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The wedding,of my sis....Liz and John..went ok...the usual..l do...etc.. the cake was cut..and all seem well....lm off to the club,were the reception is being held. mom..and John,s...mom and dad...split the cost,of the wedding...l know its usually the brides, father...but not seen dad..for those 3 years..mom,invited him..at his last known address..but. she didn,t get a reply... l got to the club...went in,and got myself a pint...asked the landlord.were was the reception. upstairs to your right..thanks l said....l climbed the stairs...music got just a little louder... and the sound of chatting,… Read more

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PART 1 As a young boy at school I found it very embarasing going for a piss in the toilet with other boys staring at my huge young prick. When I reached puberty it was many times bigger when erect . As I was always randy I used to go into a cubicle in the school toilet to have a horny wank . I soon found that the adjoining cubicles all having big peepholes had young boys wanking while watching me wank. I loved the idea of the boys watching me wanking my big cock through the peep holes When I felt my hard erect prick tingling ready to cum. I wriggled over to the peep hole and inserted m… Read more

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A peaceful place in the woods


That Tuesday at midday I decided to change the usual way I had my lunch at office. Instead of walking just to blocks to a fine little Italian restaurant, I decided to get my car and spent that free hour close to the lake banks. It was surrounded by a pine wood and the view around was nice and peaceful. I opened the driver’s door all the way and put my feet outside. Then I closed my eyes and enjoyed the silence and the peace around me. A sudden noise made me open my eyes and then out of nowhere a bearded huge man came up to my side and reached through the door, grabbing the car keys out of t… Read more

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Married women 3 - Anita

TabooInterracial Sex

Many years ago I was a board member for a sports club. We were in desperate need of a new clubhouse, and money was scarce. We had a good project, but didn’t know how to get it going, so we decided to involve the public and to sell shares. We had high expectations – but there was a lot of work to be done! I can’t tell you how many people I visited with my plans, statistics and photos. Sometimes we got commitments, sometimes excuses, but I’d say about half the time I left the people either with a signature or at least with a very good feeling. One evening I was sitting in the living-room of An… Read more

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A night road trip with my sexy Boss


That late afternoon, when I was trying to escape from my office, my dear boss Lena caught me at the elevator and she called me to her desk. I went there and she informed me that she needed to make an urgent trip to a town distant some miles from here. It was late to get a plane ticket and she needed to be there early morning. The company would give us a comfortable SUV, but she begged me to drive that long hours road trip… I just asked her if I had another option and she smiled with an evil grin, telling me a swift “no”. Then she said I could invite my loving wife Ana, if she could do h… Read more

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A swinger couple enjoys Robby's attention


After moving to Savannah, my sexy Ana and I soon started swinging with a couple called Sean and Tamara. They were black and both about our age, late thirties… Sean and I worked for the same company though not in the same department. I was even his senior. He and his sensual black wife had swinger experience and they always seemed ready for everything and uninhibited. One night, after we had met them in the pub for some drinks, Anita asked them if they would like to come home for another last round. On arriving home I announced that I would have to take our sweet dog Robby out for his e… Read more

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How she fantasizes about me


I haven't heard nothing from her for weeks. Thought she probably just lost any interest in me, thats ok. A pitty but ok. And then, this mail, totally unexpected and out of the blue...there she is again, this strong, sexy confident woman - thank you! "Last night I was rubbing my wet cunt dreaming of something naughty, I was fantasizing about showing up to your house, your mom would open the door and I’d ask for you. She would think I’m beautiful and wonder what I want with you. She would say your not home and with a seductive smile I’d ask If I can wait for you inside. We would sit and she wou… Read more

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What made me start wanting my mother in law


They say it starts with an experience or a marker in the your life. Mine was when I had just turned 16 and started dating a girl called Nicki, just as I got to here house which was miles away from where I lived, but I thought “fuck me” she’s got some Money and had a naughty look in her eyes. As I walked up the up the gentle inclined of the garden steps to the front door of a pretty impressive house, Nicki tapped on the large double doors a few seconds later a blurred figure started appeared on the other side of the frosted glass of the front door! It was Sarah, Nicki’s Mum, she had a welcomi… Read more

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Mrs Wilkinson !

TabooFirst Time

This is the story of my first proper sexual experience. I had fumbled around in my early teens with the odd girl but never had sex. Mrs Wilkinson changed all that when I had only just become of legal age. It was 11 am on a lovely sunny morning, in the summer of 1979, as I walked along the street to my friends Steves house bouncing the football I was carrying as I strolled. I arrived at his house and knocked on the door. His Mam answered. "Is Steve in" I asked. "Oh hello Steven (i have the same name but his spelt "ph" mine with a v) "No sorry he's away for the weekend with his Dad I'm afra… Read more

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The Machine Part I


Just as I thought.  I had walked in on her again.  But that is exactly what she had wanted.  She had become such a sex addict.  She lay there with her dildo laying just in front of her hairy pussy.  Her pussy lips were soaking wet.  Her big puffy mound of hair parted in the middle.  "Hi." "Hi." "What ya doin?" "Waiting for you." "Looks delicious.  Can I have a taste." "Please do."  She moved her dildo out of the way.  I was still fully clothed.  I climbed between her legs and moved in close to her muff.  Her scent was strong.&nbs… Read more

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The Skate Park---Smell me


FUNK----It's at the core of my brain. I live for it---it's what makes me tick. Not sure how it got started—sometime back in Freshman football, I guess. Going into the locker room after practice. Fifty guys all hot n sweaty—some with it literally pouring from their pits, down to the waistline. I started getting right up next to one of them to untie my cleats—getting a whiff of some ripe rank pit. The bushy ones were best—all that hair would hold in the funk better. Feet wern't too bad cause mostly new cleats with clean white socks didnt produce much stink. But then, off came those tite ass foot… Read more

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Widowed Lust

TabooMatureFirst Time

Laura was obviously drunk.  She walked in and tripped.  Then she swerved into a wall.  Sam jumped up to help her.  "Mom?  Are you okay?" ""Shhlure."  He could smell the alcohol on her breath as he held her up.  His mother had been out with her friends.  She had to leave her car at the club and they brought her home.  "I'm taking you right to bed okay?" "Sookay."  Sam was a big strong boy at sixteen.  He held her up and then scooped her up in his arms and carried her.  As he did she laughed.  "Oopsie."  She wore a low cut blo… Read more

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Jane's Step Brother 2


Jane’s story of losing her virginity and the taboo and wrong nature of it had me rock hard. She continued to tell me how things progressed. Three days after my ordeal I had not seen Nigel and Jim (her step dad) had stayed away apart from a grope of my tits as i washed up one night. I had frigged my cunt so many times thinking of the events of that afternoon. I knew it was wrong, but I had loved it and my sexual being and had been released. On the fourth day I was walking home from school ready to frig myself and find out what it felt like putting my deodorant can inside myself. A car pul… Read more

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President Trump's Surprise Party. Part 6

AnalTabooInterracial Sex

President Trump's Surprise Party. Part 6 Kelly and her brother both agreed not to tell them about being related in case they refused to let Kelly be with the First Lady. Gorge knew that his sister wouldn’t say anything but he had his own reasons why he didn’t want them to know. He knew Kelly didn’t want this chance to go by but his main concern was what Melania would get her to do if she found out. He never asked his sister what she would do if Trump wanted to fuck her because he didn’t want to know. If Melania ever found out then there was no way that crazy slut wouldn’t want her husband to… Read more

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Mature Lesley Fucks Son's Bully Bareback


[Contains: M/Mature F, Hardcore, Impregnation & Babymaking] Mark was 18 years old. He was quite a good-looking guy, and always did well with the girls. He was confident with women, and generally got what he wanted. Mark had left school a year ago and began working at a local office as a trainee. He was not too keen on the job but did enjoy giving one of the other trainees a hard time. Luke was a small weedy boy who was low on confidence, was not particularly good looking and was generally the opposite of Mark. Mark often ridiculed Luke and played stupid jokes on him just to humiliate him… Read more

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First Watched, Then Fucked My Mom

Group SexTabooMature

Background: I’m TJ (Name changed) from Delhi. I live with my mom, dad, and a younger brother. The sex story starts when my mom was 42, and dad, 46. I was 18. Well, I’ve been reading Indian Sex Stories dot net for quite a while now. The sex story I’m about to narrate is real and happened in front of me. This started when I was in 12th class. One day, I asked my dad for his phone because I needed to browse something. I was a kind of a curio… Read more

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AMULYA Affair Leads To Incest

Group SexHardcoreTaboo

The anniversary ended by me being fucked by 3 young guys and a lesbian sex with their whore. Then it became a regular thing for them to pay a visit to my home and use me whenever however they wish to. They made me change my style, I joined gym to loosed weight, I was not allowed to wear inners. Most often when Mihir used to come to take my daughters tuition in her room the other two would take my tuition. It became a regular affair, only on w… Read more

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Megan and Ex Stepdad Part 2


When I woke in the morning Frank was still fast asleep and naked on the bed, sheet barely covering him and he looked so peaceful, asleep and HARD!! OMG do guys always have hard ons? It did look nice and I couldn’t resist giving it a little kiss, oh OK then, it was a big kiss. As daddy liked thongs I decided to put on a nice white thong for him today and threw my old tee shirt on and went down to get some coffee on. I was in a happy move after the good fucking of yesterday and wanted to make the most of my last day, I really didn’t want to go home tomorrow. I was busy in the kitchen and was ben… Read more

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Lesbian SexMasturbationTaboo

Perversion (Please note the people mentioned in these stories are fictional and bare no relationship to people either alive or dead. These stories contain explicit sexual descriptions and are aimed at the over 18’s) Chapter One: The Foster Mother At eighteen I was probably more sexually experienced than most having been taught from an early age by the female manager of the orphanage I lived in. Not only more experienced but I liked it so much I actively sort out situations that would lead to sex especially with older females. This is one of those situations! It was a sp… Read more

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Visitors from out of town part 2


Here’s a brief recap, but for the full first part of this story, please read “Visitors from out of town part 1”. You’ll really want to read the first part, trust me! Some old friends of ours from out of town were staying with us and had brought their 18 year old son. We had a big get together and their 18 year old son James ended up having sex with my wife on our living room sofa. Please read part 1 of the story, you won’t be disappointed. I awoke with an incredible hard-on the next morning. Erin was still asleep. I got up quietly to find Pat and Shannon already up making food with James hel… Read more

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