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First Pussy Fantasy

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My first sexual experience started off different. It wasn't with a girl, it was with a guy. My friend actually. We started out stroking and cumming together and then exchanging blowjobs and then him becoming a total bottom and letting me fuck him. All raw with no condoms and me coming inside of his tight ass on multiple occasions. It was the best sex to me. Pounding him from behind and watching his ass take my cock, I was hooked on gay sex. It was just straight up sex, nothing too gay, like no kissing or anything like that. We were still friends after all. I'd sleep over at his place from time… Read more

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Fucked silly

TabooFirst Time

My dad fucked me silly. My dad overheard me and my BFF and he fucked my brains out. It all started with my BFF Tina. We're going into our junior year of highschool. Tina came over to my house as usual. Today we're sunbathing in my backyard. She had the skimpiest bikini. It was white, tie at the side thong bottom that barley covered her pussy lips and only part of her bigger nipples. I guess it didn't really matter you could see through it and it was only going to be Tina and me. Tina is thin, long thin legs, a little taller I'd guess 5' 8" redish hair, light brown eyes and pretty big tits f… Read more

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I had a very bitchy "dance" teacher in my last year. She was always bitching about something which was annoying and most of the time I didn't even listen to what she said. Sometimes I'd just be thinking about what I would do to her. It was supposed to be a dance class, but everyone knew it was just an excuse to not study for an hour as no one learned anything from it. I always got to class first and she'd have to come in to get changed in the closet of the room we used. I got there sitting on the floor waiting, as she walked in and acknowledged me. She went ahead and got in as she started chan… Read more

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Masturbating in the toilet


Secondary school was a period where my precious time alone was further reduced. My brother and I are in the same school and thus our schedules are fully synchronized and we would always be at home at the same time. My mom would drive to pick up my dad from work in the evening and that would leave me with approximately an hour to masturbate but with my brother now in the way I was unable to. Going into my parent's bedroom fro an hour would invite suspicion. 1 wrong question from my brother to my parents and I'm finished. I was distraught, am I now unable to satisfy my perversions? One day whe… Read more

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Innocence Corrupted.


“I want a baby Grandad…..l want your baby.” Jack was not completely shocked by Emma’s announcement, he had a feeling this was coming. He sat in his chair looking at the pair of them, his daughter and granddaughter seated on the sofa, both naked, sat there as if they were all having a normal family meeting. He thought to himself how this was the complete opposite to normal, how many men his age could possibly hope to have two such beautiful women eager to have sex with him, that was fantastic in itself, but when one was his daughter and the other his granddaughter the situation just turned int… Read more

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The Dentist Visit


It was that time of year that I dreaded, the old dental check-up. It’s not that I dislike dentists but it’s the needles, I don’t do needles and always have to opt for Valium or Gas to help me through the process. My old dentist had retired so this was my first visit to the new set up which was just a short walk through the park. I showered and put on a pair of dress shorts and a button up shirt, no point in over dressing and headed off through the park for my 9am appointment, at least the dentist will be fresh and mine would be the first mouth of the day, how do people do this job” I was the… Read more

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Step Sibling Encounters: Music

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Why teens always have their music up loud: Margret and Timothy Jones were getting exasperated with the moody duo of Cameron and Lucy: the senior college siblings they had thought were destined for University next year. The alarm bells were rings as letters arrived stating both ‘k**s’ were behind with assignments and really needed to focus in the final short term ahead... Margret had been virtually inconsolable as a young wife... when Cameron’s twin sister had died as an infant. Tim had saved his marriage and his wife’s emotional well being by adopting a young tot called Lucy. Margret… Read more

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Grandma, Grandpa and me. Begining


When I was 7-8 years, I was given to my grandparents for summer holidays. Nothing much, living in really small village, mostly old people, just few younger then me. Same as me left for summer. Shortly about me and my family. My mom is very nice woman, small tits very wide hips, fat lips, nice big mouth. My father, he passed away when I was 16, average guy, short, small cock, seen him when he was naked. But let's talk later about them. My grandparents. Granny, old woman, fat, huge tits, unshaven, loose pussy. Grandpa, big belly, big hanging balls, not very big cock, quite hairy. And me. At that… Read more

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The Trophy Wife - An Adult Story

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We stayed up late on a school night. I was sleeping over at my friend Junior’s house. He tossed a pillow at me on the floor when he was leaving. We both laughed. He had to get to school 3 hours before me. I did not have to be at school until 10am on Fridays. I was lying on a bean bag chair with just a pair of white cotton over sized boxers and a white skin tight cotton wife beater shirt on. I gave Junior the thumbs up as he shut his door and headed out for school. I slowed got up and was surprised Junior had made his full size bed. I tossed my pillow on the top of his bed as I set my alarm… Read more

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AirBNB Part 6


I didn’t see much of Monique in the morning as her taxi arrived quite early but she left the room tidy and by all accounts I think she was happy although she did leave her panties, oops I forgot to return them. I hadn’t even finished my coffee when Anika text me, ‘be round in 10, put kettle on’ and I thought WTF but was sure she was curious as to how it went, it was a trial after all and I wanted her to get the contract. I threw on my old boxers and made some fresh coffee. “Same shorts” she said as she hurried through the door eager to know what happened, “I wear them just for you babe” I sai… Read more

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TSA Flagged My Vibrator as a Weapon!


Sitting at the gate reading my book, my name was called to the podium. Since I hadn't placed my name on any waitlists, I was more than a little mystified. I placed the book back in my workbag, and walked up to the podium. "Ms Montgomery, there is a problem with your checked bag," the gate agent said. The poor girl was terrified, trying to maintain a seriousness about her. I adjusted my bag, standing a bit straighter. My mind raced. Recalling the recent lists of "not approved for checked luggage" nothing came to mind. Okay, must be some random check then, and have to get thru this. She led m… Read more

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Naughty Lauren 2


Grampa woke very early, as he always had, and felt Lauren’s body pushed up against his chest, and his semi-rigid cock pressing into her buttocks. It had been years since he had awakened with someone in his arms, and he lay there enjoying the feeling for several minutes before he gently untangled himself from her, leaving her sleeping soundly, as he got up and went to the bathroom. It was just after four in the morning, and he knew he would have to get her up and back to her own room before her mother got up around six. Probably wouldn’t hurt to make sure she got a shower first, as well – it wo… Read more

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My Training Continues Part 1

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The rest of the week seemed to drag on I had not heard from Mr. Smith since Tuesday when he shaved me smooth. I could not stop thinking about him and how quickly he turned me into Daddy's little cock sucker. My girlfriend was upset with me she wanted to have sex but I had no interest she was over Wednesday asking what was wrong I just told her "I think I don't have feelings for you anymore" we broke up I felt bad but I had 1 thing on my mind and it was Mr. Smith's cock. I was beating off 2 or 3 times a day thinking about what had happened. I would shave myself in the shower reliving… Read more

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Moms best friend


When I was 29 I lived about 5 miles from my parents so I would stop In from time to time. I was self employed blue collar. So if I was hungry I would just stop over and get a bite to eat. My parents are cool as shit they grew up as hippies, my mom still a hippie. Smoking weed and dressing like a hippie. They were also big party people. They would have bashes at their house. One Monday I needed a bathroom so I went and took a piss. I walked out of the bathroom and the house was a disaster. Cups and beer cans on every flat surface. Dang I thought they really had a bash. Turning the corner I s… Read more

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Episode 117 - Justine and Molly meet Sophie

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Introduction This story follows on from episode 112; it's now nearing the end of the long school holidays. Charlie woke up with a hot sticky raging erection - not that unusual for a young boy. But this morning his cock was actually in a girls mouth: "Molly?" he cried in delight, struggling to pull down the quilt covering her head between his legs Instead a pale blue face smiled up at him, taking his cock to the back of her synthetic throat:"good morning young man, it's Sophie - remember now - you borrowed me from school for the weekend". Sophie - the 145cm junior sexbot has a trans… Read more

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Frida in Thailand and meeting daddy

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Sex Slave or Pubescent Girl having fun I was a very good swimmer and trained very hard with ideas about the Olympics as young athletes do, I would hasten to add, I was twelve, tall and gangly and extremely tomboyish. My father was a maintenance worker for the town council, so I was able to get free passes into the baths and even the following year, have a part time job working as a locker room girl, which was all done under the radar, and gave me good pocket money. Daddy thought it was good for someone so young to learn early about economics and earning and spending money. One evenin… Read more

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Mom and sis on Holiday


Hi, first of all.....My english is not so good, sorry for that. It all started some tears ago when I was in mid teens and my sis was a year younger than me. We went for a vacation to Croatia, and rented a flat, not so far from the sea, and it was great. Big balcony and close to a supermarket where it was quite busy with people going in and out shopping. My mom Annika was in her mid 50:s at that time, and she in 1,57, red hair, small breasts and a nice tiny butt. My sister is a bit shorter, thin and also with long straight red hair, and very small boobs. The first day we all went to the… Read more

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Elder brother on roof-top

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i have lost my virginity with his long cock prior to my marriage and as RUHI……a 23 years lady with slender figure is bold and hot,her boobs are round as sexy ass is squared shape ,so my vaginal hole have been widened with lot of fucking in last two years with my hubby and it’s depth as well as flexibility is now capable to swallow a 8-9 inches long and 3 inches thick cock but it’s a longer… Read more

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AirBNB Part 5


I had been live for a week and in that time had 4 guests in total, all were good times and I had 4 good reviews from a good cross section of people. I wasn’t planning anything for today in fact I wasn’t even dressed, just an old pair of boxers so imagine my surprise when I saw my little Swedish friends car pull up outside, I hadn’t seen her since the first introduction so I was hoping all was ok. I totally forgot how I was dressed as I opened the door and was greeted by Anika’s sweet smile, I invited her in and the first thing she did was comment on my tatty boxers, I apologised and told her… Read more

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Birthday party:surprising gifts : part-2 (last)

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I have narrated our sexual activities in last part( read previous story “Birthday party:surprising gifts). I have been loved for last one and half hour or so ,as my vagina have been fucked with theirs cocks,it’s a great sexual relationship as my son Rohan cummed in my vagina hole,it’s a place where he got his birth and his friend Firoz fucked my ass as he poured cum in my ass and Raj as… Read more

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