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Als DWT von Mama überrascht


Meine Freunde sprachen mich schon immer auf meine hübsche Mutter an. Und obwohl wir seit Jahren immer wieder Herrenbesuch in unserer Wohnung empfingen, blieb keiner von ihnen länger als ein paar Monate. Mittlerweile ist meine Mama eine wirklich heisse End40erin. Nach wie vor schlank und genau um ihre Attraktivität wissend. Wir haben ein super Verhältnis, helfen uns wo wir können und haben keinerlei Geheimnisse voreinander. Zumindest nur eines von dem sie nichts weiß - ich stehe auf Damenwäsche. Bereits als Teenie fand ich es geil Travestiekünstlern zu zuschauen und wollte mich Anita nennen. Da… Read more

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Collecting Rent 3

MatureSex HumorHardcore

I knocked on the door of Apartment 8 and a second later the door opened and Kevin was stood there. Kevin was married to Helen, and they were a lovely mature retired couple who were always cheerful and happy to chat when ever I came round to collect the rent. "Come in Tony, would you like a drink?" Kevin asked "Yes why not" I replied So this tubby grey bearded man closed the door behind me and moved into the open kitchen area where he pulled a beer out of the fridge for me. "So Helen not here today?" I asked "She's in the bedroom, she'll probably be out in a minute" he replied "Now there was so… Read more

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mistress summons her slut by email..


A mistress summons her sub via email – the content of which is set out below: “On Friday next (unless I need to postpone) you will attend at 1pm. There will be no general conversation and you will only speak to say yes mistress. You will make me a drink and then go upstairs and get suitably dressed for a beating. You will get the equipment out and set it ready – including the ties. You will then come down and make me a soft drink, come in and kiss my feet and then go back upstairs. You will sit on the bed and await my pleasure. At the end of the session you will thank me, tidy away and… Read more

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Girlfriends Grandma Shirley 2


  Last Sunday I arrived home from work at around 8:30am and soon afterwards I received a text from my landlord Shirley 'hay stud your rent is due today' I texted back 'i'll be over at 1 to pay in full' 'would you like some snicker doodles young man? and very quickly our texts get nasty 'oh yes mrs Shirley, thank you, you sure are a sweet landlord with some big tits' she texted back 'you sure like fucking and sucking my big tits' 'oh yes mam, I do' 'k**, you're a sex god, you fuck my brains out with that big cock of yours' 'you deserve it mrs shirley' 'yes I do' Shirley… Read more

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Aunt found my pocket pussy II

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Aunt found my pocket pussy II Why is my Aunt moving so slowly with my mother? It's been almost three days and I haven't cum. I'm dyeing here. Walking around with a hardon almost all the time, getting blue balls. Aunt Franny rejects all of my sexual advances. She keeps telling me to wait until the time is right. Maybe I should take matters into my own hands, and I don't mean my left hand. I'm going to speed things up with my mother. I guess I'm going to have to perv on her. This isn't as easy as it sounds. She has an en suite in her bedroom and always changes in her room. I just can't co… Read more

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My ittle son


The only thing makes me worried now, is the study of my only son. He is the only problem for me. His father's is a transferable job, and we had to travel from one part of the state to another. He has passed his 10th class Exam, popularly known as M.P, and last year he was scheduled to sit in the H.S. Exam. But alas, he met an accident and could not stand for three months. As he has recovered now, what worries me is his lack of concentration in studies. His Test Exam is nearing, and he looks so weary, so tensed, so distracted. I was in deep water. And then Mala, his friend's mother told me… Read more

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My Mom is a Hot

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Growing up, I never thought my mom was hot. My friends did. Tucker, one of my best friends, started using that word to describe her when we were sophomores in high school. One day, when he came over to my house, he saw my mom in a bikini sitting by the pool in the backyard. His jaw almost fell off his face. When we went inside the house, and we were sitting around doing nothing in my room, he kept saying, "Randy, your mom is so hot!" It annoyed me to hear him say it, because I didn't like to think of her that way, and I didn't want my friends to think or talk about her that way, either.… Read more

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Winter Suprise (as real as it gets)

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there is some but not a lot of :"action" in this, as I am relating true events, this is a set up for what could be a very warm spring and hot summer. As you read my wife had a good summer in London. Me on the other hand had a dry spell. She thought I was screwing around like she was, however most of my sex was single handed. So now I know and she has to figure how to make it up to me. But things are getting better. E-mail came into me mid-January, seems that Mike and Deb (and family) have transferred back to the "Park". The maintenance department and administration has not functioned the s… Read more

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A Mother's Lust

MatureFirst TimeTaboo

It was a warm Saturday morning; Veronica (Ronnie by her friends) had gotten up early to get her run in because she knew it would be hot by mid to late morning. One of the few downfalls if you could call it that to living in southern California in mid July was the heat starting early when there was no ocean breeze. She was now cleaning up the house after having some coffee and a light breakfast. Ronnie is what her son Danny's friends would call a MILF. At least that's what she heard them tell Danny. Continuing to clean up around the house she stopped in front of the mirror for a look. She th… Read more

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Sex with my son


It started, as I'm sure it started for many others, after an evening out with my husband, David. We had partied pretty good, I still don't remember how we got home. In the bedroom, I started to get undressed and I must have passed out from all the wine I had d***k. I woke up feeling my husband taking off the last of my clothes. He started kissing me and when his tongue started licking my pussy, I looked down at him. It wasn't my husband. David was snoring softly next to me on the bed. It was my son Jason. I tried to push him away and get up, but he held me down. I finally gave up when he start… Read more

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The old man who destroyed our life (Part IV)

Group SexMatureHardcore

From the moment I accepted that, the old men left the room and got to his friends. I didn't think ed clearly at that time, probably from the drink, but i started to drink some more from a glass. I finished my glass of wine in the other room, when my old men called me in the dinning room with the others. He was very dominant in his voice and told them that I am his lover and that I do everything that he says. The last man told him that he feels that I am rejecting him, so to prove them wrong he said to me to get down on my knees as I do at home. I was so dizzy and free of mind, that I didn't… Read more

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Conner's Predicament

Gay MaleMature

He'd promised his mother, Cynthia, that he wouldn't be, as she had put it "interested in guys", and he wanted to keep that promise. He really did. He loved his mother, and he knew that sucking other guys cocks wasn't what she envisioned as her only son's future---and yet, when it came down to it, he'd TRIED to refrain from letting those sorts of thoughts and desires, and not let them insinuate themselves; but in the end, he just couldn't! So, as Conner knocked on Ben's apartment door (Ben was a much older gay man he'd met through a friend of a friend sort of thing), his heart was racing… Read more

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265 A CUCKOLDS DISTRESS Part3 Nan and Micky went upstairs to wash and change, it was Sunday and as Terry her master had just left the house and they knew they needed to return to more mundane things. In the bedroom while slipping his braces onto his shoulders Micky glanced at his wife as she lifted her nightdress to remove it and caught sight of her bruised and marked backside, with its pattern of welts. His jaw dropped open, and he sat on the bed with a thump his braces forgotten. “whatever did he do to you my gal, your arse is a rare pattern of damage!” She turned to him and… Read more

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All My Birthdays Came At Once THE END !


I sat totally depressed but then thought "what a weekend I've had, c'est la vie". The four glasses of wine virtually untouched, I picked one up, gulped it, and put more music on. I started on the second. Forty five minutes later, I had just started the third glass, when the doorbell rang. I was Christine. "Had to get rid of the lasses and I'm staying tonight. Just drop these bags off then lets pop to pub eh?" . Flummoxed i said “OK”. I was a bit pissed by now. We went to the pub and had a couple of drinks having a flirty chat. I was again getting some funny looks an… Read more

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Hi Dad I'd like you to meat my girlfriend


Tara, Tara, Tara. She was the love of my life and the dagger into my heart. In the beginning, it was a dream come true for a girl like her to even notice me, let alone say yes when I finally had the nerve to ask her out, and then to be my girlfriend. Looking back, it made no sense. Tara was from a wealthy family; I was not. Tara was an absolute, blonde beauty with an incredible, petite body. I on the other hand was average at best in appearance, short and skinny. In the end, Tara was simply looking for a guy that she could abuse and humiliate and I walked right into that trap despite all the w… Read more

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The Masseuse 2: The Deprived


NOTE: This was a collaboration piece written by myself and a fan of my first story. It was written a number of months ago now, but is finally being posted. Special thanks to this great co-author and sexy woman! It was late afternoon when my phone pinged. I looked down at it. Come. It was the masseuse. My friend Alexa told me about the masseuse. It was during one of our Friday night pub get-togethers we had, when we had the chance. We would meet, have drinks, talk about our dating lives, work, family and other random things friends share. Last week when we got together, we had alrea… Read more

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Aunt found my pocket pussy II

Group SexMatureTaboo

Aunt found my pocket pussy II Why is my Aunt moving so slowly with my mother? It's been almost three days and I haven't cum. I'm dyeing here. Walking around with a hardon almost all the time, getting blue balls. Aunt Franny rejects all of my sexual advances. Maybe I should take matters into my own hands, and I don't mean my left hand. I'm going to speed things up with my mother. I guess I'm going to have to perv on her. This isn't as easy as it sounds. She has an en suite in her bedroom and always changes in her room. I just can't cop a feel in the kitchen or press my dick against her t… Read more

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A wild encounter with Romeo

AnalMatureFirst Time

Tonight all things were going from bad to worse for me… Now I was lying on my knees and elbows on the grass, at a dark garden. A huge Rottweiler was sniffing my wet cunt and he was ready to fuck me. I felt his cold wet nose touching my outer labia. Soon an electrical impulse ran across my whole body and another intense orgasm made me shiver in pleasure. Romeo also noticed my orgasm. He suddenly started to growl and shoved his hard tongie through my vaginal lips. He licked my clitoris in a wild way, as I stood there shuddering with no control, trying to contain my screaming. I was showing… Read more

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My hot mommy

MatureFirst TimeTaboo

I was laying on the table, only my hands were free. There were leather straps holding my waist, ankles and neck to the table. I was in the thrall of my Mommy - Mistress Chastity. She was a brunette goddess, 5'8" tall with 38GG breasts and the most perfect legs you'd ever seen. She was 38 years old, and devastating in the short skirts and high heels she liked to wear all the time. Mommy knew the effect she had on men - and she loved to use it to seduce, control & enslave them. But those weren't even her most deadly assets. She had two additional weapons that allowed her to snare any m… Read more

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Hot Encounter With My Friend's Sexy Mom

First TimeMature

THIS IS A TRUE STORY. I was spending the night at my friend's house one Sunday about four years ago. I loved spending the night at his house because he had an incredibly sexy divorced mom with an amazing beautiful body and long blonde hair. Full busty tits and an ample juicy ass. She looks a lot like pornstar Alura Jenson. My friend and I were doing the usual stuff throughout the day like: playing video games, watching movies, eating, hanging outside, etc. Unfortunately, it was now 10pm on a school night and his mom wanted us to go to bed since we had school the next day. She told us to… Read more

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