’t tell her until the night before we were going. Dad was working away on this particular weekend, so I thought it would be nice to get out and enjoy a bit of much needed relaxation. Telling mum, the night before she took it very well and was chuffed that I thought outside the box, she was really thankful a… Read more

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My mom and a long summer Part 1

First TimeMatureTaboo

There are those who would say that i****t is a bad, horrible and wrong thing to do with a family member, and for some of them they may be right if it were ever forced or unwanted. For me, I can’t say that. I was never forced into it and wanted to do it when it finally happened. I consider it family love when it is equally shared by all those involved and no one is ever harmed by it. For me I have had a long, loving and caring relationship that has been wonderful for the both of us. I have had a long and wonderful loving relationship with a sexy and beautiful woman who has been the best sexual… Read more

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Forgot Anniversary extended version


WHACK WHACK WHACK, the wooden paddle made that noise as it hit my naked arse cheeks, which had started to feel hot after a couple. This was the last batch of 12 that my wife her mother and her aunt had decide was punishment for forgetting my wedding anniversary, We were all naked in the wet room, me hog tied, wrists short tied to ankles allowing some movement, my ball sack slip knotted with the rope stretched round my legs and knotted around my waist, any reaction to the slap of the paddle pulled the sack harder and squeezed the plums more. My mouth full of a red hard ball held in by leather… Read more

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She took my virginity and started my obsession wit

First TimeMatureTaboo

This is a true story and happened when I was 14. I had a good friend who I saw every day when I was at school and most weekends. He live a few streets away from me and lived with his mum who was widowed She was a friend of my mother’s. I knew her all my life to that point and she was very sexy to me and I had seen her putting her stockings on when I had been at her house and had always tried to watch without being caught but had been on a few occasions and had instantly looked away as she had smiled at me and carried on rolling the nylons up her legs and fastening the clips and checked t… Read more

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Second Honeymoon with a Wicked MILF


Hi, all horny Indian sex stories readers. Greetings . The unsatisfied 29-year-old guy with lots and lots of fantasy, decently fit and fair.Passionate and nice guy. Life started to become monotonous.I all most was updated with all latest porn movies, sex stories and masturbating with vr glasses.I did not have a soul to spill my sexual appetite and try all the amazing things about sex.Life was so boring.The same old position sex with my girl was getting really boring.I was really looking for my mate. Finally through a google app fo… Read more

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Pepper, part the First

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Pepper Part, the First Copyright 2009 by grylion. All rights reserved, no copies of this work may be circulated without express permission of grylion or by means of the Literotica website and under Literotica's rules. Pepper and I met at university back in the 70s; it was our sophomore year, if I remember correctly. We were both trying to get through our requirements and had several classes together; English Lit, math and such. It was such a long time ago I don't even remember how we got together. I am sure that it wasn't because she was an attractive, curvy blonde, with a "come-hither" lo… Read more

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Caravan Tales - Part 1


I was in my van just wasting another day when my radio went off, it was Clare. 'Broken shower in Van 15, can you get there quick it won't turn off' 'No problem, I'm on my way'. Gathering my tools I headed out the door to see what awaited me. I knew it must be urgent as it has been called in rather than me going to the office first. I just hoped it was easier than the last time when 'the knob had just come off' a shower, more like the old idiot had slipped and broke it. 2 hrs getting soaked whilst I had his amateur plumbing skills and tales of walking the hills in my ear. Please let this one… Read more

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Chapter 8 Part1- Made up like a girl

First TimeShemalesTaboo

Julie told me to come to her house the next day after I had introduced her to the man next door that I had been having illicit sex with. I knocked on her door and her mother let me in. I was wearing my usual summer outfit of well worn too short cutoffs and t-shirt that fit just a little too snug. I went upstairs to Julie's pink bedroom and she opened the door and locked it behind us. "I can't stop thinking about what we did yesterday" she gushed. "I never dreamed of anything like that. It felt so good when he did that to me." I know, isn't it fun?" I said. "And I think he likes you a lot… Read more

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Girlfriends Grandma Shirley 2


  Last Sunday I arrived home from work at around 8:30am and soon afterwards I received a text from my landlord Shirley 'hay stud your rent is due today' I texted back 'i'll be over at 1 to pay in full' 'would you like some snicker doodles young man? and very quickly our texts get nasty 'oh yes mrs Shirley, thank you, you sure are a sweet landlord with some big tits' she texted back 'you sure like fucking and sucking my big tits' 'oh yes mam, I do' 'k**, you're a sex god, you fuck my brains out with that big cock of yours' 'you deserve it mrs shirley' 'yes I do' Shirley… Read more

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Aunt found my pocket pussy II

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Aunt found my pocket pussy II Why is my Aunt moving so slowly with my mother? It's been almost three days and I haven't cum. I'm dyeing here. Walking around with a hardon almost all the time, getting blue balls. Aunt Franny rejects all of my sexual advances. She keeps telling me to wait until the time is right. Maybe I should take matters into my own hands, and I don't mean my left hand. I'm going to speed things up with my mother. I guess I'm going to have to perv on her. This isn't as easy as it sounds. She has an en suite in her bedroom and always changes in her room. I just can't co… Read more

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GIRLY TIME As a young schoolboy I loved staying at my Aunt Diane's home in Brighton I had started wanking my big cock all day and night I loved wearing silky panty's it made my cock instantly hard Diane was married to Rich who loved all forms of sex Diane had a young son Andi my age and a younger daughter Louise Diane wore very short mini skirts with stockings and suspender belt When she bent over I had a fantastic view of her silky panty's wrapped around her luscious cunt lips and tight pert arse cheeks Andi watched as I rubbed my hardening cock in my brief school silky shorts… Read more

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Mr K the widower

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My name is Jason and I'm a 19 yr old college student/athlete who's always horny, masturbating and into my sophomore year at the university who's looking to finally quench my thirst for hot sex with a mature man's cock. A very particular older man that I've always wanted to check out (in more ways than one). I got really lucky with earning a 3.95 gpa for my freshman year and I had Mr K from next door to thank for getting me through geometry. The K's have been living next to our house for over 20 years. His wife, Judy, died a couple of years ago to cancer and his 3 k**s, two away at college and… Read more

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