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Hermione's New School

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Hermione's New School [Contains fantasy ball-, tit- and cunt-busting, castration (many, some graphic) and big tit themes] Hermione Hermione sat on the broken down school bus with her arms folded tightly across her budding breasts. “I bet I finger the new girl first.” “No way - I’ll have her stink on my fingers before home time.” A chill ran down her spine and she re-crossed her arms tighter over her tender young tits. It had been a month since she had been expelled from Hogwarts and a week since her appeal had been denied. Her hearing had been one to remember; the… Read more

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Collecting rent 4

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I stood in apartment 26 with the Kapoor's letting them look over the place, Mr Kapoor was a young chubby man who had a small business in the city, and was looking for a bigger place, and Mrs Kapoor was young hot Indian woman who seemed just as keen to have a better home. "So as you can see, it's ready to move in, and I've even put a sofa in if you want it?" I said trying to help sell it. They looked around quietly and then finally Mr Kapoor said "Well, I like it!" "Me too!" agreed Mrs Kapoor before turning to me "So is there a contract to sign?" "Yes, there is" I said quickly moving to the sma… Read more

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I got stumped with my monster cock....

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I always wanted to have a huge cock, doesn't everyone???? but I did not know the price I would have to pay!! I had found an ad on the internet guaranteeing a much enlarged cock and balls.... as a gay top guy, knocking on 40, my equipment is somewhat lacking in size and I thought well, why not try it..... I sent email and received a reply with a phone number, which I rang. I was given an address and told what I had to take with me, one thing that worried me was that they stipulated I had to take 5 months off work due to how long the final completion of my growth would take. Seemed odd, but when… Read more

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Mrs Jones p2

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After fucking my hot thirty something blonde neighbour Mrs Jones, I could hardly think about any thing else, and for the next few days I hung at every window in my parents house waiting for her to call me over again. But to my frustration Mr Jones was suddenly spending time at home, and even though I caught her eye several times over the next few days, she never once indicated to me to meet her. Finally I couldn't take it any more, and slipping out of the house one afternoon, I climbed over the back fence into Mrs Jones back garden, and then crept towards the house, and then I saw Mrs Jones in… Read more

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Kim does strip tease for coworkers

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My wife Kim is an exhibitionist. She has never come out and admitted as such, but you only need to look at her face when her tits are exposed to others to know that she enjoys the attention. Sometimes she made it look like an accident. Sometimes she blamed it on an alcohol-induced loss of inhibition. Either way I think she has just wanted to maintain a certain innocence in the process and I figured that was a good thing. It's not like I was entirely opposed to her exposures. They always provided me with quite a rush from some odd combination of embarrassment and excitement. I loved thinkin… Read more

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Elise and my roommates Chapter 2

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Things quieted down after the weekend. Classes and part-time jobs kept us busy during the days and most evenings. The times we were all at home together I kept a close eye on Elise to make sure nothing funny was going on with my roommates. Elise's new favorite thing seemed to be taking selfies and I'd receive them at random times throughout the day. It seemed like whenever she had a free moment she'd slip off to a bathroom, store changing room, or who knows where, take a quick pic and send it to me. Don't get me wrong, receiving a nude pic from my hot blonde girlfriend was a really nice… Read more

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My girlfriend Elise, gets naked for my roommates C

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My beautiful girlfriend Elise and I had been going out for about six months and things were going really well. So well in fact that we were even considering moving in together after we finished college. Elise is a complete knockout and every day I thanked my lucky stars that I found someone like her. She was fairly short, just a little over five feet tall and very slender. Elise's boobs weren't huge, but they were definitely a handful and matched her petite frame perfectly. They might have been her best physical asset if it wasn't for her great ass. Long dirty blonde hair and bright blue ey… Read more

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انا وحبيبتي دودو

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سأحكي لكم اليوم قصتي مع حبيبتي دعاء التي فرقنا القدر ولم استطيع الزواج منها بسبب رفض اهلي لها انا اسمي عادل وعمري الأن 39 عامآ وقصتي هذه حدثت منذ زمن كنت حينها ابلغ من العمر عشرون عامآ وهي اصغر مني بعامين تقريبآ وكنت حينها بائع للأحذية في اول الشارع في محل يمتلكه والدي وكان في اخر المحل غرفة صغيرة كنا نستخدمها كامخزن نخزن فيه الاحزية الزائدة كنت استيقظ كل صباح في تمام الساعة التاسعة... افطر واشرب الشاي وانزل لفتح المحل وكانت كل علاقاتي بأهل المنطقة جيدة ومحبوب من الجميع نساء او شباب فالكل هنا يعرف الاخر وكان امام المحل بيت صغير مكون من اربع ادوار يسكنه عم سيد وزوجته كنا نناديها بأم محمد وكا… Read more

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You deserve better, baby girl.

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Since her mother and I divorced 5 years ago, Lana, my stepdaughter has been the apple of my eye. I have two older sons from a previous marriage and I love them both very much but the relationship between a father and daughter was always special in my eyes. I married Lana's mom, a single mom, when Lana was only 9 years old but after only 4 years of marriage we divorced. Her mom and I had known each other from a previous law firm we worked for some years earlier. We had an excellent working relationship and made a good team as corporate attorney's. On one of our many weekend business trips toget… Read more

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Mrs Jones

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I grew up in Gold street, a nice neighbourhood in a nice part of a town, and for many years we lived next to the Jones. Mr Jones was a big guy in construction, he did a lot of work around the town, built a lot of new buildings and was always fairly busy, Mrs Jones however was always at home, she was a trophy wife, a hot blonde thirty something with an all over tan and what looked like a pretty impressive cleavage that was always fighting to get out of her top. When I reached my later teens I soon began to take more notice of Mrs Jones, she was clearly the hottest woman in our street, or possib… Read more

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72 Hours Till BJ Time

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The second time I sucked another man’s cock was sensational! My first time, about a year previous, was enjoyable (See my earlier post: Would You Suck This), but come the second time around I’d lost a few of my inhibitions and I couldn’t wait for it to happen. Like the first time I began by advertising on Craigslist and I had been doing so for quite some time, almost giving up all hope of finding a suitable partner when the right guy suddenly got in touch. He sounded perfect and had a terrific looking cock! (See for yourself in my photo galleries.) I promptly responded and we were quickly bat… Read more

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The little special pill 11

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I run a small business and to help me around the office I have a wonderful secretary called Susan, she's a petite redheaded woman in her early twenties with milky white skin and a few freckles. Now I'm a fairly casual boss, we call each other by a first names, often each lunch together and sometimes I even make the tea for her, so when Susan was sat her desk the other day looking rather fed up and tired I had to ask what was the problem? "Oh nothing really Tom, I just have a bit of a headache staring at this computer screen all morning" she replied "Oh hang on then!" I said pulling open one of… Read more

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One More For The Road

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Ray and Simmone were a married couple who I knew from my local pub in south east London a good few years ago and, like me they were both in their middle thirties. Ray was a big, big guy - not overweight but definitely a heavyweight; very tall, broad, altogether imposing but not altogether bright. Could have been a doorstop for an aircraft hanger. Simmone was a sex goddess! Not what I would call a classical beauty but she was a mesmerising work of art and her ability to spin heads was unlimited. She positively oozed sex appeal. I mean she reeked of it! Simmone could walk into the pub and kill a… Read more

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Lu and two brothers

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Long time ago when me and the wife were at a mall in Chula Vista, CA. As we were hanging out at this mall, the wife knew all the holes at this mall. It was a nice sunny June day she was showing me around. After 2:00pm we sat down at an outside bench just to rest a little from all the walking, when I thought everything was fun just her and I. We heard a familiar voice saying “hey you guys” we both looked and noticed one of our friends. He was white about 5’7 meaty in the right spots. As he walked up he sat down next to us, more like sat next to Lu. Few minutes passed we were talking about rando… Read more

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Cross dressing has changed my life...

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As a gay guy of 32, 8" cock and neat balls I should have been happy, but I have a fetish for wearing tights (Pantyhose), panties of all kinds and stockings with suspenders, also love hold ups with lace tops. Good job I live alone, I have a large wardrobe full of fem gear, I wear tights for my workplace under my suits and love them. I am a bottom guy and like to get fucked wearing open crotch tights and panties, wearing open crotch tights for work means I can sometimes get a quick fuck in my lunchtime like today, I went for a piss in the mens toilets and a gorgeous guy came in a stood alongside… Read more

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Getting back at my ex best friend

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My first wife started having an affair with my best friend about 2 years after we got married. I knew, but I could prove nothing. This lasted about 5 years, eventually it all came out in the wash. I hated him for what he had done, and I schemed to get him back. He had three c***dren, and what seemed like a perfect home life. Revenge is a dish best served cold, as they say. His oldest daughter turned 18 in 2016. From watching her Facebook movements, I worked out where she used to go out on the weekends. I worked my ass off, but I managed to get close to her. One Friday night we were out toget… Read more

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Complements in the Pub.(White Swan)

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James & myself went out with my parents & Aunty Vi, last night,(Sunday.11/Feb/2018),meeting up with James Mom & Dad,my sis,Barbara & husband Gary,James Bro,meeting up in The White Swan Pub James was wearing a Heavy Woolen Patterned Top & Blue Jeans. I was wearing a Patterned,Bomber Type Jacket & Skinny Light Blue Corduroy Jeans. Well on with the Story,(Which is True). We were all seated around a big oval table,chatting & drinking,talk about how the Stables was doing,a bit of banter towards James & myself,from Sis & Gary,them being told to,"Lay Off the Bois",by James,s Mom,I said,"It,s OK M… Read more

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Michelle from Alabama

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About the time I was turning 30 I met a young girl at a party. Michelle was 19 and had recently moved to NC from Alabama. She had taken a job at a local truck stop as a server and was finding herself. We struck up a conversation and she showed interest in me and I enjoyed her attention. She was an average sort of girl. About 5’8 a little thick in the thighs, ass and mid-rift, I should mention she had ample tits too. She had shoulder length brown hair and brown eyes. I was single again and she was the prettiest girl and the youngest one of legal age there so I set my sights on her. She explain… Read more

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Collecting Rent 3

MatureSex HumorHardcore

I knocked on the door of Apartment 8 and a second later the door opened and Kevin was stood there. Kevin was married to Helen, and they were a lovely mature retired couple who were always cheerful and happy to chat when ever I came round to collect the rent. "Come in Tony, would you like a drink?" Kevin asked "Yes why not" I replied So this tubby grey bearded man closed the door behind me and moved into the open kitchen area where he pulled a beer out of the fridge for me. "So Helen not here today?" I asked "She's in the bedroom, she'll probably be out in a minute" he replied "Now there was so… Read more

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We moved to Cockington

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So for a long time it was just me and my dad, my mother had passed away when I was younger and we got by supporting each other. Then a year or so ago, my father met Tina, she was pretty amazing, tall blonde slim mature woman with an amazing pumped up cleavage and an all over tan, not that I got to see it, she often wore small tight clothing so I was pretty much guessing about the all over tan, but I was pretty sure she did, and she was fun and bubbly just the kind of thing you want from a possible stepmom. So after a six months or more they got closer as couples do, and soon Tina was proposing… Read more

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