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Truth or Dare: 69 Questions

Sex Humor

01: Where was the last place other than in your house that you had an orgasm? 02: How often do you masturbate? 03: Where is the strangest place that you have ever had sex? 04: What method do you most often use during masturbation? 05: Have you ever had sex with more than one partner at the same time? 06: Have you ever tasted yourself? 07: Where, when, and how did you have your first orgasm? 08: What is your most embarrassing sexual moment? 09: Who was the first person outside of your family that you saw naked? 10: What is your funniest "Caught Masturbating" story? 11: What is your funniest "Ca… Read more

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Truth or Dare: 69 Dares

Sex Humor

01: Give another player a sensual foot rub for 1 minute. 02: Show your nipples. 03: Strip naked and get dressed again as fast as you can. 04: Demonstrate how to properly give oral sex. Be very detailed and use props if available. 05: Fake an orgasm. Be realistic. 06: Tell a sexy story about how you lost your virginity. 07: Show your pubic hair. 08: Try to lick your exposed nipple, if you can't do it then take another Dare 09: Boys Only: Show your dick. 10: Show your butt-hole. 11: Tell a sexy story about your first time giving oral sex. 12: Boys Only: Trace your dick on paper, sign it, and ha… Read more

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"Me Next Please" movement

HardcoreVoyeurSex Humor

"Hey honey, a few of the other swinger wives and I were just watching the news again about all this "Me Too" stuff and we came to the conclusion that there were probably more ladies out there who would LOVE to be sexually harassed by a rich handsome man, than would complain about it. So we decided to start our own movement...we're calling it the "Me Next Please!" movement. We even decided a button so those poor horny men could identify those of us who appreciate sexual advances and are woman enough to be able to handle the situation without fear of prosecution or persecution.… Read more

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The Babysitter

Sex HumorHardcoreMature

So, me and my wife Kate had been happily married a couple of years when she announced one day she was pregnant, and naturally we were both really excited about becoming parents. However Kate had been brought up in a fairly conservative family, and despite the doctor assuring her that sex was okay during pregnancy, she didn't seem keen at all, and suddenly I found myself cut off until further notice. Now I love my wife, and the fact she was carrying our baby made me love her even more, so I accepted the situation, but it was the longest nine months I had ever lived through, but eventually of co… Read more

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Whorishly Professional

MatureTabooSex Humor

Taking a seat in the lobby of his psychiatrist's office, Avery crossed his legs and picked up an issue of Vogue off the end table beside him. He never understood fashion's do's and don'ts but the people around him always complimented him on his innate sense of style. He wasn't attracted to the models in this magazine; there was no basis for attraction. Their billowing garments, intricately patterned and sharp coloured made it difficult for him to perceive the natural beauty they undoubtedly possessed. What Avery yearned for was some ass-in-them-leggings, and nowadays, due to the pant's ext… Read more

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3 Older man surprises a younger woman with his sta

HardcoreMatureSex Humor
3 Older man surprises a younger woman with his sta3 Older man surprises a younger woman with his sta3 Older man surprises a younger woman with his sta3 Older man surprises a younger woman with his sta3 Older man surprises a younger woman with his sta3 Older man surprises a younger woman with his sta3 Older man surprises a younger woman with his sta3 Older man surprises a younger woman with his sta
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Massaging The Masseur Maid

HardcoreAnalSex Humor

It was 8:00 am in the morning. I called my boss and told that I won’t be going to the office. I had a severe headache and was also running a slight fever. My son had already left for the school and my wife was also about to leave for her work. She just overheard my conversation with my boss and asked me if she should take leave. I told her to carry on to her work as it was nothing serious and I would be fine by evening. Our maid Tara was busy in kitchen co… Read more

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Study, Shave and Shove

HardcoreSex HumorMature

My age is 21. I currently live in Hyderabad along with my parents and my younger sister. My father works in a diagnostic center and my mother (Jaya) is a housewife…my sister is studying in 12th class…This is my story… We are a middle-class family and live in a rented 1BHK house with small rooms. The first room is the entrance hall cum bedroom where my parents and my sister used to sleep, the second room was left for me as I used to study late night and a… Read more

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Housewife Trapped-1

Group SexHardcoreSex Humor

my husband got a job in Dubai and he went there because he got a good salary it will help us to solve our financial problems at first he got a contract of three years. When he came back after three years and solves all our financial problems and then he again got an offer for 3 years to work in Dubai. But this time I said don’t go to Dubai but he said if he works there for 3 years it will i… Read more

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Sabrina the Tricky Witch part 3

HardcoreSex HumorAnal

Sabrina woke up and went downstairs, she invited Jack and he came over and joined them for breakfast. They all sat down at the table Hilda nervously buttered her toast, Zelda elbowed her and motioned toward Sabrina, "I found out whats wrong with you dear" said Hilda, "What is it Auntie?" Sabrina asked eagerly awaiting an answer, "Its called a Prajanu Raurava, in English it means, vagina monster, its a lesser sex daemon" Said Zelda before taking a long drag from her cigarette. Sabrina was speechless, Jack put his hand on her shoulder, "Honestly Sabrina what were you thinking? Using the transsex… Read more

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From horny girl to cheap prostitute

FetishSex HumorTaboo

This story is just about the PERSONAL choices of ONE person and is not meant in any way to offend, insult anyone, or promote any the situations pictured here. Ever since my breast started to develop I became a very horny person. I always loved to be admired by everyone, guy and girls my own age, but most the look I would get from older men. It was l always arousing. That feeling lead to other things and eventually thing escalated to where I find myself now. It all started very innocently, teasing men around them mall, at school, on the street, eventually that lead me to a few relationships… Read more

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Story:Pt:5:(Roy and James).Getting to know Each Ot

MasturbationSex Humor

We paid the taxi off,Gary & Mark disappeared quickly into,"The Pitcher and Piano",(Pub),not offering anything towards the taxi fare,"Pair of Wankers",I commented to James. We went into the entrance of the pub wher we had to fill in forms & show our Driving Licences as proof of our age,we were told by the doormen that the place was owned by a Chinaman,alot to do with the LGBT & Gay Pride in Birmingham,ran the pub with the intentions of intergrating Straights & Gays,we ggot our membership cards & went into th… Read more

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The Curious Case Of Cunning Uncle Pt 1

HardcoreAnalSex Humor

My wife hung up the mobile after a 1-hour long talk with her sister. My heart skipped several beats as I was able to hear and understand some parts of the conversation that took place in the above-mentioned call. I pretended to be busy playing with my 4-year-old daughter. My wife came to me and told me that her sister’s daughter will be visiting us for some days as she had to apply… Read more

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Lessons Of Kota – Part 1 (Met FB Friend Sherry)

HardcoreFirst TimeSex Humor

Well, as it is not a story but an incident of my life so it’s not going to be cut short. So please be patient and read along and try to imagine yourself in my place so that you can understand what I’ve gone through. This story is going to be divided into some parts as it is a long story. So I’ll wait for your precious feedback for posting further parts. Here it goes. I was born in a middle-class family and my family consisted of… Read more

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Kleines Ein-mal-eins der Abspritztechniken

First TimeSex Humor

Kleines Ein-mal-eins der Abspritztechniken Professionelle Spritzer sind mit der Theorie der Cumshot-Techniken vertraut. Für alle anderen möchte ich hier eine kurze Einführung in die angewandten Abspritzmethoden geben. Straight-Cumshot Geläufigste Art eine Frau anzuspritzen. Man zielt direkt auf die Stelle, die vollgespritzt werden soll. Sprinkler / rain Cumshot Die Theorie hinter einem Sprinkler Cumshot (auch bekannt als cum rain) ist, dass man nicht gezielt auf die Stelle spritzt die man treffen will, sondern die Frau positioniert sich so vor den Mann, wie er es will und er spritzt gera… Read more

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Home Coming Queen to Hooker (Pt 2 the Team)

MatureSex Humor

I say mom and dad how about we all go back to our place order room service for lunch and make plans for the wedding in two weeks and we need to find you a little black dress for the reunion on Saturday the one good thing is it’s at the Hilton. I say Sally how about you go with your mom and your dad and I can go in our car and your dad can drive. Sally smiles at her dad he says what are you grinning about she says you’ll see we walk outside, John asks which car I say the red one, the only red car is our Lambo, he looks at me and says really I smile and nod, he says go ahead and start lunch with… Read more

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New Year's Day teacher 100% true

AnalFetishSex Humor

Hey friends with new years coming soon I am reminded of one in particular that was VERY special. I hope you enjoy as much as I did. I was home alone on new years eve several years back just tired of the bar scene and too over worked to want to go out so I didn't. I grabbed some beer on the way home and planned on making it an early night. I got everything done that I needed to and kicked back on the couch, cracked a cold one, and got on my web tv. ( they were fairly popular in the late 90's). I would go to the free chat rooms and search for people who wanted to talk about or even have sex. I w… Read more

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Sex Humor

This story is based on fact. The person involved passed away in 2000 So am using other names in place. I first met Melissa Barnes at school in eastern South Dakota in 1955, Both attending the same schoo. We weren,t great friends though our parents were, her father owned the local service station and lived with Melissa, her mother Janet and brother Allen. Allen was in high school when I first met Melissa and as he as older except for fishing and hunting we had little in common as he was more interested in auto mechanics. Melissa graduated from high school with me in June, 1962; but unlike me we… Read more

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Sabrina The Tricky Witch Part 2

TabooSex HumorHardcore

She was beat down from what had just happened, the revenge plan fallen apart and it had been a rough night. She stumbled in to find Salem on her bed, she still had Jacks dried cum on her face and in her soft blonde hair, dead leaves were stuck in her hair and black dirt on her backside and knees. She couldn't figure out what went wrong, was the spell fucked up? She took a good soak in the tub, lit some scented candles, played some Johnny Mathis, poured herself a glass of whiskey and tried to forget about it. Salem hopped off the bed an sat down next to the tub, "I dont wanna hear it Salem" she… Read more

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Steamy Sex With My Cute Colleague And Hot HR

HardcoreGroup SexSex Humor

This is a fictional story or dream which I want to come true. It was when I joined a reputed software company. My colleagues were nice and there wasn’t really any stress in the office. Everyone was working at their own pace. My team was all men. It was a bit depressing that there was no sweet voices and giggles to sw… Read more

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