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My S!ster and I

My S!ster and I Playing With the Lesbian Couple Next Door

My name is Lily and my s!ster Ruby and I have always been more like best friends then s!ster. Our mom and dad provide us with everything we could ever need and they work hard to keep us in the nice house we have. I am s*******n and Ruby just turned sixteen which is something I love to rub in her face that I am the oldest but it never seems to bother Ruby. When our mom and dad are at work, which is most of the time, I am in charge of watching Ruby. This is never really an issue because we usually just hang out in one of our rooms... Continue»
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jenny's awakening

Hello, my gurl name is Jenny. I am female in my mind but must live as male thanks to the area I live in. I wear female clothing when at all possible; which is most of the time. I am getting older now and have decided to remember some earlier times in my life which were particularly memorable. Since around 45 or so I have realized that I am a submissive, cock loving, cumslut. I still like pussy; but not nearly as much as I like a hard cock. I am married to a wonderful and understanding woman who would be alarmed if she found out how much I like the feel of cock inside my body. She is OK with me... Continue»
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The taxi home with not mum

We were waiting outside for are pre booked taxi, myself and mum had been to a friend’s 50th birthday and was heading home. We were waiting outside the venue on a lovely summers night it was just before 11.30pm and we were talking about how nice it was to catch up with old friends, and how funny it was to see Dave still hitting on mum after all these year, even if it was a good friend of dads. We were both merry standing around waiting for are taxi to turn up. Mum was still a very attractive lady for her age, she is 55, around 5 foot 5 brown hair to just past her shoulders, slim but with curves... Continue»
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I Dress to Please My Son

Jenny had been divorced for about three years now and hadn't dated much. She owned a small but comfortable house where she lived with her two c***dren, Tony and Debbie. Debbie was 19 and away from the house often, partying with friends. Tony was 18 and spent more time in house than his s****r.

Jenny hadn't dated much since the divorce and when she did it usually left her feeling unsatisfied. She was beautiful with her red hair and fantastic, 37 year old body. She had rather muscular legs, curvy hips and if her weight ever fluctuated, it all went to the right places. Jenny's breasts were her ... Continue»
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Fucking Strangers Bareback

If any of you have read about my other sexpereinces (Porn Booth, Sex Party) by now you know I like fucking strangers bareback. I developed this "fetish," if you will, from reading stories about it on some of the adult sites I frequented and in various online groups and bulletin boards. I figured most of it was fantasy. But it was a fantasy that I could not get out of my head. Anyway, I started going on adult dating sites and perusing CL to see if I could actually find women that wanted to do this with me ...

When I first started seeking this out it actually did not take me that long to f... Continue»
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Boy and His Mother Go Camping

Note: I am not the Author of this story. I recently read this much of the story on this website (XNXX) with less grammar etc. I searched the web for the rest of the story and will be uploading them part by part at some point during this week. The reason for the delay in uploads is that I am editing Grammar, Paragraphs, and re-typing sections of it. So consider this story Camping With Mom: Remastered.

It was January 1985 and I was your normal 15 year old. Always full of energy and ready to do anything fun and exciting. One of my favorite things to do was hiking and camping in the mount... Continue»
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Clean up

As I come down our road I recognize the truck in my driveway. It's John's , and I know he is fucking my wife. John is a very well hung guy that my wife and I met at a friend's pool party last summer. I noticed him walking around with what looked like a extra big wad in his tight bathing suit and pointed him out to my wife. She told me that she was going to have to try that on. Well she managed to get him off from the crowd and have sex with him. When she came back to me she said that she had just fucked him in the bathroom. I asked how was it? She sipped her drink and said it was great. She sa... Continue»
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Mother's Horny Needs

Then one afternoon Helen was at the supermarket getting her weekly shopping.

On the short drive home Helen was feeling horny and started rubbing her hairy pussy through her thin sundress and managed to work herself into a pretty good frenzy. She couldn't wait to get home and finish the job. When she arrived home she quickly unloaded the shopping and put away the cold items. She hurried up to her bedroom and didn't bother closing the door as she pulled her sundress up over her head. She went to her draw and pulled out vibrator. She laid back and immediately switched it on and placed in on h... Continue»
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The City of Dreadful Night

Lo, thus, as prostrate, "In the dust I write
My heart's deep languor and my soul's sad tears."
Yet why evoke the spectres of black night
To blot the sunshine of exultant years?
Why disinter dead faith from mouldering hidden? 5
Why break the seals of mute despair unbidden,
And wail life's discords into careless ears?

Because a cold rage seizes one at whiles
To show the bitter old and wrinkled truth
Stripped naked of all vesture that beguiles, 10
False dreams, false hopes, false masks and modes of youth;
Because it gives som... Continue»
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THE SET-UP (a Lesbian Tale)

THE SET-UP (A Lesbian Tale)
Amanda was not paying much attention to the old man in front of the class who was telling them about the Hapsburgs. She couldn’t have cared less. She had brought her umbrella since there was a slight drizzle on this Friday afternoon. The State University was situated right downtown and Amanda’s apartment was a few blocks away. As soon as class was over at 5PM, she hurried to Betsy’s. She didn’t have time to shower but often it was better that way. Betsy’s was a lesbian club on the third floor of a small commercial building on a quiet side street. On the main floor... Continue»
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As I stood there in shame watching I could not help but be turned on. The sharp contrast in the skin color as he held the woman I had married. My woman my wife was giving herself to this man she barely knew and enjoying it. While I the conductor of the symphony realized that I was not the center of my making for the first time, her moans and talk soon affirmed my new found fear. He has just finished with his oral for play and lined his massive tool in preparation of mounting her. Her eyes are wild and fixed on him and she has her hands pressed hard into the well sculpted sides of his body maki... Continue»
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Christina´s pralle Arschbacken

An einem herrlichen Tag inmitten des Sommers , wachte ich auf.Streckte und reckte mich sitzend auf meiner Spielwiese.Auf der ich immer alleine einschlief , seitdem mich Maria verlassen hatte.Eine viel zu Eifersüchtige Frau , die sogar im hohen Alter ihre unsicherheiten nicht im Griff hatte.Ehrlich gesagt , fand ich ihren Körper wirklich extrem sexy für ihr Alter.Es machte mir nichts aus , das Sie ein paar Kilos zuviel hatte.Es war alles gut verteilt , wenn ihr wisst was ich meine (LOL).Deswegen schaltete ich meistens auf Durchzug wann immer Sie anfing zu meckern.So unglaublich es auch klingt ,... Continue»
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My Best Friend’s s****r

Let me start by telling you that I am f******n years old and that my best friend lives down the street. Tom is only thirteen years old but he is in the same grade as I am. In fact we have always been in the same class together with his s****r Danielle. Danielle is f******n years old like I am.

I have watched Danielle develop over the past two years. Her tits went from little bumps in her T-shirt to actually filling out a bikini top this spring. Her figure went from straight to actually having a smaller waist; something my dad calls an hourglass figure. Now as to her butt, it became really... Continue»
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Horny Mom

When David was 18 he lost his father. His mother, Heather, was devastated. The plans that were made were scrapped. He felt that he couldn't leave home when she needed him so much. Her son was all she had now.

David's 21st birthday fell on a Friday. Since it was also Halloween there wasn't a shortage of interesting people at the bar. Everyone was dressed up and drinking. Heather was dressed as a nurse but her luck was about as good as David's. They didn't really care. They drank and enjoyed themselves anyway.

Stumbling in at 2 am, they were both extremely d***k. There had always been some... Continue»
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Have You Seen Jr's Grades?

Have you seen Jr's grades? The question rang thru my head. "Yes Yes, they are not good. I am not sure what has happened. It is like he hit puberty and his brain went to mush." I replied to my husband. "You need to do something or this k** will flunk out of high school. I went thru this at that age and once I got laid I was all right. Get this k** laid or work with him, hell I don't know what to do. You are good at these things, making the k**s straighten up." My husband said. "I will have a heart to heart with Jake." I replied still not sure what to do.
My husband left for work and Jake ... Continue»
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The Seduction

I was married to a really lovely young women in my 20’s. She was good to me as I was not that handsome, and always was a bit overweight. I don’t know what she ever saw in me, but she was a good wife for many years. We moved into a new apartment and had lived there for about 2 years. We didn’t really know anyone when we first moved in but slowly we both made friends with couples in the complex. My wife was a little thing… barely 5 foot and skinny, with long hair. I fell for her hard. We would always party with the other couples and I never worried about Donna cheating on me, for some reason... Continue»
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Die Erziehung einer Mutter

Wie alles begann

Es war 1981 und ich war gerade mit der Schule fertig, als ich in einer Kneipe meine Freundin kennen lernte. Sie war ein Jahr jünger als ich und eines Tages, als wir beide etwas vom Alkohol angeheitert waren und uns richtig schön gegenseitig geil gemacht hatten, gingen wir nachts gemeinsam zur Wohnung ihrer Eltern, um dort unseren Rausch aus zu schlafen und natürlich noch ein wenig weiter zu kuscheln.
Es war auch schon ziemlich spät in der Nacht, und als wir ankamen, war schon alles dunkel und wir mussten uns in ihr Zimmer schleichen.

Am nächsten Morgen mus... Continue»
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Meine Erzieherin Frau Brandt 4

Ich sass zwischen zwei Stühlen.Mein Verlangen wollte das ich Anna in in ihrem Zimmer besuchen sollte.Aber mein Verstand riet mir davon ab.Ansehen , aber nicht anfassen.Nach dem Credo musste ich leben.Jeden Tag lief mir ihr geiler Arsch über den Weg.War das nur meine Geilheit oder war ich verliebt ?Das konnte ich mir selbst nicht beantworten.Es vergingen 2 Wochen und meine Seele lag in einem tiefem Chaos.Bis ich eines Tages erneut eine Notiz auf meinem Schreibtisch vorfand.Natürlich war Sie von Anna.Erstaunlich ehrlich schrieb Sie mir , "Es tut mir leid , das wir momentan nicht so zusammensein ... Continue»
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Older Mum & Son

My mum has been divorced for years now and despite our close relationship is really lonely. Although she has friends over and is involved in several social outlets, whenever I call or visit she always tries to keep me there longer and says how much she loves my company. We are constantly teasing and laughing with each other and truthfully, I enjoy our time together as much as she does.

She now talks openly about how much she misses sex and how afraid she is to get into another bad relationship. Both my dad and stepdad were jerks who thought the world revolved around them. As our conversati... Continue»
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Winds of Revenge

Just so you know before you read . . . this is an ass-fetish story about high school cheerleaders, facesitting and facefarting ("winds"). There is no penetrating sex. There aren't many ass-worship fiends, but this is for those who enjoy those things as much as I do.


It was a simple plan but one that progressed to unimaginable events. How could watching a simple high school football game turn into something so insane, and a week later, into something so life-changing?

I was a freshman in high school. No, I wasn’t in the popula... Continue»
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