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How to become a Sissy/Cuckold

This is a How To Guide for Sissies and Cuckolds.

Please do not read this guide if you have no interest in the cuckold/sissy lifestyle.

Like most couples these days both partners will be doing demanding full time jobs. Traditionally husbands have done gardening, cleaning the car, putting out the trash, performing do it yourself jobs around the house, driving the car if you are going out in it together and anything that might come under the heading of 'physically demanding' work. It's true that the last sentence now sounds somewhat old fashioned although there are still marriages w... Continue»
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Mums Relief 2

My mind had been a whirl since the other day. It was a beautiful sunny morning and I had decided mowing the grass as my next job.
The sun was hot and piercing and I removed my t shirt top and continued pushing the mower over the front lawn. Mum came out to me with a glass of cold juice and I took it from her and drank almost half in one gulp. She stared at my body and without any warning she ran a finger over the sweat on my abs drawing lines as she went. She looked into my eyes and smiled with that cheeky look I had seen only the other day.

Her finger tickled me and I tensed my chest, sh... Continue»
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“Interested,” I asked via chat after laying out my idea.

“Uh… You're sure it's safe,” she replied.

“Absolutely. Everyone around here is either asleep or at work and even if the noticed, the wouldn't care a bit,” I replied.


After giving her directions and my cell number I began to make preparations.

I grabbed a camping lantern, sleeping bag and a towel.

Twenty minutes later I was waiting outside for her to arrive.

A car turned onto my road.

I was fairly sure it was her.

The car crept along, it's tires crunching in the gravel.

It slowly turned into my driv... Continue»
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Die geile Mittagspause

Sylvia arbeitete in einem Fotofachgeschäft in einer münsterländischen Kleinstadt und dort schließen die Läden über Mittag. Ich wusste, dass sie an diesem Tag vor- und nachmittags arbeiten würde und beschloss, sie daher zu besuchen. Natürlich war ich schon wieder mal mächtig geil. Als ich in den Laden kam, bediente sie gerade eine Kundin und ich versteckte mich hinter einem Ständer mit Postern. Als ich zu ihr rüber sah, lächelte sie mir entgegen und als die Kundin gegangen war, sagte sie, Warte mal kurz. Ich mach gerad den Laden zu. Ist jetzt eh Mittagspause. Sie drehte den Schüssel um und sagt... Continue»
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My best friend mom

I met Brian Carmichael in early July. I remember this because it was almost a week after my fifth birthday. I was in the driveway of our yard, playing with a Tonka dump truck and bulldozer that my Uncle Jake had bought me for my birthday. I looked up and saw a small black dog (a Labrador retriever, I later found out) run across our lawn. The dog wandered over to me, his tongue hanging out and his tail wagging. A minute or so later I noticed a boy of about my age walking towards me. He was holding onto the hand of a slender young woman with shoulder length black hair, wearing jeans and a beige ... Continue»
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Cum Over for a Threesome

I met John in the swimming pool bar. It was one of those swim up bars and I was sitting there just finishing my drink when he "sat" down next to me. "What are you drinking," he said. We were in Hawaii, so I said, "Mai-tai". "Bartender, make that two," he ordered. We began to shoot the shit and drink Mai-Tais. It didn't take long for us to determine that he was here with his wife and I was alone.

About that time, a beautiful woman swam up next to John. The water in the bar was waist deep and I got a good look at her as she took a seat. "Who do we have here, darling?" she asked. "This is Brad... Continue»
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Unsatisfied wife cuckolds husband

My girlfriend had been teasing me for months. We’ve been together over a year, but even when she began acting flirty, I knew it was only a matter of time before she went full throttle, pardon my pun.
The reason Lisa enjoys teasing me is simple: she loves to fuck. Lisa is such a crazed horny slut in bed and I’m foolishly inadequate keeping up with her. So many times I’ve beared the brunt of vicious tongue-lashing from her when I failed to get her to her climaxing peak.
I’ve tried every possible means to change things, even popped Viagra once but even that didn’t work. We often made love frequ... Continue»
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\Tommy's Drunk Mother

Exploring Mrs Miller
this story is about two English boys and the d***k mother of one of them. As such
you will find a few English phrases as the boys use English expressions and names. For
American etc readers:
Mum = Mom
Fanny = cunt
Knickers = panties
This story is almost certainly a work of total fiction

I had my first fuck when I was just turned 12. Most guys get their first experiences with
their girlfriends the same age but mine was with the mother of a school friend -and he
was watching and encouraging me at the time. Here's how it came about.
Bobby Miller was new at my ... Continue»
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Daddys Princess

I had come home earlier than I had planned with business a little slow at the store and plenty of help there. I figured I could use the time to load more stuff to my online store. I have a comfortable office at home and get more done when I'm alone and not being interrupted. Besides, I wasn't in the best of moods because of the argument with my wife Linda last night. Not having sex in over a month helped to start the argument, but knowing my wife as I did, I accused her of not having a similar month long dry spell. She would neither confirm nor deny it, but she ended the argument just the same... Continue»
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Wife finally does it

My wife, Dani, has always a tease in front of my friends, especially when she's had a few drinks.

Whenever my buddies come to the house for drinks and cards, Dani invariably, somehow, ends up running around in her panties and a t-shirt, claiming that it's too warm in the house or that she wants to "get comfortable."

Of course my friends don't mind. Dani's hot. In fact, she's a blonde, bombshell-knockout with a heart of pure gold...which is one reason I married her.

I don't mind either.

In fact, the looks on my friend's faces are pricless; there's no hiding the pure lust in their eyes w... Continue»
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Dan the fucking man

Dan was 37 divorced and lived alone. He was tall and muscular, kept in shape and had dark hair that had a grey streak on his right temple and a well groomed beard. His apartment was on the 6th floor and it was the only one on that floor. It was Saturday morning and he was currently sliding his big 9 inch dick inside the teen whore who lived two doors down. Her name was Mindy and she was a petite hot little piece off ass. She had brown hair that she wore in two long braids and her tits were the size of g****fruits and firm. Her mom was always away to busy spending time with her various boyfrien... Continue»
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My first transsexual!

I met a transsexual on 10/25/2017. I admit I was nervous because I thought I was being catfished and/or being setup to be robbed or worse. I powered on through my fear and proceeded to meet her. Boy, was I lucky! I knocked on her door and the woman who answered was a stunning knockout! 5'7" , chocolate, full lips, and with curves that would make the baddest bitch ever jealous! She invited me in and asked me to have a seat. As I went to sit down, I passed her counter and it was full of the finest liquor. Without asking, I grabbed me a shot cup and filled it with Patron. She joking smirked, "mak... Continue»
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Miryam que rico

Hola todos buenas,

tengo la necesidad de expresar estas vivencias, las estaba haciendo muy elaboradas pero me aburrí, ahora me quiero enfocar en contar las historias y punto, ademas casi nadie vota, ahí va,

es una mañana fria como todas las de mi hermosa ciudad, ya voy tarde para el trabajo pero aun es demasiado temprano, aun esta oscuro, llego a la terminal de las américas y o sorpresa la estación no da abasto, maltrecho del viaje en el alimentador me dispongo a realizar la carrera de todos los días hasta el torniquete luchando contra otros por llegar de primeras y si no hay de otra pagar e... Continue»
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My sister

I’m sure that everyone in the whole world has heard about “Wife-Swapping.” I’m sure that very few have actually done it. Well I’m here to tell you about “Sister-Swapping.” Very few even know about it and even fewer do it. I don’t know if I actually invented it or not but I sure started it in my area.

It all started a couple of years back when both of my parents were killed in a freak accident. I was nineteen years old and in charge of my four younger sisters. I had a banker, a lawyer, a doctor, and a schoolteacher on my advisory board, however I made all the final decisions. The five of... Continue»
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Sisters intention

My name is Johnny, I'm 19 years old, i stand 5'6, with a slender body but with enough muscle that it shows. I've never thought of me being hot or even a guy that a girl would be attracted too. My sister is Sara she is 18 years old with blond hair, 5'2 with a curvy but slender body, she has a nice pair of 36C breasts. Now I never though about my Sister in sexual way. But that all changed one day when... Well lets back up about 3 days before this to set up a backstory.

It started one day when I was think of what it would be like to be a webcam model, one of the people who do live solo shows.... Continue»
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My S!ster and I

My S!ster and I Playing With the Lesbian Couple Next Door

My name is Lily and my s!ster Ruby and I have always been more like best friends then s!ster. Our mom and dad provide us with everything we could ever need and they work hard to keep us in the nice house we have. I am s*******n and Ruby just turned sixteen which is something I love to rub in her face that I am the oldest but it never seems to bother Ruby. When our mom and dad are at work, which is most of the time, I am in charge of watching Ruby. This is never really an issue because we usually just hang out in one of our rooms... Continue»
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jenny's awakening

Hello, my gurl name is Jenny. I am female in my mind but must live as male thanks to the area I live in. I wear female clothing when at all possible; which is most of the time. I am getting older now and have decided to remember some earlier times in my life which were particularly memorable. Since around 45 or so I have realized that I am a submissive, cock loving, cumslut. I still like pussy; but not nearly as much as I like a hard cock. I am married to a wonderful and understanding woman who would be alarmed if she found out how much I like the feel of cock inside my body. She is OK with me... Continue»
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The taxi home with not mum

We were waiting outside for are pre booked taxi, myself and mum had been to a friend’s 50th birthday and was heading home. We were waiting outside the venue on a lovely summers night it was just before 11.30pm and we were talking about how nice it was to catch up with old friends, and how funny it was to see Dave still hitting on mum after all these year, even if it was a good friend of dads. We were both merry standing around waiting for are taxi to turn up. Mum was still a very attractive lady for her age, she is 55, around 5 foot 5 brown hair to just past her shoulders, slim but with curves... Continue»
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I Dress to Please My Son

Jenny had been divorced for about three years now and hadn't dated much. She owned a small but comfortable house where she lived with her two c***dren, Tony and Debbie. Debbie was 19 and away from the house often, partying with friends. Tony was 18 and spent more time in house than his s****r.

Jenny hadn't dated much since the divorce and when she did it usually left her feeling unsatisfied. She was beautiful with her red hair and fantastic, 37 year old body. She had rather muscular legs, curvy hips and if her weight ever fluctuated, it all went to the right places. Jenny's breasts were her ... Continue»
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Fucking Strangers Bareback

If any of you have read about my other sexpereinces (Porn Booth, Sex Party) by now you know I like fucking strangers bareback. I developed this "fetish," if you will, from reading stories about it on some of the adult sites I frequented and in various online groups and bulletin boards. I figured most of it was fantasy. But it was a fantasy that I could not get out of my head. Anyway, I started going on adult dating sites and perusing CL to see if I could actually find women that wanted to do this with me ...

When I first started seeking this out it actually did not take me that long to f... Continue»
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