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Nick and Nicole visits Sweden


This is a story I've written for the nice cuckold couple <a href="https://xhamster.com/users/nickandnicole1">nickandnicole1</a> I've been chatting with. Horny lovely people who enjoyed my verbal fucking of his luscious wife. Enjoy! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- I meet you in a town in southern Sweden. We’ve talked and Skyped so it’s like seeing old friends. Nicole you even kiss me deep. She tells me she’s been longing for those lips. Nick smiles. With a wicked look Nicole opens her jacket, showing her t-shirt. ‘My hubby likes to w… Read more

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AnalFirst TimeMature

My First Man I work from home and I am a transvestite, it is wonderful to be able to dress as I want and just enjoy life and my work as Joanne. The other day I did something I had never done before and it was so astonishing. I would often rent hotel rooms to dress and spend the night as Joanne and enjoy myself. One such night, a Monday, I was at a hotel and I felt lonely, I decided to call a friend, a long-time friend that did not know about me but who I knew had often offered me such things as skinny dipping with him but I had never taken him up on it. I told him where I was and if… Read more

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Wife loves cock


We're driving through my wife's old town when we pass a restaurant named "Carlos O'Kelly's." The name always stood out to me. And as I've been doing for the last hour, I make a dumb comment, "it's your favorite place, right?" "No." She says. "I mean, I've probably eaten there at some point...." Of course she'd eaten there at some point; Carlos O'Kelly's is a national chain, they serve Mexican food, her favorite. I'd been there with her once myself, albeit at a different location. I was about to tease her about it when I got a different idea. I'd been driving for a couple of hours, closing ou… Read more

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a Lucky Day


A few years ago just after I retired I met this guy who was a manager at at restaurant and started to pay for all my meals and in exchange I worked on his cars,WIN WIN for the both of us.I started to go at lunch and would come home to look at porn as I would always catch a buzz,When I came home this one summer day I was feeling horny so I put on some Vintage porn movies,after a while I stripped Nude and thought I should go outside wearing only my panty. I would always go out on a work day so I knew my neighbors were at work,I had another cold beer on a table next to me and decided to remove my… Read more

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Taking a chance

First TimeMature

Where to begin? I have a hobby of sorts that I do projects from home on the side mostly for older retired ladies. One of the regular women brought me a project for another woman, Renee, and gave me her number to call her when I was done. So when I was done I called to meet her to bring her her item but she said she would come to my house to pick it up. So the plans were made and when I got home that evening she was already waiting at my house. I let her in apologizing for her having to wait. I said I would go and get it after letting her in the house but she followed me as I went through the b… Read more

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A lady called Missy and I make out at a Fuck feast


Gary, my date & I arrived at the fuck feast party & we agreed to go & have fun on our own. It was quiet with not many there. Did my eyeliner nails & put my high heels on. I had said hello to Rosy who was by now being fucked hard on the bed with someone else squeezing her tits as she wanked him off. I went & joined her on the bed for kissing & squeezing her tits as she rubbed my arm. Someone else came & fucked her & then she got up & went away. I lay on the bed watching as TV Ebony went down on her knees to BJ Gary. I spoke to another lady &… Read more

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Mrs. Silva part 2

AnalMatureInterracial Sex

For the rest of the winter I laid in bed thinking about Mrs. Silva. My parents were working in another state and my sisters were busy with their boyfriends. For about a week I did not call Mrs. Silva, scared and nervous about what all this meant. Finally I called her, made small talk and an excuse to come over. She was very nice, we sat on her couch and talked about my classes, my plans after high school, and the wrestling team etc. She worked at home, did “consulting work” so most of her work was by phone and computer, this allowed her to stay home. Before long my dick grew and she could see… Read more

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My niece Sarah


I come from a very expressive family. We laugh and joke, pull fingers and fart, hug and kiss and say “I love you”. Some times we rough-house a bit and punch an arm, or slap an ass. If someone’s bathing suit comes off in the pool, we all laugh and embarrass the person, just having fun because we are not uptight about much. My sister Peggy divorced her husband because he was a real jerk and cheated on her all the time. So she was raising her daughter Sarah on her own, and one weekend I was over her house for a barbeque, and I mentioned about needing a new apartment because my neighborhood had… Read more

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My Mother in Law attraction


Beth and I were the usual couple. We had a small house with a white picket fence a dog and cat and a healthy sex life. Beth, started having trouble breathing and pushed it off as being nothing and finally when she went to the doctor she was diagnosed with lung cancer. As Beth struggles with her radiation and chemo Beth’s mom Alice moved in to help care for her. Alice is a kind and nice woman, slim, and attractive and a joy to have around When Beth succumbed to the cancer I asked Alice to stay. There was plenty of room. Funny, I always called Alice Mom. One night I come home from work beat,… Read more

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My handsome mechanich

MatureFirst TimeTaboo

I had been several months horny for my mechanic. He was a young guy, handsome and with a nice muscled body. I could imagine he also would be well hung… That day I was really horny; because my loving husband had not touched me during so many days…And I wanted to be touched… Then I picked up my nice car and went to his workshop. He was oiled up and greasy like every mechanic should be. The way he moved his hands over the engine made my body tremble in anticipation. Dressed in my killer boots and a short skirt with the buttons undone on my blouse just so there was a glimpse of what was under… Read more

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Canine Attraction


We were chatting about the attraction of dog sex, and I said “I'd love to talk more about a dog eating your pussy”. Your face lit up, and I continued. “ I would want you get on your back on the floor, and I swat your ass until it's bright red, stopping only to swat your pussy. And as your pussy opens up in excitement my crop hits your clit, you squeal but you love it” You are interested in my story and I lie back, relaxing on the sofa and spin my tale: “I let in my dog who immediately starts to lick your pussy. You hold your lips open so his long tongue can lick your clit and go deep into yo… Read more

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The Bottle


I am in town and we agree to meet for a coffee or something. I can’t stay long, I have a plane to catch. You meet me and we go to a no-tell motel for a quick bit of no-strings fun.. I kiss you deeply my hand on your fat, mature ass, pulling your dress up to probe you. As your legs part, my fingers slip inside the leg band of your panties. I push two fingers into your most willing cunt and you moan as I enter you. I finger you and . as you get so wet, you put one foot up on the chair as I begin to work three fingers in and out of your pussy and my thumb in your ass, My finger is probing the di… Read more

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Massage starts up mother son

MatureFirst TimeTaboo

I remember my mom's friend Beth used to come over twice a week and give mom a massage. After that mom would give her a massage. They both undressed for the massage, but covered their buttocks with a towel. I used to come and go as I pleased and they seemed to think nothing of an eleven year old seeing them partially nude. Some days I would sit and watch as they massaged each other from head to feet. When I was just turned eightteen, I used to watch more frequently. I was becoming much more curious about their bodies and every once in a while, I would catch a glimpse of mom's nipples as she shi… Read more

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Some wine?


We had been flirting with the idea of meeting. As a mature Sub, you insisted upon calling me Sir. I was more than willing to play this role, if it was what you enjoyed. I drove to your home and knocked upon your door. You opened, a radiant smile on your face, with a touch of nervousness. After you opened the door for me and invited me in, I saw a bowl of fruit, and some cheese and a bottle of wine, with the cork out. We kissed and you offered me a snack. With the knife, I cut us some cheese and apple wedges, and we kissed, and munched, and I fondled your tits as you fondled my cock. I say, let… Read more

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Agressive Mom


I pulled into the driveway only to see the form of my mother standing on the front porch waiting for me to come home. She looked angry and her arms were folded across her chest, I did not want to go inside. She must have already heard how my date with the daughter of my mother's best friend had gone. As I got out of the car I could hear the front door slam shut and I went into the backdoor. I wanted to try to get to the stairs and get to the sanctuary of my room as quickly as possible. "Robert!" my mother said loudly, stopping me cold in my tracks. "Yes mom." I said. "Can you please come i… Read more

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Mother seduces son

MatureFirst TimeTaboo

Not that it matters but this story is true. I say that knowing that I have changed it enough that it couldn't be verified anyway. Stories of this type usually begin, with the author describing his mother as being 37, but with the body of a sixteen year old, the skin of a baby, and 48DDD breasts. My mother is none of these, except that her breasts are relatively large partially due to 2 Pregnancies, resultant nursing, age and being a little Overweight, actually she is 49 and Looks to be a well preserved 49! She is still pretty but matronly. Even if I had been conscious of any sexual attrac… Read more

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Mature Wife New Drugs

MatureInterracial SexFirst Time

Liz and I have been married 50 years, surprisingly we were both in good health for our age. When I married Liz she was 18, 5’4” tall barely 100 pounds, 34b perky boobs ( but her Mom had huge boobs I was hoping she would eventually take after her Mom and she did), and a natural red head. In a word she was a knock out. Back then I was 20, 6’ 180 pounds 34” waste a very thick 7” cock and was very hansom. Liz and I had dated for two years before we married. Liz was raised a strict Catholic as such there was no intercourse before we married, but I did regularly perform oral sex on her, but she neve… Read more

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A Christmas to Remember Part 2


“What happened next Papa Jack?” Little Grace asked, bouncing her soft tush on my lap. “Well.” I shifted her over a bit, “it went something like this… After I’d cleaned up the mess I made and built the fire up, Momma called me to supper. With our clothes wet and drying over the fire, neither of had bother to get anymore. So, there she was in all her naked glory, standing at a table sat for two with a meal of baked chicken and mashed taters. I couldn’t decided which looked more edible in that moment. “Eeeek,” Momma laughed when I lifted her onto the table. “I’m starving.” I grinned, and bur… Read more

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My Wife's Anal Surprise For Me 2


I love the sit out on the back porch and watch the sun come up in the morning. One morning I was sitting out on our back porch enjoying the sun coming up when my wife walked out. She usually don't get up this early, much less come outside in just her night shirt, so I was very surprised when she came out there. Sitting down on my lap I could smell the freshness from the shower she has just took. This was so unusual for her I thought to myself. I kissed her gently on her neck and hugged her tightly. She smiled took my hand and guided it between her legs. My heart jumped when I my hand reached… Read more

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Mom’s Tiny Tits

MatureFirst TimeTaboo

Fbailey story My thirty-five-year-old mother hates being flat chested but I just love her tiny tits. Mom is really pretty, tall at five feet ten inches, and only a hundred and ten pounds. She is tall and thin like a basketball player. She wears size one and two dresses and wears a 32-A padded bra. She really doesn’t need a bra but she likes to wear sexy lacy bras anyway. She likes the matching panties and almost all of her panties are thongs too. Mom got worse when dad left us for a twenty-five-year-old woman with big tits. I have to spend one weekend a month at their house so I know… Read more

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