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Beatrice die kleine Schwanznutte - Teil 2

Teil 1 =

Beatrice wird eingeritten

Ihr Chef hatte zwischenzeitlich die Wohnung ganz betreten, ging von Tür zu Tür, zum Schluss auch in ihr Schlafzimmer. Ohne Hemmungen öffnete er Türen, Schränke, Schubläden. Beatrice wurde es ganz heiß, denn sie bewahrte im Schlafzimmer ihre ganze Ausstattung auf: Dessous, Kleidung, und vor allem auch Sextoys.
Ihr Chef fing an, die Schubläden ihrer Kommode herauszuziehen, griff in die oberste hinein und holte langsam Dessous heraus, in allen möglichen Farben.
"Tr... Continue»
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Birth of Brandynettes Dystopian World - Nice to me

Hello this is a half truth 1984 + sexual conspiracy fantasy of global conquest

ORIGINAL BLOG TITLE: 23rd of September 2017 New World Order Revealed - JUDGMENT DAY END OF THE WORLD Paraphilia

Enjoy! I have my writers day today. I just started to write what come to mind. Im a Transhuman Bimbot

Human Male. Augmented with machine parts and with the Perfect Plastic Bimbo Body.

Today is my General Mantainan... Continue»
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One man's shemale adventures: part 2

I had gone round to Kami’s as we had planned a dinner date, but she was nowhere to be seen. Amy let me in, having just returned from the gym. “Yeah, she said sorry but she’ll be a few more minutes.” Amy said, and I couldn’t help but eye her up and down in her sexy gym gear as I followed her into Kami’s bedroom. “While you wait, why don’t you suck on my clit?” she said, as she pulled down her lycra shorts and spread in front of me on the bed. Underneath, her white panties were soaked through with sweat, and I peeled them down and rubbed them over my face before diving into her lovely cunt tongu... Continue»
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Beatrice - die kleine Schwanznutte - Teil 1

Was für ein Abend!

Nach einem anstrengenden Tag war Bea zu Hause angekommen. Erschöpft, das Wochenende stand bevor, war ihr nur nach einem: Raus aus der Alltagskleidung und in die Badewanne. Sie hatte heute nichts mehr vor.

Genüßlich lag sie in der Badewanne, massierte ihre kleinen Titten, die sich aufgrund von Hormonen gebildet hatten und es dauerte auch nicht lange, bis sich ihr Mädchenschwanz meldete. Behutsam und zugleich hart fing sie an, ihn zu massieren. Aber sie wollte nicht abspritzen, sie mochte es, ihre Geilheit so lange als möglich aufrecht zu halten, zwischendurch zu s... Continue»
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Playtime Stories 19-Crimson Dom & Switch Gimp

The amazing IE sex adventure continues. A hot mix of fantasy and experience...enjoy and comment!!!

19 Crimson Dominatrix and the Switch Gimp

Tameesha and I had met about two hours before and had almost gotten caught after doing a threesome in a warehouse parking lot with Don, black guy she’d met on the chat line. We had a great time and just after we finished a guard nearly caught all three of us cleaning up after a steamy ménage-a-trois. I followed her around the corner as she tried to escape the security guard’s eye and picked her up in my car. She accepted my offer of a safe ri... Continue»
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Playtime Stories 20- Group Orgasm

Enjoy- fantasy drawn from a couple of hot experiences and a story a girl told me...a black SoCal girl.

20 Group Orgasm

After taking a very nice ‘vanilla’ looking black woman named Tameesha home, and following a very hot three-way with a generally anonymous black guy she’d met on a chat line, I was invited to play with her and her brother, Keenan. I was skeptical regrading her in an i****tual situation, but went with it. After some more hot D/s play, in which I was submissive to both Tameesha and Keenan, I watched as the sub switched to Dominate his deceptively sexy sister and had... Continue»
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My first transsexual!

I met a transsexual on 10/25/2017. I admit I was nervous because I thought I was being catfished and/or being setup to be robbed or worse. I powered on through my fear and proceeded to meet her. Boy, was I lucky! I knocked on her door and the woman who answered was a stunning knockout! 5'7" , chocolate, full lips, and with curves that would make the baddest bitch ever jealous! She invited me in and asked me to have a seat. As I went to sit down, I passed her counter and it was full of the finest liquor. Without asking, I grabbed me a shot cup and filled it with Patron. She joking smirked, "mak... Continue»
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jenny's awakening

Hello, my gurl name is Jenny. I am female in my mind but must live as male thanks to the area I live in. I wear female clothing when at all possible; which is most of the time. I am getting older now and have decided to remember some earlier times in my life which were particularly memorable. Since around 45 or so I have realized that I am a submissive, cock loving, cumslut. I still like pussy; but not nearly as much as I like a hard cock. I am married to a wonderful and understanding woman who would be alarmed if she found out how much I like the feel of cock inside my body. She is OK with me... Continue»
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my first taste of piss

this is something that happened when i was in my early 20s. I had spent that saturday night at one of my boyfriends house, an older guy in his 50's. i met him at a porn theater a couple months earlier and he'd been fucking regularly since. sometimes we would go to the theater together. he loved watching me go wild at the theater then he would take me back to his place, shower me and fuck me hard up the ass. i got to his place around 11 and he fucked me untill about 4am. he had a strong cock and the stamina of a man half his age. we fell asleep for a little while and i woke up around 7am. i got... Continue»
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On Line hookup

Last evening after I had my dinner I read my emails then surfed the net for a while. I kept my email open. as I was checking out a few of my sites I am a member at the BING sounded and I saw a new email had arrived. Opening it my heart started to race as I saw it was from an older man I met a few months ago at a truck stop. He wanted to know if I was free to meet up with him for his truck broke down and he was staying at a motel about an hour away.
I responded that I would love to stop over and see him. A few messages later he asked if I would be dressed like a hooker wearing all black and... Continue»
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Die Nachbarin - Kapitel 1

Nun arbeitet Manuel bereits seit einem halben Jahr in der Boutique Silky Heaven. Ein Modegeschäft spezialisiert auf Unterwäsche, Dessous, Lingerie, Strumpfmode, Kleider und Schuhe für Sie. Vor sechs Monaten hätte er nie daran geglaubt, in dieser Boutique anzufangen und eine Ausbildungsstelle zu bekommen. Kaum einer seiner Freunde und Bekannten konnte verstehen, warum er gerade in dieser Branche arbeiten möchte. Als junger Mann war das doch eher ungewöhnlich. Doch Manuel interessierte sich schon immer für Mode und für die Mode von Frauen ganz besonders. Die Filialleiterin von Silky Heaven war v... Continue»
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After my wife died in that terrible accident I was missing her very much I did not have the heart to get rid of her clothes and they smelled like her which was even more reason to keep them I would go into her closet and smell her tops sometimes stick my head into her underwear drawer and inhale her scent it made me a little horny to do that and I would masturbate after unhappily cumming into my own hand...One day I decided to get dressed up like her so I did we were both similar in size so I fit into one of her dresses easily she even had a blonde wig she wore sometimes for fun... Continue»
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Cockatoo Part 21

Cockatoo 21

Nikkie Silk

Aki jumped as I slid my mouth over his cock, but then Yut had got past the bodyguard and was yelling something. Aki turned towards the noise, but I kept my lips locked around his cock; no way did I want Yut to see my face. I didn’t know if he would recognise me, but I didn't want to take that chance.

Yut was still struggling with the bodyguard, but Aki shouted something in Japanese and the sounds of the commotion stopped. Aki put his hands around my head and pulled my head away from his cock. Shit, I thought, if Yut recognises me I’m dead. I slid down into t... Continue»
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Tranny in Croatia

I started crossdressing as a teenager. I had a young mom, who always had some interesting and sexy clothes. I was 13 the first time I took her clothes (she was 31 at the time). I took a metallic silver jacket and some lacy thongs, and I put on her pink lipstick. I took a couple of photos, but they all came out blurry. But I liked how it felt, the only trouble was I did not know what to do... it felt wrong enough to hide it but right enough to get me interested. I dressed up quite often, but not knowing how to fulfill my desires I ended up watching tv just laying around dressed. I started doing... Continue»
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Becoming a real sissy for guys pleasure

Well I have been working allot and this whole week I have been just extremely horny for a hot guy to fuck me. I got home on Friday and I proceeded with getting fully dressed up as a girl to go to the bookstore / theater fully dressed so I can get guys to have sex with me as a girl as usual.

it didn’t quite work out as i wanted as I couldn’t get one of the private rooms. I still went anyway and had some extreme sex with some guys in the theater side and did allot of showing off in front of them to let them know I will do anything for their hot rods.

Allot of them just watched me whil... Continue»
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Pops is amazed by Stacy's new look M2F

When i finally made up my mind to become a woman, i had to tell my Pops. Needless to say, he wasn't very happy and told me to not come back around. I was hurt...

I revieved breast, (34D) and butt(26in waist 38in around ) implants, and for the first time, i felt sexy. I was curvy and very passable. I am 5'3" 140lbs with long blonde hair.

I started to notice men looking at me and smiling. It made me feel so sexy. I decided to go by my Pop's house to say hi. I knew he was mad, but I thought he would get over it. I knocked on the door. He opened and I smiled really big, and said hey Pops, ... Continue»
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Black Tranny Eats White Cocks

Purge, purge, purge, hotter, hotter, hotter, how it is, true story, more forthcoming. Over the years, I have gone out walking very early mornings, to prance and strut, usually wearing shorts or short-shorts, with tennis shoes or flip flops, sometimes bringing dresses and high heels along if the environment right. It was mostly for my own experiences to test how I truly felt and later became for my own pleasures, although simultaneously sorta expecting and/or looking for another hard dick to please, sure enough, inevitably.
To my surprise, straight appearing men got at me almost immediately, u... Continue»
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Transition to Vikki, part 5

Continuing story of Steve's turning into Vikki,

Standing by the window with my drink I was glad of a few minutes rest, besides, we still had the evening and night to go!. With the sex so far today and what I knew was still to come, maybe Gina would need to give me one of her little blue pills after all!. Valerie rolled off the bed, giggling all the time and stood. In her hand she held the camera, swinging it by the strap. She was still coughing up cum but managed to ask us, “Do you two want to watch a good porn film and fuck some more before going out later?”. Gina smiled and slowly unwound ... Continue»
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Just what the doctor ordered part 2

Just what the Dr ordered part 2:
The week passed so fast. I was so horney the entire time. The day arived, I was so excited I had to cum. I pleasured myself for a long time that morning so my trip to the doctors office would last a long time!! The nurse last time told me to wear something black this time. I did not disappoint her at all. I put on my best black short dress with a little skirt, matching bra and panties. I finished off the outfit with a black garter belt, black seamed nylon stockings, and black patent leather high heels.

I arrived at the office about the sam... Continue»
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DominantCDTop rubberized

Think i'm getting in the mood to write some more erotica,,maybe this story line will revolve around a silky dressed toy called "Teddy" the silky encased Top,,whatchu think,,ready to be er oticised in writings,,as with any fictional story you'll be cumming and cumming and cumming,, you'll dressed in silver silk stockings with lace tops attached to 8 strap shiny silver high waist garter belt silver whale boned over bust corset tightened so to shrink your waist down to 24 inch squeezing your hips out , 44 DD prosthetic silicone breasts with erect protruding nipples wired to your own nipples s... Continue»
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