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The plumber see too much!

Ding Dong! answer?
I Rang the Doorbell again, and just as I turned to walk away, the Door opened a little! "Hello luv..I've just come to repair your boiler"
"Oh right, you'd best come in then" the lady replied.
She opened the door fully and i walked in squeezing past her.
"It's in kitchen she said"' pointing down the hall.
She was wearing a housecoat and looked as though she'd just got up out of Bed. "I'll be back in a minute" she said, and with that went upstairs.
I watched her walk , and my eyes slowly followed from her feet, up to her bottom, which was only just being cove... Continue»
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My Aunt the Slut

I was almost there, just a few more strokes. I thought I was safe and alone. Then my Aunt Kay walked into the room and there I stood completely naked with my hard cock in my hand. I froze. "Hey Ben, don't mind me I just had a few things to put away. Keep doing your thing it is perfectly normal for a young man to be doing what you are doing." She said as she put some of my jeans in a drawer and left the room.I felt a little weird and was not interested in finishing.

I live with my aunt and uncle and have for all my life. They are my parents though older. They are well educated, both hold... Continue»
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Ana treats with the mechanic

I had been dealing with that mechanic workshop through the years and knew everyone that had worked on my cars. I had also dealt with these guys personally, because I knew how they treated the women that came to their place. I did not want to get Anita exposed to that environment.
I had to pick up my car after some repairs they had done; but that afternoon Ana texted me, saying she was free early and would go to see the mechanic to recover the car.
I could not texted back, because my phone batteries suddenly went dead. But then I left my office early and rushed to the garage before anything c... Continue»
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Ana discuss with a black contractor

Ana And I had decided to make some improvements at home.
But that afternoon I had to attend a meeting at my office and I would not be able to be at home to discuss some changes with the contractor.
He was a rude black man, a little bit intimidating and the first time he had met Ana, he had gotten her flustered…

Then I had I told him I was on the verge of firing him if he treated Ana like that again. I had explained my wife all changes; so she could be there to treat with that man.
Just to make sure she didn’t get manipulated by him again, I set the security cameras to record through the ... Continue»
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Anita in the tattoo parlor

I finally agreed with Ana she could get a little spade tattoo on her belly.

Her black lover Jerome had asked her to get it; in order to show his friends my sexy wife was his submissive white slut bitch for black men…
My dick got hard as a rock just thinking of her belly with a spade tattoo. It would keep my wife’s pussy wetter, just knowing about all those black bastards that would fuck her regularly…

Ana told me while she was getting the tattoo, she would wear her micro skirt while she had a butt plug in place.
This would allow the tattoo artist to have a full view of her ass and p... Continue»
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Das erste Mal mit seiner Mutter , Teil 4

Das erste Mal mit seiner Mutter, er kommt hinter Mamas Geheimnis
Roman in mehreren Teilen, heute Teil 04
Ihr Sohn saß neben seiner Mutter auf dem dunklen Balkon und es war perfekt für die beiden und mit einer Hand knetete und massierte sie die dicke Beule in seiner Jeans, die zwischen seinen Beinen prangte, da sich das Ganze auf dem Balkon im obersten Geschoss abspielte, war von oben her nicht zu sehen, was da unten passierte, für andere Bewohner, waren die beiden ein verliebtes Paar, das in inniger Umarmung miteinander schmuste.
Eine leichte kühlende Brise kam von der ... Continue»
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Anita and the Jamaican Hotel Manager

Anita convinced me to spend just a couple days at Jamaica.
Her girlfriend Helena had recommended her a special resort to enjoy… hearing this, I had my suspects that Ana would enjoy more than me…

When arriving at our hotel, we made the check-in process.
Then the hotel manager, a huge black guy called Albert, told us he would be personally showing our room, which was the best one he could offer us.
When we were there, I realized that I had left my phone in the rented car.

The hotel manager handed me a room key and told me he would get my wife situated in our comfortable suite.
After ge... Continue»
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My coworker Raymond shows a video

I was with some of my coworkers that evening at a bar after work.
One of them, Raymond, a black guy from the Special Development Department, suddenly approached to me.
He pulled out his cell phone to show everybody there a video of my wife on a bed, being violently fucked by his huge black cock.

Raymond told me how my wife had fought him for the longest time, until her first orgasm overwhelmed her as I watched her legs and feet twitch as her orgasm washed over her curvy sexy body.

Unrelenting, he continued to pound my wife with such intensity, as Ana and I have ever done. Still in awe... Continue»
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The private dancer for the party

Nobody at the company knew that the woman dancing and entertaining us for the past hour was my wife except my boss and I.
The only reason I had asked Anita to fill in was due to a last minute cancellation in the strip dancer reserved for our year end celebration.
All had gone quite well until Desmond, one of my strongest rivals in the company slid his hand under Ana’s miniskirt, past her tiny thong and inserted his dirty fingers right into her wet pussy.

Everyone in the room could tell he hit home with his first try as her eyes were fluttering closed. That black bastard then told everyon... Continue»
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Tante Wencke und mein Coming out – Aller Anfang is

Wie immer: alles frei erfunden .... + alle Beteiligten sind sexualmündig! - Viel Spaß!

Ich bin Timo und hüte seit Jahren ein Geheimnis, das ich hier endlich loswerden will. Es belastet mich nicht – im Gegenteil! – In diesen Jugenderinnerungen (sexualmündig, aber noch nicht erwachsen) zu schwelgen und sie endlich mal aufzuschreiben tut mir einfach gut. Nebenbei genieße ich die hierdurch erzeugten Stimulationen.

Meine Tante Wencke ist eine von den Personen, die zu meinem Leben gehören, solange ich zurückdenken kann. Als Cousine und gleichzeitig beste Freundin meiner Mutter besteht ledi... Continue»
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Loving Mum Part 1

Even as a young schoolboy, I was fascinated with my mum. I remember
getting up early for school each day just so I could catch a glimpse
of mum dressing in front of the roaring open fire. To see mum pulling
up her panties or sliding on her stockings, gave my pre-pubescent cock
a raging stiffy.
Mum has always been a good looking woman, lovely long legs and gorgeous
tits, I remember regularly wanking my little prick thinking about mum.
Years later I graduated to taking her panties out of the laundry basket
and can still remember the sheer excitement of wrapping them round my... Continue»
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Wife Under the control of another man - Part 4

Another Fantasy
I am a fantasist regarding my wife. This is the continuation of the fantasy following parts 1, 2 and 3

The Christmas Party
After one skype chat with my wife, Dave sent me an email which told me to check out the ratings on his website. He said my Wife was sitting in the number 1 position of popularity – the highest number of views of the video and the second most comments. Dave had ‘used’ 25 different wives throughout the year. He said this year he wanted to try something new to reward the members and he was going to ask the top three women to attend a Christmas ... Continue»
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Sally's journey into being a sex slave (Pt 1)

Sally's journey - tricked and manipulated in to becoming a sex slave(Series)

Chapter 1 - The induction process

A month before D-day (Devious day!)
Sally’s husband had got bored of his wife sexually. She did the missionary position or sometimes the doggy, but that was it. No blow jobs, no kinky stuff.
He was bored – however, he always had a thing for being able to watch his wife covertly having sex with strangers, and being forced to do things that she didn’t want to.
After chatting with a new friend on X-hamster, they had concocted a plan to turn this drea... Continue»
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Fantasy Fuck Store –lovely mature ladies want a ma

After a few months of working for Heather, the Fantasy Fuck Store owner, she approached me with a new offer.
“Ken I have received several phone calls from ladies who have got wind of your ‘personal services’ from their friends - you know how our clients like to show off - but the difference is that they admit to not being confident and would rather be encouraged rather than lead. They also mentioned that they had been told how much you cared, were polite and very imaginative, which I suspect the latter is foremost in their mind”. So, on the spur of the moment, I said that we are introducin... Continue»
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Sally journey from housewife to sex slave – part 2

Sally journey from housewife to sex slave – part 2

Illusion of choice

Monday mid-morning..........and Sally has just had her first extra marital fuck since being married years ago. Her husband was bored though, and had arranged for a bogus masseur, Ian, to visit their house and to give her a birthday treat – a massage at her house.

Although Sally was faithful and loyal, her husband wanted her to have a double life of being used and abused, but pretend that he did not know anything about it. That added spice to the situation.
As long a
... Continue»
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Paying With Boobies #1

“We’ve been stranded on this island for a week. So far, you’ve fed me, and taken care of me,” said Patsy. “There must be some way that I can carry my weight with you?”
“It’s not a big deal, Patsy,” I informed her, “You have been my friend for a long time, and I won’t let anything bad happen to you.”
“I am always in your debt. Its hard enough taking care of yourself, but if you add me in the mix its probably super stressful.” Patsy kind of looked shyly at me. “I also know how guys handle stress, and you cant even take care of that at night with me in your hair.”
I was ... Continue»
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Aunty Jean

It was 1979 and I was fifteen, and spending more and more time at Aunty Jeans as my uncle John took me trout fishing every weekend. We had also had issues at home with the central heating boiler for what seemed like weeks, and I had been getting a bath there as well. .

Aunty Jean was fifty-two and an attractive woman for her age. Her body was a slim with a small waist, and nice round hips and shapely legs. Her bust was small , she wore a 34B bra always unwired, and full cut satin panties with a half slip. Probably a blouse or tight sweater, and a pencil skirt or odd occasions a pleated one... Continue»
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Lovers (Mother, Son, Interracial, Voyeur, Age Diff

There wasn't any doubt anymore. The truth was in front of her, in color. In photos and videos. There was no point in denying.
49 year old Linda Cox took one last look at the folder in front of her and then sighed. She knew she will have to talk to her 19 year old son tonight.
But what could she say? What made her so uncomfortable? The fact that her son's girlfriend was a black woman? Or that she was obese. Not plump, not even fat, but outright obese.
250, maybe even 300 lbs!
"Morbidly obese.", Linda thought.
Or was it her age? The woman's birth certificate, pulled from the public records... Continue»
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The First Time Best Time

The First Time Best Time

by theduck1930



This file contains sexually explicit material which may include graphic depictions of u******e, nonconsensual and unprotected sex as well as i****t, adultery, sodomy and b********y. It is distributed on a website clearly identified as "For Adults Only". Possession by a minor is strictly forbidden. If you are not legally empowered to be in possession of such material, do not read it and delete it immediately.

This work is copyrighted 2017 to the author. It may be posted to non-commercial "free" sites, or in the "... Continue»
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I pasted my wife's test

On June 10th I was relaxing and reading a few cuckold stories on xHamster when I needed to piss. I was almost half way through a really good story so I laid my phone in my recliner and headed to the restroom. When I returned I saw my wife had picked up my phone and she was reading that story. I sat down without saying anything and started watching the TV.

After half an hour my wife tapped my arm with my phone and I took it from her. She asked if that was exciting to me? Is what exciting I responded. She said CUCKOLDING... Oh I studdered...yeah. She said would you like to do that in real li... Continue»
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