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Sexy Mom

Mom was lying on her tummy on the floor reading a fitness magazine. She was
in spandex shorts and a sports bra. We had just finished our workout to one
those new workout videos. You know the ones where the guy is standing there
with the totally ripped abs and telling you how all those fad diets and
crazy machines don't work but his routine will. I tell you what I wish I had
his body. Man that dude is hot as hell. You know what, they do work my mom
and I are living proof of it. We started his program about three months ago
and sent him in before and after pics. Man I hope he sees them. ... Continue»
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A visit to a OAP home

Richard called us a few days later, we put it on speaker phone and listened together as he thanked Dee for a fantastic morning the other day, but on a more serious item, would we be interested in helping him out. His mother’s residential home was having a music evening tonight that he had been invited to go to and he was looking for some support. Dee reluctantly agreed. Richard said that it was a fairly formal event, but it would be nice if Dee could possibly wear stockings.
Dee had recovered from the intense day a few days earlier but was feeling the need to have some sort of fun.
“On the... Continue»
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My mommy

I had the best mother in the world, or so I thought. She is very pretty, very sexy, and she takes very good care of dad and I. Then one day I came home unexpectedly. I wasn’t feeling well and the school nurse had sent me home. I hadn’t seen mom when I came in at nine o’clock and I was asl**p in my bed when suddenly I was rudely awakened with a loud bang. I sat bolt upright in bed and listened.

I must have heard mom’s bedroom door being slammed shut. But I couldn’t comprehend why. It was about eleven o’clock.

I heard several voices shouting, “Anal! No way! Asshole! Exactly! Asshole!”

... Continue»
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First time wearing pantyhose for a guy

If you have read my other story, you know I have a fetish for pantyhose, and even have pictures of me wearing in my profile.

After having my first oral sex for the first time with a guy, I went into a holding pattern for a while. I still continue to dress up in lingerie, but mostly pantyhose. Once I again I got the courage to try again, but this time I wanted to meet someone who love pantyhose or nylons like I did.

I met Steve online via yahoo groups (when they were still good) and quickly hit it off. We both loved wearing pantyhose and wanted to wear it while having sex with another guy. A... Continue»
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An effective sample

Richard was used to the two ladies at the health store asking him to try stuff. Ever since he had ordered a few unusual things that then turned out to be huge sellers, the women very much appreciated his input. And he liked the free samples. Win-win!

The two women who owned the store were Susanne, a cute and attractive yet average blond in her mid-forties, and Anna, a to Richard less attractive brunett of the same age and general build. He supposed her slightly upturned nose was the thing that turned him off. But he had always assumed they were both married, and they were older than him, so... Continue»
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Chris takes my wife's marital cherry

A few years ago my wife worked in an office and was friends with a group of girls and they would go out together to local clubs. Sometimes a younger man called Chris would be with them and he was quite flirty with them all. One of the girls, Lucy was a bit naughty and had been fucked by Chris behind her hubby's back. Chris used to flirt with my wife and I'm sure she enjoyed the attention. Nothing happened but I always thought he would be the one to take her marital cherry, especially as I Lucy had told my wife Chris was very well endowed. I asked my wife if she'd ever heard from him since le... Continue»
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The haunted house

The haunted house


The haunted house

"I don't know, Mom. It's really run down. The agent said it was a fixer-upper, but I don't think this dump can be fixed up."

Mom and I were standing in a yard full of weeds staring at a dilapidated two-story farmhouse. She and I lived together in the city. After being burglarized several times, she decided that she had had enough of city life and began looking at houses in the country.

"I like it," she said defiantly. "It has a certain charm about it. We're both handy with tools. We could have so... Continue»
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Bombed out with Mum

'Mark !!! Wake up, son!'

I was in a deep sl**p, and when I heard my mother's voice. Then I felt her shaking my shoulder; at the same time that I became aware that I had a throbbing erection - I don't know if I'd been dreaming or what, but I was lying on my side, clutching my penis. I groaned and rubbed myself slowly, not wanting to let go of it.

'Darling! Please wake up! There is another air raid and it's coming closer, and I think we should go down and sit under the stairs!'

Now I could hear the sound of bombs falling, and I f***ed my eyes to open.
My mother was standing beside... Continue»
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Mum's Birthday

'Wake up, Mum! I've brought you some tea!'

My mother always had difficulty in getting herself up in the mornings, and at the weekend she often slept until nearly lunchtime. But today was her birthday, and I thought she'd like a cup of tea in bed, and then go back to sl**p for as long as she liked. I gently shook her bare shoulder.

'Mum! Happy Birthday! Here, i have made you some tea,

Mum stirred and grunted, then opened her eyes sl**pily.

'Oh! What,
thank you, darling! Give me a birthday kiss, then!'

She struggled up on to one elbow, and I bent to kiss her on her cheek. One... Continue»
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My German Hotel Mature BBW Experience

Frankfurt in Germany is a beautiful place. I have recently returned to Scotland from a weekend over there. Saw the sights, drank beer and had a good time. The hotel I stayed in was lovely. A swanky bar welcomed me as I arrived, and I was pleasantly surprised about the rooms. Very clean and nicely decorated, with massive, door sized windows. The building itself was is a square u-shape. and I was situated on the inside side of the "u". The view from the room was mostly of office buildings and the closed curtains of the other side of the hotel. Mostly...
On my last day in Frankfurt, I was ... Continue»
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A CFNM Trip to my Favorite Hot Springs

My latest trip to my favorite hot springs had a different, somewhat less exhibitionistic tone than my last two visits.

Rather than doing my nude adventure weekend at the campground, where I was the only one naked and really pushing the limits a little too far, I drove closer to the springs and hiked in on the road, camping i*****lly right below the springs.

I stayed dressed for the drive this time. That was a good idea, because I ended up having to stop a few times, and getting dressed would have been a drag.

I also stayed dressed for the 1.5 mile hike along the road to the hot spri... Continue»
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Massaging s****r and Mother

If you read “Massaging s****r and Mother – Part 1” you will know about the loving and exciting experience I had with my s****r Meg, when massage led us into a very pleasurable and intense sex life. One day, however, I had the most surprising and unexpected experience:

My s****r and I usually had our hot sessions on Mondays and Fridays around 4PM, as I came from school a bit earlier and at that time she arrived from her part-time work, after her morning college body therapy classes. My mom and dad worked until 8PM. One Monday, I knew my s****r would have to work until later, so I was surpris... Continue»
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A Sexy Neighbour

I was having a short vacation at my parent’s house. It was a bit boring but there was one consolation though, the woman next door. OMG she made me horny. It was summer and, as both my parents worked, I was home alone. I noticed her hanging clothes on the line. It was early in the morning and she was wearing a long t-shirt, the type used as PJ's by some ladies. As she bent over to get something out of the clothes basket the t-shirt rode up her body and I caught a glimpse of her panties. I lost interest in the newspaper and watched. It happened again. When she went inside I waited. She did not r... Continue»
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Mom And My Two s****rs

After Dad died in an automobile accident my two s****rs started sl**ping with Mom every night. I felt left out and kind of lonely at night. I cried myself to sl**p a few times too but I was the man of the house, Dad had often told me that.

I started spying on them. I would stay around the corner for a minute or two before entering a room. I would look in the windows before going into the house. I would even lie on the floor outside Mom’s bedroom and listen through the crack under the door at night after I was supposed to be in bed. Eventually I was sure that the three of them were having ... Continue»
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Plenty of fish in the lake. And a little bait catc

The alarm buzz sounded too early in the morning, as it always did. Sam didn’t feel like getting out of the bed and go to the flower shop. Above all, he was reluctant to see Bruce so soon after their Truth or Dare game where it became obvious that Bruce had a crush on Sophocles. The little bear had difficulties to show his feelings and he knew it would hurt him to see Bruce now. But he needed the money and he knew that eventually he had to face Bruce and part of him wanted to see him too and… Weary he stood up to get dressed and went to the flower shop.

At the flower shop Sam avoided Bruce the... Continue»
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Fantasy about my wife and the flower delivery man.

Last week was my wife's 65th birthday. She works out does yoga and stays in shape and still looks good. I had ordered her flowers for her birthday and after they came she told me the delivery man was black. I told her damn, she should have invited him in. She said he was young he wouldn't want to do anything to do with an old woman like her. I told her she might be surprised. here is my fantasy of what happened.
I saw the flower delivery van pull in the driveway and a good looking black man probably in his 20s got out with my wife's flowers. I met him at the door and told him I would get her ... Continue»
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a dirty Morning !!

Winter morning At around 9:30 pm
He comes back I still
Under the coat He entered the room
The girl started shouting. I am
I saw him with cepars
I was looking at Kajakam. Hours
After I got up, I got him
Held me, only in the house house
Wife's work is not Jamaighta
Do not be cuddled. Shame, shame
It takes me I lapped her
I went to bed.
Today you are all the desires of the husband
One of his lips will fill it
I kissed a little kiss. What do you want
She wanted to know.
You and I are absolutely nanton
Happy now
- No, I can not.
- It's going to be, say, her
Put the hand in the k... Continue»
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Big cock on the telly5

I looked at the sight in front of me as I stripped. My wife on her back,her head between the big thighs of the mature bow
“ lick my pussy gilly, that’s it, lick it hard!”
I went over,my prick hard bobbing in front of me. Julie reached out, pulling it to her mouth. She licked and sucked me hornbill for a few minutes ,then pulled away
“Lift her legs up and spread them for me,darling,she needs some encouragement “ she said with a filthy, sexy laugh. With that she gave gills pussy a sharp slap
“ I love it when she moans on my clit” and continued her cunt slaps” get behind me and ram that big p... Continue»
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Winning backstage pass for Evanescence.

Winning backstage pass for Evanescence.

Kita is reading the newspaper on a Friday morning in may, when she notice a prize-question for winning backstage pass for Evanescence next month on the pinkpop festival. She tells Dan about it and Dan answers back if she knows the answer?
Kita has to take a chance with it, maybe she is lucky and wins the prize. She cuts the article out the newspaper,soo on her work she can email the answer to the newspaper. She gets back from work and keeps saying all weekend long she hopes she is going to win that prize,so cool to meet Amy Lee in real and all tho... Continue»
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215 Wendy and Andrew

215 Wendy and Andrew
They were living in Norfolk it was a nice house, not new but very well appointed, it had a long and wide garden at its rear fenced to 6 ft on all sides. A neighbouring house was the only other home in range so the 38year-old Wendy always sunbathed nude. Her husband Andrew and her being the only ones about except as I said the one neighbour a 66year old chap by the name of Steve, whom they hardly knew past the odd word in passing, as he kept himself to himself.
It was on one of these warm sunny days, when she lay on the lounger, drink in hand when her mobile phone jingle... Continue»
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