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Discovering Our Housemaids Secret: Part 3

First TimeAnalShemales

It was another short day at work, having finished all my requirements early so that I could hurry back home. I just knew Kim would be waiting for me upstairs, and just the thought of it made me hard as I quickly left the building, heading for the parking lot. I got home as soon as I could, parking my car in the driveway, and the smile on my face faded suddenly, when this time I noticed that my wife's car was there... I slowly crept inside the house, leaving all my keys on the entrance table, and I heard the familiar sound of the vacuum cleaner that I loved so damn much. I called out for my… Read more

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The Conference


This is a purely fictional story, something that I think about from time to time and wouldn't be totally opposed to it becoming a reality. I have been an on and off crossdresser for as long as I can remember, but never get enough time to dress, and use every opportunity that I'm alone to explore and push myself even further. Some of the best times that I'm able to dress is when I am away at conferences, I'm able to dress privately in my room without anyone interrupting me but fantasize if someone did. Knowing that I had a week away coming up, I started to plan my week and potentially push thi… Read more

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The Shopping Trip

FetishShemalesFirst Time

Hi, this piece is true fiction, but I wouldn't be disappointed if it became a reality :) A little background before we begin, my name is Alexis and I'm a 33-year-old transgender male, while in a less than supportive relationship I try to dress as much as possible. But purging and self-doubt have caused me to throw away all my pretty things :( Starting a new, and with no funds, I've explored alternate means to meet my needs, almost like having a habit I can't shake. It all started when I casually posted online in search of someone that could help push and guide me further in my journey to bec… Read more

Posted by alexismack 4 hours ago 157

I just wanted to try

Interracial SexGay MaleShemales

It seemed so much fun I've watch her new vids all the time one is out cute little sissy girl waiting all dress sexy on a pillow in front of her glory hole I've watch so many nice black cock getting suck like a candy by her I've wanted to be at her place, secretly sucking on a fat cock seemed so much fun for panty lovers like me I fought the idea for a month , wearing my freshly undies from amazon and realistic bbc suction cup toy and one weekend i finally set it up , in my loby, the cardboard door with its hole nervously downloading grdnr my little sissy nature starting to take over sm… Read more

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Filipina Wife With Sissy White Husband, Part 2

HardcoreInterracial SexShemales

I drove home from Corey's adult video store, my head reeling. My cunt was messy from leaking cum, and I squirmed in my seat knowing that my lavender short shorts were a MESS! I was so hard thinking about all the cock I had sucked at Corey's - first time in over 2 years! My marriage to Dani had been a total mistake - that was eminently clear to me now. I had used her because I was unwilling to admit to myself that I was a queer! Well! I mean, I had been crossdressing and fantasizing about being a lady since puberty! And in the years leading up to my marriage to Dani, I had alternatively repulse… Read more

Posted by angrybrute 10 hours ago 1 461 100%

Charity begins at home (Part 2)

Lesbian SexMatureShemales

Charity begins at home (Part 2) I composed myself and started to pace around the bedroom, the butt plug seemed to be drawn into my bottom as I walked, my “Dolly” was fully erect and with every stride it felt like an electric pulse went through it, the pleasure was intense. “Now ‘Sally’ I want you to sit, in front of the mirror of the dressing table, whilst I apply your make up and wig”, Auntie said. As I sat and marvelled at the transformation I couldn’t help thinking about what lay ahead. “Auntie”? “What are we going to be doing this evening”? “All in good time my dear, now pout your… Read more

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Love at first sight!

First TimeShemales

“I’m in love!” those were the first words I wrote to her. Thankfully she laughed and sent back an “Lol, you’re cute.” I met her on an online dating site and I could not believe how beautiful her body looked. There was only one photo on her profile, the one where she is hiding her face, but I was already hooked. A dream come true, I thought to myself. I had never been with a girl like this, a Tgirl, before but had always wanted to. I had always dreamed of it.… Read more

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Lay Bye Meet


I've always loved dressing up in women's clothes. I'm always working out a really hot fantasy I wanted to act out and this week I decided to go for it. Early in the evening I prepared myself. I stripped and showered and gave myself a warm enema to clean out my arse. I dressed in my thong, hold-ups, bra and slip - all black -and I topped it off with a fitted yellow jacket. I packed some other stuff in a rucksack, then pulled on a sweater and some jogging bottoms over my outfit and drove off to a well known local gay dogging site - a quiet lay-by. It was getting dusk, the right… Read more

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Getting caught, second time!


Another True Story, Getting caught This happened about 3 months after I got caught at a rest area. This time I decided on my trip up to northern Wisconsin, I would change my route. I dressed as usual and started my drive. The sun was just about coming up, and as always when I drive to Greenbay, I dress up. I love passing semi's and hope they look down into my truck and see me dressed. I would even hike up my skirt to show the top of stockings, especially on my right side with a little skin showing. What a turn-on! As I drove, cars and trucks passed me cause I was doing 65 mph in the left la… Read more

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sissy rules


A sissy must wear panties. He does not own any male underwear. A sissy may wear a bra and pink or brightly colored tights or leggings. A sissy must sleep in lingerie. If he does not have any, he must sleep naked. When alone, a sissy must dress as a girl. Good sissies wear lipstick while alone. A sissy always keeps himself free of facial hair, and is otherwise well groomed. He must always be presentable, ready to please. Good sissies shave their legs Every morning after he wakes up, a sissy strips naked, tucks his boy-clit between his legs and stands in the corner of his room for 10 minutes. He… Read more

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7 Ideas to Feel Girly that You Should Try


You’re a beta male, but you want to be girly. You want to wear dresses, skirts, lingerie, heels, cute outfits, etc. You want pretty hair, smooth skin, a softer walk and gentler mannerisms. You also want to be accepted as your girly self, but that’s not going to happen–at least not publicly and maybe not in your lifetime. You have family or friends, work, school, and social activities where you’d like to feel girly, but you know you must portray “man.” That’s tough, isn’t it? But is all lost? I don’t think so and I want to share with you seven ideas that can help you feel girly when you must b… Read more

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Down Low, Hope They Don't Know


The man picked out a couple of green apples for his lunch. As he waited in the line to check out, he overheard to co-workers talking. “Girl, I can’t stand her,” admitted the short, brown-skinned dude with bleach blonde tipped twists. “Me, either,” jeered the rotund, caramel woman. “That’s why I be suckin’ her nigga’s dick,” he lisped. “What?” “Yeah! We been creepin’ since the Christmas party.” “Really?!?” “Girl, don’t act surprised. You know I be pullin’ niggas.” The man pretended to ignore. He completed his purchase and went to his car. He placed a phone call after buckling in. “Hey, baby… Read more

Posted by faggyboi 1 day ago 780 100%

The First Date


Intro To start, just a little bit about myself. I am a 34-year-old crossdresser that has been dressing for most of her life and has reached a certain breaking point of needing to transition. My stories are a way for me to deal with my dysphoria and provide me with guidance as I continue this journey. I’ve met folks that have inspired me to write these stories, so, for now, they are a work of fiction, but maybe one day a reality. Chapter 1 We had been chatting back for forth for weeks, Sir, as I would refer to him, had been becoming for and more infatuated with me, I was beginni… Read more

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Picked up in a Parking lot


Like all my stories, this 100% true as far as I can recollect. This was back in the 90s and I had gotten back into dressing after so many collect and purge cycles. A couple of months prior to this night, I had met a married couple at a get together at the home of a swinger couple. The husband was a crossdresser and his wife was a very cute little thing. At the time my son was still living with me so dressing was always a challenge. They told me that if I ever needed a place to dress, I could always come over to their home which was only 10 minutes from where I lived. So, I made arrangements… Read more

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making of cindy

Interracial SexShemalesGay Male

part 2 It has been 30 minutes , i cant see the road and really dont care , on my knees , in the cute white panty sucking daddy bbc He stop and i tought i was home, looking up at him getting a cute white necklace on me with glittering fake diamond ''lets go baby boy, daddy have so many surprises'' looking around trying to figure out where we are in the middle of a wood in total pitch black ''where are we daddy?'' ''its one of the surprise'' getting a leash from his pocket ''daddy....'' ''shhhh i dont want to loose you little pet'' ''lets go , get on your knees, i said get on your k… Read more

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Crossdressed In Best Friend’s Mom’s Clothes 9


I cleaned myself in my behind and there was still cum oozing out of my pussy. Wow, dad had cummed a lot inside of me. I soaped my whole body after I was done cleaning my hole. It was a really nice shower my dad had - all glass walls, with a huge window view over the city, and as it was in the middle of the night, it was real pretty. Even peaceful. I grabbed a towel and dried myself off, and just put the towel around over my tits, and it went down over my butt-cheeks. I walked out into the living room where my dad was sitting with a cup of coffee and just some jeans on. He was about to get up… Read more

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The Nanite Maker

ShemalesAnalGroup Sex

------------------------------The Nanite Maker-------------------------------- by themoonatic Jackie luxuriated on her back in post orgasmic contentment, the semen oozing from her sphincter with a tickling sensation that made her shudder with another wild orgasm, her seemingly nutless eight inch cock jumping and giving her the full sensations of ejaculation without the fluids. She had her testicles retracted up inside, awaiting her command to descend and produce more ch!ldren or just make a mess. Almost a year had passed since she tendered her resignation at the power plant, signed another… Read more

Posted by themoonatic 2 days ago 12 396 75%

Daddy's 'girl' - episode 1

ShemalesVoyeurFirst Time

Daddy's 'girl' Episode 1 - One hot and sexy night It's just past 1.00am and I am about to sleep, having tossed and turned in bed for the past half hour, when I hear the door to my bedroom open and I feel you come near me. 'Sweetie?.............are you asleep already? Daddy's here to tuck you in bed' you ask softly, sitting at the edge of my bed just beside me. 'Hmmm.........Daddy?........I'm.......I'm just about to sleep' I answer, eyes closed almost asleep, lying on my side facing away from you. 'You smell wonderful dear' you say as you lay beside me, kissing behind my ears, your hand bru… Read more

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Picked Up In A Parking Lot


Like all my stories, this is 100% true as far as I can recollect. This was back in the 90s and I had gotten back into dressing after so many collect and purge cycles. A couple of months prior to this night, I had met a married couple at a get together at the home of a swinger couple. The husband was a crossdresser and his wife was a very cute little thing. At the time my son was still living with me so dressing was always a challenge. They told me that if I ever needed a place to dress, I could always come over to their home which was only 10 minutes from where I lived. So, I made arrangemen… Read more

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Attracted to Men or their Cocks?


I have been reading a lot of confessions from sissies the last couple of days. There exists one trope that appears in nearly all of the confessions. Namely, a lot of sissies likes to make it abundantly clear that they are not 'gay.' They insist that while they love cocks, and wants to have sex with men, they can never see themselves in a devoted relationship with a man. They rationalise it by saying that real men are to them nothing more than sentient sex toys, and just as they don't fall in love with their dildo, they won't fall in love with their man. Even after the sissy has been fucked bli… Read more

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