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Shemales Porn Stories

First blowjob (Part 2)

Gay MaleShemales

Two days after my chance meeting with my first "Daddy", I called him to set up a time to meet again. I had the name of the motel he wanted to meet at but wanted to make sure we could still get together. He said we could still get together. I was ecstatic! He asked how much stuff I had to dress up like a gurl for him. I told him I had a wig, makeup and training bra that I stuffed socks to make it look like I had little titties. I also mentioned that I had a little short dress and a large collection of panties. He told me to have it all on by 4:30 but mentioned that I was to wear no pa… Read more

Posted by KaylaCD15 2 years ago 1 1,865 100%

Becoming the neighbourhood slut


The following is a fictional story but mixed up with some real experiences and a few of my actual desires :) The first real days of spring were finally upon us. This was extra cool since I would be alone for a week or so. I took a few days off of work too, so I can spend the time dressing up at home and possibly try to find some real fun too. When I got a few free days I always did the needed grocery shopping in the morning so I have the rest of the day completely free to dress up and stay dressed up. I usually went to a shop nearby, grab the needed stuff quickly and go home. I di… Read more

Posted by analhottie 2 years ago 25 9,855 100%

Nate and his tranny neighbour

AnalFirst TimeShemales

My first ever story. Depicting sex between a man and a transsexual. It is lengthy but personally I enjoy these best. Constructive feedback is greatly appreciated, so feel free to write to me. Enjoy ; ) Nathan (Nate for short) was an average eighteen year old boy; liked girls, sports, partying, and being on his summer holidays he enjoyed the time off school. With some exceptions to the average rule, he loved his kinky dirty thoughts and porn. Frequently watching shemale porn, gorgeous busty women with big tits, a pretty female face but a thick juicy cock to be pleased, not a pussy to be fu… Read more

Posted by BiTwinkxx 2 years ago 18 6,074 100%

angel buxoms nite with mr super cock (by me from a


My huge stud Mr. Supercock held me by my little hand and led me into his private elevator to take me up to his private residence leading me over to a seat ,sort of like a throan sitting down in it he lifted me onto his lap and was squeezing my huge tits through my sexy new bra ,"Fuckin huge tits you have my little slut as he mauled them with one hand his other went for my tinny throbbing clitty his big strong fingers engulfed my entire clitty/cock the second he touched me I came a huge gush of cum blasting through my sheer panties into the palm of his hand jetting out a small load maybe a bit… Read more

Posted by huge_cock_rules 2 years ago 1,187 80%

super cock 14 inches meets angel buxom (written by


This how I see the biggest cock in the world violating the biggest tits in the world ,was looking at the news one day when they had announced the opening of a very unique new building that was just built in NY NY and clamed to be the tallest in the world at 4500 stories tall it was the biggest building on the planet ,it is uniquely shaped like a massive erect cock shaped after Mr Supercock the longest most powerful cock in the entire world the next biggest would only be about half his length the building is owned by Mr Supercock ,multie zillinare porn king ,king of the cock. They showed some… Read more

Posted by huge_cock_rules 2 years ago 2 2,228 50%

rocky my giantess shemale lover


I have been having this wild hot dream of a friend that lives close to me a great tall CD I know on here and have been fantasizing of him getting much taller : I see Rocky walking up the walk my huge breasts are heaving in my tight dress as I rub my big long gurl cock in my tight silk panties ,a knock at the door tells me he is here as I open the door he even with out his heels on is much taller by almost six inches his eyes are wide as he takes in my huge swelling chest that looms just below him my big clit is rock hard by now as I watch my friend get dressed he already has his long legs enca… Read more

Posted by huge_cock_rules 2 years ago 809 100%

part to rocky busting angels cherry


Mmmmm I can feel it now as Rocky still has my throat full of his gigantic huge cock as he caries me over to the bed his giant form toweres over the bed as he dropes down to his knees and slides his huge cock out of my mouth and lays me on my back on the bed he lays the gigantic long shaft overtop of my body sliding the shaft up over my stomach through my cleavage up till the head is resting on my lips ,im trembling with both fear and anticipation my tiny virgin pussy is spasming waiting for it to happen his giant of a cock the head bigger than a g****fruit is leaking bits of cum from the last… Read more

Posted by huge_cock_rules 2 years ago 1,191 100%

The Sissy a*****ion

BDSMFirst TimeShemales

You are walking along, you feel a presence, a person quickly comes up behind you and c*********'s you. You pass out but you catch a glimpse of his green army officer hat. You wake up several hours later chained to a rack naked. Two identical women come out with a cart filled with cosmetics. First they take this special soap that when it touches your skin it makes your skin very sensitive and a sensation of pleasure takes over at the slightest touch, then the two women grab nail polish and paint your toes and the your fingers. Then, they grab a special foundation that they apply to your wh… Read more

Posted by TheGoods69 2 years ago 1 1,951 100%

My Masterfriend's Games or What Happened to R


It has been a few delicious weeks since I met my "Master" in person, and our relationship has quickly grown into something else. Our first few encounters were pretty straightforward. Not that there is anything straightforward about being on my back with my legs over his shoulders! It was something else. There has been a concerted effort to know more about me and some of my fantasies too. It's not like they were hidden and all. My profile on "The Site" has a lot of fetishes listed and a few stories written from a personal perspective. I think he was just seeing if he can mesh some of my… Read more

Posted by LeslieStone 2 years ago 1 930 100%

How I learned of the pleasures of anal sex

AnalFirst TimeShemales

This narrative is the journey that lead up to my first experience with anal sex. The details I have here are as accurate as I can recall and any dialog is essentially the best of what I can remember now. It of course gets more sexually explicit and graphic towards the end... I was born and grew up in what many would probably call an average small suburb. In my early years, while starting puberty I began to explore sex the way I assume many boys across the world did to start. A few times during this period I became curious about girls and what made them so different from boys. One of the obv… Read more

Posted by UnDressed2Thrill 2 years ago 19 4,339 98%

My road to womanhood (so far....)


Quick Disclaimer: I don’t claim to be or think of myself as anything other than a student of humanity and so I claim no stance on my views or words being considered academic or certified for anything relating to gender or my view of the world, simply sharing my experience and hope that I accurately convey what I thought at the time and what I think now. I’ll frequently move between arguments of masculinity/femininity vs male/female gender identity vs biology/genetics (strictly-physical world view) vs sexual attraction, etc so please don’t try to correct me or overanalyze the specific words I u… Read more

Posted by UnDressed2Thrill 2 years ago 8 1,936 90%

True story of an old man in the woods

Gay MaleMatureShemales

I was just a young lad the first time i did any thing with another guy, i was still living with mom in the house she inherited from her father after he died in a small village that mainly had elderly people living in it. There certainly wasn't any one my age about so contact with other youth's was limited to school. Most of my time was spent playing alone or helping mom about the house, then some thing happened that was to change me for ever. It was a Sunday morning and mom was home doing some house work, i was watching cartoons on the TV when she called to me to help her get the washing in… Read more

Posted by fun_boy_fan 2 years ago 17 14,774 98%



[image][image] Я познакомилась с Ирой на курорте десять лет назад, я приехала туда отдыхать с сыном, Ира также приехала туда, только со своим племянником. Моему сыну тогда было 12 лет ее племяннику 7. мы познакомились на пляже, наши лежаки стояли рядом. Ира симпатичная брюнетка 30 лет, с красивой фигурой, густыми длинными волосами, единственное, что бросилось в глаза, так это ее взгляд, волевой целеустремленный, и по началу он показался мне даже немного агрессивным и еще мне очень понравилась ее прическа, настолько аккуратно и безукоризненно были… Read more

Posted by dingos75 2 years ago 1,674 100%

Жизнь настоящей шлюхи


Все что произошло у нас с Димой, было как наваждение. Поначалу ничего не предвещало того, что произойдет потом. А именно, что я превращусь в настоящую секс игрушку своего повелителя, моего Димочки. Итак, начну с того, что мне 26 лет. Я азиатской национальности. При росте в 176 см. у меня вес – 81 кг. Как видно, я «в меру» упитанный молодой человек. Еще одна моя особенность это практически полное отсутствие растительности на теле, кроме волос на голове разумеется. У меня довольно округлая попка и белые, аппетитные ножки. Желание перевоплотиться в женщину появилось у меня еще в юношестве.… Read more

Posted by dingos75 2 years ago 594 30%

Double Anal With a shemale

Gay MaleGroup SexShemales

....He answered the door and there she was beautiful as ever. He had just paid 500 dollars to have a transsexual e****t come directly to his door and greet him. She had on a long pea coat and thigh high boots. When she took the pea coat off all she had on was a one piece swimsuit. Her tits were a 36 D and she was 5'9 with heels on. She went over to him and kissed him with lots of tongue. She then grabbed his dick through his sweats and said "Hard already we haven't even started. Where's your girlfriend?" He said "In the bedroom prepping her asshole" She said "mmm maybe we can get a quickie, He… Read more

Posted by michneo 2 years ago 2 4,860 96%

my transsexual girlfriend

Gay MaleGroup SexShemales

.........I used to date a transsexual woman named lexxi for about a year. I loved her cock so much it was amazing. It was 9 inches with a 6 inch girth and mine was 8 inches five and a half inch girth. (we measured both of our cocks together). Every morning she would wake up with a pulsating hard dick and i would suck it relgiously. She would wear boxer briefs to sl**p and sometimes she wouldn't shower if she had a long day, so she still had a slight musk between her thigh and balls. She was a manager at a transgender strip club so i would meet tons of beautiful girls that worked there. one day… Read more

Posted by michneo 2 years ago 3 5,451 100%

Shooting with a tranny


I was bored one day so i decided to rent out a transsexual e****t. I called her up so we can do a special photo shoot together and needless to say, we ended up fucking. She came to my door with an all black dress on and the sides were transparent. She had 5 inch open toe heels on and a leather jacket that came to her waist. Her hair was long and curly and she was fair skinned and spanish about 5'8 with heels on. She walked in and asked me where i wanted to start. I pointed to the couch and she sat down. She immediately changed into a tank top for men and a very small lycra shorts. She was bare… Read more

Posted by michneo 2 years ago 6 5,115 100%

Island Fantasy

First TimeShemales

Part 1 My ship arrives off shore at about 10 in the morning local time. We drop anchor about a 1/4 mile out and busy ourselves with getting ready for some shore leave. I'm very excited because I've only been on the ship for about 3 weeks and I'm already getting to go to a new and exciting foreign country. As I look over the sides of the ship I see a large crowd of small vessels starting to appear. They're locals, fishing boats, runabouts, and all of them loaded with people staring up at us.... at me.... I wave and they wave back. Friendly. When its my time to depart the… Read more

Posted by SandyCrossdresser 2 years ago 1 3,148 100%

High School Girls


High School Girls A Rings of the Oni Story by Jaana "Three teenage boys find their simple lives completely overturned, and their friendship put to the test, when an unexpected find grants them both nightmare and gift beyond price." *** WARNING: The following story contains graphic depictions of sex, female transformation and female arousal. You have been warned! *** "Accept the things to which fate binds you, and love the people with whom fate brings you together, but do so with all your heart." - Marcus Aurelius, 'Meditations' "For I have been a traveler in a… Read more

Posted by lana100 2 years ago 8 22,568 90%

BBC "GIANT" David part 2


David had me laying on his bed as he neeled over me stairing down ot the biggest breasts he ever did see they defied gravity as they ballooned up and spread out wider than my tiny slim torso the huge black giant was rock hard his massive cock thrusting out as it hovered over top of me as i lay between his powerful legs time two tree trunks rippling with huge muscles ,he could have easily crushed me between them if he so chose to the imense cock was as big as one of my legs the huge black shaft glitning in the early morning light with my wet siliva from deep in my throat the huge cock head hov… Read more

Posted by huge_cock_rules 2 years ago 1 1,670 100%