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Mature Porn Stories

Indian bbw at the post office


I'd been in the post office getting some stamps when the woman that was serving me I thought started to flirt with me. She was an Indian, long dark hair, about 45, 5'3", probably about 20 stone. Anyway as there were no-one else in the queue behind me we carried on talking, innuendo's flying from both sides, I was convinced she was flirting. Anyway after a few minutes I decided to call her bluff, saying "When you get a break I'll be sat outside in the car", she looked suprised but smiled. I was sat outside having a cigarette, when after ten minutes she appeared. Tapping on the window she sai… Read more

Posted by smallcock 3 years ago 3 3,698 100%

Holiday Threesome

Group SexHardcoreMature

A couple of years ago Donna and I had a fortnight in Tenerife, we needed a break and in the sunshine was perfect. We chose to go on an adults only trip, so we knew there would be no screaming k**s running about as we wanted to relax. Fair enough, most of the people were of an older age to us but some weren't. Tuesday started as a beautiful day, glorious sunshine and 33 degrees, we were getting a lovely tan, Donna always tans well. We'd been at the pool all day, gone up to our room to get ready to go out to eat. She was wearing a full white dress, and with her tan she looked more beautiful t… Read more

Posted by maturemancock 3 years ago 2 2,097 86%

Son finds a way to finally mom


For his long as I can remember, the thought of my mother laying naked on her bed has turned me on. It has been decades of fantasies that has caused gallons of hot cum to spew in her name Not to mention on her panties in her stockings and bedsheets and all over her pillows. But a year ago i moved back to moms house when my father passed and the fantasies of moms naked body have been replaced Visions of my mother's naked body has been entertaining me for decades but it wasn't until I moved back in with her a couple of years ago, that the visions proved to be not enough. I needed to lick h… Read more

Posted by beaconhole 3 years ago 4 10,140 100%



Just getting a new job and trying to impress the boss, is my very most priority in life. I make sure that I'm dressed well each day: a business suit (blazer, shirt, tight skirt, panties and bra to match), pantyhose and heels. My hair groomed nicely and my makeup just so. I choose a nice light fragrant perfume, just a little something to make the boss turn his head. My desk, just outside his office, is neat and organized. I make coffee each morning and always make sure there is some kind of breakfast item near the coffee. Some of my responsibilities include opening his mail, answering… Read more

Posted by loloishorny 3 years ago 1 1,198 100%

more of.... M ....I.... L


i use to gather M I L pubic hairs by licking her panties before they got washed and had quite a harvest going, and yes i would lick em often. Then i started to j/o in her panties after they were washed so my cum rubbed on her cunt all day.....She came to visit every weekend and i enjoyed her company plus i got to look up her dress and down her blouse often unnoticed. I hid cams in her bedroom and bath area (got to love wireless equipment).She always undressed in the room and put her clothes in the room hamper.when i saw he slip into the tub i would sneak in the room and get her panties and lic… Read more

Posted by zmarc60 3 years ago 3 2,096 100%

The Country House (Part 2)

Group SexMasturbationMature

Tony began to remove the rest of his clothes whilst Lizbeth used the bathroom to clean up Tony opened his luggage and found his new Victorias Secret black lace basque with the red edging and his black sheer stockings with the lace hold up section as it was a special evening he also removed his blonde bob wig and his makeup box. Under his lingerie he found what he was really looking for something to set the night off with a bang, a small self seal bag containing seven grammes of Columbias finest, he spilt some on to the dressing table top and swiftly and expertly carved out two large lines, h… Read more

Posted by Sdavis555 3 years ago 1,889 100%

Summer whith aunt nancy

First TimeMatureTaboo

My aunt lived in a very rural trailer park out in the country. She was single and needed some one to help her around her property. So my mom sent me to stay with her through the summer. I got there we hugged and she told me to sit down and relax. She made me lunch and then sent me out side to rake leaves. My aunt is a very bossy and dominant person who will tell you what to do and make you do it. My aunt was a wild country girl and very hillbillyish. She was also a alcoholic and drank every day normally d***k by noon. Her trailer was small my bed was in a small room in the back and she st… Read more

Posted by funnforyou 3 years ago 4 11,940 52%

Good Workout at the Gym

First TimeGay MaleMature

Sunday afternoon it was overcast, rainy and cold. I want to get out of the house but wanted to do something that would be inside. I had not been to the gym for some weeks, do to other plans. Its only 15 mins. from the house so I hopped in the car and was there in the warm dressing room in no time.<:f> There were only a few men there that afternoon, I guess the threat of sleet and freezing rain kept most away. I undressed and picked up my towel and swim trunks and headed to the showers before going to the steam room or pool. I showered and was going to put my trunks on when a good look… Read more

Posted by fotobr 3 years ago 1,078 100%

Girl giving her first blowjob

First TimeMature

The story I’m going to narrate was written in the perspective of Valentine’s day, but it took me pretty much time to complete it. The story I’ll be narrating is written as a protest. Protest against the general thinking of boys who treat every girl in the same manner i.e LUSTFUL. I’m writing this story to tell you that SEX doesn’t always happen because of Lust……! Rather it can happen because of love. The story I’m going to narrate is a true one. And I’m writing it to you because I want you guys to change your perception towards girls. I want you to respect your girlfriends or every other girl… Read more

Posted by onlyfun123 3 years ago 3,323 87%

Friend's Wife Smita Author: Prakash Patel


I was having a nice Assistant Bank Manager Job in Ahmedabad. My f****y settled with my two k**s already doing their graduation in colleges at Ahmedabad, and wife busy with her Government job. It happened like a great fortune to me. I was transferred to Bangalore, for my Job as a Bank Manager. It was a sudden transfer for settling some big financial scam carried out by the Manager and two accountants. The Board decided to send some one from a farther territory to dig out the truth and send the culprits to jail. The Board also promoted me to Senior Manager’s post to have more powers with me… Read more

Posted by onlyfun123 3 years ago 1,532 100%

Summer Vacation Hot Spots

Gay MaleHardcoreMature

Just got back from a vacation in Denver. I have to say I always have a good time there, and always have to stop at my hot spot, the bookstore next to a truck stop just east of town on I-70. This time I had 3 hot cocks to play with at the bookstore. One was member of a Bear club. He was a lot of fun. He spotted me coming out of one of the stalls. I joined him and what a cock this man had. It was very thick at the bottom and pointed at the end. One could love being fucked with that thing. He was not into that and just as well he gave me a good working over on my balls and cock. I di… Read more

Posted by fotobr 3 years ago 710 100%

What a début!

First TimeMature

George was not quite yet nineteen years’ old, and already pretty experienced sexually. Back in London he was screwing a couple of his mother’s friends on a regular basis. They just loved his cute girlish little face and his giant cock. He told us how he lost his virginity at f******n, just after his balls had dropped and was making transition from boy to man. Every summer he used to visit the French side of the f****y. They had a house on the coast in Normandy, and one day he went with his cousin, Eric, and his aunt Jeanne to the beach, which, when he got there, to his embarrassment, fo… Read more

Posted by suaveliso 3 years ago 2,306 100%

The House In The Country - Part 1

Group SexMature

The drive up to the house from the entrance gates was over half a mile, the house was beautiful a large county estate set back in woodland, great sweeping steps led to the front door, I was intrigued. After all it was only two days earlier I had received the anonymous invitation. I was shown to my room , well our room to be honest as there was two large beds in the room, one already had an expensive set of luggage , what was more intriguing was the beautiful black lace basque neatly placed next to the cases. I glanced around the room and noticed the small printed card placed carefully upon wh… Read more

Posted by Sdavis555 3 years ago 1,428 100%

A Helping Hand

AnalInterracial SexMature

My Neighbor & I : Interracial Anal Quickie My Neighbor & I : Interracial Anal Quickie Lauryn was my next door neighbor. We didn't really say much to each other, other than the usual "Hi" whenever we saw each other outside. All this happened a few weeks ago. It was a normal Friday afternoon and I just got home after running errands. I walked up to my door and I was just about to get my keys out when Lauryn stepped out of her house. "Hi there!" She said. "Hey!" I replied, my attention now toward her. "Listen, I hope I'm not being a bother, but would you mind doing me a favor?" "Uhh... yea… Read more

Posted by Scimie 3 years ago 2 4,068 90%

Back to church

Group SexHardcoreMature

As we were tiding up after Sunday Service, Caroline was showing another lady what to do, I asked them why, she said "I'm going on holiday in a few weeks and Jean is doing my job", "Oh Ok" I said. We carried on doing our respected jobs when Caroline asked me if I wanted a cup of tea, I said I did. When we'd finished we went into the back room. Caroline was making the tea as Jean was talking to me about the church etc. She was 70 years old, widowed for six years, lived alone and the church was her life. She was 5'5", blonde/white hair, looked to weigh around 17 stone, too large for her small… Read more

Posted by maturemancock 3 years ago 1 2,071 100%



(This was originally submitted by christydee who is no longer on the site. I corrected for spelling and grammar to make it a more enjoyable read). Hi my name is Christy and I love telling stories, especially ones where my daddy and I are fucking the hell out of each other. It just so happens that I have one of these naughty little tales that I wound love to share with you tonight. You see a little over a week ago daddy and I had one of the best fuck sessions, I cannot remember the last time we had sex like that. I knew that mother had stopped giving up the pussy years ago; I guess that… Read more

Posted by mytaboolife 3 years ago 9 11,446 100%



BEING NAUGHTY FOR DADDY 3 (This was originally submitted by christydee who is no longer on the site. I corrected for spelling and grammar to make it a more enjoyable read). Lily and JT’s bond of love and lust had been sealed. Their father daughter relationship was now on a new level. After hours of making love, JT had a whole new outlook on loving his daughter. It was early morning and daddy and I had been watching JT take Lily’s sweet body numerous times. Lily had done for her father the same thing that I had did for daddy, after I returned home from college. The first time my daddy… Read more

Posted by mytaboolife 3 years ago 3,507 96%

Mommy needs some satisfaction


"God damn it Harold you are absolutely useless! You just stick it in and you're done. Don't you think I have needs too?" I heard my mother yelling at my step-father. He was letting her down again and this time she was really letting him have it. I wanted to yell at him too. Here I was spying, cock all hard in my hand ready for a good stoke while listening to my parents having sex and once again Dad was nothing but two pumps and a squirt. No wonder my mom was such a bitch lately. My mom's name was Shannon and she was a beautiful buxom lady, all tits and ass. Her bra size was 38dd; I knew thi… Read more

Posted by nayborsydel101 3 years ago 5 12,296 97%

Katy and her mum


A couple of months after I'd fucked Katy, they were both in the same store, as we were talking Katy said "Would you do for mum what you did for me", I stood there looking shocked, "Why" I asked, "Because she hasn't had anyone for a number of years". I said I'd think about it. As I did my shopping I thought about it and going through the checkout there was Katy. As I finished she came up to me and said "Well", I said "Ok, where" as this was the middle of the day, she said "Back at our house", I said "Ok I'll follow you". We drove to a normal area of town about five miles from where I live. A… Read more

Posted by maturemancock 3 years ago 1 4,408 100%

Neighbours MR and MRS Cho

HardcoreInterracial SexMature

I live next to my neighbours mr and mrs Cho. They are both great people their k**s are grown up and left home. But they both look great for their age. They had k**s when they were young. I lived next to them for 12years and my bedroom was pretty much located next to mr and mrs cho's bedroom. At least twice a week I would hear the thumping of the bed against the wall and slow moans of mrs cho and the grunts of mr cho next door. I tried to control my self but I would get a hard on just by listening to what was going on next door. Five years ago as I pulled into my drive way I noticed light… Read more

Posted by jaywalkerx 3 years ago 2 3,693 100%