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Liz and I have been married 50 years, surprisingly we were both in good health for our age. When I married Liz she was 18, 5’4” tall barely 100 pounds, 34b perky boobs ( but her Mom had huge boobs I was hoping she would eventually take after her Mom and she did), and a natural red head. In a word she was a knock out. Back then I was 20, 6’ 180 pounds 34” waste a very thick 7” cock and was very hansom. Liz and I had dated for two years before we married. Liz was raised a strict Catholic as such there was no intercourse before we married, but I did regularly perform oral sex on her, but she neve… Read more

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A Christmas to Remember Part 2


“What happened next Papa Jack?” Little Grace asked, bouncing her soft tush on my lap. “Well.” I shifted her over a bit, “it went something like this… After I’d cleaned up the mess I made and built the fire up, Momma called me to supper. With our clothes wet and drying over the fire, neither of had bother to get anymore. So, there she was in all her naked glory, standing at a table sat for two with a meal of baked chicken and mashed taters. I couldn’t decided which looked more edible in that moment. “Eeeek,” Momma laughed when I lifted her onto the table. “I’m starving.” I grinned, and bur… Read more

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My Wife's Anal Surprise For Me 2


I love the sit out on the back porch and watch the sun come up in the morning. One morning I was sitting out on our back porch enjoying the sun coming up when my wife walked out. She usually don't get up this early, much less come outside in just her night shirt, so I was very surprised when she came out there. Sitting down on my lap I could smell the freshness from the shower she has just took. This was so unusual for her I thought to myself. I kissed her gently on her neck and hugged her tightly. She smiled took my hand and guided it between her legs. My heart jumped when I my hand reached… Read more

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Mom’s Tiny Tits

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Fbailey story My thirty-five-year-old mother hates being flat chested but I just love her tiny tits. Mom is really pretty, tall at five feet ten inches, and only a hundred and ten pounds. She is tall and thin like a basketball player. She wears size one and two dresses and wears a 32-A padded bra. She really doesn’t need a bra but she likes to wear sexy lacy bras anyway. She likes the matching panties and almost all of her panties are thongs too. Mom got worse when dad left us for a twenty-five-year-old woman with big tits. I have to spend one weekend a month at their house so I know… Read more

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I was dreaming of you


As we chat on the phone. and we message nearly every day, I wish I were close by. We met on a senior dating site and we just clicked. I just hung up the phone and I put my feet up on the sofa and I imagine what could be going on right now. I hate long distance relationships, we do not get to spend enough time together. In my mind I come over to your house and we are in the kitchen. I sit on a dining room chair, and you straddle me and sit on my lap, we are in heat and and we make out. You offer me your tits to suck on. They are big and heavy and have very hard and erect nipples. I love your… Read more

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The Two-fer

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I'd wanted my neighbor for years. My neighbor's oldest brother married Elaine eight years ago when she was a sexy 62 - year-old. Now she's an even sexier 70 and with a body that would melt cold steel but put a hard-on on a dead man. He passed away and Jim his brother moved into the house. Elaine was a good 10 years older than me, but I was smitten with her Since Jim, my neighbor's brother, is always out of town for days at a time on business, I'm the guy Elaine calls when she needs help around the house. For years she's known that her body turned me on when she was in the same room. My cock w… Read more

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Son helps his grieving mother.

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I was born on my Mother's 19th birthday. Not an amazing fact in itself, but one that would have interesting repercussions later in life. My early years were not unusual, and it wasn't until I was in my teens that I made an interesting discovery, well, two in fact. Firstly, I realised that my mother, called Ruth, was incredibly attractive (5'11" tall, with short reddish brown hair, a full set of tits and legs that went on, and on, and on.) Secondly, she and my Dad fucked like rabbits every night, and when she fucked, my Mum was loud and proud! Every night, as they fucked in their room (or the… Read more

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Horney Aunt - Day 3 - Final


I woke up early in the morning. Then I saw my aunt sleeping next to me. I started to touch her tits softly. She came to me and hugged me tightly. She putted a leg over my legs. Her pussy met with my leg. I started to rub my against her pussy. I started to kiss her neck. Then she started to talk in a sleepy voice “making a woman Horney in the morning is not a good idea. You will get blue balls in the evening. Make me horney I will suck every drop of your cum until your balls get dry”. Actually I am the one with the balls but I never knew what blue balls means. I thought I didn't know it because… Read more

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Big Boobs, Butts, and Bellies

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Fbailey story All I said was, “Wow! You girls sure are big.” That’s when they turned on me and one replied, “You call us fat again and we’ll kick your fucking ass.” Quickly I apologized by saying, “Oh no! Sorry! I didn’t mean it that way. You see in my last school all of the girls were either anorexic, bulimic, or weighed less than a hundred pounds. You girls on the other hand have bigger boobs, butts, and bellies than I have ever seen before. I sure like the way you girls look.” At least they smiled. I continued, “Even my mother weighs one hundred and ten pounds and wears an… Read more

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She was Pissed Off At Her Father

MatureFirst Time

Fbailey story Wendy was sixteen years old and ‘hot.’ All of my friends went gaa-gaa over her. She had always lived next door to me and we played together every day of our lives. We were the best of friends and we could tell each other anything. Likewise we could ask each other anything. One day Wendy told me that she was pissed off at her father. I tried to comfort her but that wasn’t what she wanted. Her father had accused her of fucking around. It really pissed her off because she was still a virgin. I was also a virgin and she knew it. At the time we were in my bedroom, which wasn’t u… Read more

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Sexperience with Hot Neighbour Aunty by Maid'


Sexperience with Hot Neighbour Aunty by Maid's help (1) ________________________________________ I got up early in the morning. It was a new area. I had just shifted 2days back. I just climbed the terrace and thought let me just have a small walk. I was just walking and was watching the whole area from terrace. Love to see the morning view. All desi ladies will be out early morning for sweeping, cleaning in front of house, putting Rangoli. The nighty they wear and bend to show their awesome ass with the panty line. The morning view in South India is the best view we can ever have. There were m… Read more

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Lynn was several years older than my mom. Nothing extraordinary about this woman, not a super model, not hot. Not bad looking though. I mean the only thing that caught my eye about her after years of living across the street from her was her huge nipples. I mean if she did not have a bra on I could see those puppies from a mile away. She was a big flirt. "Hey Tommy, come in here I want to show you something." Lynn said. The neighbors had a new swimming pool installed and they invited half the neighborhood over to show it off. I was having a good time checking out the girls that were my age in… Read more

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Wifey finally tries ANAL after years of resisting.


(From Dec 30 2016) After all these years I have FINALLY popped my wifes ANAL cherry and it was totally fucking amazing !!!! We are having a night away and after a relaxed afternoon sex session and a couple bottles of wine later and she was up for indulging me in my anal fantasy. Wh… Read more

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Surprise Fathers Day present


(from 2014) For my part I ABSOLUTELY adore being woken up in the middle of the night from a deep sleep to find my little wifeys lips around my slumbering cock and sucking me to full twitching hardness without every letting me slip out. She knows it is ‘one’ of my absolute favourite surprises to be pleasured with her lovely wet mouth while she sits on my face and gets eaten out. I so clearly remember this occasion recently when she had gone to bed as normal while I stayed downstairs and found some things to occupy myself so as to wind down from returned late from work. (probably IF browsing t… Read more

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In Praise of an Older Women


We had met at a friend’s birthday party. We had been neighbours before I moved out of the area, so I had met quite a few old friends including her. I thought nothing more of it, just bumping into old friends, until she called me. She had got my number from the birthday boy and, if I didn’t mind, could we meet for coffee. She told me she had a favour to ask about her computer. We met, had a nice chat and discussed her computer problem. She had recently changed broadband suppliers and was having trouble moving everything across. No problem I said, I can fix it any time. We agreed the following… Read more

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ROSALINDA ANAL LOVE. The relationship with this "facet" lady has lasted for at least a decade and continues although there have been periods of highs and lows, with the time the "attendance with this grandmother" was, and is still the most intense that lasts and that has happened to me; I do not mean only by sexual understanding, but by empathy that seems to be strengthened, I repeat, despite the periods of emptiness in which one does not even hear the phone. The lady, despite her venerable age of 83, shows 30 years of less, and it is a phenomenon of nature as very aesthetically. Widow for yea… Read more

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Saturday Night Fun


So it was a Saturday night, my wife and I were home alone and having a few drinks, and watching a movie which was turning out to be a bit slow. She decides she's had enough and says to me she is going to jump in the shower. OK, cool I think. After what seem like half an hour or so she walks back in the room wearing her silk robe, nothing unusual there, until she opens it up to reveal her legs encased in black stockings. A bustier encased her breasts and flat stomach. She wore no panties and I could see that she was very wet. “Wow, you look fucking hot”, I said, I got up and walked towards her… Read more

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My Paper Route

MatureFirst TimeHardcore

As a youngster I had a paper route in order to earn the extra money I needed to buy some of the goodies that I desired. This was a very profitable route, although it was a once a week delivery. I was always trying to drum up new business. One day my mother told me to go and ask a new family that had moved in, if they would like delivery. Learning of this, I headed to their place and rang the bell. A young girl, about 9 years old answered. I asked if her parents were home. Shortly after, a woman whom I assumed to be her mother came to the door. I was totally overcome by the size of her promin… Read more

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Mijn fijne pijpmaatje

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Nadat ik na een vrij lange relatie met mijn ex vriendin weer vrijgezel was, had ik de eerste tijd geen enkele behoefte om mij weer op de liefdesmarkt te storten. Eerst mijn leven maar weer op de rit krijgen en eventueel wat achtergehouden fantasietjes op seksueel gebied proberen waar te maken was het idee. Zo kwam ik terecht op de site 'sexjobs.nl' waar allerhande advertenties geplaatst worden voor uiteenlopende wensen en lusten. Via die advertenties heb ik verschillende dingen die nog op mijn wensenlijstje stonden eenvoudig en vooral erg gezellig en geil kunnen waarmaken. Zo ben ik met een… Read more

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Wife's 1st story to me

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It was a dark n kinky night. A thunderstorm was rolling in. Warm n wet. I was home alone waiting for u to arrive. I was so excited to show u the new lingerie I'd bought. A sexy little black n red corset with matching thong n garter belt with stockings. N high heels. I got all dressed for u n turned off all the lights, lit candles and put on some romantic music. I try to wait patiently. But I'm so excited for the dirty fun I know is to come. My pussy starts tingling and getting all wet at the thought of it. I just can't help touching myself. But no, I can't cum yet. I have to wait for you... fi… Read more

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