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S*ster in law (flashing, she took some pictures)

I have been married for about 6 years and have recently moved back to Colombia. My wife and I bought a flat and decided to refurbish it in order to move in. We came to stay here for a few years so my s*ster in law came to visit to spend christmas with us.

We don't really get along too well, but we try our best so that my wife doesn't get upset with our arguments. They are both really close and I have always had to make an effort to keep a good relationship... but the truth is that, I can't stand her more than a few days. However she is 2 years younger than my wife and although a bit hea... Continue»
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A sexy happy ending


A few months ago my wife was overseas in London on business. It was a Saturday afternoon, I was bored and horny and browsing around on a few porn sites, when an ad popped up about a venue near to me that offers sensual massaged with a hand relief ending. I decided to call them and find out the prices, how to make a booking and there street address.

There prices seemed reasonable, so I hopped in my car and off to the venue I went all excited and eager. The nearer I got to the venue butterflies started to build in my tummy and suddenly I wasn't sure if I wanted to do this or not con... Continue»
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part 2 caught by my stepb*****r

As I mentioned in my previous story, I caught my stepb*****r, Bryan, wanking in my room with the use of my underwear. Now for part two.

A new year had started I was in my 2nd year at varsity and Bryan in his matric year. Bryan still his usual self bunking the occasional day, and we had put our little past incident behind us and had a great friendship between us.
He was still with his girlfriend and I had been dating a guy, well my boyfriend Kyle.

Kyle and I had met at varsity and been dating for close to 7 months. He has come over to meet the f****y and had a few f****y dinners with us... Continue»
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catching my stepb*****r

This is a short story, of when I caught my stepb*****r wanking. It does not contain any form of i****t or sexual intercourse.

My mom divorced my dad when I was starting high school and a year or so later she met a guy named Mark who had a son 2 years younger than me, named Bryan, after a year my mom got engaged to mark and soon after they got married, and they became my stepdad and stepb*****r.

We soon all were staying together in a lovely home, although my new younger bro, Bryan spent most of the time with his mom and 1 week a month with his dad and us. We all got along well and the fi... Continue»
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I was ****d by a real promiscuous cumdrippin slut

A few years ago, well more then a few, I was with a few coworkers in a bar in Old San Juan, we were all drinking and this beautiful blonde white girl with blue eyes had on a pair of very short daisy dukes there with a friend on vacation and I started to talk to her, she stopped me, thinking at 1st that I didn't speak English, she told me she was being harassed by some dude, to not leave her side and I didn't. We all later went across to a poolhall bar and she played horribly but who cared, I tried to teach her and by doing so and being very close I got a hell of a hardon, she noticed and took ... Continue»
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Our xHam Story

It started over 4yrs ago before Summertime around April or so that this account was promote more pussy diversity on the Internet and for the pornograpHY connoisseur. It was a long day of searching and uploading and saving into drives, files, and on computers, from such such as anon Asians and ScanLover and Hot Hmong Girls sites, Plus personal pictures and videos made and Trading and sharing back and forth...
[/image]https://xh... Continue»
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Cheating wife true story

Well it all started when I arranged to meet a guy in a hotel. He'd made me so fucking horny for days and days online, telling me stories while I fucked myself with various different objects and took naked selfies at his request. My pussy had never been so wet. Literally throbbing every single day I chatted with him.

Husband wanted to see all the action, so agreed to send pics to him afterwards.

The guy never showed up; feeling rejected and lonely, so i head down to the hotel bar to cheer myself up, and husband told me to go and hook up with a random stranger.

I met someone in the bar ... Continue»
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Small penis happy ending massage

It had been a while since I had a happy ending massage, so I called up my usual parlour and asked for the girl who I normally see. I was informed that she was no longer working there, but there was a new girl. I was told she was an 18 year old student, very petite and British. I booked to see her for half an hour, got ready and headed there.

When I arrived I was told to go in to the massage room, strip down and 'Candy' would be in soon to see me. A few minutes later Candy walked in and I was horrified. Her name wasn't candy, it was Cameron and I knew her! I taught briefly at a secon... Continue»
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World Traveler Seeks Companion

He stood when he saw them and said, "The saleswoman was correct. She said to truly appreciate the beauty of any pearl necklace you must see it around the neck of a woman. They look lovely. You two are stunning."

Jan ran up to him. She embraced him, kissed him and said, "Thank you for the pearls."

Isabella was more understated with her thanks. She simple said, "Thanks Sam. The necklaces are exquisite."

Their car came and they were whisked to the dock. They easily found the twin masked sail boat. The captain and crew welcomed them on board. They sailed for an hour. The boat anchored and... Continue»
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WBDP-Valentine's in Vegas 5

The first of the Master's surrendered his spunk at about the six minute mark, rapidly followed by the Mistress right beside him. Apparently his explosion beside her was enough to trigger her own and she collapsed gasping on the floor her hand covering her sensitized cunt. It was time to start applying my psychological program on my little slave. Thank you, Alicia, I thought to myself.

"Look at the slaves up on the platform, little slave. Soon that will be you, thrashing about on a Sybian, subjected to unending orgasms while you attempt to drain me again. This whole crowd will be watching yo... Continue»
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The New Guy Part 2 (Chad & Marcie)

“There’s something different about you Marce; what gives?” Bianca my friend, colleague and the office gossip was sitting across from me chatting on our lunch break.
“I don’t know what you’re talking about B; I’m no different than usual.”
I was slightly on edge, there was no way I wanted Bianca finding out that I had been fucking the new IT guy for the last two months.
Chad was like no other guy I’d ever been with. He knew what I wanted before I asked for it and once more seemed to know my darkest hidden desires and acted on them.
I couldn’t help but feel my core bloom as I recalled our r... Continue»
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Proove it.

"You know you are a wonderful mother, right?" Lacey closes the door to their daughters room as gingerly as possible, praying she didn't stir, and turns to face Reese.

"Yeah, yeah…" Lacey flashes one of her million dollar smiles at the amazing man and father before her as she made her way down the hard wooden staircase.

"But you could always tell me again." Lacey let out a whole hearted laugh, as her bare feet hit each stair, with Reese in tow.

Reese begins to tidy up the living room, which currently resembled a mine field, tossing dirty clothes into one pile, balancing dishes into ano... Continue»
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It's gonna be like ringing a dinner bell...

I'm smiling so hard my lips hurt.

"You're two hours early" I say, trying not to giggle as she glides by me through my just opened door. I'm trying to be cool. I've been talking a lot of shit with this girl on FetLife. I want to act hard. I'm tryin' to be cool but right now I just feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

"I decided not to stop at the hotel before coming over" she tells me. "I freshened up at the airport before picking up my car... don't you like surprises?" She asks with a wicked grin.

Well yeah, I like surprises... but I can't talk right now because I'm looking at her. I know ... Continue»
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Once upon a time

Now this may be a bit funny but then again it is quite sad. A lady I know we used to go out together about 15 years ago check the date of this post because this this could be hanging around for a long while.. Us two used to what you may call knock about together just as buddies get pissed as what ever just for fun. We didn't do anything else well then anyway we used to see who could pull first just for a laugh she always won of course but what the heck. I f neither of us did we would go home either together her place or mine and sl**p together and I mean sl**p nothing else we would just cuddle... Continue»
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Pleasuring the Gorgon Part 1

Three adventurers encounter an extremely seductive Gorgon

He held her head down to the ground, as the snakes in her head flayed around. Leaving translucid oily traces down his legs; these emaneted a sweet perfume. Unlike the mythology, this serpentine haired creature had no special particularity. If you ignored the oily, toothless snakes attached to its head.

"Hold her down you dimwit." What would he give for a pair of ropes right n... "Use the fecking hair and bind her, be quick about it!" Poor excuse for hair if you ask anyone, but he wasn't in a judgmental mood. Several minutes later ... Continue»
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Emma the MILF - a g string and loud sex addict (tr

Used to shag blonde Emma at her house weekends and some midweek. She was always gagging for it. One of the noisiest I've ever had. Not shouty but always loud moaning and a metal bed that squeaked really loud with every stroke as we fucked. I'd go round and she'd have texted me all day saying she was wearing a red silk thong or black crotchless g string and couldn't wait for me to fuck her doggy style. Considering she'd had two k**s through her, her body was pretty tight. Great arse. It always looked well fuckable in a g string. She loved me in silk boxers so I always wore them. Her favourites... Continue»
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The Class Nerd deflowers the Headgirl.

The Class Nerd deflowers the Headgirl.

When I was at school I was the typical nerd. Although I’m close to six feet and quite muscular, I’ve always been an outwardly shy book worm. I had only nerd mates and no girlfriend. On the other hand the Headboy and his entourage had the girls swooning around them. They openly boasted about their conquests and had little respect for their girls.

On this particular day I was walking past the Headboy and two of his mates when they decided to belittle me in front of the Headgirl and her perfects. I’d just returned from the funeral of Farther; killed i... Continue»
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Tori, the highschool cumslut

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Genre- Fiction, Blackmail, Blowjob, Cum Swallowing, i****t, Mind Control, Oral Sex, Teen Male/Teen Female, Voyeurism

Tori, a 16-year old slutty girl, gets tricked into sexual activities

Tori Anderson was what people call a hot girl. She wasn’t by definition the prettiest girl around, but sure had that thing. Blonde hair, green eyes, a fit body with 37B boobs and 16 years old.
The problem with Tori was that she knew it herself. She had the ability to drive guys crazy.

She first found out in her classroom, at the age ... Continue»
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Stuck Cock Ring.

Stuck Cock Ring.

I’m Jack and I bought a cock ring to have some playtime with my wife. I fitted it between my body and balls. The erection tonight was like steel. My wife had a see-through baby-doll outfit on. By the time I’d hogtied her and ripped the nighty off I was rampant; just as she likes me. I took her with no further foreplay and as she screamed for the second time I shot my load deep in her thirty-something pussy. Lying beside her she soon notices my erection didn’t deflate. An hour and one blowjob later I was still HARD! “You will have to go to the hospital and have it cut off!”... Continue»
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I sat on the couch waiting to hear the tell tale creak of the stairs signaling my landlords inevitable visit. Toying with the locket my mother had given me four years ago on my sixteenth birthday; I stared at the two suitcases on the floor, hoping I wouldn't need them. I shouldn't have to; after all I was a big believer in my namesake and had been doing all the right things. I was a full time student; worked four mornings a week at the diner, didn't party like many of my girlfriends, and was proud to be referred to as a prude rather than a slut by the asshole frat boys at school.

My grades... Continue»
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