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Follow up to "slut in the rain" story


Follow up to my event last week that I posted about “slut in the rain” If you have not read it please do. The man that was kind to me said he would be on his return trip on Wednesday. I gave him my number and told him to contact. Me. Early Wednesday afternoon my I got a text. It was from this nice man indicating he would be passing by not to far away and asked if I could meet him. Of course I said. He said he would be there around 8 pm and would call when he was an hour away I wanted to be perfect for him seeing how kind and caring he was to me so I began to get ready around 4ish. Took a ja… Read more

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The next day with daddy(casual encounter)


The morning after my fantastic night with daddy I wake up with his naked bear body spooned against mine. His big strong arm tightly wrapped around me, his hairy daddy beer belly pressed up against my smooth back and his hard 7in morning wood forced up against my booty. The liquor still in my system adding to my already horny morning self. I roll over turned towards him and begin softly and slowly stroking his cock. With my head rested of his arm I kiss him. Hes fast asleep, I keept kissing him until he begins waking up. He smiles and we begin passionately making out. His cock leaks precum, I u… Read more

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The Wicked Step-Mother - part 3

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The next day Sal was working for home which meant that nobody got up early. Ella got up and started making some coffee since Sal had a machine in her room as well as the kitchen. Outside the bedroom she heard that someone else as up it proved to be Lucy dressed only in a pair of jodhpurs. “Nice fashion choice.” “Hey for once in this lousy summer its hot. In a stable jodhpurs and boots make sense but at least your top half can be cool. “ “You do know I like girls don't you.” “Yes so do I or I wouldn't be interested that way in Alex. Thank you both for last night I took a chance and it worke… Read more

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On the run into a new future...part 02

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Also I heard a thump. His hands released my hands and hair and he fell down. I turned around, scared, eyes wet from all the tears. The first thing I saw was blood. Blood was rushing out of this... this a****l's head. He lay there, silent, not moving. I looked up and saw my mother standing there with a statue of a rock in her hands, blood covering the rock. She too was paralyzed, unable to move. I was staring now too. A dead body on the ground. My mom killed him. I kept crying. She let the rock fall and not a second later she was hugging me, crying on my shoulder. "Oh God Stephanie, I'm so s… Read more

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My first time with a craigslist shemale escort

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Before my current girlfriend I was in a relationship for about 3 years. Towards the end the sex got boring and not as frequent as I’d like. I started browsing for escorts in the area, something I never did before. After looking and looking I was reluctant to spend that money on something if given a little effort I could get for free. When curiosity struck I started looking at the shenale escorts. Prior I had watched some shenale porn in the past and remember getting very turned on by it. So for the next few days I kept going back to this one in particular shenale I found, I’d look at her ad th… Read more

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His first time, Pt 2, as per request

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Well here it is 10 months later and I am finally getting around to continuing my story with Mike. In all of my years dressing and pleasing men, I have only had a man spend the entire night 3 times, this being one of them. In the first part, I met Mike, a man that was interesting in trannies like me, but had never had the pleasure of being with one, until me. I had sucked and drained his big 8 inch cock and then he watched me jerk off for him. I then offered him to stay the night. I made dinner for Mike and I, (it was so much fun making dinner for a man, made me feel like a wife) and we hung… Read more

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Abby T-Girl

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Abby T-Girl, Dick Girl, Trio, Anal/Oral, Multiple partners, Flashing, Fist, Creampie Abbygale had stopped to check on her ole friend Hudson. The rain had poured days prior to the approaching Hurricane Miriam. Hudson was a small town farmer, producing natural grown, clean vegetables. A solitary spirit with few needs and tough as iron, he had never married. She had met him when she was “Albert”, a college educated, agricultural agent. They remained close, even through her transition into a T-Girl. Abby rolled up in her Jeep, horn bl… Read more

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Big cock slut


I’m laying on my stomach as I feel him rip open the back of my pantyhose, my short skirt it pushed up around my waist and a large soft pillow supports my stomach, leaving ample room for my large tits to push deliciously against the bed beneath me. I take a long sexy pull on my cigarette and soon a thick cloud of hot white smoke slides out between my sensuously parted red and puffy lips. I so need this, I’ve so wanted this. I know this is going to hurt. He’s so, so big. And it’s taken me so long to seduce him… I first met Tom at the gym’s Halloween party. His buxom redheaded wife was hanging o… Read more

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Ownership of Madame


„Be there on time and don’t you dare to look at your Madame!“ was the text message sissy received. This was enough to send shivers along her spine. She couldn't concentrate on her business any more. The day was dragging. Finally, she embarked on train and started counting stations to when she will meet HER. sissy was so nervous before placing her finger on the door bell button. Faint sound of bell in the distance could be barely heard. Nothing happened. sissy didn't know what to do. Ring again? And risk Madame getting angry? Even before SHE accepted sissy in her realm? The door opened suddenly… Read more

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Masturbation fantasies 2 - Amanda, queen of the pe


A guy visits a peep show with unexpected results. As he gets to watch a girl with something special, he discovers his hidden desires. This story contains: peep show – voyeur – gloryhole - fake tits – group masturbation – male masturbation – shemale – frottage - titfucking When William finally managed to get past the area that sold sex toys and movies and get near the back of the store where the peep show cabins were located, he felt as if the worst was behind him. His heart, racing till some moments ago, was starting to regain a normal pace as he became more acclimated to being in th… Read more

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4 Times at the Gay Cruising spot, Part 2.

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After the hot sex I had as described in this true story: 4 Times at the Gay Cruising spot, Part 1., http://xhamster.com/stories/4-times-at-the-gay-cruising-spot-part-1-859050 I ran an errand which took about an hour and went back to the gay cruising/pickup area at the city park. The first time I was there there were multiple vehicle in the upper parking area and just the one, the guy I had sex with in the lower area. This time there was only one, a large conversion van/camper in the lower parking lot. I pulled up next to it and parked but did not see anyone in the front. I figured whom ever… Read more

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Wicked stepmother -part 2

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You are invited to read part 1 first ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------. Ella had discovered that whilst her new step mother was very relaxed and liberal that did not mean she was a push over. The afore mentioned step mother was usually called Sal and when relaxed had a broad Essex accent. However Sal despite outward appearances was a very able professional. IF Ella displeased her she suddenly turned into a precisely enunciated and formal person. “OK Sal I know that wasn't… Read more

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Miss Keven Jeanne Bardot Is SUCH A SISSY!

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I have this one regular who comes in every Sunday night. He never gives me money, because for one thing, he’s just not a trick; and for another, he knows I want him probably more than he wants me. He fucks a lot of strippers at the club next door – in fact he’s even fucked my ex wife. I didn’t tell him that she’s my wife, but I asked him once if he’d ever been with Cherish - that's Dani's stage name - and he said he had. I don’t even know his name, but we’ve been having sex together for over 4 years. The routine is always the same; he comes in usually between 5 and 6 pm. I have a booth abou… Read more

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Mummy's boy-girl


Chapter 10 Elaine welcomed Sammy into the shop as she saw her walking in through the rear door allocated for staff only. Come into my sweet office dear girl and let's talk. How did your evening out go? Very well she replied, even the guys you sent were fun in a strange way. What do you mean? Well I was out chilling with John enjoying eyes on me and the occasional hand too - feels good someone touching your body through soft sensuously sexy material don't you think Elaine? Yes dear..so what happened? Well I went to the ladies and..Yes dear I know - shall we watch what happened.. Elaine pla… Read more

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Last week of my free month(casual encounter)

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The morning after my intense night with Anthony, Sunday morning. I wake up still in my lace bodysuit. Bottom half of my bodysuit soaked with lube, sweat and Anthony's cum. I leaked all his cum on my bed since after Anthony's bbc stretched my boipussy the butt plug wouldnt stay in. I went to clean up, shower and get a change of cloths. I chose a spaghetti top, pink v string thong and running booty shorts. I wash my cum stained sheets and some of my sisters cloths that I have gotten covered in strange mens cum. This month has gone by so fast and I only have a week left before my family comes ba… Read more

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Computerservice Teil 33

AnalFirst TimeShemales

Computerservice Teil 33 Der Rest des Tages verlief ruhig und ich war froh dass mein Schwanz sich wieder beruhigt hatte. Beim Abendessen gab mir Diana wieder einen Eiweißdrink zur Stärkung wie sie betonte. „Warum haben wir eigentlich nicht den gleichen wie im Studio“, fragte ich Diana dabei. „Der hier ist aus Japan eine besondere Lieferung für mich, stärkt besonders die Manneskraft und Ausdauer, das Ergebnis hast Du ja heute selbst erlebt“, antwortete Diana und grinste dabei. „Heute noch zwei vor zu Bett gehen, Morgenfrüh und Morgenmittag dann werden wir das Wochenende gut überstehen“, ergänzte… Read more

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Science behind sissification - How does one know t


My Destiny and background: It has been 4 years since i saw my first Sissification Video. It was Sissymaker I, i will never forget cus my excitation was all over the place when i found out what a sissy was. All cus i discovered my true self and the puzzle of my sexuality suddenly made sense. The first few files created a real change in my self image and esteem, now i had the courage to show it openly, I came out of the closet on social media that turned into a shitstorm, i was immune to insults and disappointments from relatives, i just knew that the Sissy life is where i belong. I never stop… Read more

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Discovering Our Housemaid's Secret


It was on a Wednesday afternoon that I reluctantly came home early from work at around 2pm. I noticed my wife's car wasn't there parked in our driveway as usual and that meant I had the house to myself for a while. I didn't tell her or the kiids that I'd be home early so it wasn't exactly a surprise to me. I had just parked my car in my usual spot when suddenly my phone rang and as I picked up my phone I saw it was my darling wife Brenda. She immediately started asking me questions about dinner plans for later or whatever else crossed her busy mind and she just wouldn't give me the pause… Read more

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Hurricane Evacuees

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According to the weatherman, the hurricane was set to make landfall within the next 36 hours. Thankfully, roommates and best friends, Fabrici Mora and Gabriel Valverde, had evacuated the coastal city they now called home. Both of the young men were of Costa Rican heritage and grew up in New York. After finishing their studies to become dental hygienist at Hostos Community College, they decided to move south. They settled on the popular resort that hosted two events which they loved - Black Cycle Week and the NFL’s HBCU Showcase. Each brought an enormous amount of men into the area. Plus, the b… Read more

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Fucked by my Trans Girlfriend


Miss Brat is a curious girl who loves to try everything that this world has to offer to her, especially when it comes to sex-related things. Nina, her transsexual off who has a huge dick and Brat is very curious on how is the sex life of her friend Nina, and her boyfriend. Basically, Miss Brat wants to be fucked by Nina’s huge cock and get all her holes filled with Nina’s love pole. Has usually Brat gets what she wants and if she is curious about a thing, sooner or later she will be doing that, it is her instinct and we think there is nothing wrong about it, don’t you think? Nina agreed&nbsp… Read more

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