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A Tale of two Dex's.

Gay MaleSex Humor

Scooby and Scoobadex entered the room "Are you sure about this Dad?" Scoobadex asked while he looked around, It was a nice place indeed, kind of messy but good none-the-less. "The signal came from here" Said Scooby, the blinking light confirmed him of this "But where is he? All I see is comics and little thingies lying about" the two searched everywhere and still nothing, at first, Scooby thought it was a prank call but then, he heard a voice calling out, The sound came from that pile of dirty cloths "Hello, hello! Can anyone hear me!" Scooby moved the clothing aside and found a toy "What is… Read more

Posted by Scuford 11 hours ago 278

Ägyptisches Viagra funktioniert

HardcoreMatureSex Humor

Vor einer Woche sind mein Mann und ich vom Urlaub aus Ägypten zurückgekehrt und obwohl Ägypten ja nun nicht gerade ein erotisches Urlaubsland ist, möchte ich euch von einem Erlebnis berichten, das insbesondere mir viel Spaß bereitet hat. Auch, weil mein Mann nichts davon mitbekommen hat. Unmittelbar nach unserem Flug wurden wir per Bustransfer in unser all inclusive Resort verbracht, wo wir unser Zimmer bezogen. Die Anlage war sehr weitläufig aber gepflegt und wir waren zunächst mit unserer Wahl des Urlaubsortes zufrieden. Als wir nach dem Frühstück voll bepackt mit unseren Strandsachen zum Me… Read more

Posted by tanthi just now 310 100%

All the best details

HardcoreSex Humor

Angie wiles and riles Andy into messy sex as he details his car. Andy was frickin doing the most male thing apart from using his penis. He was detailing his car. It was a classic collector’s sporty thing. It was a real toss up on this hot summer afternoon as to whether he loved his car more than me. He had his convertible out from his garage, pampering his baby and talk about his real baby being jealous. I mean it was ridiculous; he had some sort of brand name leather conditioner revitalizer he was lovingly muscling into the plush fabric. I will admit it was a nifty car but t… Read more

Posted by janus2017 just now 312 100%

Goodbye Sex With Fatima 4.

AnalHardcoreSex Humor

After we rested, we both knew that we had very little time before her husband comes back from work and also my departure time is less than 3 hours away. I leaned closer and took a deep breath of her pussy. The smell gave me a boner instantaneously. I stuck my wet tongue out and licked from her pussy all the way to her tiny ass hole. She moaned softly and rolled onto her back, exposing her clean- pussy with her legs spread open. I started kissing her inner thigh. I used my middle finger to search for her clit and started rubbing gently. This made her moaned a little more and I could… Read more

Posted by agunna 2 days ago 1,031 80%

Big asian cock reactions

Sex Humor

Growing up, I didn't think about having a big cock. I always thought mine was average, but it wasn't until I had a few instances where I began to think otherwise. Here are the encounters in my life that led to my realization of my big cock and its reactions in rough chronological order: - J, from the other story I posted, staring at my hard cock when I was taking a piss with his jaw dropped - First love, Angel. Showed her my cock and successfully seduced her even though she had a boyfriend. She left her boyfriend for my cock. Would often comment on how sore her jaw was from deep throating me… Read more

Posted by cerealbusiness 2 days ago 1,044 100%


Interracial SexSex Humor

This is an imaginary story about someone from my work, wouldn't mention my work or the girls village as you never know lol She became my line manger in 2008 (I was 27 and she had turned just 29), she had 5-6 years experience while I had joined a year before she became my boss. I had crush on her since May 2007, she is a blonde tall girl (5,7") with great body, lovely pair of boobs and a great ass. After I started reporting to her our contact increased and she might have noticed the way I look at her (never made it obvious though), she used to give me a view or do something that used to give… Read more

Posted by roy_13 2 days ago 675 100%

Kankayla Telefonda Sıcak İtiraflar

HardcoreFirst TimeSex Humor

Çok fazla edit yapmadım arkadaşlar, sonuçta kitap basmıyoruz burda, fantezi erotik-porno yazıyoruz :D ..ama elimden geldikçe hızlıca toparladım. Karakterimizin adı Efe Duman, eski bir denizi subayı, genç yaşta donanmadan ayrılmış, eşinden ayrılmış. Kendisi bekar ve geniş yaş grubundan hanımlardan bal alarak yaşamını sürdüren bir vatandaş. Bu maceralarındaki başarısını kendisini çok iyi paketleyip sunabilmesine, çarpıcı gülümsemesine, mavi gözlerine ve uzun Don Juan saçlarına borçlu. Kedi gibi atletik bir vücudu da var ama bu hanımları ne derece etkiler bilemem. Zevkli ve klas birisi. Bir de f… Read more

Posted by moongazer00 3 days ago 288


AnalTabooSex Humor

I often wonder what is must be like to have a monster cock and balls, like some of my gay mates have. I am 6'2" and my cock, when hard is only 4". god job I am a bottom guy, but it wold be nice to get played with and get sucked off..... I alway felt so embarassed when in the showers with the guys, as they always looked and sniggered, my balls are like marbles. and I often go to work wearing a padded jock or a silicone sleeve to give me an interesting bulge. I think my pals are gttng sick of me and my moaning as one of them said to me that they had found a growth hormone injection to enlarge… Read more

Posted by bizarrebodymods 3 days ago 1,486 63%

the secret they don't want you to know 2

MasturbationGroup SexSex Humor

Maria my hot redheaded girlfriend and Josie her cute brunette glasses wearing friend sat on the sofa chatting as I sat across from them playing the Xbox. Maria flicked through her IPad when she suddenly gasped "Hey look at this article!" she said offering it to Josie. Josie glanced at the IPad and then began giggling "That can't be true" "It must be it says they've done tests" replied Maria "Yeah, but... really!?" Josie replied unconvinced. "What's that?" I asked curiously. "This article says that sperm is the best cream for your skin to look great!" Maria replied. "I could believe it, that's… Read more

Posted by bighornycock123 3 days ago 1,352 100%

Un voyage qui change tout

FetishLesbian SexSex Humor

Je détestais toujours autant descendre à Marseille et la décision de mon patron avait été si rapide que j’y allais avec une voiture de location. Avant la sortie de Dijon, je me suis arrêté sur une aire de stationnement pour pisser un coup mais j’en ai profité pour me branler aussi vu que je m’étais disputé la veille avec ma femme. Je suis retourné à la voiture et j’ai claqué la porte et j’allais enfoncer la clé dans le démarreur que quelqu’un a frappé à la vitre. Encore un casse-pied ou un agresseur, ai-je pensé avant de tourner la tête mais c’est une femme que j’ai vue. Une jeune femme qui de… Read more

Posted by helene2012 3 days ago 303

Teach Pornography in school?

Sex HumorAnalHardcore

I hope this isn't as ridiculous as it sounds? But as a confirmed pornography addict I did want to point out two things which I believe are massively overlooked by critics of pornography. As I understand it critics tend to point out two things. 1. That pornography gives men an entirely unrealistic expectation of how women should look. I think when they make this observation they are focusing on a very narrow subset of women we see in pornography specifically bimbos. 2. The second criticism is that it gives men an entirely unrealistic expectation of sexual relations between men and women. Here… Read more

Posted by snoozer2000 4 days ago 2 719 100%


Group SexMatureSex Humor

222 CUCKOLD FARM 3 (see Well the next few days passed as working days though neither woman mentioned to the men the experience with the a****l or each other the Saturday “lambing end party“ loomed close, Lisa was to return to her home on the following Monday, Joe agreed to have the Alsatian if she desperately needed a home for it, and Jay had slept with Lisa each night, so come the Saturday it being a nice dry night they all set off for the village pub together on foot. The party was convivial, good friends in the company of ot… Read more

Posted by alibodge 8 days ago 1,317 100%

Goodbye Sex With Fatima 2.

HardcoreMasturbationSex Humor

When we woke up later that morning, Fatima went to the bathroom to clean up. When she finally walked back into the room, my arms were open. She wrapped her right arm under my neck and held really tightly, her emotions ran wild and it took every ounce of restraint for her not to spasm under the emotional pressure. I hugged her tightly and started rubbing her back and her sides. She loved my touch and could not understand what I was doing. It felt so nice that she never wanted it to end; but she knew the end had to be near. She figured I would hold on until I let go and then we would be over… Read more

Posted by agunna 9 days ago 1,050 50%

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing

Sex Humor

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Suspendisse eleifend arcu nibh, a iaculis velit sollicitudin eu. Nam m*****ie nunc at mi aliquet tincidunt. Integer efficitur bibendum neque ac rutrum. Quisque bibendum lorem quis tortor euismod sodales. Fusce semper metus ut varius m*****ie. Curabitur in purus ut enim pulvinar luctus. Mauris varius risus eget sodales malesuada. Integer dignissim enim vel rutrum euismod. Maecenas viverra, tellus in finibus tempor, orci lorem laoreet libero, nec porta lectus risus eu lectus. In hac habitasse platea dictumst. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, co… Read more

Posted by golos2 9 days ago 330 100%

The Guitarist – The Dancer.

Sex HumorVoyeur

The Guitarist – The Dancer. I’ve been with this rock group for just over a month and the music is great. I’m happy playing rhythm. Not being lead is easy for me which allows plenty of time to watch the great looking, scantily dressed girls. They are all colours – hair and skin- , tall short, skinny plump, big tits to flat chested; they’re just enjoying themselves. One girl with outrageously large boobs is dancing with her boyfriend just below my position. When her hands are raised high only her nipples catch her dress, stopping it from falling to the floor. Her areolas are just showing… Read more

Posted by CanoePirate 10 days ago 521 100%

Comic Opera

HardcoreSex HumorVoyeur

Comic Opera My image in the mirror is mocking me at my feeble attempts at trying to do my Bow tie up. I have 2 tickets for The theatre, a treat for Halina . We have plenty of time so a visit to a traditional London Pub nearby will shield us from the rain while we wait for the que to die down. I say plenty of time as Halina has spent the last hour locked in the bedroom. All I can hear are zipping and unzipping from behind the door. I gently tap. "How are we doing?" "Nearly there" says Halina. The door opens and out she steps looking radiant! She is wearing a long black ele… Read more

Posted by cyborg456 12 days ago 3,678 83%

Me And My Mom Complete

First TimeSex HumorTaboo

Well my name is Parth and I came across many Mom fantasy stories and I always wanted to share mine but was hesitant. Let me first tell you something about my mom. Her name is Varsha and is a very homely lady. She is 48 years old now but looks like 30 only because of day to day household work and morning routine exercise. My Dad was an aircraft engineer who died of an accident when I was 19 years old. My mom was then 38 years. She still looked young as she got married at a very young age. We had enough to survive and mom banked on my education to fulfill future. I never thought about my mom… Read more

Posted by Rohithsar 13 days ago 1 12,942 71%

The Secret they don't want you to know.

MasturbationMatureSex Humor

"The Secret they don't want you to know" said my stepmother reading her magazine out loud to my father "Is sperm!" "what?" my father asked looking across at her as they sat watching TV. "Sperm. according to this magazine, the secret to soft young skin is sperm!" Julia replied. "What a load of bollocks!" my father replied. "Not according to this, it goes on to say why do you think porn stars always look so good?" Julia replied My father just shrugged and drank more of his beer, as I tried to pretend I hadn't heard their conversation through my earphones while watching a film on my IPad.… Read more

Posted by bighornycock123 13 days ago 1 4,246 100%

Driving Miss Winter

CelebritiesSex Humor

A little while ago I received a phone call off my boss saying that my car had been hired for a weekend. This means I'm driving what normally turns out to be some rich k**s about from party to party. Not a bad gig I suppose. I pull up to a very plush hotel and wait outside as instructed. It's the middle of the day and a young couple head my way. The lad confirms this is their car and he hops in. Being a gentleman I jump out and open the driver side rear door. I open the door for what I could only assume is his girlfriend. She's got jet black hair. Sunglasses that almost cover her face and… Read more

Posted by Celeb_Lover_14 14 days ago 3 5,235 100%

The Viagra Incedent

AnalGay MaleSex Humor

The Viagra incident – just a quick little story. After Jack and I were together for about five years, he started having some little problems with staying hard. To be honest, I wasn’t worried because it gave me a little break from time to time. My dear Jack could have a tendency to leave me with a pretty raw cunt some nights. I was getting more than enough sex as it was. He went to see a doctor friend who fixed him up with a bag of Viagra samples then, he told me about it. The doctor had given him a supply of different dosages, allowing him to experiment. At first, I was all for it. We w… Read more

Posted by swat412 14 days ago 7 4,395 86%