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A present and a deal for the son pt 9


I was down to 162 points and when my grandma asked, I sort of half-heartedly agreed to spend 100 of those for my dad. My wealth of points seemed to be evaporating. We played scrabble most of the day but luck seemed to be against me and I hardly gained any ground. After dinner my mom and I watched as my dad's hands roamed over his mother's naked body while she stroked him. He didn't touch her pussy, and when he was close to cumming she aimed his cock at his own chest rather than hers, all of which secretly made me a little happy. That night she came to my room again, this time completely nak… Read more

Posted by vtevte 3 years ago 1 4,418 93%

A present and a deal for the son pt 8


After my mom left I looked through page after page on websites devoted to scrabble strategy. I read through lists of two letter words again and again. I read essays on tile placement and the best ways to place to minimize your opponents score. I read until the early hours of the morning and my eyes were too tired to read anymore, then I crawled into bed. I slept through my 8 AM alarm. It was 10:30 before I was awakened by the feeling of a hand wrapping around my dick. I opened my eyes to find my grandma sitting on the edge of my bed, slowly stroking my cock. She was wearing a pair of blue j… Read more

Posted by vtevte 3 years ago 1,864 100%

A present and a deal for the son pt 6

Group SexHardcoreMature

Mom grabbed a glass of water and then we hauled her off to their bedroom. "More already?" She asked, in mock astonishment. "You should never let a good thing go to waste," I told her. When we got to their room Dad rooted through her underwear drawer and pulled out a pair of black thigh-highs that matched the lacy black thong and bra she was wearing. I grabbed a black pair of heels from the closet. We watched as she, sitting on the edge of the bed, smiled and dutifully put them on. My Dad climbed into the bed. "Come're," he told her. She crawled toward him slowly. When she got clos… Read more

Posted by vtevte 3 years ago 1 2,838 100%

Sex Ed


Another trip to Mr. Brown’s office. My sneakers squeaked the down empty hall in a slow pace. I was in no hurry, I’d been through this routine enough. I wandered into the office and gave Mrs. Russo, the secretary, my usual grin. “He’s waiting for you, Edward,” she replied with some impatience. Brown was sitting at his desk and looked up at me with bifocals sitting on the edge of his pointed nose. “Close the door,” he ordered as I stepped into his office. I turned and shut the door, catching one last peek at Mrs. Russo. She gave me a secret wink before picking up the ringi… Read more

Posted by devlincyde 3 years ago 2,427 100%

A present and a deal for the son pt 7


he next afternoon I picked up my Grandma Patterson from the airport. As much as I liked my grandma, I was a little depressed at the thought of not getting any action from my mom for the three weeks that Grandma was staying with us. My grandma was just shy of sixty, but she looked a little younger than that. She had a full form, but was by no means fat. For someone her age she was in really good shape. She had light blonde hair, which I assume she dyed, that fell almost to her shoulders. When she hugged me she always smashed her massive breasts against me. I don't really know how bra sizes wor… Read more

Posted by vtevte 3 years ago 3,421 100%

A present and a deal for the son pt 5


On Sunday, together, my mom and I earned 37 points before my dad got home in the early afternoon. When he examined the list he seemed quite surprised at how many items had been checked off. I decided not to spend any points that night, so I could start the school year with 429 points. That night I spent a lot of time in my room with a calendar and a calculator, figuring out the best way to ration my points. I could get two hand-jobs a week, for the whole first trimester (12 weeks) for 480 points. That was more points then I had, but I figured that even with school and other commitments, I s… Read more

Posted by vtevte 3 years ago 1 2,349 100%

Forbidden Fruit


Forbidden Fruit By: Doctor Wankenstein Well, you could argue low - hanging fruit, but you would have to say totally totally FORBIDDEN fruit. Okay, not u******e, and and not a relative, but my god daughter and the middle c***d of my best friend of over thirty years standing. I was in my mid 40's and she was 19. I can't say I'd never looked at her, even as a c***d she was precocious and attention hungry. We even joked about how much trouble she would be when she hit her teens. Her dad predicted before that she would end up as a pole dancer. As it turned out he was not t… Read more

Posted by DrVonWankenstein 3 years ago 3,025 100%



Martine By: Doctor Wankenstein Martine Back in 1978 I was a very innocent lad, really, not that I'd admit it. I'd had a few girlfriends, at school, one for 18 months 1973-5, the lovely Debbie, but this was snogging and boobs only, and one little feel of her pussy ever,(Debbie to be revisited in "After So Long" in 2001) and including just one sha9, Sara at 15, then one "adult" relationship at 18, lasting six months in the heady summer of '76, with a 19 year old mother, Sue, who provided sha9s #2 to #400 ,approximately, and my first wonderful wonderful blow job. After Sue, a… Read more

Posted by DrVonWankenstein 3 years ago 811 100%

Mother-In-Law – My Sex Slave

HardcoreMatureSex Humor

i going to share my sex experience with my sex bomb mother in law. Her name is surna reka. Her body stat is 38-36-40. You can imagine how big boobs ,she is not fat but her boobs are awesome and she is 5.5 feet tall fair complexion. Since from my marriage i had an eye on my mil. We used to stay very closer to mil home and their f****y consist of my mil, fil and my wife. On every weekly off myself and my wife used to go their home and spend time with them. She… Read more

Posted by bava12 3 years ago 4,260 90%

Having Fun With Choti Maa (Aunt)

HardcoreInterracial SexMature

Before I tell you the story, you have to know a little bit about my f****y. Me, my s****r & my parents live in Rourkela. We visit Our ancestral home once every year & sometimes on special occasions. In our ancestral village the f****y of my grandfather’s siblings is there, who we are pretty close with. We visited our village in the summer of 2005. May 10th board exam was over & there was a marriage of one of my uncles in our village. Manas uncle was around… Read more

Posted by bava12 3 years ago 1,212 50%

Mature Whore till the end

First TimeMatureTaboo

This happened early 70's when I was 16 . I was in disagreement with my Mum as she wanted me to go on holiday with her and my Aunt to a holiday camp for 2 weeks in the summer holidays and spending 2weeks with mum & aunt was something I was going to avoid at all costs and which I won but was informed that mum's friend would pop in to see how I was etc . I had been to the park to have a a kick about with mates as I play football and Rugby for school and was drenched in sweat as was a hot day so got home and had a nice cool bath which was heaven. I put on my summer dressing gown which was… Read more

Posted by oralman12 3 years ago 5,521 100%

A present and a deal for the son pt 4


The next weekend was the last weekend before school started. After Tuesday I started to worry about how I was going to have time to earn points during the school year. I had 90 points saved up, but facing 9 months of schooling, that didn't seem like much of a reserve. Wednesday I worked all day and earned enough to get a handjob and still have 20 point left over. Thursday I worked most of the day again and earned 37 points, putting my total to 147, but I decided to save them all. I knew once school started I would have to go a lot longer than a night without it. My dad was going out of t… Read more

Posted by vtevte 3 years ago 4 4,072 100%

A present and a deal for the son pt 2


That night I set my alarm and got up early the next day. I found a spiral notebook lying on the floor in front of my bedroom door, with a pen sitting on top of it. I picked it up and sat back down on my bed. I opened the notebook. "MASTER LIST" was written at the top of the first page. The next two and a half pages were a list of chores on the left, and their point value on the right. All the chores I did the day before were on there, as well as a host of new ones. Some of the chores, the ones marked with asterisks, could be done everyday. Things like washing dishes, doing the laundry or… Read more

Posted by vtevte 3 years ago 3 3,906 100%

A present and a deal for the son pt 3


It was a Tuesday night and after dinner my mom suggested we play scrabble. My dad and I agreed and she went and got the game while we cleared the table. We drew letters. I drew an A, my dad drew an S and my mom drew a W, so she got to go first. We all drew our tiles. She examined them and frowned. She laid down 'get' on the star for 8 points. "Get?" I asked. "I didn't have any letters!" I smiled and laid down W-I-N-E-S to make 'bets' and 'wines'. With the double word score that gave me 21 points. "You think you're pretty good, huh?" my mom asked. I shrugged. "I am pretty g… Read more

Posted by vtevte 3 years ago 2 3,406 100%

A present and a deal for the son pt 1


"Son. Come in here," I heard my dad say from the living room. I went in there to find him sitting on the couch. "Yeah, Dad?" "Well, it's your 18th birthday," he stopped. "Yeah?" He stared at me for a second. "Your mother and I want to give you something special." "Okay." "Something you'll remember for a long time." "Alright . . . What is it?" "Look, just follow me." He got up and headed up the stairs. I followed him up to my parents' room. He opened the door and I followed him in. My mom was sitting on the bed in her bathrobe. "Did you explain it to him?" She asked m… Read more

Posted by vtevte 3 years ago 3 9,842 100%


First TimeHardcoreMature

My wife, Donna and myself were having a week away in a nice hotel, when one night we were sat around the bar talking to the barman, just general chit chat, football, politics etc, when he announced the bar was closing and if we wanted another drink we would have to order thru room service. We went up to our room, and started to kiss and touch each other, we decided we would order another drink, ringing room service I ordered and they said it would be about ten minutes. My wife and I carried on kissing and touching on the bed, I was as horny as fuck and so was she, I was kissing her neck and… Read more

Posted by maturemancock 3 years ago 3 6,076 93%

Her Former Student (true story!)

First TimeMature

After reading a response claiming we were fakes (or rather that I was pretending to be my wife), I decided I would write a little bit about this experience we had. It's fine if it isn't believable, but I just enjoy thinking about it. So I"m trying to write about it now. So what happened was, that in 2010 there was a student at Liz's school, Patrick(not real name), who somehow ended up in my wife's history class pretty regularly after teachers couldn't take him any more. He was put on probation and kept from playing sports until grades improved. She decided to help him with whatever wor… Read more

Posted by isharenicely 3 years ago 2 2,996 100%

The Photo Shoot At the Mansion - Part 3

HardcoreLesbian SexMature

After a dinner of grilled chicken and vegetables, the two ladies and I sat on the back porch around the pool and gardens.  We had opened a third bottle of wine and the Saranya finally confessed that she and Cheri had met at a gym over a year before.  Cheri’s husband was a big shot executive with a software development firm and travelled the world now for weeks at a time.  Sometimes Cheri went with him, but at others, she stayed behind.  Since making friends with Saranya she had begun staying home more often.   Saranya asked in her dusky, Indian accent if I wanted to shoot some photos of the… Read more

Posted by imornery81 3 years ago 4 2,045 100%

Michael first time with my wife


Michael has been our next door neighbor for the past ten years. We watched him grow up into a handsome young man. He was a very polite and shy young lad who had develop a crush on my wife. My wife was nearly thirty years older than him but that didn't stop him from checking her out. I caught him over the past year a few different times spying on her as she lay out by the pool sunbathing. He would come out of the house at times shirtless hoping that my wife would get a glimpse of him. He would do everything possible to get her attention before suddenly disappearing back inside to masturbate to… Read more

Posted by vtevte 3 years ago 12 9,374 100%

Being a Dad.

Interracial SexMatureSex Humor

I was a very shy adult, my cock was unused apart from the very rare wank when I would dream of fucking a black lady called Elsie. She lived 2 houses away from my house, she was probably in her 40's, her husband had fucked off years ago, he was your typical nigger, smoked Ganga, didn't wash much, didn't know the meaning of work, basically he was a black twat. Elsie lived on her own, she never had k**s but she was a hard working woman and clever. She had a masters degree in biology and taught at the local tech college. She is a tall lady maybe 6 ft 2ins, she is as black as you can get but wo… Read more

Posted by Arryboy 3 years ago 1 3,917 79%