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Part 8

My Husbands overseas business trip.

As I laid in bed Thursday night all pleasured, I received a message from Andy saying:" Hey Lauren how you? Hope you had a great day. Just want to confirm we still on for breakfast at 10h00 tomorrow?
I replied back saying: Hey hun, I did in fact have a good day hope you did too. Yes we still on for breakfast and I look forward to seeing you there.
Awesome see you tomorrow he replied back ending a short conversation for the evening and not long later I fell asl**p.

After a good night's sl**p I got up a little earlier and had a refreshing shower. Once ... Continue»
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Life can be fun even if you are as clumsy as me
So we were a lot younger then, married just a year and into anything exiting, now were old and happy with one another but then ah well perhaps I had better tell you all about it!
Well she was a pretty little thing then, 5ft 10” of shapely nice round arse, magic tits the works, about 10 stone not a sexual big hitter but an enquiring mind, that spoke of things to come , or is that cum!
Her name is pat, she`s not 10 stone now nearer 20 I suspect, but it`s been fun this last 30 years and I ain`t the 12 stone bean-pole I was now either so who am I ... Continue»
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The Widow (Part 5).

After our quick - and separate - showers, we dressed hurriedly and emerged from our rooms just about on time. No-one could guess that I had just woken Tochukwu with a sensuous blowjob. But I had slept in his bed after a great evening of sex. So far it was looking like a nice business trip.

We were working with different groups at this company, so we weren't together all morning. I was just finishing lunch in the company cafeteria when Tochukwu came in to eat. We found a chance to talk alone, but tried not to act like lovers.

"You certainly are looking radiant," he told me.

"You just t... Continue»
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Susanna Francessca, stripper showing a lot of puss

This is a story about someone who saw her Susanna Francessca stripping in a club. What a sexy exhibitionist minx she is….

“I photographed Susanna a couple of times at her studio in Warwick. Then one day I phoned her to book a photo-session with her the following Friday evening. She told me that she couldn’t do it because she was stripping in a club that evening. She said ‘Only topless, of course’, but there was something in her voice that made me believe that wasn’t true. I asked her what club is was, because I’d like to go there and watch, but she refused to tell me, only that it was in th... Continue»
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Last Week

I've been friends with Will and Thomas for... about ten years? We met in the seventh grade, and have been best friends ever since. Went through middle school, High School, College, various relationships, everything of the sort. Tom and I came out together last year, leaving Will as the straight friend. Tom and I have become inseparable. Which makes sense why we had hot sex last week.


Will, Tom, and I hadn't seen eachother in a few months, we got jobs away from eachother, found relationships, all that jazz. We planned to meet up last Wednesday, go out for some drinks, come bac... Continue»
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Why I laughed getting my first facial

In my bio, I've stated that the first time I ever got a cumshot to my face, I laughed. Well, there is a whole story behind this and I'm more than happy to share.

May 1st, 2017: the next-to-last day of finals before the spring semester finished. My guy friend/then-more-than-friend (who is this fine white guy with a beard, a lotta body hair, and a nice cock) finished his last final, and I messaged him about it because we had talked about me coming over to his place a week prior. I had just finished setting up an interview for an internship (that I never ended up getting, oh well! it was an ex... Continue»
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I was down in the basement rummaging through a few cardboard boxes that were in various states of decay when I found one which contained about six dvd discs. They were unmarked and the couple of the jewel cases had been smashed by some rough, insensative handling. I put them aside for the moment and continued digging through the boxes but found nothing of any interest. I was upstairs when I rememberd about the discs and ran back to fetch them. I just suspected that they were nothing more than boroing old home movies transfered over onto dvd and gave them little thought until later in the eveni... Continue»
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Short and Sweet: Brittany's first feel of a B

So this isn't so much of pure 10/10 rated fap content as it is my first actual experience with a Black man trying to get into my pants in public.

So, as of 8/27/17 I've been back from NYC for about three days and I still can't help but giggle and get a shiver when thinking about it. A quick TLDR for this story is that my fiance had to fly home a day before me for a business trip, otherwise this wouldn't have even happened.

I woke up late as shit for my bus back to the airport. Not like "Miss your flight and rush through the airport while forgetting to put on underwear" kind of late, but ... Continue»
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maybe one day

Arrive home from work, he is already home and has a naughty glint in his eye. I have bought you a present he says its upstairs on the bed, I will be up in 5 minutes he says as he squeezes my bottom.

I go upstairs there is indeed a present a Black Lace Bodystocking. I put it on he comes in and runs his hands over me, does it feel as good as it looks he asks, of course I reply.

I have another surprise for you, lie face down on the bed he says.

I do as he asks. Ever wanted to be tied up he asks as he reaches down the side of the bed and produces a cuff which he puts around my wrist. I gi... Continue»
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The Party: Encountering Jazmine

It's the middle of the Fall season, and what better way for a celebration in college than a Halloween Party! The combination of students dressing up as either their favorite heroes or better yet, a couple of their favorite characters from different games and series! Having started the party pretty early, there's no way that someone could just find their way in and not recognize any of their friends if they were dressed differently. However: There's a major few who, for lack of better terms, stand out withing the rooms. And there's the chance one lucky person could be sl**ping with a select amo... Continue»
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The Widow.

I was an 18 year old virgin when I was married, believe it or not. I had very little experience with any kind of sex. My husband had been my only serious relationship, and he treated me like a lady, even when I was only 16. We had been married nearly 10 years when he was taken ill and died.

For more than 2 years I had no desire to date. So here I am a 31 year old widow, and now starting to realise that I greatly missed the feeling of a man. A man's strong arms holding me, a man's lips kissing me, a man's sweating body on top of me, a man's hard penis sinking deep into me. Oh, my, where had... Continue»
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Meeting My Ex.

I stepped on the jet and took my seat, ready for the long flight. I was travelling home for a two week vacation after moving away for my career one year ago. Since I left and while I was in college I have one night stands, which several have progressed into friends with benefits but no serious relationships. I never wanted anything more than just sex. I had my first serious girlfriend in high school, her name is Ebele. We were both virgins when we met but soon had a very healthy and active sex life. I had not seen her since we broke up in my first year of college. A few weeks ago I thought tha... Continue»
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My Day Of Pleasure.

I kept turning it over and over in my mind as I drove, feverishly, through the mid afternoon, school mom traffic. Stopping to think that I might be able to beat her home... it's a quarter to four and she should almost be finished with her dentist appointment. Man that was close! Ran a couple of stop signs, hoping no police were around, down the familiar block, past the old house-where my old girlfriend used to live. I sure fucked her ass off; more than a couple of times, but that is a far cry from the ...oh shit!

I almost missed the turn. Just a few short moments ago...a mere twenty minute... Continue»
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Part 2

My Husbands overseas business trip

Tuesday and Wednesday went by rather well and Thursday night after fetching my daughter from school I went past my husband's parents and had supper their. They loved the fact that they got to spend time with their grandaughter and during supper I asked them if they would mind looking after her Saturday afternoon and night till Sunday midday as I was invite to a friend's birthday ( which was obviously a lie).They said sure no problem at all and were looking forward to having their grandaughter for the night. My daughter and I then soon left for home and onc... Continue»
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Bored Business Wives Club - Invitation

Bored Business Wives Club - Invitation

My ex-girlfriend, who has been married for five years, called me un-expectantly and wanted to meet up! Not being one to pass up on the opportunity to have lunch with the most beautiful woman I’ve ever bedded, I said, “Yes.” We had a superb meal. I enjoyed catching up, flirting and admiring her gorgeous lines. Sally is now 30+, shapely legs, firm round bum and her 37D boobs are now a little larger after having a baby a couple years ago. As the meal comes to an end she says, at last, the reason for the get-together.
“I’m in a circle of ten women, wel... Continue»
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Part 1

My Husbands overseas business trip.

Monday at 6h00 my husband said goodbye to our daughter and as I walked him to his car he gave me a passionate kiss goodbye as he would be gone for 3 weeks for his anual business trip to have meetings with the share holders of the company. After he left I then went back to bed for a short while before getting my daughter up and ready for school. I left to drop her at school just after 7h00 and then return straight home. I went upstairs to my room and into my bathroom where i ran myself a hot foamy bath to relax in for a while. Taking a new romantic book th... Continue»
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Roseanne barr meets rosie of Donnel.

It was a wild Hollywood party,,1989 everyone that was anyone was thier. A luxurious penthouse in the sky. The party thrown by roseanne was to be the most decedant,,orgy of sex and v******e ! Every sexy kink was to be explored, Roseanne sits atop a magnificent throne! Dressed like a 50s sex kitten,,her big boobs in a glorious red bra,,matching panties cover her ample hips and ass,,,black garters and nylons,,,full heavy make up,,and a 50s bouffant hair do.reigning over her subjects,,,,large plates of cocaine are spread around the room,,alcohol, marajuana,,,all available. Of wich she partakes he... Continue»
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Our parents weekend away part 3


We arrived at Jessica's house just on 2pm and after greeting her parents she got me a beer while I helped her dad start the fire for the braai. Jes and her mom soon joined us outside where we sat down and chatted about verious things. He mom was rather pretty for a 52 year old and a number of times while she spoke I wonder how her moans of pleasure would sound while being fucked. While helping with the braai I started receiving messages from my steps****r Amy and the first one was if I was going to be sl**ping at home tonight?
I replied saying I am and asked if she would be?
Af... Continue»
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Our parents weekend away part 2

I took a seat in the lounge and flicked through the channels while my steps****r Amy let her boyfriend Kevin into the driveway to park. They soon came inside and Kevin greeted me and they sat down in the lounge where we chatted for a while. My girlfriend Jessica soon called as she finished her last exam and was on the way to me. She arrived 30 mins later and I let her in, greeting her with a big passionate kiss while pushing her against her car. My cock grew hard and I was happy to see her although she was on her period, which did suck a bit. Covering up my boner, Jes and I then walke... Continue»
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Sometimes the best sex can come from the last plac

Though my other posts would indicate that all I was interested in my single days was eating out and having sex with curvy women with hairy pussies, believe it or not, in my early twenties I was also very into 19th Century English literature. I loved Dickens and read nearly everything he wrote before I turned 23. I also loved Jane Austen, particularly Sense and Sensibility and Mansfield Park. Trollope was another favorite of mine and I enjoyed The Warden and all books in that series.
In my early 20’s I used AOL to meet women, but at the same time I would go into chatrooms to discuss completely... Continue»
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