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my first wife

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So i was bored one day and put an ad on craiglist to see if i could find a horny girl for some fun.. so it took about an hour and then a guy msged me and wanted to kno if i would be interested in fucking his wife for him because they were swingers.. i was very curious about this because of all the times that i had had 3 somes it was always with someone i knew so i said i would and meet them at a bar in their home town.. when i got there i was a lil uneasy like wtf if its jus a dude or something but it turned out that she was a sexy 34 year old with a gorgeous body.. we started to talk and have… Read more

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Indian Princess Revisited - PostScript

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If you read my last post "Indian Princess Revisited," you know she and I got together for a late afternoon/evening/overnight connection. At the end of the story, I indicated it would be nice to just hold each other and drift off to sleep. That's what I envisioned, anyway. Actually, that is pretty much what happened. We slept through the night, very soundly. As tired as each of us was, we both awakened slightly before the alarm clock was due to go crazy. We looked at each other while our heads were still on the pillows. We smiled, and I asked if she'd like to share a shower. She consented, a… Read more

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deandenhomme woke up rock hard and ready...


Oh Sweetness...woke up rockhard and ready this morning and thought how nice it would be to just roll over, mount you, make my way in that pussy of yours and get my first-thing-in-the-morning fuck out of you... Well, I have the day off, so got up and logged on to your page and promptly began to jack off to your huge hanging honeys and that oh so delectable ass...now, as I often say, while not all butt men are tit men, all tit men ARE buttmen.. So my first load blasted out of my cock to the sight of you on your hands and kness, aiming that ass at the camera...oh how I wanted to be th… Read more

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the ski trip


Last winter i went on a ski trip with my friends family,we skied the first day and all was well. thta night when we were going to bed my friends mom had one to many she left her bed room door open and from the angle i was sleeping at i could see straight in. i watched her undress and she was fine. she had on this skimpy pink and black thong with a bra to match and these boobs were like no others. so once she got every thing off she sat on her bed and read a book for a little while, she got bored very quick and trailed her hand downwards into her panties, thats when i sneezed and she looked out… Read more

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My first threesome.

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My lover and I just finished sucking each off and were laying next to each just talking and he ask if I had any fantasy's and I said I like dressing in lingerie. He went to his closet and came out with a black bra and panty set along with a full black slip. He asked if I would put these on and I was up so fast I tripped and fell to the floor. I didn't think I made any noise and started to get dressed. He went into his bath while I was dressing and then his bedroom door open and in step his step mother. I didn't know what to do but stand there in the lingerie. She just smiled at me and wa… Read more

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Mare finally cucks Jim

First TimeGroup SexMature

Delayed over a week. Today worked. Jim has a weeks business in London. Left out of JFK this afternoon. Plan was for Mary Ellen to come over after dropping him off. Downpour most of the day. Instead of being back by 9, more like 11. Great afternoon/early evening. I'm writing from great room looking in at 3 sleeping bodies, my bff a cum sponge and loving every drop. Started with k**s out of state (thank the lord!). I came out of the shower with nothing on but water. Went to spare room, pulled comforter, laid on the floor with Gus & Nick on couch and said "I'm clean, need to get dir… Read more

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Mommy (Public Pool Visit)Pt.1


One very hot summer day mom suprised me by telling me that we were going to go swimming at the public pool. I was thrilled because everytime we go we have so much fun and do lots of unordinary things! We arrived around 10a.m. just when they were opening up, we paid our entry fees and then we recieved our locker room keys! Mom gave me a kiss on the lips and said she'll see me outside by the mens locker room door. I went inside to change into my trunks and while I was doing that, I just kept thinking about how hot my mom was going to look in her bikini! I was thinking about her long toned le… Read more

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Indian Princess - Revisited

Interracial SexMature

It's been awhile since I posted my experience with my Indian Princess. Since her schedule and mine do not permit frequent visits, so we get what we can. It so happened her flight schedule matched my travel plans, and we were able to reconnect in-person. Since she has an early flight tomorrow, I'll keep this brief. I picked her up at the airport after her last flight. We had a very warm welcome, embracing and kissing briefly before we departed the terminal. Holding hands while managing luggage was a bit of a challenge, but do-able. We got to my truck, kissed again, and headed for my hotel… Read more

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Old and teen, with fathers consent


I had fallen asleep at the table, I was so drunk, but then we all were, even my parents, but they were holding their liquor better, in fact it was the older ones who did. It was late and the music was loud, but that did not stop me dozing off, with my head on the table, a typical pose for a girl who has crashed-out. I was woken by my mother, 'Come on you need to go to bed', she said laughing, she was blasted too, but having a ball. 'I will take her down', came a sober offer, my dads friend, Bill, who was alone with the group, man in his fifties, divorced and had been eyeing me all night, n… Read more

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Nineball999 blows loads while she swallows...


hey ther bb i made this account just to say hi. i been watchin your vids for a while now, and gotta say i love you bb. yur body is soooo fuckin sexy i think about u all the time. you make me so hard. i love watchin your huge boobs bounce around and ur sexxy i cant stop thinkin about u bb. even when im fuking other girls! i been seeing this girl at work. she has a nice body and ass like urs but her boobs r smaller. ne way i fixed her car for her th other week and shes ben paying me back w/ blowjobs and letting me grab her tits and ass and pussy whenever i want. its great bt even when… Read more

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Cheating Can be FUN!!! part 4


Penultimate one of this series which was also posted by me on another site thank you for your comments and private messages so far enjoy!!! Cheating can be fun 4 ________________________________________ Its a little long but I think it is worth while Pat and I made love most of that night but the real events took place the following morning as she awoke to me cooking breakfast. “Smells nice,” she smiled, “Will I have time for a shower? “Sure, but make it quick this is just about ready to dish up.” “5 Minutes ok.” True to her word she was sitting at the table drying herself… Read more

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Frankie's Dream!


My stories are very often fantasy, this one isn't it only happened on Friday evening!!! Ian had gone to stay with some friends for the evening and Frankie was all alone when the doorbell rang. She was sat just having some quality time on her own, catching up with watching tv and drinking her favourite filter coffee. As she was home alone she was only wearing a pair of shorts and a t-shirt with no bra, she hated wearing a bra most of the time and when she was at home she took every opportunity to remove it. So when she opened the door she was painfully aware of her nipples show… Read more

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My friend Deborah

First TimeGroup SexMature

Deborah is an elegant 52 year old professional woman who is single. We have known each other for a decade and she recently confided in me of a secret life which was dramatically different from her appearance. She introduced this into a conversation by mentioning her menopause had passed and then came the revelation after a request for confidentiality. She has worked with me as a fellow counsellor and therefore we trust each other implictly. I must confess what she told me did indeed reveal what she referred to as a dark side her personality. She explained that she had been sexually active as… Read more

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My Husband, My Dad and Me....

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My husband is in the military and was deployed overseas and was returning home to a base in New York. They were having a big welcome home ceremony and i so wanted to be there but was afraid to make the drive alone. I asked my dad to take me for a few days and he agreed so this is where my story begins.... We got there early in the morning and rented a hotel suit for 2 days. We unpacked the few things we had brought with us and decided my hubby and I would have the bedroom and my daddy would sleep on the couch just on the other side of the bedroom door. We were off to base for the ceremony w… Read more

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Bus ride with a Basketball Team (Part 3)

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I handed him a piece of paper with my cell on it.. "just text me when its clear". I needed to call my k**s and do a few things, besides, I really didn't want the road manager to see me hanging around like I was in heat. I love my job and the last thing I want is to get fired for sleeping with a basketball team for Christ-sakes. The Dunkin Donuts across the street was a place I knew well. One day the BF and I were driving around and had stopped there to do it in the bathroom ;-) lol, always go with the feeling! About 40 minutes passed, and I began to wonder if I wasn't the butt of a nasty joke… Read more

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most akward sex of all time.


So one night when i was high out of my mind. i got on aff to see if i could get a lil piece of ass before i went to sleep. So i started talking to a 46 year old lady on there. that said that she lived with her dad that didnt get around really well and that he was leaving for work so i could come over.. so i got lost because she lived in bfe for the first half hour then finally made it over there. So i get there park and walk up to the door she lets me in and says that he hasnt left yet. so she goes to sneak me up stairs and he comes out of his room.. she goes oh shit and tells me to hide behin… Read more

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My first mature

AnalFirst TimeMature

She was 48 years old and i was 18, we was in the same club one night, and started chatting, but i couldnt help but look at her beautiful big round tits as she was wearing a very revealing top and a nice short skirt. i knew she could notice me looking but she didnt seem to mind so i continued to fantasy about what i would do, she then realised how hard my cock was getting from looking at her,and at that point she came very close to me and whisperd to meet her in the toilets and as she was whispering in my ear she was feelin my rock hard cock through my jeans, and she said if you want this sorti… Read more

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Fucking My BBW Auntie In A Caravan


Hi Im Kyle , i am 6 ft 2, slim-athletic build , dark brown hair ,blue/green eyes i am 19 years old and have a huge cock for my age ,(9.5) when erect. My Auntie is called Liz , she is about 5 ft8 , quite chubby , brown hair , huge drooping tits, fair skinned My auntie liz owns a static caravan down in wales and usually stays there for a few weeks each year if the weathers nice. A few weeks ago Liz phoned my mum and invited us all to stay for a few nights just to catch upon things and see them. But my mum has been really busy in work and could not have the time off. My Mum suggeste… Read more

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Welcome home MASTER


Serving my master with lust. Master came in the door and i fullfilled my dutes by greeting him at the door with his beverage, and a smile. Before he had left for the day he had told me in a note what he wanted. 1. I willl be home at six, provide me with a glass of ice water 2. Prepare a meal with three coarses. I want steak, salad, baked potato with butter and sour cream. And for desert i want cherry cheese cake. 3. You are to greet me at the door in black stilettos, fishnet stockings, your collar and nipple clamps that you should be wearimg at no later than noon. 4. The house m… Read more

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I LOVE SEX!!!!!!!!!!!!


If there was one thing on this planet that did not exciste that would ...SEX...I would go crazy!!!!I love sex so much more now then ...then why???..,,because bi-mature women get more horny ''n'' wanna grab my ass 'n'' i just wanna lick 'n' eat lots off pussies all weekened long 'n' oh yesss believe me girls you'll all squirt in my hot mouth and keep on cumming....then boys watch or dream this...all off thoses pleanty girls will all play with my big titts 'n' squeeze my nipples then all will lick 'n finger my hot sexy chubby pink white squirtting pussy 'n' they go crazy!!!!!!!!!!!!!............… Read more

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