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A Mom Son Marriage Story--1


My family is normal family as like every family in our country consisting of myself dad,mom and my sis . My dad Ramegowda is about 56 ,my mom Vijaya is 42 and my sis Pooja is18 and my age is 20 at that time , lot of years as been over after the great ultimate thing is happened in my life, so here we head to start, I am going to narrate this as a novel. Its a rainy day Rathode is still in is bed his father is going to dheradhun to see is daughter where she is studying ,ever month ramegowda visits pooja to… Read more

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Massage for fat old lady


Over his 30 years as an NHS specialist in the****utic massage Harvey had often been very tempted to take things to the ‘next level’ with old plump female patients , who through various actions, had got his cock really hard , but had dared not. Now being retired he felt that all his and their pent up perverted desire could be happily catered for. He had kept a contacts book of the ladies that had made it evident to him that they wanted a more personal service so he decided to put it to good use. Now 65, he selected his ladies on… Read more

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swamiji changed my life

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My name is AMULYA people say I look a like the actress Kavya Madhavan and I am in quiet fair and slightly hairy on my hands and my stats are 34 30 36. I am married . Me and my hubby are happily married coupled after the first year of our marriage I gave birth to my son during that time we called up the local temple gurukal for our baby naming ceremony. On that day I still remember it… Read more

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The Mental Sickness Part – 1

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I am very well built in the figure and that make me complete women with assets of 36-32-34 with a height of 5ft 5inch tall. I am kind of clubbish and brownish in color. My lips are larger than usual women’s and my hair is up to my butt chicks and black in color. This is all I have to tell you about myself. I used to do a nursing job in a private hospital in my town and my husband runs his 2 pg in the same town. Due to 3 or 4 engineering and another college near my town, his business is doing good but on… Read more

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The Mental Sickness Part 2

HardcoreMatureSex Humor

Thanks for reading and liking my stories. I got motivated to write more and believe there are many in queues. The hard fact is that I am not getting much time to write due to my job and housework. But whenever I get time I am writing these for you. Later that day when all work finished and most of the guests go back to their towns and homes, I sat with Brides mother… Read more

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Romantic Love Of Last Week

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I am good looking girl with average assets and brownish in color. My hair is straight black till my butt cheeks and my legs are quite long compared to my upper body. I am not much fairer like other girls and have blackish in color but I like to do makeup a lot. I am 5’6” in height. I was married when this incident happened two years ago when I was in hyderabad working for an small mnc. I was transferred to my Bangalore office for 8 months for my project. My Bangalore office did not have many employees as… Read more

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Revenge By Nikila--4

HardcoreMatureSex Humor

READ BEFORE ALL PARTS...... Things were changing and i was hearing the whispers of demons in my mind. They were saying you are on the right path and will get your revenge soon. After that long horny and hectic night, I asked Andrew to leave for today. I will call him later. I need rest and lots of things were running in my mind. How to set the trap and blah blah. Those 3 years time span take me from a innocent and helping girl to a selfish girl. I fucked several peoples during that time only to fulfill my… Read more

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Revenge By Nikila--2

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PART--1 IS WAITING FOR U READ IT....... My stepmom was in a shock after that intimation with salim in front of her and I knew that she was in a burning sensation. I was too tired that night due to drinks and virginity lost. But still somehow I was there to show them. When function was finished I asked my friend to leave me at my room as I was in not well to go to my own. She dropped me at my rented room, we had a coffee and lil chat and then she left. That day later when I woke up I found 15 missed calls.… Read more

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Revenge By Nikila--3

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PART 1&2 R WAITING READ FIRST THOSE PARTS ....... After all that happened that day. I stopped replying him. Whenever i was sitting alone in my balcony on weekends with a cup of hot coffee, I always thought that I don’t want to be called a prostitute and the things i did in past couple of years leads to me an unpaid prostitute some how. Those all things took me to depression. I was in too much depression and my life was started spoiling. My friend was married at that time and she was happy with her m… Read more

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My Best Encounter

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My age is 25 and i am experienced as I am married. This story is about my best encounter with my uncle. It happened just before my engagement when i was 24. At that age my figure was 32-28-32. I was like sex starving at that time because i haven’t taste any cock in last 4 months. It was my cousin brother marriage. As we have to take Barat from Bangalore to Hyderabad. I… Read more

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My Husband Spoiled Me – Part 1

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My school life passed off peacefully without any real sexual experience. Few time fondling, casual kiss, that’s all. Then my elder brother got married. His wife Ruby was very very beautiful. At the same time, she was very lively also. Just in few days, she won our hearts. My brother was also handsome. Both were making a perfect couple. That time I was in the first year of gradua… Read more

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Fucked By An Expert At The Time Of Loosing Virgini

HardcoreMatureInterracial Sex

When I got an appointment as a teacher in a distant school situated about 200 km from my hometown, I was happy but my parents were worried about my boarding and lodging. I cannot come home everyday, since I may have to find accommodation for stay and make food by myself. My culinary skills were very limited. At the age of 23, an attractive girl to go to an unknown place… Read more

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Enjoying Teachers Day

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My husband’s name is Aditya, he is an industrialist and have his industry in Delhi only. He is a nice but remains busy with his meetings, clients etc. He is very good looking and great in bed. But due to work load he comes late at night and sometimes remains out of town. Our family consist of my Father-in-law, my husband, me and my son. About me, I am a fun loving, crazy, naughty, adventurous lady. My vital stats are 36-32-38. I am very naughty from my school days. I lost my virginity when I was in 10th… Read more

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I AM Bored

HardcoreMatureFirst Time

I got married 5 months back. I was not so good at studies, but am very beautiful and everyone wants to flirt with me. Even in collage, my lecturers, classmates and neighbors every one. I like their attention and used to flirt with some of them for the fun and kick. Before I completed my graduation, my parents got me married off to this duffer at Bhopal. My husband works in a pvt fir… Read more

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Desperate Mom Fucking When Her Son Was Sleeping


Hi all, this is a real incident that happened to me and my wife’s aunt, a middle-aged housewife. Regarding me, I stay and work in Bangalore in a reputed MNC. I am very horny, of age 30, having good looks and an average well-built body. I have a weakness for middle-aged busty women. I have always thought that Bengali women are genuinely conservative and f… Read more

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Sex Starved Housewife Seduced


I am a 29-year-old guy working in an MNC in Bangalore with a good height, average built and attractive looks.So as I had recently shifted into a new flat near my office I was in need of a good dining table. I started seeing a few of them online but they appeared costly until I found a few good second-hand ones in a Web portal which offers second-hand products from real users. I particularly shortlisted a few good ones within my budget and texted them for availability and pictures. The next day I got some… Read more

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True Story of Incest Part – 3

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Hi all, this is the third part of my story please read the first two parts of my story to get the background to this part. I had witnessed with my own eyes my mother getting fucked by Balaram uncle and now both of them were sound asleep. Balaram uncle was snoring mildly and was lying on his side facing the wall.He must have been pretty tired after2 hardcore fuck sessions back to… Read more

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True Story of Incest Part – 2

Group SexTabooMature

Hi, All this is the second part of my story. Please read my first story to get a background to the second story. I saw my mom sitting on the floor with her hand on her forehead and gently sobbing. She was only in her bra and petticoat. My aunt was lying on the floor next to Balaram uncle and she too was in her bra and petticoat and was appearing tired after her fuck session with Ba… Read more

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Slut is Back-II

MatureHardcoreFirst Time

i would love to share what happened after that night. Read “Slut is Back-I” to get more about me. He fucked my pussy long that night and I enjoyed every moment. He after then started taking photos of mine. He made me pose for them. For one he made me lick my nipples. For next he made me sit in pissing position and put a finger in my pussy. Then a few more photos he took of mine in some sexy poses and I followed every order of his like a good slave. I asked no question, never wanted to. All I knew about th… Read more

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Slut Is Back – Part III

Group SexMatureSex Humor

READ 1&2 PARTS...... so varun asked me to come to go to theatre with him. i was in a little doubt about how he knew that my husband is not home anymore but then i thought he must have asked it from watchman. i mean its not too tricky to get information about someone. he messaged me the dress in which he wanted to see me. he asked for a tight t-shirt and skirt showing my thighs. he even warned me not to wear any bra or panty or he will make me nude over there itself. I wore a black tight… Read more

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