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I fucked my s****r

It was an early morning when I woke up to my s****r jumping on top to wake me up. I thought I was going to beat her, but I held it in.

“Hey Alex, get up sl**py.” was all she said.

“Lexi, get off of me now.” I groaned.

Her long straight brown hair whipped me in the face when she got up. I watched her leave, she was wearing the shortest pajamas I had ever seen. She wore a tank top along with it. I couldn’t believe we were fifteen already. Football made time fly by and made summers fun. But this summer was going to be different. I made varsity and was going to go through hell in practice... Continue»
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The Skate Park--Midnight Skatin

The Skate Park
Midnight Skatin

“Mom” ? “Yes honey”? “Who's that on the couch”? Well, that's your b*****r sweetie—you dont reconise him”? “umm, looks like he kinda growed up” “lol, well yes, I guess he has since you saw him last” “He's hairy as an ape---and damm what some feet” “yes, he's quite the man now. But don't wake him up honey, he had a rough night with your dad”. “He gonna be moving in with us now mom “? “I think probably so—your dad is going to Mexico” “That sux”

As I lay there on the couch, on my back, with my arms back behind my head, I sence a presence near me. I guess it ... Continue»
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More Coffee Sir

More Coffee Sir “Coffee Lucy.” My heart began to beat hard and fast. “Coming Mr. Chambers.” I could feel my cunt pulsing already. He always calls me by my first name. Everyone else in the office is Mr. This or Miss That, but I was always Lucy. He didn't look at me when he asked today. Instead he just walked right by my desk, as if he was addressing it, instead of me. I just can't figure him out. Some days, he looks right at me with those dark green eyes and speaks, “Coffee Lucy.” I am always caught speechless, before finally answering, “Yes, of co... Continue»
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Cumshot over cousin Louise.

The best thing about the times when I was a boy and my f****y stayed with my uncle Arthur in his big house by the sea for beach holidays was my cousin Louise. She was the same age as me and I started to notice her in our mid teens. From age 16 to 18 I noticed her even more as her curves started to deliciously fill her swimsuits then her bikinis. Every time I saw Louise at uncle Arthur’s house her bikinis seemed to get smaller and smaller as her breasts got bigger.

One evening, when I was 18, nearly 19, we were staying at uncle Arthur’s and on the last night of our stay I was getting ready ... Continue»
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First time part one

My first time--Part one

It was 34 years ago that I had my first sexual encounter, and it started me on a path that made me the slut I am. My parents weren't real wealthy. We always had enough to eat and a place to live, but things like extra clothes and other things just weren't available. In the summer i usually had nothing else to wear other than some really old cutoffs that were really tight and short from having been washed and frayed so many times. They were so short that my little butt cheeks showed in the back and the front almost didn't cover my little dick and balls. In order to sa... Continue»
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Extramarital sex with a womenizer

Hello everybody, I am a 27 yrs old married women & this is my story. I am working in a very reputed AD agency in Bangalore which has it’s head office in Delhi & I have a very good friend of mine, she is also married & working with me & when I told her about my affairs she encouraged me to post my story in ISS & before she told me about this site I did not know that such a site existed. I am posting this true story of mine for all you readers enjoyment & specially for those married women who feel guilty if they had a extramarital sex. I also want to take this opportunity... Continue»
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Fuck with guest

My husband was transferred in the Air f***e from being in the reserves out of Charleston AFB to now being active duty and working out of JBLM (Joint Base Lewis-McChord) up in the Pacific Northwest. We hauled the whole f****y up to Washington and moved into a large rental home outside of JBLM. One of the reasons we picked the home we did is because of the basement apartment. We had great luck making some extra money via VRBO and Airbnb when we lived in Asheville. Of course I have to mention I had great fun fucking and sucking some very hot guests. It certainly was a double reward in many cases.... Continue»
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A s****r Scorned

My younger siser wanted revenge on her cheating boyfriend.

“I want you to fuck me” my s****r announced as she d****d her jacket on a chair.


She looked at me, a small frown across her forehead, “Screw me. Let’s go to bed so you can get off in me.”

I heard her but was a little slow on the uptake. I looked at my 22 year old sibling and asked her “What the hell are you talking about? You want me to take you to bed?”

Gayle had marched into my apartment without knocking and made her sudden announcement, it was the first thing she said when she came in. “Yeah, Rick has been ch... Continue»
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BtVS: Dawn's Temptation

Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Dawn's Temptation

"I am so bored," said Buffy."

"Me too," said Dawn.

Buffy, Dawn, Willow, and Spike were all in the Magic Box. It was late, but they weren't tired. Just really bored. Really, really bored.

"We should do something," said Willow. She looked around to see if anyone had any suggestions. "No one? Well, ok, we could always just sit and stare," she added sarcastically.

"We could play a game," Spike said with a tone in his voice that mad everyone look at him with interest.

"What exactly are you suggesting Spike?" asked Buffy. Normally she would be... Continue»
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Boyfriend and my daughter's panties.

So it happened like this.... Years ago when my boyfriend and I started dating he would come to my house and visit and sometimes spend the night when my daughter was away for the weekend. Well he had taken a liking to my worn panties and would sniff them sometimes while I gave him head. He seemed to really enjoy that, so I joined him and when I would take them off, I would dangle them above his head while riding him. Or I would smother his face with them or hold them just above his lips and make him reach out his tongue to taste them. Sometimes I would wrap them around his dick and stroke him o... Continue»
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Tori's Sissy part 1

My phone rang. It was Tori, “You wanna run some errands with me then go to your apartment and watch the new Justice League movie?”. “I’d love to. What errands?”’ “Costco, Post Office, that sort of stuff.”
I met her at her place and we headed out to do her errands. She was dressed very sexy, she loves to tease me; she was wearing a tiny skirt and a Supergirl tank top with no bra. I could clearly see her nipple rings through her shirt. My cock got a little heavier. We mailed some stuff at the Post Office and dropped off her rent before we went to Costco for groceries and some stuff to drink wh... Continue»
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I Was My Girlfriends Daughters Birthday Present Fi

We laid there and got our heads together and sat down on the settee for 10 minutes or so. It was almost ten o'clock. "Lets pop up the pub. Straighten your gear and leave off the knickers" I said laughing.

To my surprise she said "What a great idea". She linked my arm and said "Let's Go". Schoolgirl uniform intact again we went to the pub. We found a secluded corner but she had been well noticed by people. It was weird.

She gave me a loving look, put her arm around me and kissed me. "Put your hand up my skirt for a sec". I did. Her hairs so moist. I slipped in a finger. "mmmm" she smil
... Continue»
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Retard Wants To Get Pregnant Pt 3

Retard Wants To Get Pregnant Pt 3

Yolanda finds out about sex toys, nasty men's lewd fetishes and gives her first blowjob. Jim discovers what her husband is doing with her panties and a lesbian takes her heart.

Retard Wants To Get Pregnant Pt 1

Retard Wants To Get Pregnant Pt 2

====== OPENING

Yolanda smiled mischievously at him as she slid the big 12 inch black cock slowly in and out of her mouth and then pulled it out with a ploppin... Continue»
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Aunt Joan continued

Episode 3 – Extra rashers

Continuing the story of a chance meeting with Aunt Joan that leads to a steamy encounter between generations. Aunt Joan was widowed and I’d known her since I was a toddler; she was a close friend of my Auntie Rosie. We met on the late bus and she invited me to her place for drinks where one thing led to another. See Episodes 1 and 2.

Following our passionate exertions Aunt Joan and I soon drifted off into blissful slumber. In the middle of the night I was woken by the sound of the loo flushing. Aunt Joan’s space in the bed was empty. I rolled over facing her ... Continue»
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She sat there for what seemed like hours waiting for help!
At last she saw her first car approach, with a male driver.
As he went past, she noticed he was quite handsome. He pulled
over behind her, and got out. As he approached her car, she
noticed how tall he was. She got out, and moved to the open
hood. He stepped up next to her and bent over to take a look.
As he leaned in to look, his arm brushed her tit, which sent
a shock wave through her body, simultaneously; she noticed
his cock start to strain his pants. Frightened, she stepped back, and as she did, he moved closer! Her first ... Continue»
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I was your normal 18 year old. Always full of energy and ready to do anything fun and exciting. One of my favorite things to do was hiking and camping in the mountains near our house. Ever since I was born, our f****y would always take trips up to the mountains to hunt & fish. We would spend days camped in a tent next to our favorite lake. This year we didn't get to take our usual trip due to my dad's job. My mother could tell I was depressed because I looked forward to this trip all year. Mom and I have always been very close. She wakes me up and puts me to bed every night with a hug and... Continue»
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My Mommy

Remembering back, it's hard to believe it really happened, and, of course, I still get a boner
recalling those splendid days.

When I was fifteen, my mom slipped and sprained her right wrist rather badly, and, being
right-handed, this made her life somewhat difficult, especially since my dad had just left for a one year tour in Korea. He was a sergeant in the army. The doctor put my mom in a cast on her lower right arm. It allowed her to move her elbow and use her fingers, but the wrist was immobilized. The doctor told her not to get the cast wet, or it would start to fall apart. "D... Continue»
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Retard Wants To Get Pregnant Pt 2

Retard Wants To Get Pregnant Pt 2

Jim and Yolanda go to Walmart and have sex in a bathroom. Jim picks up a Ovulation tester and also a box of pregnancy test strips. Then Jim takes her to a porn store where he finds out a lot more about her husband's sex life.

====== OPENING

Jim noticed several men checking her out as Yolanda's short skirt was just barely covering her ass and the sluts tits, although small, were bouncing around as she walked. Yolanda had said she seldom wore a bra and today was no exception.

Now as Jim read the box a couple guys pretended they were looking for t... Continue»
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Postapocalyptic reality 4

This is a continuation:

Postapocalyptic reality 1

Postapocalyptic reality 2

Postapocalyptic reality 3

Jenny spent the remainder of the day clearing out the cellar. She didn't want the decaying remains of the female dog, nor the half eaten remains of the previous tenant fouling the place up, so she dumped them outside a good distance away. She had found a piece of tubing t... Continue»
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Experience with sis

(This is a borrowed story )

Hi, This is Abhi(24) from Hyd.Here I would like to share my experience with my elder s****r priya(32). The story took place when i am 18 and my sis is 26 years of age. My f****y consists of me,mom, dad, bro and sis. bro is studying in Bits pilani now.He did most of his schooling
and inter in hostel only, so its me and sis who will be at home.I am very reserved person from my c***dhood, as a result i didn't make many friends.
I hardly have 2-3 friends.One day one of my friends brought a sex story in his USB and shared it with me. It was a steamy affair in a bus ... Continue»
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