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Mature Porn Stories

Almost Caught


Pam and Ethan's sexploits continue... Part 18, Pam and Ethan take a chance Ch 1 Ethan stopped the GTO in front of Darien's house and shut off the motor. The blinds in the big front window were open and the light from the television flickered on the wall. He let out a deep breath. He hated coming here. He walked up to the house and knocked on the screen door. The inside door was open and Darien's father was on the couch in his undershirt with a can of beer in one hand and a bag of potato chips in the other. His glazed eyes stared at the television. Ethan knocked but he didn't r… Read more

Posted by pornaholic63 4 years ago 2 1,068 95%



I couldn’t wait to meet Andy & Julie again; my cock grew with my excitement as I walked up the forest track. I reached the clearing and looked in my heart skipped a beat as I seen the camper already there, I turned in walking directly up to the van, what will Julie be wearing. I heard the door slide open as I neared, Andy jumped out smiling and offering me his hand in welcome, and “nice to see you” he said. I looked past him anxious to catch sight of Julie, wow I wasn’t disappointed. Julie was sat on the back bench seat her legs stretched out crossed in front of her, looking down her long… Read more

Posted by ranger_ 4 years ago 1 1,414 100%

A mothers mistake 14


Chapter 14 Sometime later the two of them were sitting outside on the deck enjoying the warm spring air. Chris had finally told her that he was in danger of failing a class. "I don't have to tell you how disappointed I am Chris." "No," he answered. "I blame myself for this. I have been too preoccupied with what we have been doing to pay attention to your school work." Chris knew that was coming. "It doesn't have anything to do with that," he lied. "Of course it does. The question is what do we do about it? Since there is only a few weeks left of school, you don't have much ti… Read more

Posted by pegaseus69 4 years ago 9 5,230 100%

My Bi MMF 3some

Group SexMature

This story is a work of fact and not a figment of my, sexual, imagination. PART 1 – This episode in my sex-life relates to an experience when I was on holiday on the island of Ibiza. I was there with a good male friend of mine when, five days into the holiday, he had to return home unexpectedly due to a f****y crisis. Before we became aware of the problem, we had talked about hiring a car for a week and going to two or three nude beaches. So being alone now, I decided to carry on with the plan and therefore, the morning after he left, I set out for the day. After driving for hal… Read more

Posted by PurplePal 4 years ago 19 3,176 100%

Seduced By My Mother-in-Law


Seduced By My Mother-in-Law Kimberly and I had been dating off and on for a few years during high school and into our collage years before we decided to marry. I loved her f****y and had always had an eye for her mom; I had always thought she was hot. But due to her fathers bad health and we rushed the wedding plans so he could be there. It was a beautiful day and everything went great. Kim danced a slow dance with her father while I danced with her mother. I was a bit surprised when she cupped my ass during the dance; I passed it off thinking she was just playing, and d***k. After… Read more

Posted by adel5000 4 years ago 9 19,110 99%

The Massage


As you lay on the bed, radiant in your nudity, resplendent on the clean sheets; I am already aroused before I even approach you. In my hand is a bottle. I have removed it from the sink, where it sat in hot water, warming up the oily liquid inside. As I approach, I begin unscrewing the top. You watch me, and your legs part. I can already see liquid glistening on your swelling labia. I bend over and kiss you, sweetly. Then I whisper in your ear, “Turn over, baby”. You do. And as doing so, I see you actually shutter with anticipation. When you are comfortably stretched out on yo… Read more

Posted by JerichoX 4 years ago 2 982 88%

Take me suit! Cuz I'm gay virgin...

First TimeGay MaleMature

I'm at the specified address, the door is almoust opened ... a few quick thoughts and finally I decide to enter. A quick glance and immediately I notice him sitting in a chair behind the desk. He turns around at the sound of my elegant shoes. And It is here! The smile! Showing all white and perfect teeth ... nothing more I need. My heart stops! My perfect bear is here. The first man that I would like to fuck with... he is mine... only mine... He stands up immediatly and in two steps he is near me and he is trying to hug me with his big arms. But it is not so simple ... I moved aside for 2… Read more

Posted by zrabek 4 years ago 1,079 60%

My First Time With A MILF

First TimeMasturbationMature

We were in our last year of school and my friends and I had this band. It was me, Jerry, Pete, and Bart and we were pretty good. We played country and folk music. We were invited to play at this benefit folk concert in a nearby town for a weekend. They were going to put us up in a hotel and feed us. We were pretty pumped about the whole deal. We got there on Friday afternoon and found our spot on the lineup. We were playing right after these older ladies who did some fiddle stuff. They were really good. We did our set and did some jam sessions then hung around late with other folk people pla… Read more

Posted by 123nik 4 years ago 1 5,508 81%

sex with teacher

AnalFirst TimeMature

when i was in degree first year that is the first day of college me and my friends went to college on time for our welcome all the teachers are at the enterance gate then i suddenly saw a beautiful lady welcoming all the students she was very fair and had a good structure by luck she came to my class and told the she is our class teacher i was very happy that she is my class teacher she ask all the students to tell their names all students told their names along with me as i was a brillient student she was very close to me cell phones are not allowed in our college when ur head check for the c… Read more

Posted by saif24 4 years ago 1,335 70%

I Caught My Mom Dogging


I got into the dogging thing in my mid teens thanks to an older neighbor guy who was into everything sexual big time. He had all kinds of videos and pictures, he and his wife were swingers. He took me out the first few times to show me the ropes. He even let me watch his hot wife dog a time or two. This guy always knew who would be where. My favorite woman was one older lady who would only fuck one guy but afterward would let all of us masterbate and blow our wads on her bush then she would rub her fingers thru it and then stick her cum covered fingers up her snatch. I would fuck some of… Read more

Posted by zimabean 4 years ago 16 16,456 90%

For My Lady......musings


For my Lady....Musings... As I kneel at the edge of the bed contentedly lapping up what's left of my Ladys' nectar, I keep thinking how lucky I am to have met and serve this wonderful woman. She is by no means an angel and without fault. She is not blessed with patience, as everything about her seems to be done at top speed, leading to lots of little mistakes in her day to day vanilla existance. I find this aspect of her to be endearing if a little irksome in my, "place for everything and everything in it's place", style of life. She can swear like a trooper a… Read more

Posted by loquat51 4 years ago 500 70%

For My Lady


For my Lady Sharon opened the door and stood staring at me, exhaling smoke from her long cheroot into my face. "You're late" she said, "Get your ass in here, I've waited long enough". I entered the hotel room mumbling my apologies, but it appeared my Lady wasn't listening as she slammed the door and stomped over to the bed. Patience is not one of her better attributes. "Get your kit off and stand at the foot of the bed", she instructed, as she flounced into the bathroom, her partially open robe swishing behind her. As normal, without hesitation, I got out ou… Read more

Posted by loquat51 4 years ago 798 100%

2nd Part of Geff and Annies first meeting


Robert when was in a bay that had 6 beds in it but as Annie walked she saw that only 3 of the beds were actually occupied and she smiled as she saw the three men all in a row with her husband at the far end, she said “it looks like the 3 wise monkeys in here!” and one of the men smiled and said “no it is just 3 of your admirers” Annie laughed and replied “Well hopefully two he doesn't really count does he” looking towards her husband! The third guy looked Annie up and down and said “Hey Robert, Annie is even more attractive in real life than in those picture you have shown us!” Annie gave… Read more

Posted by Robertcharles965 4 years ago 6 888 100%

The Aunt

First TimeMatureTaboo

Like most of other guys, i have also some memory about my Aunt. I just try to write and share that horny feeling. and if there be any interest and my writs can be understan then i follow to write the rest. and even present somehow a few phantasie pics which could give you a view of that time. Let me write about what is following me about more than 40 years. i was about 9 years old. it was new for me to jerkof! still didn´t know why i like to do it. there was no dream woman or something like that. it was a strange feeling. i am from orient where the sex is taboo. and we grow up in… Read more

Posted by stillvoyeur 4 years ago 2 7,498 68%

A mothers mistake 13


Chapter 13 Several weeks later Chris was on his way home from school with some bad news. He was in danger of failing one of his classes and was worried about telling his mother. While all of his grades had fallen (without his mother knowing) since they had started their affair, this was the only one that he might really fail. It could possibly jeopardize his scholarship and he knew that she would be sorely disappointed. The news spoiled a day when he had been excited because of a gift he had purchased for his mother's birthday. When Chris walked into the house, he was surprised to… Read more

Posted by pegaseus69 4 years ago 12 4,905 90%

Dirty Old Man


I wanted to share this with you and see what you thought! And I will add to it! I`ve always had a thing for older men. I mean really old men. I like to get a reaction from them. I live next door to a lovely Italian couple who are in their late 70`s. as his wife is in a home for the elderly. I felt quite sad for him so visiting him, originally had nothing to do with sex. One day it was hot and I had gone next door and he was abit d***k. Do you like grapa? I didnt know what it was but I let him give me a glass. It was a rich red wine of Italian origin but apparently he trade… Read more

Posted by serenity61 4 years ago 11 2,900 92%

The White Suburban Housewife - My First Date

Interracial SexMature

The White Suburban Housewife - My First Date Part 1 In the process of getting pretty and sexy I forgot that I was getting ready to meet Marvin’s customer and have an afternoon of sex with him as a reward for doing business with Marvin. In other words, I forgot that I was getting ready to go to work as Marvin’s whore. Now, on my way to the Ritz, I was back to my senses and I was pissed off and mad at that son-of-a-bitch Marvin for forcing me into this situation. Driving across town I switched back and forth between panic attacks over meeting Marvin’s customer and hating tha… Read more

Posted by o08086 4 years ago 6 4,708 100%

good old girls night out.


friends band played bar few hours away. Middle of farm country was a rough bar of good size. Noticed three girls who arrived together. danced with one of them and figured the two others would run blocking on her. after few drinks and a slow dance or two I got hard on when she rubbed her body against me. How about we go out side where its cooler, sure lets go. In the parking lot we kissed and messed around. I was 17 and she was about 24. What do you do and where you live. She told me of groceries store in a small town. She had graduated HS and planned for collage. work made it easy to not… Read more

Posted by hardnutjr 4 years ago 825 87%

Toms instructions for the posted video


When you've finished Marge, I want you to chose a pair of panties. They're both the same size and will fit you very comfortably. I want Paul to film you examining them. I used them as cock wipes when I was generating my cum and watching you fully clothed, and either stripping to underwear, panties and tights. I could have made them messier with precum but we can't have them too perfumed as they might go off. When you've made your selection I want you to inhale them. Where they nestled against my balls or against my bell end as I guesstimated how naughty it would look as you smelt my scent. You… Read more

Posted by margepaul 4 years ago 2 770 88%

Hot and steamy


Hot and steamy The gym was busy, that’s when I first saw her, her feet pounding the treadmill at a speed that would put a marathon runner to shame. The beads of sweat pouring off her brow, dripping onto her cleavage and down between her large amply breasts disappearing from view and then reappearing as a wet patch on her pink vest. Bead after bead poured from her, again the same route taken. I watch in ore as she intensified the pace. Other members around were training hard, some not so hard, some just damn right lazy. I had just finished a spin class and was filling my water bottle up. T… Read more

Posted by daveeltnam 4 years ago 1,052 100%