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Indian Submissive cuckold husbands
Jul 30, 2013
how my wife became prostitute
This story is about my wife rittu with whom I got married in 2004 and before my marriage I used to fuck prostitutes.I used to spend lots of money fucking whores of different age caste colour and creed..I had a real liking for prostitutes and often used to bring them to my flat

After my marriage I used to fuck rittu like a whore making her do all the things which I used to get done from a whore.I used to make her wear tight jeans and skimpy top with sexy netted bra and panty inside and then I used to make her ... Continue»
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hot one found

Her eyes fluttered open, a mischievous smile on her face as she asked me,

"You want me to make him lick me clean once you are done with me again, don't you?" Sunita asked

I could feel, impossibly, my cock get harder as she said that.

"Mhmmm, how about I come on your tits again and you go upstairs and make sure your husband cleans up my mess properly," I said as I got out of her and straddled her chest.

She could see her pussy juices glistening on my cock, and she raised her head to lick and taste herself off my cock. Her hands started jerking me off, a mixture of her saliva and jui... Continue»
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The names James Hard-On Part IV

This is the James Hard-on series continuing epic :P (Read earlier ones if you want to help follow story)

Jessica Chastity and James Hard-on sat in the car in pure silence. She started to get uncomfortable.

"So what happened in there? With Willy I mean?" said Jessica.

"Let's just say he was a great prick and I gave him something that took him down in size."

I winked at her. Gosh I LOVE puns!

"I don't think he will think of bothering you or other women anymore with his extreme piggishness."

"Oh. Thanks? I guess."

"Hmm. I have a feeling we aren't really having much chemistr... Continue»
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Innocent Eva

At 21, Eva had only had one boyfriend her whole life, whom she was still with after a year and a half. She had never been good with guys despite her beautiful features.
She was stood about five foot eight, weighed about 135 pounds, with a round, firm ass, and
breasts that were the perfect handful. Her religious upbringing was what made her so prude. She was the rich, quiet, soft-spoken girl who wore a gold cross around her neck, got god grades in her college classes, and only had sex with her boyfriend a few times.
Today Eva had decided to get her friend Tiffany a joke gift for her birthda... Continue»
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Mom's Roommate

Doug gave his wife a final kiss before boarding the military aircraft.

"I don't want you to go." She whimpered.

"Honey, I have to...I'm sorry."

Kristen gazed up at him, her big green eyes full of tears. "What if you get hurt...or get killed?"

"Babe, that's not gonna happen...I promise you." Doug said confidently.

As he boarded the plane with the rest his battalion Doug gave a final wave back at his f****y. Kristen f***ed a smile and waved back, her 6 year old daughter Cassie stood by her side, holding her hand. On the other side of her was Garret, her lean handsome 18 year old s... Continue»
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Market day!

Market day....a day filled with visual stimulant and an abundance of flesh.
The city usually hosts a market day at the park grounds on a monthly basis, the second Sunday of each month. I generally try to get to a couple of them a year, mainly because of the fresh produce on hand, and wall to wall skin......female skin.

The town bus also runs a special day service just for the markets. In and out only once on the day, it leaves at a much earlier time of 6am sharp, returning after 6pm in the evening. Sure, it’s a long day, but I generally find plenty to keep myself from boredom. As per usual... Continue»
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First date P5

We both scanned the room as we entered. There were several people mostly men with a few couples. It was full of various adult items, magazines, dvds for rent as well as a toy section focused near the counter. The store was well lit and spaced out so viewing materials and items were comfortable. The attendant was a young woman with several tattoos and a few piercings. She acknowledged our presence but was busy texting. I leaned over and asked if you had any tattoos or piercings. To this you turned and said I would have to find them myself and you were not telling. Making our way to the counter ... Continue»
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Good time.

My husband Pete has always wanted us to have a threesome, he wants to see me "get it", as he puts it, whilst giving it to me aswell, or watching, but I have always been uneasy about inviting someone else into our bed. About 2 years ago we were out for the night at a club with friends, Pete was chatting to this girl who was flirting with him and I went mad, he suggested we take her home, which would help me calm down and relax, women are not my thing and I went mad at him, I spent the rest of the time with my mates on the dance floor. We were all dancing away and I felt hands on by bum, I thou... Continue»
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women are not innocent

Ive been observing women for years and have come the a fair conclusion. Women are no where near as innocent as many try to make us to believe. They also have many double standards. I hear so many arguments women have with their boyfriends about giving attractive female co workers a ride home. On many occasions i have given female co workers rides home and have watched them lie to their man about how they were getting home. Women spass out when they look thru their mans phone to find pics of women. Yet they send each other men pics as well as look on line as well. Women just know not to store s... Continue»
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Queen of Hearts

An office romance is dealt an important hand by love.
* * * * * * *

Thursday's temperatures wavered between cool and warm. I waited impatiently for the finale of a sudden downpour before opening the window near my desk, to coax the outside in, to cleanse the stuffy office air, to linger near for the cool, damp breeze to finger my warm, dry face. April's weather was not on my list of favorites since the renewing season and I parted company last year. But that changed today—the long winter was over and I welcomed back spring and made amends.

Still I was restless and rubbed the... Continue»
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Start of a Beautiful Threesome Part 2

As I arrived in the parking lot, I saw them walking towards the door. “Hey, Peter, how are you?” I shook Jean-Louis’ hand and kissed Betty on both cheeks. “Did you walk here?” I asked.
“Yes, we live just around the corner.”
We all did our separate workouts for an hour, the met up in the sauna again, which was empty. We all sat naked on the upper bench with Betty in the middle. She sat very close to me, closer than to her husband, which he didn’t seem to mind. I felt very challenged, as she rested her hand on my thigh for quite some time, sometimes rubbing it very gently. Betty slapped... Continue»
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Bath time (first story)

(This is my first time uploading a story+writing one in the english language....
i find it very soft and somehow romantic?
hope you'll enjoy)

His arms were wrapped around her half naked body,his chest pressed hard against her back as the room started to be filled with warmth and steam. They both just stood there against each other,feeling each other and chatting,waiting for thier bath to be filled. He started to kiss her neck and shoulders as his hands started to roam all over her body,making her shiver to his hot touch,leaning closer to every kiss and tilting her head to give him more... Continue»
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The Rendezvous P4

) I stand and walk to get a drink from the small fridge. I grab cold water and open it to drink. You come to stand next to me and ask me to share. I rub the cool bottle over your breasts making sure to roll over your nipples you pull back and say that’s cold. I raise my eyebrows as I stare at how hard your nipples get. And say yea I know… I walk towards the window and stand in front of it my cock half erect. We are on the top floor in the back so nobody can see us standing there naked. As I slowly drink the water you walk up behind me and reach around to grab my cock and rub my chest. Yo... Continue»
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The Rendezvous P5

We lean back against each other with a slight laugh from both of us. I whisper, maybe we should have charged admission to the show…as I say this I reach up and cup both your tits and rub your nipples with a light squeeze you then moan so lightly. My cock now semi hard slips out of your pussy covered with your juices. You reach behind your and pull me tighter as you grind back. You turn your head and say...I need more of that….I take you to the bed and lay you face down and turn to get the oil. With your feet hanging off the edge of the bed I stand behind and over you looking as you breathe ... Continue»
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The Rendezvous P6

I lay back on the bed to relax. My cock still in your hand, you lay down by my side and rest your head on my shoulder. I feel your hand squeezing my cock and I start to throb in your hand. My cock twitches and starts to swell. You look down and say, well. I look at you and smile as I say, batter up. You say as we slide further onto the bed, so I see can you go another inning. I look as your tits graze my cock and tell you to the bottom of the 9th. Your tits are glazed in sweat as I stare at them swaying over my cock. You stroke my cock slow and rub the tip over your nipples making them shine... Continue»
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The Rendevous

We meet at the room, both of us very anxious and extremely horny. I notice you are only in short skirt and tank top. I am in jeans and a t shirt. Having ridden my bike to cum to see you I’m a little sweaty. I notice your nipples are very erect so I reach over and cup your tit in one hand and tweak the nipple with the other. I look you in the eye as I do this asking you if it feels good. You gasp a little saying absolutely. I repeat this to the other tit watching as you tilt your head back a little and moan. Your hands are rubbing your crotch slowly up n down. I lift your shirt and lick and suc... Continue»
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The Rendezvous P2

We head to the shower laughing and teasing each other. As you bend over to turn on the water my I get behind you and rub my still hard cock up over your wet pussy. I slip just the tip in and grab my shaft and stir it into your pussy you brace on the edge of the tub and ask me for more now. I shove deep into your pussy and you spread your legs wider as I start hammering you. You push back in rhythm to my pounding. I reach down and grab your hair and pull back forcing you to arch your back. I reach around and pinch your nipples hard as I keep pounding your aching pussy. I lean back to get a bett... Continue»
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The Rendezvous P3

We move back to the bed room leaving the towels on the floor as we enter. I reach down and fish a smoke out of my pack and light it offering you a drag as I sit in the chair by the desk. You take a puff and sit on the desk in front of me giving me full view of your glistening pussy. Its slightly puffy lips are noticeably throbbing. As I gaze up over you I also notice your areolae’s are also swollen with your nipples looking like hard erasers. Your breathing is soft but lightly labored as mine is. My cock is twitching and throbbing mush like your pussy is and I notice your gazing hungrily at ... Continue»
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Girlfriends Mom catches me jerking off

The year is 1985. I'm 22 and I'm dating this hot little 19 year old for about a month and she asks me to come to her parent's lake house in the country for the weekend. She had dark hair and a sexy body, long legs with beautiful 38dd tits. Everything on her is tight as a drum and I can't wait to get there so we can fuck out brains out. On the way up there she tells me everyone can hear everything going on in the house because it's kinda small so we won't be fucking while people are home. I'm a little disappointed but it's ok. Anyway we arrive and her parents and their friends are already barbe... Continue»
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Sharing Wife With Another Friend Part 2

The next time my friend and I shared my wife was when we were going back to work a few days later. My wife came home from work, he showed up early and once again I grabbed the camera and got ready for the show. She was standing at the kitchen counter and stripped down to a very sexy black bra and panties, to which he replied, “ wow do you look sexy in black”. He then knelt down in front of her and started playing with her body. He then stuck a couple fingers in her pussy and asked her “is this what you’re waiting for?” She said “Oh….maybe”. While they were doing this I was filming and I p... Continue»
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