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My crossdress weddingdress and lingerie and my nei

My collection of lingerie is sometimes too big, I often buy new lingerie or pretty horny dresses as you can see on my video, and sometimes I have the greatest effort to close my bags.
It once again was so far and I decided to turn my white satin wedding dress off.
I have some videos on Xhamster here where I play very horny and inject myself into the seventh heaven in the same wedding dress.
I always make a whole horny voyeur experience, as it is now.
Before I put the whole set in a bag I pulled her one more time. My throbbing dick on the satin quickly makes me very wet and I'm done with ea... Continue»
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Becoming a Sissy Part 7

Peter continues to tell us about his day out with Mistress who accelerates sissification. this part should be read in conjunction with the previous part as it follows directly from where we left off.

Just then I looked around and saw two people in the corner of the store. One must have been a mistress because the other was a little femme boy like me. I was stunned to see that he was naked except for a pair of six-inch fuck me shoes and a gorgeous pair of stockings and suspenders. His little clit looked like he was getting a kick out of it. He looked over at me, winked and blew me a kiss.
... Continue»
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Camp Boring

Story is done is FP PoV. Follows a Femboy and has a lot of flirting and some oral in it.

I watched my mom and my step dad drive away with a feeling that was a mix of excitement and abandonment. This was going to be my first time at a Summer Camp, which was what was making me feel so excited right now. But at the same time I was really going to miss my step dad’s attentions he’d been showing me for a last month or so. I mean, I was really going to miss that!

And of course Brad wasn’t going to be here either. He was off at some stupid football camp, probably having the time of h... Continue»
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Karl Blossoms into Kim

I run an Engineering Consulting Firm, small operation, just me and a few assistants. One is an intern , Karl, he attends college at night and interns for a few dollars, just to gain some experience. Now before I go further, let me describe Karl a little. Karl is about 19, thin and he has believe it or not some rather shall we say delicate features. For instance, he has hardly any facial hair, he is a little soft spoken and shy and he has hair down to almost his chest.

Now I must confess, I am a bit of a pervert and yes I have fantasized about screwing him, though as I said he is thin, he do... Continue»
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Paying the bills.

In the Virgin Islands the cops pretty much left us alone. We behaved ourselves, didn’t cause problems, and paid some ‘bribes’ in the form of free pussy/ass to not be hassled. It was the same thing with the mini-moke drivers, we all paid in ‘services’ to get free rides (of both kinds).

Paying The Bills in The Islands

This was something the girls schooled me in, from almost the very beginning. If you didn’t want hassled by the cops; you put out. Pretty simple. It was a cost of doing business, an expense and, saved a lot of problems down the road. Besides, the cops were all black and... Continue»
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Born to be Bred

Born to be Bred
Part one

I had been a member of Xhamster for several years and amassed a nice selection of favourite videos, pictures and stories as well as a smattering of my own. Most important to me was my friends list of which probably 95% were classed under the transexual banner although they covered a wider selection from crossdressers, transexuals, Tgirls, transvestites, transgender, femboys, traps and sissies, each one is unique and special in their own way and yet i couldn't help but have favourites. It had been an amb... Continue»
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The shemale transformation. Part 8

So my mom got taken by bigbirtha and i cant believe this happen i mean bigbirtha said she wouldnt harm my mom if i fucked her whats even more bad is that my stumic geting greener something slowly turning me into something even more monstrous well i must get some rest for school next morning ebony cam over she told me aliens have been beeming the girls locker room and that Vanessa is back. Ebony asked do you still love her i side kinda i mean part of me always will but im with you now you shouldn't need to worry ok ebony said just remmber if she fucks you then im going to kill her. Ok that wat ... Continue»
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Sex, d**gs and My Neighbour Daddy

I was 20 years old at the time of this story.


I was a very horny boy throughout my teenage years and despite being straight, I always had fantasies about getting fucked by older, straight and MARRIED men. 

I am an average sized guy with a really small dick (like 3 inches) but a big bubbly ass (lots of people mistake it for a women's) and I fulfil my fantasies but messaging loads of men all over the internet pictures of my naked body and me wearing my mum's lingerie and lots of kinky shit like that. 

I also enjoy sending them videos of me pleasuring my ass with my fingers and anything... Continue»
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Awakening My Trans Nature, My Fourth Experience

A few days later I felt it all catch up on me mentally. I woke up and felt drained and anxious. Managed to get breakfast down but needed to get back to bed not sure why. Got up it became very important to shave as closely as possible. Then to remove as much body hair as possible. I this became increasingly important and I felt myself shaking and breathing fast and shallow. I moisturised myself and put the bra and panties on and then the black flat shoes. It was not a sexy look but that of a normal girl this calmed me down for 15 Mins then the shaking started again but worse than before. I bro... Continue»
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Slave to the Mountain

Ironforge was its usual bustling self, at least off in the busier parts of the city. In a lone, mostly unthought of inn on one of the levels, the moans of an eager whore could be heard as the turgid Dwarf dick was shoved deeper into her body. She lay splayed out on the bar, the doorway barred by the other guards waiting their turn. The Dark Iron slaver who took her, the only other female in the room, was looming over her, naked body dripping with sweat as she shoved a mystical, swollen member into the Draenei's ass.

The taller, leaner, blue woman writhed as she was hilted in, the tumescent ... Continue»
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Halloween party III

Steve handed me my underwear and I pulled them on and went upstairs to the apartment my mom was at. Looking at the bag,she said looks like you didn't have any luck. I smiled and said a little. After a while she said her good byes and we left.

A couple of weeks later we came back to visit, and I asked if I could walk around the building. She said ok, and I took off down the stairs and headed for the pool area. Hearing music around the corner, I went over to see where it was coming from. I seen Steve barbecuing and said hello. He smiled and asked, can I help you. I said it's me, Casper. He la... Continue»
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part 2

The beginning of the end was when my wife started to see a guy who was in our social circle, actually he was a friend of my best friend Tom. Everybody knew what was going on. Nobody said anything to me (I knew as well) and things just sort of went along. However one night I got a call from Tom, usually I didn't pick them up as I would either be in the middle of or about to indulge in my new sexuality. Anyway, this night I was just sitting watching the football match having a beer, so I answered the phone.

"Hey mate I'm in the area, what about you and I have a beer and watch the game togeth... Continue»
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Becoming a sissy, part 1

This is the story about how I went from being an inadequate husband to being a porn addicted goon and finally in the past year fulfilling my sissy ambition to worship a big cock and balls. They belong to my best friend Tom who I have known for 20 years. It was a journey that took a few years but if I had been brave enough when I was younger would have taken no time at all and spared me lots of humiliation (that being said humiliation can be a turn on!)

I'd been married for about six years but our sex life had gradually fizzled out as I proved incapable of satisfying my wife. I have a sm... Continue»
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A shemale transformation part 7

So i woke up in my room thinking i just fucked my mom but it was a dream also the name that i gave in my dream was not her real name my mom name is Jennifer she got big hug tits i mean nice round big perfect. She got big booty thin body thick legs anyway. As i was wakeing tho my door had been kinda open. I know somebody been watching me sl**p or as come in my room i never leave the door open. I walk over to the door mmm nobody there then i close it and start geting ready for school i took my shirt off and felt something different about my stummic i look down it was green like leafs i keep thin... Continue»
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Early morning meet

I just have to share this - 6:00 AM this morning, BING BING my cell phone sounded. I opened the text it was from one of the older men that contacts me now and then. I met him about 10 years ago. He has contacted me now and then over the years.
The message read “Wife just left for the weekend meet me at the lake at 7:00 I want to feel those soft lips of your sliding up and down over my cock, wear one of your the pink skirts.” My reply “OKAY”
I hurried to take a shower and get ready seeing I was still in my sl**ping attire (yellow teddy and panties). I dressed in a cute short pink pleate... Continue»
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My hot wife often let me watch her with bigger, ha

This is the first time I have tried to put into written words the way Lola made me feel when she sat on our couch with another man. We were forged for a life together as gorgeous femdom woman and her bisexual, cross dressing cuckold.

Lola was raised by a selfish mother who lived her sex life vicariously through Lola. She bought my future wife tawdry lingerie, crimson red lipsticks and high heels. She filled her head with advice about how to get the most boys into bed, so she could hear of it later. I stole long slinky black shoulder length satin gloves from the vanity drawers of my friend's... Continue»
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Awakening My Trans Nature, My Third Experience

I was in the main library at the University in one of those little cubicles trying to think and work things through, staring a blank piece of paper. What I was doing was fantastically exciting but why and what did it mean I was mentally and physically? Was I straight, gay or Trans? Was it the clothes, the exposing myself, the being desired? Being thin and pale was not a good look for a Man but it had to be said I made quite a good girl. Thin legs. I wanted to stop badly but more of me wanted to continue. Then there was the matter of my mysterious benefactor “S” who were they? Male, female, st... Continue»
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Unexpected Neighbour

If you follow my profile then you’ll know how much I enjoy camming, both publicly and one-to-one. It’s a real turn on knowing that all you guys are stroking your dicks while I’m playing with myself on webcam and if it’s a 1-to-1 or group show then we can chat in real time and you can tell me what you’d like me to do.

Although it’s not as fulfilling as having someone with you in person, it’s very pleasurable when I’ve got no one around, plus I know my audience enjoys it. I think of it as a public service, making a whole load of guys who I’m never likely to meet for real very happy - from all... Continue»
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Cockatoo Part 17


Nikkie Silk

Previously in Cockatoo

‘I'm sorry, James. It's Kritsada, he wants a word.’ I took the phone from Praew and she disappeared from the room.

‘Hello, khun Kritsada.’

‘Hello, my dear James, I hope you've had a good time with Praew?’

‘Yes, sir. She has been a most gracious host. Is there something I can do for you?’

‘Yes, James, there is. You remember the party I talked about this week? The one you will be coming to?’

‘Yes, of course.’

‘Well, I have request for you, which I hope you will be able to agree to.’

'If I can, sir, I will.’

‘Good, g... Continue»
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a tgirl fantasy fulfilled

My name is tyler i am your average 18 year old guy i just graduated from highschool last month and i am preparing to enter my freshman year of college, but see the thing is i have never gotten the chance to loose my virginity yet i have always wanted to but just never gotten around to doing so. I guess i have myself to blame for this since i was to shy to talk to girls in highschool i always resorted to going home and watching porn instead and this became a habbit till this very day its still a habbit for me but now ive had enough im 18 years old now somethig had to change and it had to change... Continue»
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