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Richie & Mummy episode 10

We had woken early, and fucked before Richie went to school, as usual. Once again, my breasts were tender, and my nipples actually quite sore when he sucked on them. After he went off to drive to school, I drew a deep bath for myself, and soaked in it for half an hour. I looked at myself in the full-length mirror on the back of my bedroom door. Yes, indeed, my breasts were swollen and the nipples had changed to a darker colour. I knew that my jeans were starting to get tighter. It didn't seem possible, but I had to find out. I took the testing kit out of the drawer in the vanity cabinet. I st... Continue»
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Richie & Mummy episode 11

Richie and I sat down over dinner of steaks and salad with a nice glass of red wine. “Baby, I've got something important to tell you, and I'm not sure how you're going to react.” “Mummy cunt, you know I love being with you. You know that I want to be your lover forever. Why would I react badly?” “Richard darling, I am going to have a baby. I feel sure that it's your baby, but we will have to get a DNA check to verify that.” “Wow, oh wow, oh wow! OMG Mummy-fucker! I am so excited that we have made a c***d!. Fucking hell darling mother-fucker. I hope it's a girl baby so I can fuck her and give y... Continue»
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Richie & Mummy episode 8

I awoke with a wonderful, warm, intense feeling spreading throughout my body from my loins. I propped myself up on one elbow, and saw Richie lying on his belly at the bottom of the bed, his face jammed into my pussy. He was holding apart my swollen and engorged labia with his hands, and alternately gently lapping my wet cunt, and then making his tongue hard and fucking me with it. “Mmmmmmm, that's a lovely way to wake up your mother, darling....” He raised his eyes to acknowledge that he had heard what I said, but he continued to concentrate his attentions on my cunt. Now and then he was flic... Continue»
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Richie & Mummy episode 9

Richie came in with a big smile on his face. “Hi Mummy cunt, hi Gino. How are you both? Have you been fucking?” “Yes young man, I've fucked your mother, and she has a magnificent pussy. But I gather that you know that already. LOL. I've also pissed all over her and pissed down her throat. Do you like to humiliate women that way?” “I...... I.... haven't tried that yet, but if you recommend it, I must try it some time. “ Gino got up to go. After dressing himself he kissed me hard on the mouth, and said goodbye for now.

Richie sat down next to me on the sofa. “Mummy slut, I have some wonderful... Continue»
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Brahmin Boy And His Mom

This is a start to a very long journey…

School days bring memories of all the playing and mischief played, that is to a person born and schooled before 1990s. But for a person born and schooled in the nineties it was not the same. It includes: when they got their first ps, ipod, and more importantly at what age they were exposed to porn, attained puberty, first GF, date, night out(mind it all are different) and even more importantly seeing the gooey liquid come out of the body, from where urine comes out.

Mine too went through all these phases. Born into a modern, yet conservative Brahmi... Continue»
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The Stepmother

I loved this story and wanted to share it, the writer is "horrorotica" here is a link to the main story:

As eighteen-year-old Dale Barrett travelled home by train, he felt excited about seeing his stepmom for the first time since spring break. Nervous energy made his heartbeat fast, his stomach feel funny, and his fingers tingle. The reason he felt so nervous about coming home is that his stepmother had told him that she knew about his little secret.

She seemed keen to talk about it with him at the time, but only if he wanted too, of course. Dal... Continue»
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Love that young Cock

I had gone to visit my friend Melissa one evening . She was divorced and lived alone with her k**s Georgia,her daughter, and David, her 18 year old son. Georgia is a little round ball of energy, while David is tall and lanky like her ex husband.
As we passed the time chatting, it had begun to snow. I wasn’t really paying attention to the time or the weather and by the time I was ready to leave, there was a significant amount on the ground. After one look outside, Melissa insisted that I spend the night, rather than try driving in such bad conditions. I reluctantly agreed but their apartmen... Continue»
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Evil stepmom part3

So my stepmom had let me cum over her naked hot body so I wouldn't tell my father about all the men she was fucking around with, then she sent me to her friends house where I was tricked into eating out her friends pussy so that they could then later both fuck a large black man together.
My Stepmom was truly an evil scheming bitch and I needed to stay away from her as much as I could.
Well my luck soon changed because a young girl in the office I worked in, suddenly became rather chatty with me and after a lot of joking around I asked Hailey out and she agreed.
For the following weeks every... Continue»
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My Wife turned into a BBC Prostitute (4th part of

It’s now been six months since we first met Jamal and my wife received the fuck of her life from his huge BBC. Since that time Jamal has taken control of her pussy and she will do anything he wants as long as he fucks her. When she fucks his nigger cock she becomes so entranced she loses herself in the pleasure and it is all she can focus on. She continues to take multiple two hour trips a week to see him and get fucked by his nigger cock. She has even fucked a few of his friends because he asked her to do it. Be damned if I try to discourage her trips, question her actions, or feel her o... Continue»
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Part 5

I came back to the motel about 5pm after my meeting and went to our room to change. Donning shorts and a shirt and grabbing a cold beer, I headed to the pool to find Carolyn. She was stretched out on a lounge chair catching some sun. She smiled as I sat down at the umbrella covered table in front of her chair. What I saw was incredible! Her well oiled body was covered by her new, and I found out later VERY expensive , bathing suit which consisted of two 2x2 inch squares connected by a fine string for her nipples and a 4 inch square thong that covered, or tried to, her cunt. She was arousing!! ... Continue»
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Facebook old friend

A girl I used to know years ago caught up with me on facebook. I hadn't seen her for about ten years, she always was a bit prudish and old fashioned and she messaged me with an invitation to meet up one day. Last week I told her to come over as my wife was out that day and she said she would, it'd be nice to have a catch up.

She arrived and I was a little shocked by her appearance, she was more over weight than she used to be, she looked very much her age, 59, and she walked with a limp, apparently resulting in a car accident some years ago. Anyway as we talked about our lives she said her ... Continue»
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Turned on seeing wife with small orential man

It was after I had been sharing my Mrs with some of our guy friends, so when she started talking about the assistant that had worked very hard for her and was due to go back to China. She knew he has no social life, and was very shy and was fairly certain he was a virgin. After I joked that sex would be a good going away gift and bonus.She hinted, and joked about how I would feel if she gave him a hand job. She would have just given him one hand job, but I kept talking her into thinking about doing more, like a few hand jobs, and a few blowjobs during the last few weeks he was still there. I h... Continue»
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Seeing Moms Friend

Shall we have a fantasy this afternoon?

I walk into the room and there you are, I notice you right off, because I adore sexy mature ladies....... You are so hot and dressed sexy as I walk toward you. You see that I’m already hard and excited. You are wearing black nylon stockings, with spike high heels and a black short skirt, midriff top with tits that look ripe melons. I start my gaze from your sexy high heels, up your hot nyloned legs, to your skirt, then take a deep breath as I look at your sexy breasts. Getting more excited as I continue up my eyes come in contact with yours, s... Continue»
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Mom on vacation

Mom on vacation

After graduation, my four ex-classmates and I decided to go on a vacation.
At the last minute one guy refused to go. When I was looking for a way to not let the money go to waste, my mother said that maybe she might go. She promised to stay out of our fun and not to interfere in anything.

I asked the guys, and they said it was fine. My mom was still young, forty one years old, a good, clever woman, so I knew she really wouldn't bother anyone.
We arrived early at the airport, finding my friends were already waiting for us.

"Haven't seen you in years, Mrs. Atkins," sa... Continue»
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Ode to the Old, White SSBBW

You voted for Romney. I'm for Obama. Your k**s moved out years ago. And I don't have any k**s at all (well, none that I know of). You have a house in the suburbs, with a lawn, and a garage, and a backyard, and a mortgage that's been paid off. I'm in the hood. You only have your husband. I have 2 or 3 more just like you.

We probably wouldn't have anything to do with each other at all, except for one thing. I want to fuck you. And you want me to fuck you. I want to grind my big black dick inside your big, wide, white ass. And you want me inside there too. You get the hotel room. I'll come dur... Continue»
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My Asian MILF

I have always had a fetish for foreign women, and if she happens to be a MILF it always made me interested. However I never had the chance to date one as there weren’t too many foreign women in my country.
One day I decided to search and make some contacts with foreign MILFs in one of the social sites. I started searching with less hope that I could find anybody, but you never know. There was a profile of an Asian sexy lady who looked to be in her 40ties and she was residing in my city. Although I had my doubts that the profile could be fake one, I decided to contact her. I was so much surpr... Continue»
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Chapter Six XHamster Profile for Love 2Bused

Chapter Six
XHamster Profile for Love2Bused

After we landed Jim's Limo took me to my new apartment on the grounds of his huge estate. I called it an apartment but, it was really an attached wing to the main house. Three bedrooms, fours baths, and furnished like expense was never even a consideration. It was beautiful and I knew right away I would miss it when my year was up.

Skippy then came running to meet me and was so exc... Continue»
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Steam Room Stumph

Thursdays were usually epic for me when I worked at the Spa, fewer people showed up so I could get my work done and be out of there quickly in the evenings. Also it seemed that there was more opportunity for sexual adventures. I was 18, and I could pop a woody" in a stiff breeze on a warm day, and yes sex was always on my mind.
I'd gotten the job over the summer time, and was lucky enough to be retained afterward, since I was trying to save money for School the job was vital. I took some ribbing and k**ding because I was the only Black person that many of the members of this sa... Continue»
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Fucking my innocent virgin student.

I am a College Lecturer Spoiled_boy in Maths in a reputed private university. I do take tuition also for the weak students. Many young girls are my students and I am quite popular. The girls like me and do not hesitate to meet me anytime even when alone. I test every good looking girl by touching her at soft places and if the response is positive or neutral, I go a bit beyond just feeling their body. I have kissed and squeezed many many girls. I want to share one of the experiences with one of the College senior girl who was very smart and attractive. However she was not good at s... Continue»
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chennai sexy black aunty

Dear friends, this is Yuva Raj, living in Chennai city. I am aged 25 now and average looking with slim athletic body of 6’2 in height and weighing 70kg. I am basically a software engineer and working in Chennai itself. I don’t know why, but I have great passion about sex. Right from the moment I became a big boy, I took interested in sex and explored the ways of intimacy between a man and woman. This is one of my successful attempts in seducing a mature house wife and fucked her.

I was staying alone at thiruvanmiur in Chennai which is nearest place to the IT highway. I used to go by bus alw... Continue»
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