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Mature Porn Stories

Bend over


Bend over Two weeks ago I came home early from my office. First thing strange I could note, the front door was wide open. There was some dust floating in the air and also a weird smell around. I thought we had been robbed. It struck me, thinking that my wife Ana was home alone during my absence. I called out her, but got no answer. I looked inside the living room... and stumbled upon her. She was there; face down onto the coffee table, with her hands and legs handcuffed to it, her bare round ass up in the air, with a pillow tucked under her tummy. "Ana!" She moaned. I ran toward… Read more

Posted by Anitaslut44 3 years ago 5 7,329 54%

First time with mom

First TimeMatureTaboo

It was just a normal evening at home. Mom, in her nightdress, was sitting in her armchair watching a game show on tv. Me, in pyjamas, sitting on the couch contemplating the news I had to give her. Plucking up courage I said: "Mom Lucy and I are getting engaged." I expected problems, but not the reaction that followed. She shot from her chair, hands extended and pink-painted fingernails aimed for my face. "That girl's not having you," she screamed. I grabbed her by the wrists, gradually forcing her slim frame back so that I could get up. Swiftly I pushed her back and before she could… Read more

Posted by mothersboy 3 years ago 7 28,018 91%


HardcoreMatureSex Humor

SURFING THE WEB WITH A TWIST. I love to surf the web my favorite sites are the porn sites I just love all the women that put there photos on these sites and even there videos, I love the amateur’s section, as these are real people and not models, This one day I decided to do some surfing and as always you get popup messages The usual ones are sign up for free sex and then the camcorders one’s shag a local woman in your area, The usual crap I just want to find some good wanking material somebody wife or a sexy teen, I was clicking on the amateur sites when I noticed this new si… Read more

Posted by bobbyblue53 3 years ago 3 2,654 100%

Mama's love'

HardcoreInterracial SexMature

Breakfast of cereal that he had mixed fresh strawberries in with the milk, and a large glass of orange juice, started the day for Ted Jeffery, and as he walked to the shower, he passed his mother's bedroom door. Glancing into his mother's room, Ted stopped in his steps, as his mother was standing just inside her room, and she was nude. s*******n years old, and until now, Ted had never seen a female in the buff. His previous sexual experiences had consisted of copping feels, and a few makes out sessions where he was able to finger his date's vagina. But never had he been able to see… Read more

Posted by NinjaScKae 3 years ago 1 4,925 83%

A wild Cougar

HardcoreInterracial SexMature

At the time of the incident, I was 24, mom 44. My parents were divorced 7 years ago, since then, mom has taken a particular liking to men in their early 20's. She prefers to go back to their house if she can, but occasionally brings them home if she's going to be alone or they don't have their own place. On Saturday nights Mom always goes out to a local sports bar to meet younger men, now mom is what you call a MILF, about 5'6" tall brunette, slim, not busty but not small either, she looks her age. On this night, I was going to spend the evening at my girlfriends house and told mom t… Read more

Posted by NinjaScKae 3 years ago 2 5,847 70%

my virgin ass

AnalFirst TimeMature

there is nothing like the feel of a hard cock exploding in your mouth. Well sadly I still have not gotten the guts to do something about it...........but i will! I have had a bit of a sexual awakening thanks to these messages. One man convinced me to have a c2c session with him, again i as nervous at 1st but fair play to him he persisted and I agreed. It was so liberating pulling down my boxers when he demanded it, getting my soft cock out and showing it to him, gently pulling it, massaging my balls, and stroking it to full hardness in front of him. He had his lovely cock out, already… Read more

Posted by rose_lady00 3 years ago 2 2,952 100%

First steps ...

First TimeMasturbationMature

Can't remember what my age was but i had left school for certain and was working in a shop as a trainee window dresser. I'd had a couple of girlfriends, nothing serious and was doing the usual manly things like going to football matches and drinking in the pub with friends. Now this was before the internet and it was in the days of top shelf magazines and contact magazines where you wrote a letter to the advertiser through the magazine, and the magazine would forward it on and you would wait to get a reply. I was into BDSM and had contacted a Midlands Mistress who agreed to take me on. She i… Read more

Posted by oldognewtrix 3 years ago 6 3,490 100%

Fucked By My Neighbour

AnalGay MaleMature

Because of my job I've had to travel up and down the UK, living in accommodations and hotels. I usually have around three months off in the summer so that I can go back home and see my f****y whose house I still technically live at. Upon arriving home I was greeted by parents as they were talking to the new neighbour. Now, despite being in a relationship with a girl for the last five years, I've always gotten off with men. The neighbour, named Tommy, was around six feet tall, with a pot belly and a bald head. Being a chubby guy myself, he was everything that I looked for in my men. I walked… Read more

Posted by GetSprung 3 years ago 6 9,094 100%

White Wife Black Balled 3

HardcoreInterracial SexMature

Michelle beamed, "Yes sir, your wishes are my commands. Consider them done. And, yes my husband I will certainly look forward to that event in our bed." "And, yes my dear wife, somewhere down one of those European rivers, I will knock you up higher than a kite. Also, rest assured, we will have as much fun doing it as we did at that AMA convention." He paused, then said, "Ah, Michelle? I think that I was a bit greedy here. It would seem that I really wanted to have you both. However, it appears that I have always had you and never really had you s****r." "Yes, my darling Marcus. I think y… Read more

Posted by cuteb0y25 3 years ago 1 2,678 100%

White Wife Black Balled

HardcoreInterracial SexMature

Dexter Williams strolled through the front doors of the five star hotel like he owned it. Making his way to the restaurant/lounge at the back of the hotel's first floor, he could hear the band playing in the lounge before he arrived at the entrance to the dining area. Known by the maitre d', Dex waived and continued on into the lounge. Twelve years since he graduated from college, the six foot five inch collegiate basketball player and business administration major had built quite a lucrative stable of mostly white, married socialites servicing his exclusive clientele of sports related blac… Read more

Posted by cuteb0y25 3 years ago 4 4,796 98%

White Wife Black Balled 2

HardcoreInterracial SexMature

Telling his wife that he needed to review the case they would be observing, Marc said that he would join her later that evening. She gave a sigh of relief, took a shower, then went to bed, alone. ________________________________ When Dex called that following morning Michelle explained why she could not get out of going to the luncheon. But, that her husband would be out of town all of Wednesday and most of Thursday. "No shit, bitch. We can party all day tomorrow an' on inta Thursday mornin'. I like it. Give any staff you have the two days off. I'll be there at nine tomorrow mornin'… Read more

Posted by cuteb0y25 3 years ago 1 3,417 100%

Horny for Mum - part 1


This is a first story. Some is true, some is fiction. Hey there. My Name is Robert. Some brief background: my older s*****r Wendy and I were raised by our mom, our dad having passed away when were young. Mom and Dad's f******s were longtime friends. They grew up together but Dad was f**e years older than mom. They started dating when mom was f******n and was n******n. Mom's parents weren't happy with the relationship but it was tempered by knowing dad all his life. Things soured though the next year when they announced mom was pregnant with Wendy. My parents married after mom gra… Read more

Posted by mytaboolife 3 years ago 13 10,648 80%

Day to Day


Before you read this, please note, this is my first time posting on here. I suck at writing, but had the idea at 3 in the morning... You could say its a fantasy of mine, but not really... Please take it easy on me? And if you want to talk about it, message me? :* Ryan loved waking up. He honestly couldn’t figure out why he didn’t wake up this way since he first discovered how to jerk off. Really when James learned what cum is and how to produce it, it was like the best invention ever. Besides girls that is, because without girls he doesn’t think he’d ever have this great feeling. Tho… Read more

Posted by babygirlformommy 3 years ago 847 100%

first threesome

First TimeGroup SexMature

When I was 18, I moved to a new subdivision and mom and dad both worked in the city. They usually never got home til 6:30 and then we ate and worked around the house unpacking and storing things. My neighbors were a 30 year old couple and seemed to have lots of parties. One morning after a party of theirs, I was putting out the trash and my neighbor, Bill, Met me at the curb. He introduced himself and asked if I wanted to earn a few extra bucks. He explained that they had a party and wanted to get the house back in order and if I was available for about 4-5 hours, He would give me $30.00.… Read more

Posted by dusty48180 3 years ago 5,070 91%

One of my fucking adventures


My husband and I have been in the swinging lifestyle for quite sometime and we both set our rules and limits. I guess it's just me, but I can't help myself at times and I get the urge to secretly fool around. We are members of a adult swingers site and my husband has set me up with alot of guys to fill my needs where he sometimes can't. He is a good man and a good provider but he is average in the dick area where i have above average needs. One evening my husband was contacted by a guy named Joe from Adult Friend Finder and set up a meeting for me and Joe to fuck. Everything went as planned… Read more

Posted by latinajewels67 3 years ago 7 4,145 100%

Wife's friends is a slut


My wife had asked me to go around to her friends house to help her with a few chores. When I arrived Paula had welcomed me by answering the door in a red satin dress which her fuller figure was crammed into. She was showing so much cleavage that it was difficult not to stare. Paula noticed and just smiled saying that I hoped I didn't mind but as I was a bit early she was still trying on a few clothes she had bought earlier that day. She'd make me a coffee if I sat down in the lounge. When Paula returned she put the cup on the table right beside me, leaning over as she did so. Her huge breas… Read more

Posted by adventureousmale 3 years ago 3 5,544 89%

The Queen Anne Theater and the Wife


We had made many trips to the Queen Anne Theatre, but our last two trips were the most memorable, that is until our latest trip. As was our custom, I had my wife dress very briefly, her blouse was the sheer black see through blouse, with no bra underneath. She wore a black wrap around skirt and under that a purple silk and lace garterbelt with black seamed stockings. As we drove down Route 80 toward the Theatre she opened her blouse exposing her breasts, she reclined her seat all the way back. She then pushed the flap on her wrap around skirt to the side so that her freshly shaved pussy… Read more

Posted by luv2bblown 3 years ago 3 3,258 95%

The Queen Anne Theater and the Wife Part II


Queen Anne II In the first story I told you how my wife and I had gone to see an x-rated movie at the Queen Anne Theater. Upon arrival we witnessed a slut sitting on the right side of the theater taking on a group of men. My wife and I were deeply affected, and turned on by the spectacle we witnessed. This chapter will deal with our next visit to the Queen Anne Theater. As was the custom to make every thing easy to reach, I had my wife dress in a wrap around skirt, and a see through blouse with no bra. She also wore a garter belt, black seemed stockings, high heels and a pair of lacy b… Read more

Posted by luv2bblown 3 years ago 5 3,072 100%

Our little secret Part 1

First TimeMatureTaboo

Hi my name is Tom, this story took place a few years ago. At the time i was still living at home with my parents. I'm an only c***d and at the time i was a virgin. All i'd ever done was kiss a girl, but nothing more. When this story took place my dad had walked out and left my mum for another woman. My dad walking out had hit my mum really hard, she was a real mess. f****y and friends were really kind and supportive, but it was only when my aunty Teresa came to stop with us that my mum started to get over it. Aunty Teresa ( or aunty T as i call her ) was my mums cousin, she was a few years y… Read more

Posted by philf 3 years ago 3 11,216 90%

Hot for Teacher - Part I


Christopher walked down the path from the school and by Ms. Palmer's house for the first time in what was almost 10 years. There she was, sitting on her back porch, smiling and enjoying her manicured yard filled with wild flowers and blossoming trees. Christopher passed the bushes that he once ducked between and instead opted for the side gate. She greeted him with her usual smile and a bottle of water. There weren't many things Christopher cared to remember at the 10 year reunion, but Ms. Palmer and her house was the first place he wanted to visit. They remained in touch through the years,… Read more

Posted by devlincyde 3 years ago 1 3,013 100%