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Mom Dad and me With Sister

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My sister name is Tanima, age is 24. My dad’s name is Tamal, age is 56 and my mom name is Madhumita age is 46 years. We stay in Kolkata. My father is a Businessman. I completed my Master degree last 2 years and help dad to his business. My sister Tanima doing her degree course. My mom is house wife. I never think this type of incident will happen but all credit goes to dad. In the eve of kalipuja dad said mom that we go to degha for vacation. Mom agreed. And said me that all of family member will go to de… Read more

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Blackmailed My Hot Mom


My mom is a very sexy lady having big boobs and a tight ass. She has been my fascination and I have been very longing to fuck her. And my wish came true this January. My dad was out on a business trip and I was living with my mom alone in my house. One day, when I was away at college. My mom told me that she would be at her boss’s farmhouse making a presentation for the upcoming general meeting and told me to come to her boss’s house after college to have lunch there and pick her up. I agreed and after… Read more

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Uncle Hammered Mom I Seeing The Show

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when i was in class 9.We had gone to roam Chennai, and we stayed in a hotel.The light in the hotel was pretty dim,so at night when i was sleeping i was suddenly awaken with a soft laughing noise.When i opened my eyes slowly, i saw my dad teasing my mom by pressing her boobs, she was smiling, and moaning.She was wearing a nighty, which my dad pulled out and then i could see her only in her bra, as they got inside the blanket.I slept off not w… Read more

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Life After Death – A Lovable Son’s Duty


Our family is one happy family me, my dad and my mom, he cared us like no one ever he just like friends to us his name is raghunandhan and his age is 54 , my mom name is Lakshmi her age is 40 and my name is rathode and my age is 20. BEFORE DEATH OF RAGHUNANDHAN Raghu my father he is in hospital , mild heart attack gra… Read more

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A Mother Son Marriage Story – Part 5


The mother and son reach their home after their holy fucking pilgrimage where as in home ramegowda waiting for both of them, in ramegowda’s mind lot of things are going on whether he as to left them having this kind of affair or else stop them from having sex with each other, suddenly the doorbell rings ramegowda went to open the door. Ramegowda opens the door he saw bot… Read more

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Mother Son On Honeymoon


Our family as 4 members, a middle-class family from south India. It’s all started during my sister’s marriage, let me introduce my family. My father shiv Narayan 56 years old, My mother rani 42 years old, My sister Divya 24 years old, And myself rathode 22 years old. My sister’s marriage was fixed to one of my father’s friend son, he is good at earning a… Read more

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A Son’s Promise To His Mom


We are family of five, we had very well reputed name in our surroundings from past 20 years, my dad came from village side along with my mom , me and my two sisters and get settled in this city, we had our own steel lathing and steel sub materials manufacturing factory , this factory is our source of income and it real… Read more

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A Mother Son Marriage Story – Part 3


Both vijaya and rathode experiencing their life time pleasure while ramegowda’s doubt gradually become strong day by day, ramegowda need to find what’s going on inside the house. Ramegowda never doubted about his son but he had strong feeling that his wife is cheating on him. In order to find answer to this he changed his mind and he said to vijaya that he is going to visit pooja hostel hostel. Suddenly, this matter spread to rathode, there is no limit for his joyness , Both mother and son exited and t… Read more

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A Mother Son Marriage Story – Part 4

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It’s a sunny Sunday , ramegowda is on front of the house rathode washing his car vijaya is in kitchen doing some work , all of sudden the phone started to ring , ramegowda took the call on other side rangamma is there Ramegowda- how are you maa Rangamma- fine son , can u please hand over the phone to my daughter Ramegowda- sure maa Ramegowda calls vijaya and hand over the phone to he… Read more

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A Mother Son Marriage Story – Part 2

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Both vijaya and rathode are so happy to go their native village to achieve their ultimate satisfaction Vijaya starts to pack their laugage, as you all know that village name is kamanahalli it is a beautiful village with lots of greenery , its is typical south indian style of village ,rangamma had their own big house and big court yard ,and they also have very big amount of farm land and a cattle’s hut behind their house. The mother son comes in front of the house in there car rangamma greets both of the… Read more

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A Mom Son Marriage Story--1


My family is normal family as like every family in our country consisting of myself dad,mom and my sis . My dad Ramegowda is about 56 ,my mom Vijaya is 42 and my sis Pooja is18 and my age is 20 at that time , lot of years as been over after the great ultimate thing is happened in my life, so here we head to start, I am going to narrate this as a novel. Its a rainy day Rathode is still in is bed his father is going to dheradhun to see is daughter where she is studying ,ever month ramegowda visits pooja to… Read more

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Massage for fat old lady


Over his 30 years as an NHS specialist in the****utic massage Harvey had often been very tempted to take things to the ‘next level’ with old plump female patients , who through various actions, had got his cock really hard , but had dared not. Now being retired he felt that all his and their pent up perverted desire could be happily catered for. He had kept a contacts book of the ladies that had made it evident to him that they wanted a more personal service so he decided to put it to good use. Now 65, he selected his ladies on… Read more

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Getting Hoodwinked by two Girls

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Getting hoodwinked and sodomised having my innocence brutally taken from me There was nothing really untoward or special about the rainy Saturday evening in question, it started like many other before it, but ended like no other since! I was out for an evening on the town, specifically looking to find a nice young woman and to get laid before the end of the night. I was sitting in a night club surveying the "talent" when I noticed not one but two lovely specimens looking over to me and then whispering to each other on the opposite side of the bar. I was still contemplating my next move (a… Read more

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Desperate Mom Fucking When Her Son Was Sleeping


Hi all, this is a real incident that happened to me and my wife’s aunt, a middle-aged housewife. Regarding me, I stay and work in Bangalore in a reputed MNC. I am very horny, of age 30, having good looks and an average well-built body. I have a weakness for middle-aged busty women. I have always thought that Bengali women are genuinely conservative and f… Read more

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True Story of Incest Part – 3

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Hi all, this is the third part of my story please read the first two parts of my story to get the background to this part. I had witnessed with my own eyes my mother getting fucked by Balaram uncle and now both of them were sound asleep. Balaram uncle was snoring mildly and was lying on his side facing the wall.He must have been pretty tired after2 hardcore fuck sessions back to… Read more

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True Story of Incest Part – 2

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Hi, All this is the second part of my story. Please read my first story to get a background to the second story. I saw my mom sitting on the floor with her hand on her forehead and gently sobbing. She was only in her bra and petticoat. My aunt was lying on the floor next to Balaram uncle and she too was in her bra and petticoat and was appearing tired after her fuck session with Ba… Read more

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True Story Of Incest – 1

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This is based on a true incident that happened when I was in my 2nd year of engineering and my age was 19. This is not a sex story where you would expect hardcore banging but it’s based on a true incident that got me into the world of i****t. To describe myself, I am a good looking guy with a huge sexual appetite. I am… Read more

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Lady Charlotte 's Journal Page Five:

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(Please note the people mentioned in these stories are fictional and bare no relationship to people either alive or dead. These stories contain explicit sexual descriptions and are aimed at the over 18’s) Tuesday July 7th 0800hrs Dear Journal: I awoke still feeling relaxed with no sign of any aches or pains, as I stretched there was a knock on the door, “Come in!” I called the waiter pushed in a trolley with breakfasts on it, the reason I say breakfasts as there were three of everything on it. Soon my two friends came in all smiles. Izzy spoke first, “Yo… Read more

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Offering Old Lover, my Daughter.

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Short, quick, impulsive, and straight from the heart, but more important, using the right words to capture the moment. I started my Summer employment in real estate, 'With your looks and body you could sell anything'. Initially I was offended, but as there were big rewards for making good sales, I could see where he was coming from, so yes I acted as if I was a prude to the idea, but deep down her touched a raw nerve that made me feel wet as I thought about being alone with some handsome hunk about to drop thousands into my bank account, why would I not like to celebrate with a piece of cock… Read more

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Mr. Pictaker


The internet, back when it was AOL dial up, had opened up my sexual desires and connected me to an exciting perverse world. I can't even recall how many times I masturbated to all kinds of porn, did cam to cam, and even phone sex'd with people willing to call me. I literally would spend the entire weekends sitting nude on a towel beating my tiny pecker, until it bled sometimes, dry of cum. I was in college and didn't have a roommate in my dorm room. I'd log on in the early evenings and stay on until the sun was coming up. I was addicted! The internet seemed so new and nieve back then. I neve… Read more

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