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A Mother Punishes Her Boy For The Last Time

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Note : This story is completely fictional!John Meyers father died and now it was his place to take care of his mother. He hated the old bitch. When he was a little boy she caught him playing with his prick and spanked him and read the bible to him. She made his life hell when he was growing up. Every girl he was interested she called a slut because they didn't go to church. John moved in with his mother and took over the house. She was seventy and walked with a cane. He was going to make her pay for the torment he suffered."Mom I have something to tell you""What is it son?" she said sweetly… Read more

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A Week With My Favorite Aunt.

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This story is about: Note : This story is completely fictional! Last summer I went to my aunt's city for a week and my aunt made me live at her home all this time. All of this began the day I arrived, at about 8 30 her husband left for office and we were left alone . Although I had no plans the moment I saw her my mind began knitting sexy thoughts about her , she possessed a lethally sexy body and was bold enough to let everyone notice. Soon after her husband left she started doing her regular choirs washing the pans and dustings and I joined in to help, I got really horny when we… Read more

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mikeknoll wants me to suck his penis....


mikeknoll After you drink my cum from my throbbing cock, take my penis and kiss the end of the head-just enough to see how sensitive I really get... And you Im REALLY sensitive.. take my penis into your mouth, softly and gently applying small motions with your toungue to not over-sensitize you and at the same time keep the bl**d flow where it should be. I lay down on the bed with a pillow under my ass to prop my cock up in the air so you can access it better and kneel down to blow soft air onto my wet member. The penis jolts upright in reaction due to the air being blown.. straddle t… Read more

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Cuckold pregnancy story ...


The following was the reply I sent to another member who wanted to know how I got pregnant: One of our trusted friends got me pregnant. He agreed to get me pregnant because he knew how much we wanted c***dren but couldn't. It was a very exciting time for us and the first time he released his sperm into me I was on cloud nine. It was the most enjoyable sex I had ever had knowing that a fertile man was impregnating me that very moment. He had come over with the intention of spending the night. We played alone (with my husband watching only) and got right at it. We had some wonderful fore… Read more

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Mother's Milk


Ever since I was a mere babe I have always had an attraction to a fine, shapely pair of firm lactating breasts. It must have started on the first day of my life and it continues to this very day. My lover is a beautiful redhead that measures 36D-24-32 and is in the best of physical shape. Last year we had our first c***d, Seth. Three days after our son was born and we brought Stephanie home from the hospital I asked her how it felt when she nursed Seth...much to my surprise she said that it was quite exciting and that it made her pussy very hot and wet. Then she suggested that I should suc… Read more

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UK e****t online ad ...


================ UK e****t online ad ... ================ Full Bushed Pregnant Babe hopes to entice you to give her your sperm deep into her Bushy Pussy! To all you horny guys... make sure your number is in any email you send me or I will not reply! A brief introduction to myself, The fab, Fun MatureBushBabe. As you may be able to tell, Im three months pregnant! I know I am a little bit older than a lot of mums but I like the cycle and hope to get pregnant yet again after this one is born! I just love to be fucked while my womb is full,I know there are lots of you hot horn… Read more

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massage and more


I was just so tired and my body ached. I thought if only Richard were here he could give me a nice long massage. I rolled over and reached for the phone on the night stand. I dialed his number and as I did my fingers found my clit. His phone kept ringing so I rolled over and pouted. My fingers though still on my clit. I slid my finger down and found my vaginal opening, it was hot and wet. I used my hot slick juices to lube my clit with my finger and made tiny slow circles around it. My other hand found my breast and cupped them and massaged them, pinching and pulling at my nipples. My… Read more

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A few weeks after I graduated from college I started working for a very big high-tech company. Since my job requires that I spend most of my day in front of a computer screen, I decided to go to the company gym to keep in shape. I usually went right after work around 4 p.m. I guess everyone had the same idea; the place was packed. After a few days of doing more waiting than working out I decided to forget about the gym and jog instead. Since I do not have any set hours for work I started coming in later and leaving later. One night I worked until midnight and decided to give the gym a try a… Read more

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I finally had some success with my new Mom last Wednesday. She was vacuuming the staircase again and so I positioned myself on the sofa near the foot of the stairs, pretending to read a magazine, but really so that I could look up her skirt and hopefully see her knickers. But this time she caught me looking upwards and although I quickly looked away, she wasn't fooled. I waited to see what her reaction would be - would she tell my Dad about my interest in her legs and knickers I wondered - but all that she said was: "You're like your Dad". I was confused and pretended not to hear her so s… Read more

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The Sheriff and daddy and I


This happened last summer to my dad and I. It was a lazy kind of day during the first part of June, it was on a whether warm Saturday that turned into a very hot day. My dad was at work in the morning and at around 10:00 am he called me. Dad asked me “ Hey princess what are you doing?” I replied “ Just sitting here being bored. “ Dad then said, “ I just talked to Uncle Rick who told that they were pulling some pretty good walleyes from the lake. “ “ How about you and I go out and try our luck later today at around 3 or 4 this afternoon?” Dad went on “ It will be rather hot by then so I was t… Read more

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My best friends mom and her friends

AnalGroup SexMature

Once I had to stay at my best friends house for two weeks because my parents were away I really like my friends mom she has a nice big ass big hanging tits and beautiful feet just like her 3 friends who come there almost everyday on the Wednesday of the first week I said I am not feeling so good so I don't want to go to school so my friend went alone the truth was I wanted to wank in some of his mothers used panties she had gone to bed again and was sl**ping the door to her room was open so I went into her room and smelled on her feet while squishing my cock in my pants it got hard ver… Read more

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I broke up with my girlfriend in early September and and went back "home" to my Dad's place. I hated it. Of course, I missed the endless fucking and the sex games I'd enjoyed with my girlfriend, with her dressed as a nurse or a maid. I also missed the girlie things like knickers and bras s**ttered around our bedroom, but above all I hated it because I'd never really got on with my Dad since I was a teen. In fact, I really disliked him. But I was desperate for a place to stay and so swallowed my pride and asked if I could stay a few days. You see my Mom had blamed him for the break-up of the… Read more

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Younger for Older

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I had been fantasizing about older men for a long, long time but couldn't seem to summon the courage to just go ahead and do something about! I considered myself mostly straight, but with a fetish for older (55+) white men. At the time I was only 26, and even to this day I would not want my friends and f****y to know, so that explains my hesitancy in taking that first step in fulfilling these sexual fantasies. One day while surfing the internet for porn, I stumbled upon a website that catered exclusively to my particular tastes. This site's mission was to connect older men with boys like m… Read more

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Younger man for Older man

First TimeGay MaleMature

I had been fantasizing about older men for a long, long time but couldn't seem to summon the courage to just go ahead and do something about! I considered myself mostly straight, but with a fetish for older (55+) white men. At the time I was only 26, and even to this day I would not want my friends and f****y to know, so that explains my hesitancy in taking that first step in fulfilling these sexual fantasies. One day while surfing the internet for porn, I stumbled upon a website that catered exclusively to my particular tastes. This site's mission was to connect older men with boys like m… Read more

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An Army View of Murphy's Law:


SNAFL SITUATION - NORMAL - ALL - FUCKED - UPP Most of these observances courtesy of Tim Heiss with some submitted by Eric Green and Brian Chapman and a few others. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ If you are ignoring the skirmish in front of you, convinced it is a feint, it will turn out to be the main assault. Your ability to locate a speed loader for your clips will depend on whether someone is shooting at you. Tracers work both ways. In the absence of cigarettes and chow there is always coffee.… Read more

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My Autobiography True story

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JENNY ----- MY LIFE (a true story) INTRODUCTION The story of my life has been written as if it were a novel rather than a documentary because I think it would appeal more to the reader of other peoples’ lives. In any case my reflections are as real to me today as when they happened and as I write I am body and soul back to the time of the event. About myself. I was born in the South West of England. I have never married. I have never had c***dren. I am bi-sexual. I was runner-up in a beauty contest at the age of eighteen and as a consequence had many modeling opportu… Read more

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How to fill a big pussy--part 1

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My wife's pussy has gotten bigger over the years. Whether it's from having k**s or age or gravity, it's just gotten bigger. That means it takes longer to satisfy each other, which isn't always a bad thing. One night we were going at it and it was taking longer than usual. She asked what was taking so long and I said something about her being so big down there. "Well if your dick was big enough to satisfy me..." she started. "Baby," I said, "my dick is the same size it's always been, your snatch has just gotten bigger. Here, I'll show you." And with that I went to the kitchen. A min… Read more

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House of Debauchery Part 2


Alternate Title - Frist Anal Creampie of My Mother =================================================== My mother and I were in the living room watching TV. WE heard Gina come out of service room followed by the sound of a closing door. She came to the living room and sat on the couch next to me. As we kissed lightly, she raised her hips to lean towards me. I saw mom staring at her ass. When she noticed me looking at her, she quickly turned her face away but it was too late. Gina had seen her ogling her ass too and she smile and put her hand on the side of her ass and pulle… Read more

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Benefits of a smallish cock!


I was awidower of some three years, and concentrated on my office job. Because I had nothing better to do, I often worked late, and rather than go home to make a meal, i regularly ate at a restaurant near my office. On this occasion, i needed a pee after my main course, so visited the toilet. I noticed another chap looking at me, but thought nothing of it, as my equipment would not warrant a second look - its very thin and not longer than seven inches on my best day. I returned to finish my coffee, and having settled the bill, left the restaurant. I hadn't walked more than twenty yards,… Read more

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First Letters To Gail's Husband Michael


Michael, Your wife wanted me to write this letter to you. She will not tell me if it is to punish you or to excite you. She has only said that if I won’t do this for her then she and I can not continue. I believe her. She is a determined woman so I will do what she says to maintain my access to her. So that I can continue to fuck her. Strong words I know, to hear from another man about your wife. But she has demanded them of me. Telling me that I must be brutally candid, as that is the only way that it is going to work. I have had to take her word for it. I have little idea… Read more

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