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Mature Porn Stories

Closet MILF (Not true story)

First TimeMatureTaboo

I am not author of this story. Shelly Wright always threw the best women-only house parties the weekend before the Superbowl as a kind of special reward to all the women that would have so much work to do for each of their own big football parties the following week. The night was still pretty young, but Heidi decided her early morning plans would probably be harder to keep if she continued socializing and drinking with her colleagues from work. Leaving her coworkers house early would also alleviate the amount of grief she would receive from her husband, Jason, for the next w… Read more

Posted by PornApocalypse 4 years ago 1 2,486 10%

my mom's sursprise


a few days ago i heard my mom talking with a f****y friend my mom has big tits and a great ass and she is beautiful,a milf and yes i would like to fuck her but she is not that hot but for her age is prety good and the f****y friend is an 22 years old woman that is a very good friend with my mom: "i saw my son a few days ago jarking off in the bathroom,i don't know but i was so horny and i kinda wanted to go inside and suck his cock" "well i know many woman that teach there sons" "realy?" "yes,my older s****r lets her son to jark off to her and i just met a mouth ago some one… Read more

Posted by doriandorian 4 years ago 7 13,515 66%

Mom's Loving Sons (Not true story)

First TimeMatureTaboo

I am not author of this story. CHAPTER ONE Anna Miller tossed her pretty blonde head restlessly. Her broad hips swung as she paced back and forth, and her huge tits, which were naked beneath her robe, swayed heavily. Right now, more than she had ever wanted anything else in the world, Anna wanted to feel a prick slamming up her hot cunt, and her husband, the only man whose prick had ever been inside her through her thirty four years, was out of town. He wouldn't be back for another week, and Anna believed in being faithful. When the doorbell rang, she almost jumped out o… Read more

Posted by PornApocalypse 4 years ago 13 18,591 72%

A young guy. An older woman (Not true story)

First TimeMatureTaboo

I am not author of this story. We all of us enjoy sexual thoughts at one time or another and what follows is a fictional tale involving some of my own. I think I surprised even myself at how lengthy the story is becoming. It still has some way yet to go. Therefore, in order to maintain an interest I felt it best to post this part now. Should anyone feel the need for a part 2, feel free to let me know. I hope, given they are little more than a reflection of the thoughts of the slightly, older, more mature woman, this will not deter readers from enjoying the story. As… Read more

Posted by PornApocalypse 4 years ago 4 3,747 95%

my best friend Raul's mom


continue the story with my best friend but this story is about his mom: so after a few mounths i started to want to fuck my f****y maid,my best friend mother so i start masturbate in the bathroom and in my room when she was cleaning in my f****y's house and after two days she came in the bathroom when i was jarking off i got in the bathroom,get naked and starting rubbing my cock,when she came in she saw my cock already hard in my hand she wasn't that surprised as i tought she will be:"i am sorry"and she fet out of the room so i knew that i have to something else but… Read more

Posted by doriandorian 4 years ago 1 4,072 74%

Me and Mr. Smith (Not true story)

First TimeMatureTaboo

I am not author of this story. It was a warm spring night when I stepped out of the campus bar. I was tired, and a bit tipsy, and I was waiting to get picked up by my friend, Jack. I was 20 at the time, still unsure about my sexuality. My name is Will. I'm about 6'0 or 6'1, or was at the time... Anyways, back to the story. I was waiting on a cold bench when I got a phone call from Jack. "Hey bud," he said into the phone, slurring his words. "I don't think I will be able to pick you up." "Your an asshole! How the fuck am I supposed to get home now?" "I don't know, take t… Read more

Posted by PornApocalypse 4 years ago 1,438 92%

Moms Best Mate (Not true story)

First TimeMatureTaboo

I am not author of this story. Beryl had worked with Mom for about 20 years, together they had gone through lots of good times and some real bad times, both had lost husbands, Beryl had lost 2 but they always seemed to be having a good time. I had often looked at Beryl and wondered what she would be like, she was quite tall 5’ 10”, a nice womanly figure not hourglass but everything was exactly where it should be, and set off by a wonderful pair of 38C breasts, which I had gazed at many times, just wondering what they would be like. Mom and Beryl often went on holiday together… Read more

Posted by PornApocalypse 4 years ago 4 3,005 100%

Fucking Mom (Not true story)

First TimeMatureTaboo

I am not author of this story. While I was growing up, I lived in the California desert. My dad owned a gas station and worked late a couple of nights per week during the summer. This meant that my mom and I were alone those nights. It was usually hot and mom often drank some wine before, with and after dinner. We would usually do dishes after dinner and, in the summer, she would change from halter top and shorts to a nylon nightgown and sit down on the sofa with her glass of wine and watch TV. She wasn't careful about exposing herself and I often got a brief peek at… Read more

Posted by PornApocalypse 4 years ago 8 7,355 95%

Ohh Mom: Pt. 1 (Not true story)

First TimeMatureTaboo

I am not author of this story. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I was your typical horny 18 year old teenager. I went to school, had fun with friends, and completed treacherous homework. I didn’t have that many friends and I had never had a girlfriend. Hell, I was still a virgin for crying out loud! I had yet to touch the female body. Aside from that, I lived with my mother and my younger s****r, both of which I loved dearly. I don’t really remember my father, he left right after my s****r was born so I was raised b… Read more

Posted by PornApocalypse 4 years ago 6 3,425 99%

My Son In Law (Not true story)

First TimeMatureTaboo

I am not author of this story. Introduction: Older women can enjoy too Though I don't apologise, I warn you now, it may be a little long for some of you...I hope not and for those who do take the time and trouble to read my efforts, I hope you find these thoughts, if not arousing, then at least an enjoyable read. As always, I will look forward to receiving your comments. All I ask, be they negative or positive, you do please at least keep them constructive. My name is Cathy, I'm fifty one years of age and thought I would write and tell you about the… Read more

Posted by PornApocalypse 4 years ago 2 3,252 97%

A Mother-In-Law's Fuck Fantstasy (Not true st

First TimeMatureTaboo

I am not author of this story. Introduction: She wanted me as much as I wanted her... A Mother-In-Law's Fuck Fantstasy I am married to my wife for almost 7 years now and everything is going quite normal in my life.Work is great and I have the best Mother-In-Law you can think about.Her name is Matilda.She is 53 and have a average body and looks very sexy when I get to see her sometimes in her short night gowns.Her husband and my father-in-law is 69 years and as usual for men his age cannot get an erection and I suspect that he likes little boys but that is ano… Read more

Posted by PornApocalypse 4 years ago 2,566 88%

Mother says it's alright (Not true story)

First TimeMatureTaboo

I am not author of this story. My mom and I live in our small cozy home in a village out on the countryside, never met my dad and hardly ever had any f****y over as far as I can remember. Basically it was just my mother and I, we had no problem with that since we had such a fantastic relationship; she was loving and caring. My mom is in her late forties with a chubby figure and long blonde hair, with a smile which immediatly lit up the room. I'm an average looking guy who is going to school and has always felt a deeper connection to his mother but could never make sense of it. That w… Read more

Posted by PornApocalypse 4 years ago 6 4,938 95%

Taboo confessions 4 tales from the chat room


Ok so I have been pretending to be another person as I chatted with my swinging father and mother in laws xhampster website... My profile is bland like every faker out there with bearly place on earth and enough info so I can't be traced easily and I'm acting like a covert undercover horny soninlaw. It took a few weeks of casual conversation to get to know alot more... For some reason people will really spill there life to a total strange on this website. Mother in law chatted but was very slow on the typing so I mainly chatted with "Dad". Our first real sex chat... I have to admit was h… Read more

Posted by thetigerking 4 years ago 8 3,102 94%

Mom and Big Tony


One night my mom came home wearing a skirt that exposed her butt cheeks. She took off her panties, sat down on the edge of the couch, spread her fat thighs and told me to EAT WHILE ITS HOT. All I could see was thick white cum covering her big hairy pussy. There was some of it hanging off of her huge three inch clit making it look like her little dick had cum. Before she could get upset I dove in face first and licked and sucked for all I was worth. In between my slurping I could hear telling me about her latest lover that filled her with all this cum. She said his dick was 10.5 inches long and… Read more

Posted by moms_sissy 4 years ago 3 3,550 91%

Kim & Dave, part 1

AnalGroup SexMature

Dave was at the airport to pick up Kim. He parked his SUV, then stepped out and began walking to the gate where she would be arriving.. He checked the message board and saw her plane was on time and he hurried to the gate just as the plane was beginning to unload. He checked all the passengers as they walked by until he finally saw her, waving to her as she caught his eye. Dave smiled and thought, "My God, she's gorgeous." She was wearing a navy blue business suit, with a white blouse that accentuated her 36D bustline, and a skirt that ended at mid-thigh,showing off her shapely legs. She came… Read more

Posted by drdak43 4 years ago 5 1,988 93%

An old dear friend........MMMMMMMMmmm


This I want to say is a true story.......About a year ago I met this woman on Facebook that I had an affair with about 6 years ago(2006) and we contacted each other and finally after about 5 months we decided to meet. We had always been attracted to each other sexually and mentally. But over the period she had gotten married and moved to WV about 40 miles from me. When we finally met at my place we kissed and sat and talked for a couple hours it seemed. She finally moved closer and kissed me again and that is where things got even better. We ended up fucking on the couch and in my bedroom… Read more

Posted by smooooothone 4 years ago 1,590 79%

jensen gets trained

First TimeMature

Mrs Victoria Jensen was seemingly like any other middle aged woman living in the suburbs. She had a comfortable life, with a nice house in a safe neighborhood, with a good f****y, that included her husband and two c***dren, both who are off at college. At 46 she was still a very attractive woman, always a little curvier then her petite frame might suggest. She stood at only 5' 3" with dark hair, which like most woman her age, she dyed to maintain her warm auburn glow. She had begun to develop some wrinkles around her eyes, mouth and neck, and although she was less then thrilled with these new… Read more

Posted by eyestolove134 4 years ago 2 2,414 73%

my milf neighbor 2


this is the secound part,have fun: after that day i started to do some new things: the next day my mom came home and after here shower i got in her room naked,i put my hand on my cock and started to jark off.she came and she saw me: "what are you doind?" "why are you doing this in my room?i know you are at the age when you do this but you could do this in your room" "mom i ...i saw a few days ago masturbathing with your toys and i can't stop thinking about it" "what?i am sorry that you saw that" "i saw you so nao i want you to help me" "what do you mean?" "i… Read more

Posted by doriandorian 4 years ago 1 1,886 57%

my milf neighbor


next door lives a beautiful 45 woman,she looks like Lisa Ann,great ass,big and great tits,beautiful and every thing that you want from a woman. i am 18 and i want so much to fuck so one summer day she was sunbathing without the bra.i was looking for something and i saw her,her tits,i imediatly got hard and with no one else in the house i put down my pants an start to rub my cock. i was masturbathing for a few minutes and she stand up and got inside the house.i was pissed beacause i didn't finish but she appers in a room in whick i can see and put down her pantsand start's tu rub her… Read more

Posted by doriandorian 4 years ago 1 3,396 37%

"Your Mum, Your Mum!"


Mom has a dirty and very kinky gangbang with stepson's enemies. This is a secret I have kept to myself for years, about what my stepmother Teresa did one summer morning. Now, I think it's time I made all privy to this strange and lurid tale; the account of "Your Mum, Your Mum!" Some months after the incident of "Teresa's Torture" [which will be in another story] when I was 18, it happened. Firstly, I heard some of the local 18 to 19 year olds talking about Mum and her secret porno film! Obviously the film had gotten out to certain local thugs, after Mum had made it with the gangsters,… Read more

Posted by naughtyboy200 4 years ago 1 5,144 83%