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Mature Porn Stories

Coming Mother


Coming Mother Chapter 1 Shellie lay on the small deck of the houseboat, the hot sun burning into her already golden flesh. She rested on the foam mattress, on her stomach, her bikini top untied and her tits smashed beneath her. The bottoms of her bikini were so skimpy that the luscious sweetness of her swelling ass was half exposed. The sun heated her body, and she writhed sensually, opening her legs to allow the rays to touch her inner thighs. Shellie was slender, like a fashion model. But still, even though she was slim, she had curves and hollows that excited the… Read more

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"You're making this all up, aren't you," Mom said, glancing over her shoulder at me. "Why would I make up these stories?" I asked her with a little smile. "Just to tease me," she said. We were stretched out on a blanket in the middle of a forest clearing and she was on her belly with her head resting upon her folded arms, while I stroked her ass which glowed in the late afternoon sun. Anal sex was still a verboten avenue yet to explored but that never stopped from fingering her asshole, rubbing the tiny clenched muscles without actually penetrating. "It's all true," I said after a… Read more

Posted by slappywag64 3 years ago 2,915 100%

District Nurse


She gets middle stump This is a true story from some years ago I had always been an active guy, playing many sports and always played to win. No point in doing and sport if you just wanted to take part. Well this story all began when I shattered my ankle and hence an operation to have the ankle removed. After quite a few stays in hospital I finally got to do the rest of my recover at home, unfortunately I needed help until I could be fitted with a prosthetic so I moved in with my parents for 3 months. This was the start of what was to become a hot and steamy affair with a well stacked di… Read more

Posted by mikeyt28 3 years ago 1 1,783 100%

The Musician


Taryn always always always makes sure she’s remembered. Someway. Somehow. Yeah, that’s a good way of putting it. But there’s more to this sex kitten. More to this sensual siren. She’s realizing she wants…..wants…well…she wants to mean something. Inspire. Motivate. And not always sexually. She’s got a soul like everybody else. Just nobody knows the humble and modest part of it. But God, how the hell does she share that? One day off has just began at 9:00pm on a chilly rainy Saturday night. Jay’s at a gay couple’s retreat with his on and off beau trying to find true love. That leaves Taryn to… Read more

Posted by funtimegirl 3 years ago 497 100%


AnalGay MaleMature

I had just been into exploring my sexual side for a short time when this happened. I was about 16 and still shy and nervous. I had kept my sexual liaisons to the local cruising places at night and anonymous. I wasn't old enough to get into the gay bars, and hadn't worked up the courage to go into the local bath-house, The Apollo. I was walking through the mall one day when I noticed a guy checking me out. I was surprised by how obvious he was in such a public place. The mall was dead, but it still surprised me. He was older--probably in his 50's--and kinda looked like a Sears retiree… Read more

Posted by cubfordaddybear 3 years ago 4 3,313 100%

Helping Mom After Accident !!!


When Mom came home I had to move in with her as she has no one else. The visiting nurse came only twice a week and that left me there alone to help. The nurse said she could use a bed pan,but Mom wanted a depends at night. I was very shy at first as I had never seen my Mom's womanhood before. I was supprised that she was no shy about showing me all she had and spreading her legs open wide. Her slit was not real hairy and the lips of her pussy seem to be tight. After a couple of mornings of changing her I thought nothing of it and just did it in a hurry. Two weeks had pasted and nurse s… Read more

Posted by jabig6 3 years ago 13 17,601 99%


First TimeMatureTaboo

GRANDPA POPPED MY CHERRY Hi my name is Stacy and I just turned sixteen years old two weeks ago. But it was last week when I was send by my mom to go spent a week with my grandfather that I received the greatest gift that any woman could received from a man, you see my grandfather popped my cherry last week. This was not the first time that my grandfather had taken a young cherry. Both my mother and my older s****r had their cherries popped by our dear sweet father and grandfather. You see the women in our families have been giving up our pussies to our fathers and grand… Read more

Posted by chrish24 3 years ago 7 4,688 94%

My boss Carl 2

Gay MaleMature

The next days are the same and i am more comfortable getting showered near him and changing. We dont mind eachother naked body and it is relaxed. He makes sayings about my cock and that it is big and my girlfriend must be crazy to leave and i laugh! We get along well and i am happy in my new place. I spent most my time in garage becausse his wife is not liking me in her house but that's ok because Carl spends much time with me and I like him and not being lonely. One day I finish showering and Carl goes next. I sit on the sofa in towel and watch TV as he cleans. I am looking over sometimes… Read more

Posted by Istvan_K 3 years ago 2 1,648 100%

Mikey's Mom


Mikey thinks we have been friends for a very long time. I'm not sure why he thinks we're friends really. I'm always making fun of him, telling him what to do, and talking about how much of a MILF his big tit mom is. Yet he puts up with all of it and doesn't even fight back at all. I always loved to check out Mikey's mom's huge rack, so when he invited me over during the Summer, I of course agreed. When I arrived I made sure to take a good look at that sexy MILF laying out back in her tiny bikini. I don't know if that's even the correct word for it really, it was more like a tiny string that… Read more

Posted by buggiez 3 years ago 9 9,196 95%

My Mum's Holiday part 6


Day 5 Time to get up, mum, I said, remember we're going on the coach trip today, you don't want to be late. Mum didn't look too pleased, but just said “I'm thirsty”. I got the litre bottle of Bubbly and carton of orange out of the fridge and poured her a large glass of Buck's Fizz, half and half. Mum immediately brightened up, took a long drink and smacked her lips. That's better, she said. Do you want some breakfast, I said. This'll do me, she replied, you go and get something if you want. So I went downstairs and had a quick bite to eat. By the time I got back, mum had nearly fi… Read more

Posted by coradia 3 years ago 3 2,884 88%

The Business Trip

First TimeMature

Hello All As you can see I have a few stories on here but this one is not about my wife and I. As we got older, in our 40s now and started to branch out sexually when the nest was empty, we also took it upon ourselves to say that if something came up in a siutation, with another person and it was right and safe, go for it, life is tooooooo short. My wife and her two best friends (one I have written about) took a weeks vacation on a criuse last year, just the girls and she related to me how the three of them took turns with a young bartender they meet. As we both say to each other, dont b… Read more

Posted by phillybilly 3 years ago 1,315 100%

I'll Be Back


Cuckold returns to his home town and bad memories I squeezed my Harley between two parked cars and rumbled across the sidewalk and stopped near an old oak tree. Every eye was on me as I dropped the kickstand and stepped away from the bike. It gave me more than a small amount of pleasure to see the confusion on all the faces. I removed my leather jacket and unstrapped my helmet. I could see Steve getting up from the picnic table and start my way as I pulled the helmet from my head. I carefully placed it on my handlebars and turned to face him. "Holy shit! Eric! I sure as… Read more

Posted by magas911 3 years ago 2 2,449 100%

Richie & Mummy Episode 4


The lorry driver's name was Jim. I opened my mouth wide to take his hardening cock, and started sucking hard on it. Richie had climbed up into the cab too, and had begun to wank his young pecker. “Isn't my Mum beautiful?” he asked the trucker. “Shit, you go around fucking with your mother?” Jim asked. “Why not? She's fucking stunning and hornier than any girl my own age I've ever fucked. We've just been in the pub and she's been showing off her cunt and titties to all and sundry. That makes me so hot! I had to go into the men's room and jerk myself off because I was so hot.” “She sure is one… Read more

Posted by AussieSam 3 years ago 1 1,564 100%

Richie & Mummy Episode 5


We were hardly in the door when Richie literally threw me on the sofa and started to rip my clothes off. His mouth sucked my nipples making them hard like organ stops, and his right hand was inside his pants pulling his young cock. “Fuck Mum I am so horny, I desperately need to fuck you. Tonight has been just incredible, but I think we both need to cum again, together.” “I agree my darling boy. You've shown off my titties and cunt in the pub, and you let me be fucked by a trucker, but I haven't had your cock in me! Richie, have you ever fucked a girl's ass?” He gulped and looked bashful. “Um,… Read more

Posted by AussieSam 3 years ago 2 1,298 90%

Helping my best friend


My best friend, Kathy told me one day that she had walking in on her son in the bathroom, she did not know he was in there and he had forgotten to lock the door. It would not have been a big deal, but since he was sitting naked on the toilet with the seat down, masturbating, and starting to ejaculate right when she opened the door. At first he did not realize that he door had opened she told me. He had his eyes close and stroking his penis while his cum was spurting straight out of it. She felt very embarrassed by the whole thing and the poor k** had not come down for dinner that evening. He h… Read more

Posted by happy_manwhore 3 years ago 2 8,499 95%

My Best Friend's Wife


Shot down again. Things were definitely not going my way. Since the last Christmas Party, I'd dated four different girls, two from work, two setup by friends, and with the latest brush-off I was 0-4. I was beginning to forget what real sex was like. I'd never had that much trouble, but my new job with its clearances and classified projects had me working under situations anything BUT conducive to romantic efforts. Endless overtime hours, long, sudden work trips, to places you can't talk about, and the effort to keep up with an extremely dynamic and dangerous situation left me little tim… Read more

Posted by fotisampini 3 years ago 6,195 100%

A virgin gets an early morning surprise.


You start to wake up from an intensely erotic dream to realize it isn't only a dream. Someone is in your bed with you... someone who smells very nice with smooth skin and that softness girls have. You feel her long hair brushing your stomach as she gently licks the side of your raging erection and then takes it into her mouth. She doesn't stop as you shift, obviously awake. In the dim light of early morning you can make out her legs next to your head and her panty-covered pussy inches from your face. You're still wearing your t-shirt, but you can feel your boxers down around your thighs. Th… Read more

Posted by fotisampini 3 years ago 1 2,933 100%

Brian gets a very special surprise for his birthda

Group SexMatureTaboo

"Come on Brian, seriously. What do you want for your birthday?" Rachel pressed. She'd been after him for a hint, some idea of what he wanted or needed. And though his birthday was still several weeks away, there really wasn't anything he could come up with. Brian and Rachel had known one another for several years. Theirs was a "platonic" though very friendly relationship. Rachel was a lesbian married in every sense of the word except "legally" by archaic State laws. Brian was also friendly with Rachel's spouse, Teri, though far less personally, as he hadn't worked with Teri. Which is where… Read more

Posted by fotisampini 3 years ago 1 4,903 80%

getting one over on my boss, part 2


continued from part 1 ....I dressed. Ate breakfast, and made my way to my desk for 08:15. ‘Ah, Peter. A word please’ ‘Shit’ Shit, that’s the word. She must have seen me. But she can’t have. Did Security blow the whistle on me? Shit, shit and triple shit with a super-annuating bonus. I followed her into her glass walled office. The heat, the redness racing up my neck and face like a thermometer in the sun. Now beetroot and burning up… ‘My goodness Peter’ err, its Pete…‘You look warm. You okay?’ Like you care! ‘Er, yes, fine. I…I ..I ran to work this morning. Gym was closed.’ Li… Read more

Posted by beach59 3 years ago 1 1,766 100%



by TedStv © Chapter One: Nate’s Condition. Nate watched her enter the store. She had shoulder length red hair and was wearing a tan linen mini-dress. She had wide hips and a round ass that shook under the sheer cloth as she walked. The dress clung to her just enough to see her small waist. In the bright sun it was slightly see through, revealing her G-string panties and bare luscious ass. She grabbed a cart and passed through the automatic doors. He had not planned on picking up much more than a new shirt and was not going to get a basket. That changed when he saw her big ass rockin… Read more

Posted by TedStv 3 years ago 1 1,342 100%