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Carla and Mike


Carla and Mike Carl and Mike had been high school friends. Both were average students, Carl better in the classroom, Mike a natural jock. Carl chose college, Mike the military. After being separated a decade they were meeting again. Carl had been an introvert, often the subject of rumor of being gay. Yet never in school had it ever been proved. Mike didn't question and had been a “girl slayer”, but they had a mutual interest in the “Old West” since Carl's great grandfather had been an actual lawman. Carl now lived out west, 40 miles away from t… Read more

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AnalShemalesFirst Time

My first marriage was to a biological female.5 yrs of misery until she dumped me for some black stud. Can’t blame her.My tiny white pee pee was not up to the task. She had often told me to wear panties because tiny dickie's love girly panties. I moved in with my sister Sarah and her hubby Kyle.One evening we watched a sad romantic movie .The guy got dumped and suffered a nervous breakdown.I cried out loud as my brother in law turned off the TV. My sweet sister comforted me. One night she said" Timmie you have really nice… Read more

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Velma Dinkley's Dirty Secret Part Two


"How..." Velma gasped, blancing horribly. Her hands shook so badly it took her a full minute to open the door. When she did, her eyes fixated on the smartphone she'd seen through the peephole. She watched herself masturbating as her lips moved silently. "Should I turn up the sound?" a firm voice asked almost sweetly. At the sound of it, Velma started so hard she nearly leapt out of her shoes. With a little laugh, the stranger shut her door, turned off the smartphone, and slipped it in the side pocket of her white jeans. The stranger was a very tall, toned, black woman with piercing, brown,… Read more

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Caught dressed - what happened after .......

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Hi All this is what happened after i got caught by another guy while i was dressed ( Read the intro here http://xhamster.com/posts/745048 ) Well on to the real thing now.... I just sat there in my room smoking and thinking whether i should call him or not. Well a cpl of drinks and a smoke later i decided if he wants me as a gurl then i might as well have a bit of fun myself. So i called him on the room phone...he picked up in 2 rings Me- Hi.. is that Rajesh ( lets call him 'R' from now on ) R- Yes who is this Me- I am from 201 R- ohh ... Hi ..I thought you wouldn't call What's your na… Read more

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Fun at Bangkok

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On Holiday and Pick up A ladyboy Hooker for some sexy fun As I drove my rental car through the crowded streets of Bangkok, Thailand I stared at the dozens of ladyboy hookers touting for business on the streets. I have always had a thing for transsexuals. Ever since I can remember I have trawled the internet for pictures of shemales and trannys. I just love to look at their huge dicks and big shemale tits. I spend almost every night either looking at pictures or watching pornhub videos of shemale sex. Sometimes I also use a live tranny webcam site and interact with them on there but it has alwa… Read more

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What Internetporn did to me and my ex girlfriends

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I love to collect porn in all kinds of ways and use a program called picassa 3 , an video editing tool from google which they stopped supporting and changed to a new program (Which completely sucks in comparison) . I love to make prinscreens and then edit al those dirty pictures of woman getting destroyed and degraded little by little. It came to such an perverted mindset that i wait for the shot that captures how the slut is actually suffering...or gets surprised by cumshot or a pisslaser in the nose or when she almost had to gag and puke ...which i love ofcoursese .. But why , am I sick? Wh… Read more

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Business trip with rough fuck. <3


It´s June the 11. 2018. This evening i was on a business trip and my mistress Mrs_Petra ordered me to write a paper as i took my dinner in the hotel restaurant to tease a guy and to show what a bitch i am. I asked the waitress for a paper and a pencil and started to write the following text on the paper. "Hello sexy bull, i am a submissive trans bitch who love it to be used. I am wearing sexy lingerie under my jeans and shirt you can see them when i walk away at my back. I will lift my shirt if i walk away. If u are interrested to use my service as a dirty sub slut for free give me a sign and… Read more

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Karen My School Teacher 18


Karen, My School Teacher - Part 18 By HosieryQueen Part 18 I felt a bit frightened that she just left me like this. I looked in the mirror, but I couldn't see anything at all. Just me with a pink ballgag in my mouth, a pink dog collar with ‘pantyhoseslut’ written on it, all bound up. I felt something start vibrate. It went straight to my horny pussy. “Mmm!” Then the machine shoved the dildo, shape gently in my pussy. My god, she wasn't k**ding. It started feeling good. “Mmmm...Mmm!” The next ten minutes were just pure pleasure, but the more I started moaning, the more violent the machine… Read more

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Crossdressing and Jocks (Part 1)

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what they don’t know is that I still dress in women’s clothes to this day. I always longed for my sister to leave the house so I could sneak into her room and wear her panties. My parents running on on me wasn’t a problem because my dad lived across the country and my mom had to work two jobs, so growing up, I pretty much raised myself. I was a year younger than my sister, and when she hit puberty, that’s when the fun really began when her wardrobe updated with bras, thongs, crop tops, short shorts, and other slutty clothes. My sister was especially slutty, and I don’t blame her, seeing as we… Read more

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sissypuss sucks hot black man

First TimeGay MaleShemales

Hi If you have looked at my hamster profile,its obvious that I am a sissy that took the long road to accepting and eventually be quite proud to be a sissy cocksucker. Today ,I had a vacation day to use up so I couldnt decide if I should put on my faavorite outfit and drive an hour to a great adult video/bookstore or spend the day in the sun at a close by "clothing optional" spot in the woods by a beautiful stream. The weather was forecasted to be 80 with no clouds and no humidity.. A rarity where I live and even more rare so far this late spring. If I went to the video store I would have my f… Read more

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She turned into a Shemale


The weekend had just got under way and from the start of that Saturday you could tell something was in the air. She was acting like a shark with blood in the water. The day started with her rolling over and grabbing my Ballz with an aggressive fist, stretching them out, shaking my cock. The signs were there for a day filled with wonder and experimental crazy sex. The day moved along slow after that, we went out shopping, she tried on dresses to tease, we ate and just spent the day wandering together. The connection between us was intense, and passionate with little grabs and pull ins with… Read more

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Waiter to waitress

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I cant believe that I finally dressed up like a girl. I was living down the beach at Cape Cod {CC} for the summer .I shared a large 3 BR {Bedroom }house with my sort of GF, 2 other girls and some dude without a job.{He was selling MJ but was buddies with the landlord.} We had to share one bathroom and it got a bit hectic with bras, nylons and tampax all over.I am about 5'9 '' with strawberry blonde hair. I was in good shape from jogging but had one constant problem. 3 inch cock.My GF was giving me less sex and… Read more

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Aunty Honey Part 1

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Aunty Honey invites me to visit her Part 1 It seemed strange to receive an invite from my Aunty Honey, I hadn’t seen her in years, though when I was younger I used to be a regular visitor. Still I thought, how nice, the old girl still remembers me! So I bought a train ticket and went to her house once again. Knocking on the door it all came back, how she seemed just a little different from my other relatives, I was much younger of course and I just couldn’t quite put my finger on it, anyway, too late! The door swung open and there she was. Just as I remembered, tall, certainly classy, slightl… Read more

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Jesse (Jane) and the Landlord

ShemalesFirst TimeGay Male

James was in guy mode, but sitting like a prissy princess, browsing his favorite online crossdresser store, looking at lingerie, breast forms, and sex toys. He was just about to hit the “check out” button, when suddenly he heard someone at the door. Knock. Knock. Knock. James quickly shut his laptop lid. He cleared his throat and checked the door. It was his Landlord, Ronald. He wasn’t supposed to be here for another fifteen minutes. He guided him in to the kitchen. It was rather hot that day, so James was wearing an old gym short-shorts. James could feel Ronald’s eyeing his legs. "Would you l… Read more

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Dear Diary His Secret

ShemalesFetishGay Male

Hi All - When a friend of mine who I have been with many times over the years asked me for a favor I was skeptical when he told me a married guy he knew is a closet gay. He has kept his feeling penned up all his life and only had a few encounters. My friend had told him about me and asked if I would meet him. I though about it feeling so sorry for the man I agreed. The man (Gary) contacted me and I invited hon to my home to get acquainted. That Saturday evening (his wife out of town) he stopped over. I was peaking out of the window as he pulled up "mmmm not bad" i though as he walked to the d… Read more

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Abandoned Parking Lot: Part 1

ShemalesFirst TimeGay Male

PART 1 It begins... Well, I found out that Anne fucked that professor again. She came to my dorm drunk at 3am, fighting with me, calling me a little bitch and pussy, and she began slapping my face. I won’t even get started on what she was on about. I tried calming her down, but whenever I said anything she just slapped me, or if I tried to stop her from drinking more from her loaded thermos, she pushed me. She said, “I’m going to F*** that professor again. By the way, his cock, is like, way bigger than yours.” I didn’t care to chase her down, I just stood in my doorway watching her drunk ass… Read more

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First Shopping Trip

ShemalesFirst Time

So it was the afternoon of Sunday 10 June 2018 and I was doing my usual Sunday afternoon cam session. I was wearing this outfit for the session: http://xhamster.com/photos/gallery/10164404/200989707 Had a lot of my regular viewers come to view so it was a nice chatty afternoon and though, yes I did a bit of ass wiggling for the guys there was nothing too sexual going on. The conversation got around to some of the guys wishing they could meet me and me telling them I'm not confident enough in my look to actually go out in public. I have been out in public a number of times, but usually eithe… Read more

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Abandoned Parking Lot: Part 1

ShemalesGay MaleFirst Time

Title: Abandoned Parking Lot Description: After fighting with a drunk girlfriend, a boy is fed up with women. He decides to finally live out a fantasy he's had for years. It begins... Well, I found out that Anne fucked that professor again. She came to my dorm drunk at 3am, fighting with me, calling me a little bitch and pussy, and she began slapping my face. I won’t even get started on what she was on about. I tried calming her down, but whenever I said anything she just slapped me, or if I tried to stop her f… Read more

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بنت مراتي الشيميل


تبدأ القصة عندما سافرت الي سويسرا و بدأت العمل في احدي الكازينوهات و كانت صاحبت الكازينو اسمها جوليا عمرها حوالي 40 سنه كانت جميلة بمعنى الكلمه بيضاء طوالها 170سم عيون زرقاء حسم متناسق رفيعه نسبيا ليست نحيفه ولا سمينه شعرها اسود يميل الى الحمرة عملت عندها 6 شهور ثم بدأت علاقتي بها تأخذ مجرى اخر حيث اصبحت تتكلم معي كثيرا و تضحك معي ثم تطور الامر ان عزمتني على حفلة عيد ميلاد بنتها لينا و في الحفلة رأيت البنت حيث كانت نسخه من امها و لكن بسن 19 سنه كنت فاكر انها عزماني علشان اقدم مشروبات و لكني وجدت نفسي ضيف زي اي ضيف وعرفتني على المعزيم بعد الحفلة روحت نمت و تاني يوم روحت الشغل عادي بعد كده اخ… Read more

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Velma Dinkley's Dirty Secret, Part One


"Jinkies," Velma groaned wearily, fairly falling into her apartment. Her slightly stocky legs were riddled with pain, and her feet were on fire inside her black Mary Janes. Her usually bright, black, eyes stung horribly behind her square glasses. Nothing in all her years of unmasking crooks had ever worn her out like this. She had just returned from Widow's Peak, home of the stately Connerly Manor. Its occupants had died two years apart, of natural causes, but now, mysterious fires were appearing throughout the property. There had also been sightings of an eerie, white, figure. The Connerly… Read more

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