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me n my gf

Jb hamari nai nai friendship hui thi to who mujhse milne bhi aati to
kisi na kisi ko sath lekar aati aur main use kuch bhi na kr pata hum
roj mob par sexy bate bgerah kiya krta tha pr abhi tk main use chu tk
ni paya tha par ek bar mujhe yeh mouka mil gya 14 feb ko balentine
day par hamara milna tay hua aur who akeli aa rhi thi to maine
mcleodganj ghumne ka program bnaya aur bahan mera ek friend
hotel me job karta tha use maine room arrange karne ke liye bola jb
mcleodganj pahunche to gf ko btaya ki hum hotel me chalte hai par
man ni rhi thi par kisi tarah use maine mnaya aur hotel ke r... Continue»
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The English Gentleman and His American Tart

I was early in Northern England, 7am, but William sat waiting in the Manchester Airport for an International Flight from Chicago to arrive. Despite his best efforts, he was nervous. No, not nervous-nearly quaking in anticipation.

In a short time, the plane would land and she'd be here. She'd actually be here. No more texting on What's App, or sharing photos of each other over Facebook, she'd actually be standing in front of him and he felt himself terrified of how she'd react when she saw him.

It was true he was quite tall and sometimes unsure of himself, but today he'd dressed in her ... Continue»
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Anal Sex with the French Foreign Exchange Student

That night I awoke at 3:00 AM. Lack of sl**p from abusing Emile's tiny French asshole almost 'till dawn the previous night and at breakfast had caught up with me. My wife lay next to me asl**p in a deep slumber as a result of another round of sl**ping pills. Like last night, I gave her an aggressive shake yet got no response. Although it was much later than the previous night, I still had a small window of time to slip out of bed to m***** Emile. When I arrived to her room she was asl**p, probably exhausted from last night's abusive encounter. I lifted her covers to find that she was completel... Continue»
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Nightmare turns in to a dream come true

The following account happened a few years ago, some details have been changed to preserve anonymity.

We arrived in the London hotel late in the evening. It had been a long coach journey down from Scotland and everyone was tired. There was a large group of us down for a college outing and it would be an early start the next morning. To save costs there would be two persons sharing a room (but in separate beds) and there wasn't supposed to be any mixed sex sharing.

The way the numbers f... Continue»
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Sharing my s****r

part one

This story relates to events that began in April 1981.

I was 13 at the time and my eldest s****r was 15, 2 weeks off her 16th birthday, I was a very shy and naive young teenager with no experience of the female species at all when this started, although I had a group of 5/6 close male friends who had been having group masturbation sessions for around 7/8 months, these started off with just masturbating in front of each other, to actually pairing off and masturbating each other. On the last session I had actually received oral sex off one of them.

Anyway on to my s****r, as I... Continue»
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Ever since I was a small boy, I would sneak in my parents room where my mom and dad kept a stash of sex toys by the bed. I was so young, I could barely get a hard on but I would take mom's dildo and cram it in my tight little asshole.
It always felt good and I knew from even that young pre high school age that my ass was something that was special.

One summer I had two of the neighborhood guys stay over for the weekend and that night, after my parents went to bed, the three of us started kinda fooling around and by touching each others cocks and balls and a couple of us even kissed ea
... Continue»
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Dirty Tales From the Past

I enjoy when my wife talks to me about her previous experiences while we're fucking. I suspected she had an active past before she met me, but until I got her to open up, I had no idea! She tells the stories to me while she blows me or fucks me, and she tells them with many details. I lay back, listen, and feel her work me. It's almost like I was there with her when they happened.

Here's one of her many tales:

Her first black man was when she turned eighteen, just after her birthday. He was in his late 20's. She volunteered as a candy striper in a local hospital. He was an orderly. Whil... Continue»
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Work Friends Nude House Party, Part 2

This is a continuation of part 1:

So having been left with a fully erect cock stood infront of my work friend Tina at her nude house party, I turn to her as she glances down at my cock. "I think I'm going to be stuck like this for a while" I giggle as she jumps off the kitchen side and stands close to me.

"I know what may help, come follow me" she winks as she turns and walks past me, her breasts brushing lightly against my arm as she does so, making my dick twinge. I follow her, again watching her ass say as she heads to the back door... Continue»
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Last few men on eath (Part 2 )

After getting the best blow job I have ever had I was just lying there thinking why she left just like that. The I was thinking Kim was standing next to us the hole time not really paying attention to what was happening in the room. Then I noticed that Kim was looking at me and I began to think wow I'm still fully naked. I thought to myself I should maybe dress sins I didn’t know what would happen next. Just as I grabbed my underwear to put it on Kim said her first words to me. “You don’t need to do that it’s not over yet.”

My mind got stuck on that not over yet was going to happen. Then I... Continue»
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I just had this great bus ride ... So did I!

As soon as I understood why there's a difference between boys and girls I felt I wanted to press my hard cock against a girl, or a woman.
I took every opportunity there was. Any queue was good for me, in school, waiting for the bus, whatever.
I tried to press my bulge against an ass, a hip or even a hand. Fully clothed, of course, but I had a some great teenage cum-in-my-pants experiences, mainly in crowded buses.
As I left my teens this urge of mine became more like an obsession. I seldom took the quick way back home after work, I usually picked the most crowded bus, just to make sure I ... Continue»
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Our First Time 3-Way; Big Time 3-Way

Our First Time 3-Way; Big Time 3-Way
This is the second story that I’ve written for the “X” and I hope you all like it as much as the first one. Again, I attest that this is a true story, so help me, and I am not making this up. It happened a while ago before we became full time swingers, and were just finding our way into this wonderful lifestyle.
Joanie and I had talked many times about taking our sex life to the next level. This time Joanie actually produced the stones to do something about it. She always was the one that pushed the sex farther each time we moved it forward. I’m talking... Continue»
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Michelle's Big surprise

My Surprise Encounter
This story is fiction and did not really happen and was only a dream

Hello My name is Michelle I live in upstate New York.
I am a 42 year old Female and ,I am Bi-Sexual which means to some of you that don't know that means I like Women and Men. I am 5'9 160 brown hair and brown eyes with 40 DD breasts. I am half Dominican and half Irish.
Well any way here is what happened in My dream last night.
I started out like any other night seriously boring. So I talked My boyfriend Mark into going out to eat At My favori
... Continue»
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My Story (My Husband'S Corrections)

My Story (My Husband's Corrections)
It was a Friday night, my husband Joe and I were taken into Club 20.
I had a good feeling, and was reasonably relaxed, although there were many men who looked at me.
First we stood at the bar and got a cup of coffee. We talked a little with a high, slightly bald guy in the fortieth, Jens. We had seen him on a previous visit, on a couple evening, with his wife.
Soon after, we went into the film room, which was dark and only the film lit up a bit.
There was room on one of the front sofas where Jens already sat, and I sat down in the middle between him an... Continue»
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strap on fun and more

He was very handsome and very curious to certain sexual acts. He had been longing for a woman to take him anally, he spent most of his masturbating thinking of his dream woman all in black leather, thigh high boots, and she place’s his collar around his neck leading him into her private room with all of her toys for pleasure with the attached leash. She smiled at him seeing he was nervous being with her, his eyes widened when she picked up her flogger and began strapping her hand.

“I think you have been a very naughty boy.” She told him in an almost eerie whisper.

“Yes Mistress, I have ... Continue»
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I'm fucking Santa Claus

It was Christmas time, just a few days after Black Friday, the biggest shopping day of the year. Kyle was looking for some new clothes at a store when he overheard two sales girls gossiping about the new mall Santa Claus.

Girl 1: “Have you seen the new Santa Claus at the mall? I hear he’s a total a dirty old man.”

Girl 2: “No, what did you hear?”

Girl 1: “My friend Chloe told me that she went to get a photo with her on Santa’s lap as a lark, but when she was sitting on his knee, she started to slide down and he grabbed her, trying to cop a feel.”

Girl 2: “Gross!”

Girl 1: “And ... Continue»
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My wifes new job

Angela got ready for her first day of work at the LE
GIRLS agency in downtown Manhattan. She felt anxious
but mostly disgusted with having to get the job. It was
only because of her husband that she got it to begin
with. He had lost another job and now hung around the
house in his underwear looking shabby and mostly
pathetic. Life had been very difficult most times with
him but now they were near impossible. Even their sex
life suffered. Where once they had sex every night, now
they barely had it once a month.

She looked at herself in the mirror. Not too bad she
thought... Continue»
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He Got Used and Didn't Mind. (Part 1)

I am getting back into the habit of writing stories. As I have done in the past physical features of characters are left to the imagionation. Please comment on this if you like to let me know when I need to write part 2.

Dave met Jesse online and they kicked it off well due to things they have in common. Since they lived in the same city they decided to meet in person at Jesse's place. Dave had been working side jobs and told his wife Lucy that his new friend Jesse wanted to talk out some jobs he may have available, and off he went.

Once there a conversation took place about common inte... Continue»
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me nd my mom

Hai frnds i am suresh. Age 15. I am a studant. Ithu 2011 varudathil nadantha unmai kathai. My f****y dad, mom and me. En appa contractions manager. Amma janaki age 36. 5' tall. Size 34 32 38. Nala sivapu niram. Amma Ladies club member. Appa companyki unmaia work panraru. So epavum busy. Engalidam ore oru car than irunthathu. Athai appa use seithar. Appa epothum vetileye irukamatar. Mor 8am ponal nt 11pm than vetirku varuvar. Athanal ammavirku velie poga siramaka irunthathu. Athanal appa puthithaka car onru vankinar. Ammavirku car ota theriathathal driver oruvarai velaiki serthar. Avar peyar ra... Continue»
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Alicia's first lesson in deprivation play

“What do you mean by sensory play? I am not into anything rough, you are right about that. But I think you are talking about something else.” The beautiful young lady opened the door for me to go through and open her eyes to a whole different way of looking at sex. Two drinks later, we each entered the date and time for her education to begin on our smart phones and went our separate ways.

I arrived at the motel, paid for the room and went to the car and got my bags and headed up to the room to get started. I texted Alicia the room number and gave her directions. I then began unloading... Continue»
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My first Woman in Bed, my Neighbour

My first Woman in Bed, my Neighbour

This is my story of my first intimate relation with neighbour aunty a the age of 18 when i was doing my graduation in Vizag.Her name is kala. she had one small k**, the women in the above pic is kala only. that was clicked when our families went to agra together.she is fair and young but her age is 30.Though i call her aunt,she doesn’t look like that but looks like a hot 25 years lady because of her well maintained physic.Yes i can tell her physic as 34-24-34 isn’t that sexy enough for a 30 year old lady who is always d****d in a... Continue»
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