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She sat there for what seemed like hours waiting for help!
At last she saw her first car approach, with a male driver.
As he went past, she noticed he was quite handsome. He pulled
over behind her, and got out. As he approached her car, she
noticed how tall he was. She got out, and moved to the open
hood. He stepped up next to her and bent over to take a look.
As he leaned in to look, his arm brushed her tit, which sent
a shock wave through her body, simultaneously; she noticed
his cock start to strain his pants. Frightened, she stepped back, and as she did, he moved closer! Her first ... Continue»
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My Mommy

Remembering back, it'sis hard to believe it really happened, and, of course, I still get a boner
recalling those splendid days.

When I was fifteen, my mom slipped and sprained her right wrist rather badly, and, being
right-handed, this made her life somewhat difficult, especially since my dad had just left for a one year tour in Korea. He was a sergeant in the army. The doctor put my mom in a cast on her lower right arm. It allowed her to move her elbow and use her fingers, but the wrist was immobilized. The doctor told her not to get the cast wet, or it would start to fall apart. ... Continue»
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I was your normal 18 year old. Always full of energy and ready to do anything fun and exciting. One of my favorite things to do was hiking and camping in the mountains near our house. Ever since I was born, our family would always take trips up to the mountains to hunt & fish. We would spend days camped in a tent next to our favorite lake. This year we didn't get to take our usual trip due to my dad'sis job. My mother could tell I was depressed because I looked forward to this trip all year. Mom and I have always been very close. She wakes me up and puts me to bed every night with a hug a... Continue»
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Retard Wants To Get Pregnant Pt 2

Retard Wants To Get Pregnant Pt 2

Jim and Yolanda go to Walmart and have sex in a bathroom. Jim picks up a Ovulation tester and also a box of pregnancy test strips. Then Jim takes her to a porn store where he finds out a lot more about her husband'sis sex life.

====== OPENING

Jim noticed several men checking her out as Yolanda'sis short skirt was just barely covering her ass and the sluts tits, although small, were bouncing around as she walked. Yolanda had said she seldom wore a bra and today was no exception.

Now as Jim read the box a couple guys pretended they were looking f... Continue»
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Postapocalyptic reality 4

This is a continuation:

Postapocalyptic reality 1

Postapocalyptic reality 2

Postapocalyptic reality 3

Jenny spent the remainder of the day clearing out the cellar. She didn't want the decaying remains of the female dog, nor the half eaten remains of the previous tenant fouling the place up, so she dumped them outside a good distance away. She had found a piece of tubing t... Continue»
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Experience with sis*sis

(This is a borrowed story )

Hi, This is Abhi(24) from Hyd.Here I would like to share my experience with my elder sisister priya(32). The story took place when i am 18 and my sis*sis is 26 years of age. My family consists of me,mom, dad, b*bro and sis*sis. b*bro is studying in Bits pilani now.He did most of his schooling
and inter in hostel only, so its me and sis*sis who will be at home.I am very reserved person from my c***dhood, as a result i didn't make many friends.
I hardly have 2-3 friends.One day one of my friends brought a sex story in his USB and shared it with me. It was a steam... Continue»
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Sex in trei (II)

Buna, sunt Denisa si, daca am vazut ca v-a placut atat de mult prima parte a povestii mele voi continua acum cu partea a doua, asa cum v-am promis. Voi incerca sa reiau firul intamplarilor de la momentul in care am incheiat prima parte a povestirii, asa cum mi le amintesc eu acum. Pentru cei care vor fi citit doar aceasta a doua parte, le recomand s-o citeasca neaparat si pe prima, intitulata « Sex in trei », asta pentru intelegerea coerenta a actiunii si pentru integrarea corecta in atmosfera.

Asadar, dupa prima zi petrecuta in trei, eu, sotul meu Alex si mama mea Elisa am hotarat impreun... Continue»
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Constance caught me with her sisister - part 3

After Steph had maneuvered Constance between my legs I could see the panic in her eyes. She had watched us sucking and fucking each other, had even tried some cum but it seemed as if she wanted to bug out. Immediately she wanted to get away from my cock which was still covered in her sisisters pussy juice. But she just grabbed her neck and pushed her face mercilessly towards my throbbing dick. “Don’t make an act out of it! Watching us did turn you on and you already know how his delicious cum and my cunt juice tastes. Take this horny boner in your stupid mouth cunt and get done with it!”, she ... Continue»
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Croaziera de lux

Sprijinita cu ambele brate de balustrada inalta a puntii superioare, urmaream cu emotie desprinderea lenta a mastodontului plutitor de cheul portului. Lucram deja de doi ani pe vase de croaziera, dar acum ma aflam pentru prima oara la bordul unui vapor de asemenea dimensiuni, un adevarat “orasel plutitor”. Era o bijuterie de lux pentru clienti de lux, dotata cu restaurante, baruri, magazine si buticuri, terenuri de sport, piscine, sali de cinema, cazinou, spatii de joaca pentru copii, avea absolut de toate si pentru toate gusturile.

Incepeam calatoria din portul Helsinki, exact la miezul n... Continue»
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Cand viata bate filmul...

Cu ceva timp in urma, un prieten de familie mi-a povestit o intamplare pe care a trait-o vara trecuta in concediu, impreuna cu sotia lui. Pentru ca a citit si i-au placut fanteziile erotice publicate de mine pe site-ul asta, m-a rugat sa scriu eu povestea lui si s-o postez aici. Am acceptat pentru ca mi s-a parut foarte interesanta experienta traita de el, cu atat mai mult cu cat atinge o latura destul de sensibila si de controversata a sexualitatii.
Marturisesc ca nu mi-a fost deloc usor, pentru ca din dorinta de a evoca cat mai exact faptele am fost nevoita sa-i pun o multime de intrebari ... Continue»
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Sex in trei

Buna, ma numesc Denisa, sunt studenta, am 20 de ani si sunt maritata de un an cu Alex. Sotul meu are 26 de ani si este Sales Manager la o multinationala din Bucuresti. Locuim intr-un apartament cochet si ne intelegem de minune ; ne iubim la nebunie si nu ne refuzam unul altuia nicio dorinta care sa ne faca placere sau care sa ne faca sa ne simtim bine. Facem sex in fiecare zi, cateodata si de mai multe ori pe zi, am experimentat toate fanteziile sexuale care ne-au trecut prin cap si pot spune ca sunt extrem de multumita, implinita si satisfacuta de relatia noastra. Alex, pe langa ca este un ti... Continue»
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Legaturi periculoase (I)

Aceasta povestire se bazeaza pe fapte si intamplari autentice. Personajele sunt reale, insa le-am schimbat numele cu unele fictive pentru a le proteja adevarata identitate in spatiul public. Este istoria erotica si sentimentala a unui bun amic si eu am incercat s-o scriu asa cum mi-a relatat-o el, cat mai exact cu putinta.
Enjoy it!


Buna, ma numesc Radu, sunt brasovean, am acum 30 de ani si va voi povesti intamplarile prin care am trecut in ultimii ani si care mi-au marcat in mod dramatic existenta.
Totul a inceput in urma cu patru ani, aveam pe atunci 2... Continue»
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Legaturi periculoase (II)

Trecuse deja mai mult de un an de la acele intamplari si ma convinsesem ca Ildiko avusese dreptate. Devenisem si eu sclavul sexual al directoarei. Cel putin o data pe saptamana ma lua cu masina, sub diferite pretexte, direct de la birou, fie dimineata, la pranz sau dupa program si ma ducea intr-un apartament din centrul capitalei ca s-o fut.
Devenisem dependent de sexul cu ea, ca de un drog de care esti constient ca nu-ti face bine dar de care nu te poti debarasa. Femeia asta era incredibila, mereu inventiva, fara limite sexuale, apetisanta si senzuala... ma scotea pur si simplu din minti! I... Continue»
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Numele meu este Bogdan, am 29 de ani, sunt bucurestean si sunt patronul unei micute firme de confectii textile din capitala. Am pornit afacerea imediat dupa ce am terminat ASE-ul cu sprijinul financiar exclusiv al parintilor mei, ambii medici destul de renumiti in bransa lor. Acum, dupa aproape cinci ani, pot spune ca am reusit sa construiesc o firma profitabila cu 25 de angajati si sa castig suficient de bine ca sa traiesc independent de ajutorul parintilor, fara grija zilei de maine si fara sa-mi lipseasca nimic din ceea ce mi-am dorit in viata.

De mai bine de un an insa, traiesc o adeva... Continue»
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Dupa douazeci de ani

Am scris povestirea urmatoare la insistentele unui bun amic. Intamplarile mi s-au parut extrem de interesante si subiectul incitant.
Textul este destul de lung, dar sper sa aveti rabdare sa-l cititi pana la capat; cred ca o sa va placa!

In urma cu un an, cam pe la inceputul verii, am primit un telefon de la un fost coleg de liceu care incerca sa organizeze o reuniune a clasei ce absolvise colegiul cu douazeci de ani in urma. M-a intrebat daca sunt dispus sa particip si daca-i pot oferi informatii care sa-l ajute sa dea de urma celorlati fosti colegi ai nostri.

... Continue»
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Turbulente (I)

In vacanta de vara a anului trecut am hotarat sa mergem pentru vreo 15 zile in Delta Dunarii. Motivele au fost diferite: eu nu mai fusesem niciodata pana atunci in acel colt de natura pura, unic poate in Europa (eram curioasa); sotul meu Alex este un impatimit al pescuitului si saliva la gandul “monstrilor” pe care-i va captura cu mana lui din Dunare; mama mea Elisa ne insotea pentru ca nici eu si nici Alex nu ne imaginam o distractie de vacanta fara ca ea sa fie prezenta “trup si suflet” (la propriu) intre noi.
Ne-am cazat la o gospodarie modesta de lipoveni (care pe net se autointitula “pe... Continue»
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Turbulente (II)

Am sarutat-o bland pe pleoapele ochilor, i-am lins obrajii incinsi si buzele calde, am coborat pe gat, pe piept, i-am dezmierdat in maini sanii si i-am supt sfarcurile erecte, facand-o sa se infioare si sa geama infundat, cu glas scancit. Am continuat, centimetru cu centimetru, pana la burtica, spalandu-i cu saliva buricul, lingandu-i coapsele, pipaindu-i pubisul. Chilotii leoarca emanau un miros pregnant, imbietor si excitant de pizda uda. I-am lins de cateva ori ca sa ma satur de parfumul ala tare, apoi i-am tras in jos, dezvelind-i pentru prima oara taina intima. Andreea a simtit ca umblu a... Continue»
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Povestea Angelei

Am cunoscut-bro pe Angela acum doua luni cand mi-am programat bro sedinta de masaj la salonul ei din capitala. M-am lipit de ea si, pana sa-mi vina randul, ne-am imprietenit la toarta. Angela e bro fata de bro frumusete divina, iar povestea ei este de-a dreptul impresionanta. Dupa multe ezitari si-a dat acordul sis-bro scriu eu si sis-bro public pe site-ul asta.
Lectura placuta!


Totul a inceput cu sase ani in urma; aveam 19 ani si eram bro fata simpla de la tara, bro moldoveanca cu parul auriu ca spicul de grau parguit, cu ochi mari si albastri ca apa cristalina a Siretulu... Continue»
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Dad Turns Me

Everyone in this story is over 18.

Hi world my name is Jeff Steele and I’m 24 year old, right now I’m going to tell how my 44 year old dad Paul started fucking me.

Wednesday 11:45pm

It all started on today we came home late from watching a Manchester Titans vs Newcastle Vikings game.

11:45pm me and my dad got home trying to be quite because mum Ann and sisister Lucy would be a sleep.

“God damn traffic, why do people drive slows” Paul said.

“It not there fault dad, someone lost the car while driving and it could have been us” I said.

“I know son, sorry but we could have been home sooner”... Continue»
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Retard Wants To Get Pregnant Pt 1

Retard Wants To Get Pregnant Pt 1

Jim meets a married couple who want to have a baby to get more welfare. The young wife, Yolanda, is very immature and somewhat retarded but very horny.

They are both a bit mentally challenged, neither one can read nor write very well. Jim winds up fucking Yolanda a bunch of times and knocking her up. Her pervert husband, Jack ,never finds out that it was Jim that got her pregnant.

====== OPENING

It all started when Jim needed to get his carpets cleaned and had noticed a sign on the bulletin board by the office of the rundown trailer court he li... Continue»
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