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Sex Humor Porn Stories

Episode 3: 'A Walk in the Park'

BDSMFetishSex Humor

"A Walk in the Park" The Dungeon Master has decided to take action after the First Shield Maiden indulged herself with sub matthew one too many times. It is not her that is to be punsihed however, and after dinner the DM has attached matthew's leash to lead him off by his collar for his punishment... You follow to watch, a sultry smile on your face, but the Dungeon Master stops you. His plan not to have you witness the punishment, but to know that you have brought it about by your slutty actions. "Are you sure you want to follow? I mean, no door in the Dungeon of Delicio… Read more

Posted by Dungeon-Master 8 months ago 1,104 100%

Episode 4: 'The Mark of the Dungeon Master!&#

BDSMFetishSex Humor

"The Mark of the Dungeon Master" DM is having fresh strawberries for breakfast . He has asked the staff to order more for lunch, and breakfast tomorrow. You are the First Shield Maiden, his favourite new sub, but still badly in need of training and discipline after her recent indiscretions (See 'Welcome To the Dungeon of Delicious Debaucheries' and 'A Walk in the Park'). "What's with all the strawberries Master?" you ask. The Dungeon Master indicates that it is part of the longer term plan for your training and induction to life in the Dungeon of Delicious Debaucheries.… Read more

Posted by Dungeon-Master 8 months ago 911 100%

Slutty Sarah's first sexual experience

First TimeSex HumorVoyeur

This is my ex-girlfriend Slutty Sarah talking about her first sexual experience.Honestly guys, this is what she told me. Okay, I’d taken her out for a meal and she might have had a glass or six of wine, but I believe it was the truth. What a girl!!! This is what she told me…. “My first real sexual experience was a few weeks after my 18th birthday, so it was totally legal. My friend, Gemma, who was a bit older than me and I was sure was sexually active, rang me and invited me out with some of her friends. I went to her home. Her mother was going out to work when I go there at about 8pm in… Read more

Posted by KevinGraves2 8 months ago 6,771 88%

In Pursuit of the Hairy Pussy

FetishHardcoreSex Humor

For any of you who enjoyed my account from 1998 titled 'Remember when we used AOL to Hook Up,' I have a similar account from that time. As many of you recall, 1998 was the 'Year of the Brazilian.' It started to become common for college gals to shave/wax their pussies and the full bush started to become a rarity. Having had enough shaved pussies to feel that they all pretty much looked the same, it was in 1998 that I came to the realization that I not only preferred a full bush, I craved it. Hairless pussies affirmed my love of pubic hair on a female. I never knew how much I loved it until… Read more

Posted by ILoveBigBush 8 months ago 2 2,354 100%

A girly weekend.

HardcoreMasturbationSex Humor

Every year since graduating from university my group of girlfriends and I have always tried to catch up to spend a weekend away somewhere together usually consisting of drinking lots of wine, pampering ourselves and reminiscing about the good old days spent as students. Having been unable to catch up last year we were more determined than ever to meet up this time and a hotel was booked in the quaint city of York perfect for satisfying our shopping, drinking and gossip needs. It was a beautiful sunny weekend and we all looked pretty impressive for our age in our summer dresses attracting a… Read more

Posted by Zatanna_Zatara 8 months ago 4,442 100%

Welcome to the Pleasure Dungeon!

BDSMFetishSex Humor

Welcome to the Pleasure Dungeon! The PD is slightly less dungeony than the Triple D, classier and a bit more burlesque. The walls are covered with tapestries and soft hangings. There are Silk ropes as well as chains on racks, stocks, x-frames and spanking horses. There are also couple of cages for display of the subs - somewhere to keep subs somewhere until doms are ready. "Welcome sir, if you wouldn't mind stepping this way? You can leave your clothes, you won't be needing them." You step out of your long, dark blue velvet smoking jacket... Unfortunately, still unused to th… Read more

Posted by Dungeon-Master 8 months ago 1,261 67%

Welcome to the Dungeon of Delicious Debaucheries!

BDSMFetishSex Humor

"Welcome to the Dungeon of Delicious Debaucheries!" You are the First Shield Maiden, my newest and most favourite female sub. You will be most honoured while you are here. Providing you obey the rules of course... I wave you in and gesture for you to take your pick of the diversions by way of apology as I would oblige you myself only Dominatrix Emma is sat on my face... I'm quite partial to face sitting, first with underwear on, then off... because I'm almost certainly going to confis**te your sticky knickers when I'm done... The large room you are in is arrayed with stocks, rack, sex… Read more

Posted by Dungeon-Master 8 months ago 947 100%

Setting the Scene

BDSMFetishSex Humor

Setting the scene: My stories take place in a fantasy world not unlike Lord of the Rings, World of Warcraft, Dungeons and Dragons. The world is one of magic, and monsters, and mystery. Civilised (and not so civilised) society includes a range of fantasy races, not just humans but elves, half-elves, dwarves, gnomes, halflings, even some half-orcs, orges and other more exotic and enigmatic entities. All of them need to be able to enjoy their carnal desires, so there is a thriving sex dungeon scene in the regional capital of Les Hiboux, a rich merchant town near to the cultura… Read more

Posted by Dungeon-Master 8 months ago 1 1,049 100%

Cap'n Angie

Group SexLesbian SexSex Humor

I just want to say, before we get properly into this story, that I had an absolute blast writing this! I don't think I've ever had as much joy in writing a story, than I did with this one. That said, I do so hope you enjoy reading it as much as I did writing it :) Although if you hate it, or worse yet, hate me for having written it, well, you can just go on ahead and pucker those lips of yours up and kiss my arse! :P Enjoy! --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------… Read more

Posted by ms_cream_puff 8 months ago 8 6,477 79%

Tony's PC problems

AnalSex Humor

Tony has been asking me for the past two weeks to stop by and take a look at his PC, "That shit has got a virus, its running slow and shit I can't do nothing on it" he said to me yesterday "Aiight man, I'll stop by later tomorrow" "thanks man, I'll leave the key under the mat for you". Its not that I didn't want to help him but I've been very busy. I honestly was very upset when I finally got to his apartment, one ticket and almost an accident. I was thinking so bad of going home. I opened the door, "wow, he changed the place" I thought, Tony is not a clean person but this place is spotles… Read more

Posted by dlbiblkm 8 months ago 4 4,571 92%

the workout

FetishSex Humor

She had been telling her husband for years how she had wanted to get in shape, but not lose her thickness, becuzz she knew how much he loved it. So she woke up in the morning one day feeling strong in her decision to start on losing at least 20. She would join him at the apartment gym. Putting her hair in a cute ponytail, she put on her Nikes that matches his shoes, and her cute outfit. She drank her shake and walked to the complex gym, thinking to herself that he will get her going over the next tray (3) months before she joined a gym. With him by her side, she'd be dedicated in losing the… Read more

Posted by tres_tray 8 months ago 1,655 60%

Steampunk Harlots - Chapter 1

HardcoreLesbian SexSex Humor

Everyone expected a war between the old ways of magic and the new ways of the steam engine upon its invention. However, what people quickly learned is that a synthesis of the two did more than anyone realised. Instead of a steam engine that could merely power trains and factories, it was made to power airships and augment spells. There was a frenzy of development as every day brought a dozen new inventions. While there inevitably were those who fundamentally opposed one side or the other, most people welcomed the change and the improvements it brought. A war between the old and the new wa… Read more

Posted by Red-Fire-Brand 8 months ago 1 1,115 100%

My Stepsis Thong Fantasy

FetishMasturbationSex Humor

I walked into my step dad’s house shaking, and closed the door, quickly looking down at the lack of shoes and realizing no one was home. Without skipping a beat, I removed my shoes and rushed through the living room, up the creaking stairs, heading down the hall to my stepsis’s bedroom (let’s refer to her as Rachel). As I entered the room and shut the door behind me, I glanced quickly towards the closet, to see the mountain of clean thongs and panties laying on the top of her shelf, along with a laundry basket on the floor. Swiftly examining the laundry basket, a black, lacy, dirty g-string f… Read more

Posted by moonman1211 8 months ago 1 3,063 75%

Ashley and Juans Sexily embrace

FetishInterracial SexSex Humor

It was 2:00 am in the morning and Ashley just got back from a night of clubbing. She waltzed in through the front door like people do, there sat Juan with his pants to his knees, his limp burrito grazing his knees. " WHO ARE YOU!?" exclaimed Ashley. " Are you Mrs. Smith ?" Juan quickly responded " Not again ?" Ashley responded with a slightly disgusted face. " Mrs. Smith, is my step mother this isn't the first time she tricked some Mexican into fucking her, thinking they would get a green card out of it " " I'm sorry, i go home now" Responded Juan embarrassed and ashamed, bec… Read more

Posted by ImBoardFrownyFace 8 months ago 1,114 67%

Part 2 – The Crone, The girls and the two b*****rs

HardcoreMatureSex Humor

The Crone is always the ruse, the black magic woman who attracts the young, pretty teens to help her with her ‘disability’ and her ‘plight.’ She is obese, appears ‘sickly’, ‘helpless’, ‘depressed’. The girls often have pity on her, with all her ‘homeless things’ weighing down her wheel chair. “Push me somewhere safe dearies, there are bad men always stealing my things.” The girls comply; bring her somewhere ‘safer,’ sometimes, to the ‘safe house’ where she pretends to be staying. A dilapidated shack away from main streets. When the girls help her, her magic makes no one else see, no witnesses.… Read more

Posted by shimulzami 8 months ago 1 1,306 100%

Part 3 – Gagging Nicole lee.

HardcoreMatureSex Humor

The sound of the American teen screaming into tape faded away and was cut off by the bang of the torture chamber door. The elder was left in a daze, his mind wandering into territories of torture and pain about to happen, wondering vaguely how long that poor girl would last in such a room. He f***ed his mind to return to the preparation room, where the only sounds left were the mewing and sobbing coming from the small Taiwanese girl, and the heavy breathing of the fat Indian r****t, who was leering at the terrified c***d while massaging his erect cock. She dared not look at him, knowing in her… Read more

Posted by shimulzami 8 months ago 1 1,291 100%

Not The Average Couple

Group SexSex HumorTaboo

Lacey quivers under the gentle pressure and heat that the four hands provided. Her eyes rolled back, briefly remembering how the night came to this. <><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><> <><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><> "I'll trade you my two utilities for Reading Railroad." Jesse sat back, frantically examining the reaction he received from the woman sat across from him. "Throw in the St. James place, to complete my monopoly and it's a deal. " Confident she would get what she wanted, Lacey inwardly chuckles when it takes less than a half of a second for Jesse to fork over the c… Read more

Posted by FreelancePoet 8 months ago 4 3,064 100%

Taxi Drivers whore

AnalSex Humor

This happened to me a while ago, thought I'd share. It'd been a nightmare of a month so I'd gone clubbing and had a ball. Worn my best stuff, my loveliest undies, looked a million dollars! I'd gone into town and danced the night away with friends. All was well! At about 3 am, tired and happy I left and looked for my keys in my purse. Oh no! they'd gone! Still had the house keys but lost my car key! It started to rain and I stood there in nothing more than a little black dress and a short jacket. Looking about the street was empty. None of my friends had cars either so it was going to be… Read more

Posted by petesex 8 months ago 3 10,995 80%

ASIAN HIGH SCHOOL WIFE, part 3: Mexican Surprise

First TimeInterracial SexSex Humor

[[[This is part 3 of . . .probably a lot. The stories are inspired by Japanese idol Kanna Yume. You can see her galleries and videos on xhamster. Many of them are saved in my favorites. Here is one that I enjoyed tonight:]]] Something happened last Friday that showed me how little I knew about my new wife. I picked her up at school and took her home to change. On Friday's we would usually go to the mall because she had rarely gotten to go there in her first 18 years. I would buy her whatever she wanted but… Read more

Posted by goatfortuna 8 months ago 3 3,210 83%

Hitch-hiking 1993

First TimeSex HumorTaboo

Hitch-hiking 1993 How to flirt by e-mail? Through stories of past experiences, perhaps? What was your first experience with a fella? Where did you meet him? How did it come about? Was it a once off, or the beginning of something special? How did you feel? Mine was in 1993, so I was quite young, as I hitch-hiked from Dublin to Cork. A man picked me up, in a nice big car. He was in his late forties with a bushy beard. He had a pleasant manner and we chatted about the usual things, including the weather. Somehow, the conversation came around to the taste of… Read more

Posted by corkjohn 8 months ago 9 3,961 100%