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My father inlaw Enrique visits home


When living in Savannah, one day Victor’e father announced he would come to visit us. Enrique said her wife Ofelia would stay at Buenos Aires, because he was planning to do a quick business trip to the States and it only would take less than a week. My husband was very happy to receive his father at home. I was a little bit worried, since my father in law had fucked me several times in the past and my concern was Victor could discovered it … The second day having Enrique there, my loving husband was at work and I was making some laundry. I was done with all laundry except the gym outfit… Read more

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Why I'm a Daddy's Girl

First TimeFetishTaboo

Why I'm a Daddy's Girl ---------- All very young girls love their Daddies unconditionally, but of course, this may change, as they grow older. I have always been a 'Daddy's Girl' and cherish every moment with him. I quickly learned that even if Mom said 'No' with the right look and plea, her 'No' could become a 'Yes' from Daddy. If upset or crying, his touch seemed to sooth my troubles and he has a knack for making people smile. We are a close family, and we frequently played games together when young. I remember his 'Monster Stomper' game very well. When I was ready for bed wearing my paja… Read more

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Nick and Nicole visits Sweden - part 2

FetishGroup SexTaboo

An evening to remember with Nicole and Nick - http://xhamster.com/users/nickandnicole1 We went downstairs all three of us, and the blonde portier smile as she sees us. I see her slowly lick her lips as she’s eyeing us. We smile back, and head out. Nicole you walk with your head held high, and Nick you are proudly hoping people will see your cuckold shirt. We go to a nearby restaurant in the old part of town. It’s small and cozy and dark. A lot of fun things can happen in the dark. The young woman who greets us ask if we are sitting together all three? You Nick answer that yes we are, you an… Read more

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My S1ster’s Gangbang - Chapter Eight

TabooGroup Sex

My S1ster’s Gangbang - Chapter Eight It was finally Saturday. As the sky was getting dark, we were driving into the parking lot of the warehouse. There were a lot of cars parked there and Tracy commented animatedly "This is going to be great!" and Kelly added completely unaware of the real situation. "It sure will!" Sabrina just smiled at me. When we entered the room, we found ourselves in a huge open space, with a large cushioned plastic mat spread on the floor in the middle of the room; one medium sized bed over the mat beside another slim hospital-type bed. But the big surprise wa… Read more

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Babysitting Sister

First TimeHardcoreTaboo

My parents went to visit some relatives. They asked me if I could come over and watch my sister Heather while they were gone. I tried to tell my mother that Heather was eighteen now. She didn't need me babysitting her. My mother wouldn't listen. She wanted Heather to stay out of trouble while they were away. Here we were, Heather and myself, sitting around my parent's house. "Why can't Mom and Dad trust me to be alone?" Heather complained to me. I told her to be patient. She would be at college in a few weeks. She could do as she pleased then. That answer didn't seem to go over well. I thoug… Read more

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Baby Sister Blair

First TimeHardcoreTaboo

In the dead of night, when everyone was asleep and no one was looking, Blair did things that her WASP mother would call disgusting and reprehensible. Blair on the other hand, although a perfect perky 18 year old lady during the day, would open her secret drawer at night and do things to her body that would no doubt embarrass her entire family. Blair had a dirty little secret, she liked to be stretched and filled, a little pain and a lot of orgasms. In her secret drawer, in the bottom of her closet, she had a wide variety of sex toys. Her current favorite being a 12" dp dildo that at its max wa… Read more

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My Teacher helps me with economy exam

FetishFirst TimeTaboo

He looked at her, and she could see a decision forming in his eyes, the one she wanted. Trying to look demure and innocent, she looked away from his hot gaze towards the floor. Involuntarily, her gaze stopped at his lap. Wow, that's quite the bulge! There was no doubt that he was hard. She looked down at it for several moments, enjoying the thought of its hardness and all that it implied. The chair creaked and she glanced back at him, and realized that he had seen her looking at his erection. Her game was revealed – he realized that she was teasing him with her body purposefully. Suddenly hi… Read more

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A busty mom shows her new bikini to her son

MatureFirst TimeTaboo

Amber's husband was at work, and as always, she was bored. It was just her and her son, Jake, in the house. He was sleeping in late today, because it was the summer after his sophomore year of college and he didn't have anything to fill his time. Like most sunny days like this, Amber decided to go to the pool. She was excited to try on the new bikini she'd purchased the day before. So she slipped into it carefully. A tiny white string bikini was barely enough to cover her. Standing at 5'6'' and weighing 130lbs, Amber was perfectly curvy, and her skin and muscles were especially impressive f… Read more

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Mommy's sorry

MatureFirst TimeTaboo

Daddy loves you baby girl," Daddy whispered in my ear. A smile curled on my lips, then Daddy lifted me off Uncle Nikki and set me gently on the floor. "Now go upstairs and wash, get ready for bed," Daddy said, patting my cheek. It hurt to walk. There was a throbbing pain between my legs and in my ass. I had to crawl up the stairs. As I entered my room, Momma was sitting on my bed. She was dressed her pink night shift, her dark hair up in a bun. "Back already?" she said with cheerful sarcasm. She stood up. "Look at you, you're filthy," she hissed. I was silent for a moment. I'd… Read more

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My wife's "Free Pass" True Story


My wife molly and I have been married for 24 years. We have had some wild sexual adventures throughout our marriage but some of the most exciting were a few we experienced the summer of 95. We were basically newlyweds, both recent college grads, had just started new jobs and living in a new city. We didn't have a lot of money and the apartment we were living in wasn't great to say the least. Molly was a school a teacher and we had decided that when the school year was over we were going to get out of that apartment and find a house. On our budget we didn't have a lot of choices, but we found a… Read more

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Catching up with cuz. Chapt. 3( day 2 part 2)


She took off for the bedroom and stood next to the bed. "GET THE FUCK ON THAT BED NOW!" she ponited at the bed and there was a burning excitement in her eyes. I jumped up on the bed and she quickly followed and straddled me. She slowly eased herself down on my cock until she was all the way in and i could feel her pussy against my balls. She stated to bounce up and down on it riding it like a fuckin bull rider. She picked up speed and i began to thrust upward every time she would come down. The groans and whimpers were beginning to grow in volume. I reached up and grabbed a tit in each hand an… Read more

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Ruth and Me


Hey Guys im ink , with 6 inch long and thick Tool,20 years of age . This story says about a Housewife cheating and having fun with me . It happened 3 months ago. Ruth the Maths Teacher of mine. Ruth is a short chick with a boobs not too big nor small , her ass is so good in shape,she got married to a man who was so bad looking. I went to her marriage and saw her not at all happy in their marriage . After their marriage she posted a pic in their fb with her hubby carrying her ,it was nice to see her boobs in that pic. I fanatised her and stroked my dick and tributed the pic.One fine day i made… Read more

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Caught! Part 1


Melanie was a few months short of her 19th birthday, and her boyfriend Rick was 20. After about a year of dating they were fucking hot and heavy, but as they both lived at home privacy was a problem, so late night fun in the back of the car was a regular occurrence. There was a road near Rick's that ran between some houses and a sports ground, where they had started building some small warehouses. It was deserted at night and secluded, so it was a great spot. They had only been interrupted by other cars twice, once they had just finished and were leaving, the second there was already someone t… Read more

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Fucking Papa On The Sofa


This is a FICTIONAL i****t tale between a father and daughter. This is not a real story. For suggestions and comments under story When dad called me about mama’s deteriorating health a… Read more

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Harika Compromise To Recover Her Porn Addicted Bro


Following is just a fictional tale. Hi All, I am Harika Married, a beautiful 24-year-old girl with wheatish complexion, 5.3” height and well-maintained and structured body with round firm boobs and curvy hips. Anyone seeing me will lust to have me in bed. When first time I stood nude in front of my hubby Navin, Navin told me “Hey your face looks very homely, innocent, cute and ro… Read more

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Audience Torture 3


As I explained before, it all started as a way to live out my fantasies. I advertised on a BDSM site to meet groups that would torture me and use me … both groups I met ended up paying me handsomely. And I enjoyed myself (though particularly the second ‘adventure’ was rather extreme, and at the time I suffered a lot). So I had this idea. I would change my ad and ask for money. Unfortunately the site did not allow this. However, there was a chat function. I did not change my ad, therefore, but made my new terms clear to anyone who contacted me. This was what my ad said: Hi, I'm a student… Read more

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A Zoo Story - Rough Pt. 1

MatureTabooGroup Sex

I called you and told you that Daddy wanted to take you on a picnic....I would provide everything. You were excited about the prospect and were looking forward to it. I was thinking about our picnic, and how I was going to make you be submissive to my desires, and instead of tying you to a tree standing ....I need to tie you to a tree that has fallen and as fuck your ass and pussy with this big fat dong I brought. We arrive at the spot and I open the car and grab some stuff, and tell you “Baby, get naked...I’m going to tie you on your hands and knees, and use you” ‘OK Daddy” you say and drop… Read more

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A Zoo Story - Rough Pt 2

MatureTabooGroup Sex

I was thinking of you this morning..You said you wanted to fuck a pony again...I picked you up and we went to my cousin's farm, where he already had the pony ready for us. I told you to take off your clothes and come over to me. I bent you over my knee and began to slap your ass., first one cheek. Then the other....."what did I do wrong Daddy" you asked. I said ‘nothing baby.....just getting your ass all tender so you will appreciate it more.” I pull your legs apart and slap your pussy hard. making it real red. ready for what I have in store for you. I stand up and take out my cock, and you s… Read more

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Joyce - My mother in law


My wife Susan and I both work. We have a nice home, and live a good life. My job a while back required me to work the 3-11 shift. So when I’m home, my wife is already in bed asleep. Sometimes I slip quietly in bed and fuck her, but my wife does not like being awakened an hour or two after she’s fallen asleep. My wife’s Mom Joyce lives in an apartment complex, and for the last two years she has brought her laundry over to the house and did some light housekeeping during the week. Once I changed shifts she’d be really quiet. Then one day things changed. I was off that day, slept a bit later an… Read more

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A daughter helps to heal her broken father

First TimeTabooHardcore

them over towels. My father enjoyed the forest green, while mother insisted that ivory matched the house on a "whole". For whatever reason, this debate became heated and a screaming match ensued. I, an eighteen-year-old, ready to leave for college let the fight continue without repression. Fights for mother and father were regular and often over nothing, they would, like the typical American family, make up and forgive each other. Oddly enough this "make up" for them was more of the middle school "make out" session that led to a rather long sexual weekend between them. This fight, however, was… Read more

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