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Meet & Hooking Up with My Sex Slut, Amulya


Hello everyone this is a fictional date, sex escapade of how I imagine I would get dirty with my slut Amulya more about whom can be read in the link - http://xhamster.com/users/sexyamu212. Amulya as is well evident is a slut who is always fucking horny & loves to serve her lovers, masters but she was definitely not ready for the events of her first Meet & Hook Up. This part one of a growing series. Without much time wasting I will now start the story of me & Amulya Day 1 - Part1: As we were meeting for the first time, having thus far had only dirty chats here at Xhamster… Read more

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Horny Milf intro and first date

First TimeHardcoreMature

This is my first and so far only encounter with someone from xhamster (by the way has been the best sexual encounter I’ve had yet). So im not in my home state and have been extremely horny. Spending most my days looking for new things on xhamster, I’ve had a profile for a long while and barely tried the dating part. So I say why not try more and try to find something. Months have pass and I talk to a few people but nothing extravagant but some excitement through messageing only. So at this point im only going on once in a while. after so long maybe like 3 months I come across this profile of… Read more

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My Trip With Lauren, Part 4

MatureVoyeurFirst Time

When we left the soapy massage parlor Lauren was unusually quiet. I would say that her face showed both an amused and bewildered combined expression. All she said to me is that she didn't want to talk about it until we got back to the hotel. So I walked with her in silence back across the street and over to the hotel. Once inside the lobby Lauren immediately went for the pool area. Once to the loungers she started stripping off her outfit, it was then I noticed she had on a strapless bikini top underneath as well as a thong bottom. Without looking back she just went over to the side and dived… Read more

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Milky Adventure – Part 8 (Trip To Auntie’s House)

HardcoreGroup SexMature

In this part of the story, Riya goes to her Aunt’s house: The trip was uneventful, they unloaded their luggage. As Riya paid the driver she was conscious of his eyes taking in her figure and her curves. He licked his lips as she counted rupees into his hand, and then they were gone. Riya’s auntie welcomed them, she was a stately lady in her mid 50’s, soft-spoken and gentle, nothing see… Read more

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Milky Adventure Part-5

Group SexHardcoreMature

Thanks for the sundeck response to my previous sex story. Please read all my stories and give me your comments. Please encourage me to write more stories. Day 3- Three times the fun! As you know from the last episode Shreayas tore of mommy’s blouse hook & made Riya mom feel embarrassed as she had to come home from the train with open blouse which she covered with her green sare… Read more

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Milky Adventure Part 6

HardcoreGroup SexMature

Please read all my previous stories in the series. ( this part is the prequel to the previous part where Riya has not yet given blowjob to her stepson and aravindo. This part is about how she first gave blowjob to them) Aravind was a bit lost. His friend Shreyas was bedridden with a virus, and for a day and a half, he amused himself by doing puzzles, playing online game… Read more

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Milky Adventure Part – 4


Thanks for good response. It keeps me writing more. Please read all my older stories to get to know about it. Also please do comment ur views about the story which I would appreciate. ************* Day 2- Back Home After spending new year with Riya’s parents & cousin Sonia, riya is now going back to her home with her baby & stepson Shreya’s. As the seats in trains are all fu… Read more

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Milky Adventure Part – 2

Group SexTabooMature

It My stepson had brought his friend to our home to spent the vacation together. His name was Aravind. My husband varun as usual didn’t come home as he said he will be off for an important business meeting and thereafter spenting christmas & New Year with his colleagues. My stepson told that aravind is his classmate, and was an orphan. It seems so he was staying in the orphan hostel and every… Read more

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Milky Adventure Part – 3


First of all thanks for all those reading My Milky Adventure Series. Please read part 1 and 2 first to understand it Better. Now as you all know Riya & Shreyas started to have the bond and Riya does everything to make her stepson to consider her as a mom. She is such an innocent lady who loves to be Shreyas’s mom. That’s why she started breastfeeding him to bring him close… Read more

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Valentine's Day Homecoming


Jennifer grinned to herself as she finished running the bath water and slid into the tub. Today she would see her fiancé for the first time in six months. Stationed overseas with the Marines, Michael was simply the most amazing person she had ever known. His dark hair and stunning green eyes never failed to make Jennifer's heart melt. He also didn't have a hard time getting her pussy wet. As her thoughts drifted like her fingertips over his skin, her hips moved under the water slowly, sensuously; as if he were inside her already. She had been waiting for two years for this day, and the romant… Read more

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View to Die For

MatureVoyeurFirst Time

I guess that you could say that I was a pervert and she was a prick tease. I didn't have a lot of choice, what with being confined to this rotten fucking wheelchair and the window next to my computer, where I spend most of my time, just happened to overlook the back yard and swimming pool of her house. It wasn't helped by her sunbathing naked at every opportunity. To make matters worse she would apply sunscreen to her body in such a way that I had no option but to jerk off. I'm in this chair because of an accident during a car rally. I came over a crest at high speed, it looked spectacular on… Read more

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Whisky & Lemonade

VoyeurInterracial SexMature

Ethan ran upstairs to his bedroom to get dressed. He put on a pair of boxer shorts. His thing was not as hard as before, but it hung out the left leg of his shorts. He put on his jeans and looked at himself in the mirror. His thing clearly stood out against his left leg. He sighed and took the jeans off. Somewhere in his dresser was a pair of jockey shorts he no longer wore. He found them buried in the bottom drawer. He took off the boxers, put on the jockeys, and put the boxers back on over them. Immediately, he was uncomfortable. The jockeys were too tight. His penis grew even harder, stra… Read more

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Rae was in the ladies room, touching up her eye makeup when the fire alarm buzzed and the PA ordered the building cleared. She finished the job in the employee parking lot. She used a friend's truck, which had big mirrors, and big everything else for that matter. The air was muggy summer-thick and she felt her makeup and hairspray melting into a sticky paste. The truck's owner, a fit and personable middle-aged black man from the technical department, didn't seem to notice the heat as he kept her entertained with bantering that just skirted being naughty. There was more in his eyes and their c… Read more

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My sweet Aunt Jean


My name is Richard Jennings. My friends call me Rick. My family calls me Richie. I'm a sophomore in college majoring in Business Administration. I carry a 3.7 average. I'm also on the wrestling team. I'm six feet three inches tall and weigh around two hundred twenty pounds. My record is 19 wins and 2 losses. I've never been pinned. I say in good shape, because of my wrestling and from helping my Dad. He's a master carpenter. As soon as I could walk I was helping him with all of his home projects.. OK, I got in the way most of the time. Every time he laid down a tool I picked it up. As I grew… Read more

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— Mom's sister is a nymphomaniac

MatureTabooFirst Time

"Come right in, Jefferey. My! You're right on time! I'm afraid I'm running a bit late. Excuse my getup, but I had to press my dress after I had already gotten dolled up for my date. Help yourself to whatever's in the fridge while I finish getting ready." My mother's hot sister kept droning on about this and that, yada yada yada, while walking back away from me toward the ironing board set up in the family room. When you're almost nineteen, you've seen a lot of women iron clothes, maybe, but in my case, this was the first time I saw one do it in a garter belt and tiny little lace bra. Things s… Read more

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Mother struggles with her son's deep desires

MatureFirst TimeTaboo

"Oh my God!" That was all I could think when he asked me. When I told my son I wanted to give him something special for the holidays, the last thing I expected him to do was point and say, "those mom." I looked at him like he was crazy or maybe I was because he couldn't have been pointing to my breasts, so I mumbled something and just looked at him. He was staring back into my eyes and he kissed my cheek and said, "Mom, "You're so beautiful...just once, I'd like to touch you." I heard it right. I guess the sane thing to do would have been just to laugh as if it was a joke and walk away but I… Read more

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Old friend calls


Sandra was a mature 51 year old who you would definitely class as a BBW. She knocked on John‘s door, when he answered it, he was so surprised to see her (John was 30 years old and very athletic). He gave her a huge hug and kiss. He invited her in for a brew, she removed her long trench coat to reveal a nice pair of knee length leather boots, nylons, a black skirt that sat just above her knees and a black blouse. He commented on how nice she looked. She gave him a sexy shy smile as she sat down. He went and made the brews as they chatted. He came back into the room and put the brews down and sa… Read more

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A Lucky Callboy Having Threesome With Aunties

Group SexHardcoreMature

Like I have enjoyed my life to an extent and give the same happiness to people who are in need of me in Bangalore. As I had good experience giving fun to many gals and aunties, I just wanted to try to be a part time call boy not only to earn money but to satisfy the unsatisfied gals or women’s in Bangalore .When a wome… Read more

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Horny BBW Redhead


I first started chatting with Sharon through a dating website about 8 years ago. I have always had a thing for big girls so I joined a BBW site. I got chatting to a few of the women on there and then I got a message from one particular woman. She was mid 30’s, Redhead, (Bust Size) Massive and from Birmingham but she had no photo. I thought I’d just send her a message back saying I like your profile but cos there was no photo I thought that would be it. About half an hour or so later I got a message back from this woman. The massage from Sharon read “sorry for no profile photo but I can’t risk… Read more

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— A son finds his mother


I had a wonderful final year of college and was looking forward to a long, relaxing, enjoyable summer before joining the work force in the fall as a newly licensed attorney. I'm twenty five years old, looking forward to a long, successful career in law in Southern Florida. I love the single life, especially living here, with plenty of attractive, sexy women to choose from, scantily clad and available. I was orphaned as an infant, my mother gave me up for adoption at birth, unable to raise me as a young girl, still in high school. I have no regrets, was raised by a wonderful family and had a… Read more

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