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mum and son, bra and panties

Mum kissed me awake as I lied naked in her bed, after the most fantastic sex I had ever had I was just coming around to being with her, it was our first time together and I knew that it would not be our last, three times I had put my cock into mum, and every time I did she had orgasmed, I had never thought that mum and I would ever get to sl**ping together but we had and it was so incredible, I had, for a long time wanted my mum and now it had happened, I was so elated that we did, she kissed and kissed me till I opened my eyes and smiled, mum was leant over me naked and her breasts we sligh... Continue»
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The History of a HOTWIFE

An early thirty-something couple, now done having our babies, two little beauties; growing up in a hurry. Although life is hectic we find time and are ready to experiment with fantasies, maybe more???. ... Flirting and petting with other attractive couples and testing and expanding our comfort zone.

This all started for us when we had a sudden unplanned opportunity to enjoy a brief vacation at a luxurious resort in Jamaica. On a whim we ended up at a bar and club that had a mix of locals and tourists . A casual but very sexy white sundress, obviously bra-less, along with her natural beauty ... Continue»
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Village b*****r s****r

Hi, readers. This is Mukesh. This is the true story(little bit fictitious) of me and my s****r. It describes our love life. I have written this story in English for readers’ universal convenience. I used Tamil(mother tongue) to express my feelings and stance in my own language which may excite the Tamil readers. I have plans to write more if you people love it. The story is bit long, so please tolerate and am damn sure this story will wear your briefs and panties. Here it goes….

I am Mukesh 23 years old completed my engineering working in a bank in our village which is situated near Ariyalu... Continue»
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Wife's surprise for husband

Paul and Stacey had been married 10 years and for 12 Paul had been banging on about a threesome and getting nowhere. Until one night on holiday while d***k Stacey said out of those two woman over there which would you have a threesome with? Paul replied don't know he didn't know how to answer Stacy said I'd pick the brunette Paul seizing his opportunity he says shall we see if she will? She replies no we can have one at home aslong as you promise I'm in charge and you'll do everything I say? Paul hurriedly says yes miss and they both laugh and chat some more then have the best sex they have ev... Continue»
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Spontaneous Fucking a Girl's best Sex.

My nephew is s*******n and just won a competition for body building and if I am honest with you, watching him on the stage, I had carnal thoughts and wet panties as did my girlfriends, we were like a herd of cows drooling over his fit torso and the big question for me was,'Would I'?

'Yes I would'.

So what is it that drives our sexual motivation so badly as to want to bed our closest f****y members?

My nephew has seen his naughty aunty in the buff as a twenty something parading her wares on the beaches in Spain and Southern France and not just tits our but bikini bottoms off and thighs... Continue»
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I don't know where Ceridwen came from. I think she's a melange of the tired city girls you see every day on the London commute.

Our city is hard and jagged, and those of us lucky enough to have someone should be glad; too many people here are alone.


I was tired and cold.

The Victoria line platform at Vauxhall was busy and I clasped my violin case to me as I dodged around other people and made my way towards the train station. It was a windy evening, with drizzle and low clouds scudding over the small patches of blue sky. Commuters huddled into their coats as they walked, or crow... Continue»
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The Anonymous And The Curious

"Hello? Is anyone home?" My daughter, Lindsay, had been talking to me about her upcoming party, but mind had drifted. She was a junior in college, but her best friend Kristy was a senior this year and would be graduating. They were making as many excuses as they could to hang out with each other as they could.

"I'm sorry sweetie. I haven't been able to concentrate much lately."

"Sounds like you need to get laid," she quipped.

"Mmmph," was all I could say to verbalize my agreement.

My wife was an amazing woman. She had the smarts, the sense of humor, the endless kindness; all of it.... Continue»
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I tapped my fingers absently on the steering wheel as I maneuvered my car through the final sweeping turn, keeping my speed down to what I'd term 'moderately stupid' as opposed to 'suicidal'. Tall trees arched overhead at intervals, casting dappled sunlight over the interior of the Audi and the remains of my junk-food lunch in its crumpled waxpaper wrapping. I could smell the sea, and I desperately hoped it would still warm enough for a swim when I got there.

It had been nearly a season since I had last been to the f****y holiday house, an entire spring and summer too full of work and crise... Continue»
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Helping Big b*****r

Jimmy parked his car in the drive and sat for minute before going into the dark house. His date with his girlfriend, Rita, had not gone exactly like he'd hoped it would. At 17, Jimmy was constantly in a state of near terminal hornyness. Unfortunately, as much as he liked Rita......and the fact that she was the best looking girl in the school.....she was also a "good girl". That meant no matter how much he sex. It was a real problem for Jimmy. At 6 foot and 180 pounds Jimmy was the best looking guy in school as well as captain of the football team. Rita was the perfect match. ... Continue»
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I Was My Girlfriends Daughters Birthday Present 5

We let go of each other. "Right girls its bedtime I think” Christine announced. “Okay Auntie but” "But what?“ ”Can we take these with us" Katie held up the vibrators. "No ! Not at all take these instead" Christine reached into her large handbag and brought out two oblong packages wrapped in greetings paper. "Sorry Girls.With all the fun I'd forgot about your pressies". I'd heard from your Mam that you're birthday present was going to be a fuck off Sparky and she'd already told me she'd given you experience of a vibe Katie and you so liked ! So unwrap and enjoy girls goodnight !“ ”Night Spar... Continue»
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Sexy mom

"Hi squirt," she said. Rick didn't resent the slam it was a nickname she had given him when he was born. At the time, she was six and thought the name was cute. They had always been closer than most nephews and aunts, with a typical little girl thought process she felt it was her duty to help take care of him. "Hi Jean," his mother and he said in unison. "What's up?" his mother added.

"Don't you two remember, you promised to help me take some furniture out to the storage shed at Mom and Dad's farm. Didn't you have some too Terri?"

"Oh, I completely forgot, but it doesn't matter for it'... Continue»
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Jacob & Elena

It all had started innocently enough. Your typical “I’ll show you mine if you show me yours” thing. But it was apparent that things would get out of hand quickly the desire we had for each other was taboo, but that made us want the other even more.
My b*****r is two years older than me; when all this started he was twenty I was eighteen. I had been rather sheltered and had just discovered my vagina and had realized how good it felt to rub the top of the mound. I’d hide in my room and study my soft folds for what seemed like hours. The way that it glistened with who knows what after I had st... Continue»
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Sometimes Life Imitates Art

Sometimes Life Imitates Art

** Please Note: There is some minor male to male contact in this story**

It is amazing what a little bit of porn can do for you. Yes, there are the short term benefits everyone knows about but there are also the long term changes it can make. Pornography has changed my life. Let me explain.

My wife Pam and I have been married for s*******n years but have been together for twenty-one and have two beautiful teenagers. Nate is f******n years old and Megan is sixteen. Like all married couples, our sex life got pretty rusty and vanilla. ... Continue»
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Threesome with Beth and her Daddy together.

It was my own fault I was trying too hard to be an adult at a party full of men eyeing me up as I pranced around thinking I was the star attraction especially as wives were not present, just girls like me enjoying their friends sixteenth birthday party.

Beth was a daughter of a single parent, a daddy's girl and daddy threw the party and invited all his mates without their wives to come to the party especially since she had invited all her friends, including myself, and the men supplied the booze and the d**gs.

None of us suspected the deviousness of her fathers ploy, we were initially ov... Continue»
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Dreams Of Paradise

“It’s not over yet…it won’t be. Someone like you will never give up; you possess strength that others do not have themselves. I want you to look at me and tell me that you’ll become something greater; you have what it takes to be the most respected and feared person. What is it that you want? What would you like do? Can you make it a reality?” (Yes…I can… I know I can do so. I will use every bit of strength and energy to make sure it becomes my reality.) “Good…then wake up you are late for school…” (What…?) “[deep voice] Wake up!!”
[His eyes flash open gasping for some air as if he were bei... Continue»
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My hot wife let me watch her with bigger, ha II

What do I do with the sexually searing knowledge that my hot cheating gf is having orgasms with another man right this very minute? There is drama. There is longing, lust, trust …and provocative visions of her wearing long black satin gloves to jack another man off.

[Caption below was under a heart pounding pic of Lola sitting on our bed in black seamed stocking, satin gloves as slippery as panties. She had pulled him between her thighs so she could stroke and fondle his 8" boner. His bulge is magnificent, His fat mushroom glistening and red from her lipstick.

This was her very good frie... Continue»
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Physics teacher

My Physics ma’am was the perfect example of beauty with brains. Standing at 5 feet and 9 inches, she was quite tall for an Indian woman and had a toned figure which was complimented by her huge breasts and a humongous butt. Her brilliant lectures were attended by all the students and all of us used to wait eagerly to catch a glimpse of her face and her great body.

I was delighted when she requested me to come to her house for private classes on 9th July. Apparently, she wanted to improve my grades; but I knew that deep down, she wanted to get intimate with me as she had been giving me signa... Continue»
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Annie Gets a Surprise Part 2

Part one can be found here;

Again credit the original writer for the inspiration.
Annie Gets a Surprise: Part 2

To Annie's delight the answer was immediately, with the right encouragement. That was easily provided, as this encounter had awoken a desire in her she had never before experienced.

After James pulled out she turned to face him, and with three words guaranteed his further participation. “I want more,” came out of her in a hushed, but insistent tone. Her next action sealed the deal. Pushing him back slightly, she knelt... Continue»
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Clarie and son's cock

A last minute cancellation of a client-meeting meant that Claire was able to head home early. She had already made plans with herself to lounge around by the pool and relax.

'This must be my lucky day,' she thought.

A car was parked in her driveway and she suddenly remembered that her son had invited a study partner from college. Once she parked, she got to the front door and heard her son blaring his new Depeche Mode album on the stereo as she entered.

'Well they obviously aren't studying anymore,' she said to herself.

The living room was down the hall and her son had no idea tha... Continue»
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Stormy night with aunt Myrtle

Wake Up

Rick wakes up from the thundering sound of the heavy rain on his bakkie. But there was something else causing his awakening.

He finds now that he has been rubbing his very stiff and very excited penis against something soft and firm. Something womanly. As reality washes over him, he finds it is so. He is dry humping someone. Luckily his cock is still in his pants, but it is stiff and standing up and he is dry humping a well-rounded female ass.

This reality shakes him fully awake now. The events of the previous day return to his brain in one huge rush.

He can remember that t... Continue»
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