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"Coyote and the Wolf" part 1, foreword,

“Coyote and the Wolf” part 1

In a large clearing of a forest, sets a small lake, surrounded by large rocks. Below one of these rocks, a Coyote cleans the last of his catch. “These should do for a few days, if I can find some nuts and berries in the forest” He said to himself. Coyote found this lake after running through most of the night before. Running from the disastrous battle the day before. To avoid capture, he headed west into the forest to stay hidden from the enemy. He hoped to head south again in the morning, after a meal and some rest. Though he might well ... Continue»
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Case #34: Innocence Lust (Mr.Phelps)

"You can start any time you want to Brian." I encouraged. "Take as much time as you need."

"Well...I don't know where to begin. Should I jump in, and tell the juicy parts first, like Jenny did, or can I just take it as it comes?"

"Whatever You want,Brian. Whatever makes it easier for you." I smiled at him and leaned forward to take his hand in mine. It was hot and sweaty, and he was shaking like a leaf in the wind. At a nod from me, Malinda got up and walked over to stand behind him. She kissed him on the top of his head and said "Here. This will help." then began to slowly massage the t... Continue»
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WOW! I Am A Cum Slut!

It started when I hit fifty five years of age. I work out with a trainer, dye my hair blonde. Everyone says I look forty. My boobs are still some what perky and a nice C cup, I am five foot three, one hundred twenty pounds, blonde hair brown eyes. Guys hit on me alot. I am successful realtor here in this large city.
My girl friends and I get together a couple times a year at a resort or hotel for a three or four day weekend. Sometimes we just talk, sometimes we are on a mission to get laid by some strange cock. Sometimes it is a little of both. This trip turned into a talk session. There... Continue»
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My fuck buddy sub

It all started Wednesday morning, while sitting at my work desk I sent out a mass text message to my friends basically to say hi, and give them all little encouragement. Soon after sending the text, I received a call from one of my past sluts. She called me using the text as an excuse. I am a black Dom, and for those of you that are BBC lovers, I am not a BBC. I am only about six inches, but never measured it, so it actually could be a little smaller. She is a big cock slut, so when we first met 9 years ago, she was kind of experimenting, but once we fucked, we never stopped. (smile)
He... Continue»
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Jordanian wife, karma is a bitch

I am sorry if this is a long story, but i wanted to share this karma experience. I think i have a cheating wife. I met this married woman long time ago, when online chats were new on the internet. We chatted online for several months and later over the phone before i finally met her. In our online chats, she told me a lot of things about her life and she lived in a loveless marriage, and how bad her husband treats her.

Our first meeting was kind of awkward (in a hotel room). We have discussed sex few time online and what we would do if we meet. When i first met her we joked about how crazy... Continue»
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I slipped silently into the kitchen where Mom is standing at the sink. Fot a brief momemnt I pause to admire her legs which are short and strong and support her wonderfully solid ass. Without the slightest stimulation I could feel an erection beginning to stir in my pajama pants. There was no stopping it pogression now.
She was still unaware of my presence when I moved my hand under the hem of her short nighgown and began to massage her cunt through her panties. Her reaction was similar to that of being touched by an electrical wire. Her body stiffened for a moment and then softened again a... Continue»
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I was going out with my girlfriends as we always do once a month. The other girls could not meet early for dinner, so my hubby offered to take me out and then we could go different ways.
We had decided to go Salsa dancing as this months thing to do together. So my hubby and I had dinner at a little Mexican place a block away from the Salsa place.
My hubby complimented me on my looks and said that I looked ever more sexy than normal. He jokingly asked if I had plans to get laid tonight? I said sure, if you are still awake when I get home....
After dinner he walked me to the club and made su... Continue»
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Donor club

My landlady, Karen told me about some kind of club for older women paying younger men for sex while also donating money to our college after I had been caught in the shower masturbating one day when she came into change towels.
It had be a bit awkward afterwards, but she was totally relaxed.

It was my freshmen year with a few months away from Christmas break. I had met a nice local girl. She was studying my college but was local to the area, she lived on campus but her f****y was only a few miles away. I had only been at her families home once for a dinner with her parents. They were a nic... Continue»
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I grew up in a small quite neighborhood where our f****y knew all our neighbors and everything always seemed to perfect. There was never any scandals or crazy events with people from our area.
Everyone felt safe with each other and only expected the best of each other.

It was the summer before I started college and I had trouble finding a summer job. My parents supported me and I did not have to work for financial reasons, but they wanted me to get experience.
My mother came home one afternoon and told me that there was a neighbor who needed help in her house with some cleaning out a work... Continue»
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My 21st

I felt real good, finally 21 and I could go out an party for real. Most of my friends had already turned 21 so they often went out party without me since I could not get into the bars or clubs.
My mother, Lisa who had raised me by herself had promised me to go out drinking when I turned 21. She kept her promise to me and we went out. Mom had recently started to date this black guy, Charles, and I got along with him without any issues.
Mom took us for dinner with beer and wine served. I am not a small girl, but not an experienced drinker either so I tried to pace myself and not drink too muc... Continue»
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BBW Mary

I had recently turned s*******n and I was a late bloomer. I had been teased by the other guys for not growing any pubic hair and my penis had been small too. Suddenly the hormones kicked in and I started to grow. It was almost overnight that I went from having no pubic hair to have a full bush around my now good sized cock.
The guys in the gym class now started to tease me about my big cock instead of having a little penis... I clearly preferred to be teased because I was much bigger than them.

My problems really started when I also would wake up with a hard cock and the only way to get i... Continue»
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My life was rocking. I had a new hot girlfriend, a new job, and a nice place to live.
My girlfriend was a sexy little number that loved to fuck. At times I thought she was a nymphomaniac, all she wanted was to fuck. As soon as I walked in the door, she would be all over me to get at my cock. Even if she had dinner ready, she wanted to fuck before I would get to eat dinner. It was great most of the time, but there were times when I did not want to stick my cock in her before doing something else.
Every single evening, she wanted to suck my cock hard then have me fuck her. She loved when I li... Continue»
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Fucking the Inspector

We were having trouble with some drainage at the house and called the city to have someone come out to have a look at it. They gave us a time frame of about 4 hours for the inspector to show up so I decided I would take the day off from work to wait for him. I was dressed in a T shirt,. stretchy black yoga pants, I'm 42, 5.8 small tits, wide hips and ass kind of pare shaped but men seem to still look at my ass when I'm out in my jeans. The doorbell rang around 11:30 am I went to open it to find the city inspector standing there. He was a black man about 6 ft. tall I would guess 40 years old no... Continue»
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The History of Kim, The Final? Chapter

This will probably be the final chapter in my nsaga about Kim. Unless something happens worthy of an additional chapter. I will tell about some of the things that made her the way she is.

As related in the second part, her parents were forcing her to marry a neighbor boy, who she outright HATED. He was lazy, and VERY ugly, and his mother was a mean, nasty, old hag.

Kim, luckily, on her wedding day, was having her period, so, after the wedding, she was sent out to the rice field to work. She decided to run away from home. She borrowed some money from her grandmother, who approved of ... Continue»
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My first time swinging part 1

The first time I went swinging I was just 19 and I contacted a couple through a local paper that was mainly used to buy and sell items but it also had a contacts section at the back. I remember searching through the ads sat in my bedroom reading all the abbreviations and thinking what the hell do all these mean but before long I figured out and was eager to give it a try.

One Sunday morning I started flicking through the pages reading how these mature busty women wanted to fuck a young stud like myself I was so turned on reading about them I was wanking myself furiously just thinking about ... Continue»
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After the Party

Around ten o'clock almost all the f****y members left the party, some of my friends stuck around. Uncle Steve and my dad put the tables and extra chairs back in the garage, the grandma's and my mom were finishing up with the kitchen and my grandpa's were watching the ending of the ball game.

I asked mom if she needed any help, but she said for me to go be with my friends. A few of my guy friends helped with the chairs, while the others were listening to the radio and dancing. My dad came from the garage and said that we could have the rest of the wine from the three almost empty bottles.... Continue»
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Mummy & Richie Episode 2

I was putting the dishes into the dishwasher and as I leaned over Richie commented "Great ass Mum, but why are you wearing panties? I' d much rather get a peek at your beautiful Mummy cunt." I turned to smile at him, and as I put my arms around his neck, my son kissed me deeply, darting his tongue into my mouth. His hands went down my back and massaged my bum. "Richie, you're making me horny darling" I whispered in his ear. He just laughed then kissed me some more before turning me around and gently pushing me against the kitchen bench. I heard him unzip his jeans and felt his stiff cock pushi... Continue»
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frensh man and muslim nikab woman

L'histoire commence d'abord sur le premier jour de l'été . Ma première année de collège vient de se terminer et je suis enfin à la maison pour les vacances d'été . Le jour où je suis rentré , j'ai rencontré nos nouveaux voisins de l'autre côté de la rue . Depuis que je vis dans la maison en rangée est honnêtement un deux pas de chez moi. Ils étaient un couple musulman , sa femme était dans un jilbab et le niqab sur donc je Son visage était couvert d'un voile . Je ne pourrais pas dire si elle avait un joli visage mais ses yeux étaient très beau , en raison de ses jolis yeux, je pouvais dire qu'... Continue»
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I Made My Mom Pregnant

It all happened two months ago when I was awoken with my dru nk 32 year old mom falling up the stairs, laughing and shrieking at some man she must have picked up on her night out. I was used to it by now, mom fetching men home and having to listen to her getting fucked in the bedroom next to mine.

It happens at least twice a week and I have see some odd balls leave the next morning. They are at it now, banging the bed against the wall as he fucks her hard and she is shrinking for more. It only lasts a couple of minutes usually before they both pass out and tonight is no different, peace at ... Continue»
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The Neighbor

This is a true story as told to me by another friend of mine. Please enjoy.
The Kerns have lived next door to me forever, that is for as long as I could remember. They were older than my parents but younger than my grand parents. I had never had any sexual thoughts about Jenna Kerns. She was a nice lady, blondish hair with a touch of gray. big blue eyes, okay tits-I did like the freckles on her cleavage. I would watch their dog and pool when they went out of town together. They would always come to my parents parties and we would go to theirs.
It was at one of these parties that this ... Continue»
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