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I initially came on here to write a fictional story and to please the requests I'd received from some of my readers. Instead, I'd like to write about what keeps me coming back to this site like a junkie to the crack house every day (mostly). I first came on here for nothing more than to masturbate to porn. Initially, straight porn. Then, in one of the suggestions, came some 'shemale' porn. I never went back to the 'straight' section after seeing that! I realised I'd made an XHamster profile page when I wanted to check out the Hammy 'girls' (who were in the possession of a penis) one night, cur… Read more

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Bear & Swan

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At this point Barrett was disconnected everything. The last thing he could remember was sitting at the bar and a hand from behind him touching his shoulder. Before he could comprehend the scene before him, a rush of panic fell through him. Then an internal force pushed him forward. He found himself sprinting through the tavern door, but he felt like he was being carried by a powerful current and everything around him was roaring past him. As he continued rushing forward, he noticed that he could not feel the mechanics of his body and now was moving through the woods behind the tavern. He fel… Read more

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T.O. Dicker Detective Agency

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~new venue~ She stood in the doorway, head held high, and posture perfect, so to speak, waiting to be invited into the room. I had never imagined in my wildest dreams that such a lovely vision would present itself to the lowly offices of the T.O. Dicker Detective agency. The cluttered little room was scarcely the size of a large walk-in closet, papers, pictures and various file folders were spread on every available flat surface. She wore a sleek, form-fitting dress, mid-length, knitted stockings covering the long luscious legs, she was a vision for sore eyes. I stepped forward, and without… Read more

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Blackmailed And Got Laid By Hotel men-1

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I work as an IT employee in Bangalore. I am a hot busty girl and everyone stare at my curves and my boyfriend loves it a lot. My structure is 36C-32-36. He always says that I have a great figure and I am hotter than his Australian classmates. He studies in Australia and his name is Raj. Coming on to the story, I was getting ready for my office combing my hair and checking out my boobs. It was hanging and big as usual. Although I don… Read more

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Lakshmi’s Extramarital Alliances – 3

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Both have been fucking for many years and now we fast forward for 15 years. Now Rashid was fat and pot-bellied and Lakshmi was now huge due to her pre-menopause. Sushma had grown into a lovely 22-year-old lady for whom Ashok and Lakshmi chose a boy from the US. The boy was usual Tambrahm (Tamil Brahmin) kind, puny and short but really fair, clean shaven. When the alliance came through, Ashok and Lakshmi were really excited as it was an A… Read more

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Lakshmi’s Extramarital Alliances--1

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Lakshmi was a middle-class typical Iyer lady married to a goyan gopu (wimp) called Ashok. He was really bad at sex even though they had a girl c***d Sushma. Lakshmi was a hot bitch but was a virgin till she got married. She as a teenager was constantly on the lookout for sex but that never materialized. She used her fingers liberally to satisfy herself. She was in a typical lower-middle-class Brah… Read more

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Lakshmi’s Extramarital Alliances--2

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Rashid and Lakshmi went to a hotel as she wanted him to fuck her. In the next minute, he was fully naked. He was only 5 feet 8 inches only an inch taller than her and lean too. But she was shocked to see his cock in the semi-flaccid state was already 5 inches, which probably was the size of Ashok’s in full erection (she thought). Another shock was his pink head without a fores… Read more

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My Step-step-sister 05 – Watched by our neighbours

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My Step-step-sister 05 – Watched by our neighbours. Nichole my stunningly sexy step-sister pops into the back garden. “The folks have gone.” I’m not surprised. They’re off for their anniversary meal. Being late summer it is a warm evening. The sun dropping promises a panoramic sunset. I’m lying on a lounger just relaxing; shorts and T-shirt. Nichole steps into to my sun causing me to admire her tight curvy body only in silhouette, between me and the fading sun. I smile, she giggles and steps over me. She starts to sit on my hips, pulling the hem of her dress up as she does. She lean… Read more

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The Bride to Be p3

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Tammy eagerly jerked my cock back to life again, and despite the fact I had already cum twice, I soon began to rise in her soft warm sticky hand. As her small hand stroked up and down my hardening shaft, she leant in and kissed me, eager to swap saliva, and feeling her naked soft twenty something body press up against me as well, I was soon fully hard and ready to go again. Then my brunette office girl, pulled away from me, before leaning down and sucking on my length once again. Her little wet warm mouth, engulfed my cock, and sucked happily on my bulbous head for several minutes, before her… Read more

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My Step-Sister 04 – The ladder torture.

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My Step-Sister 04 – The ladder torture. My older, by 11 minutes, step-sister is sunbathing. Her tight teen body is perspiring under the summer sun. The very small bikini she is wearing has a piece of triangular material covering jut her nipples. Which, by the way are hard as she knowingly teases me. Her clean shaven pussy is just covered by a slightly larger piece of material. Her bum only has the strings holding the fabric in place. At just turned 16 Nichole has developed into a fine young woman. I know for a fact that she has only had one male lover; me. She took our virginities on o… Read more

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My Lucky Day 2.

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When I woke up in morning and remembered where I was, chills ran through me when I saw Nwakaego, the matured Lady I fucked all through the night in her house walked through her door. I had an instant slight hard on. She had sex written all over every inch of her body. As soon as she closed the door we started kissing. She grabbed my feel how cock and felt it hardening more and more in her hand as I caressed her beautiful, soft breasts. I rolled her nipples between my fingers. They stood erect, - just like my cock. She began to stroke it gently. I started to kiss her breasts letting my wet ton… Read more

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Its mid-October, here I am at Samatha's Exclusive Boutique, the best top of the line in all clothing. Anything you like from undergarment to any knock off from your favorite celebrity's red carpet special dress to even some crazy custom you saw on the newest action superhero movie she can make it, create it and in a few days you can have it. One of my friends Mark who is in the know of it all, informed me about her. I'm Vee, I am currently standing at about 5'2 at 160 lbs I am bulked and leaned out, for an amuter bodybuilding contest to which I qualified top 10 not bad for my 1st contest. I'm… Read more

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Die Stille und der Clown

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Jaqueline_K 2018 „Lass sie uns alle verblüffen“, stand auf dem Zettel, den mir mein Tischnachbar zu geschoben und der mich seit einem Jahr von allem beschütze, was mich verletzten könnte. „Wie?“, war meine Antwort auf dem gleiche Zettel, den ich ihm zurückschob. „Um 14 Uhr nach der Schule bei dir.“ Ich sah ihn groß an, dass er sich so einfach bei mir einlud, aber ich nickte. Dann wurde ich rot. Den Rest der Stunde versuchte ich wieder, für alle unsichtbar zu sein. Heimlich, still und leise war ich vor einem Jahr in die Klasse getreten und hatte nur zu ihm eine Art Beziehung aufgebaut. Er w… Read more

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Best Friends Mom

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It was the summer of 1965, my best friend Leo lived just over the hill from me, he was 18 and I was 17, I had just graduated high school and Leo had just finished his freshman year in College. I had purchased a 57 Chevy and Leo’s Dad had gotten him an old Studebaker. I had always wondered why he had purchased the old car that needed work for Leo because he was a jock, me, Gill was the wrench turner that’s why my 57 Chevy had almost 500 horse power. Well time and time again Leo and I would go out in his Mom’s white 1963 Chevy Impala Convertible. Leo’s Mom Sue was hot 32 (looked 22), about 5’4”… Read more

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The Bride to Be p2

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As I gently moved my fingers around and around in her sweet wet little pussy, and began kissing her neck again, Tammy moaned softly and began breathing heavily once again. "Tony, I sucked you off, isn't that enough?" she asked, but the fact she wasn't stopping me completely, told me she wanted more too. "No" I replied before moving up and kissing her. As we did, I pushed her gently back and she quietly laid back on my desk, and then I pulled my fingers from her moist warm pussy, sucked them clean enjoying her sweet juices, before I moved between her open white stocking clad legs, and positione… Read more

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Magical dream I had last night

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My dream started off as if I was on a field trip to a magical place. There was a lady, mystical in some way, who offered me my favorite popcicle flavor orange cream? She knew it was my favorite, and suggested towards a plate of lollipops in her hand. I grabbed one that was a rainbow swirl of colors thinking it would not taste like it, sure enough if was that tasty cream orange popcicle flavor. She told me her magical world was endangered by these two guys on my trip. I wasn’t sure how I could have helped but instead her explanation of this world instead intrigued me. Anyone could go to the ma… Read more

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My Step-sister 03 – 16th Birthday Party

First TimeSex HumorTaboo

My Step-sister 03 – 16th Birthday Party Unusually for me, if you want to follow the story you will need to read - My step-sister – Next Doors Au Pair! If you don’t care and just want a raunchy story please continue. As you would expect with parents present, the party went without incident. However I did notice that Nichole was, when my parents were occupied, having a contest with her three best friends. They each had a banana and had to see who could deep throat the deepest. After about 30 minutes messing about they stopped. Mainly because my Mom had caught them messing around. As t… Read more

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My Step-sister 01– How it all started!

First TimeSex HumorTaboo

My Step-sister 01– How it all started! I had just gone up the stairs as my step-sister appears from the bathroom. She turns my way. For the very first time I stood still and look. WOW! She is backlit from the window. Her long T-shirt allows the light though showing her silhouette. WOW! WOW!!. Her short raven black hair is wet. She has a reddish sexy glow from a hot shower. Her skin has a light film of moisture allowing her T-shirt to cling to the skin over the tops of her breasts, with just the hint of her nipples. WOW! She stops, seeing me frozen in time. “OK, I’ll buy it. Wh… Read more

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My Step-sister 02 – Next Door’s Au Pair

First TimeSex HumorTaboo

My Step-sister 02 – Next Door’s Au Pair Unusually for me, if you want to follow the story you will need to read My Step-sister – How it all started! If you don’t care and just want a raunchy story please continue. It’s our sixteenth birthday. The age of sexual consent in the UK. I soon return to consciousness still spooning. Lightly caress my sister’s bum as I remember just losing our virginity. Inevitably I reach for her closest boob. Nichole takes my hand and wraps my arm tightly around her nestling my palm over her other boob. As my dick grows she wriggles her bum over it causing… Read more

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Close Encounters of the Second Time. The First Sec

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It had been three weeks, maybe a month, after my first ever hot encounter with another guy. He had been John, a lovely guy whose tenderness and patience made my first time so memorable and horny, unlike the hurried amateur teenage fumblings of my first sex with an equally inexperienced and gauche girl so many years before. I was still married, and opportunities to meet up with guys were, well, practically nonexistent. I usually didn't have a place. And if I had a place then I didn't have the time. It was frustrating but not unforseen. I thought I was bearing it stoically enough, but that did… Read more

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