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Five years ago, my best friend Pete asked me if his grandmother Irma could move in with me. Irma had been living with Pete and his wife Karen ever since they were married and now that the k**s are bigger they needed more room for the family. Irma 4ft 9, 110 pounds 71 years old long grey hair and a very good cook didn't seem to be too much trouble, and I was living alone so I decided to let her move in. My home has 4 bedrooms 3 baths so there was plenty of room for Irma. Pete had all her things moved over and Karen came over to help Irma set up her bedroom. Pete and Karen were excited… Read more

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SS Needs Helping Hand pt 2


As I walked into the kitchen I was not really paying attention to much. For some reason my mind was still trying to grasp the fact that Lacey, my 37 year old sexy sibling, had just screwed me silly and hinted that there was more to come. For that reason, I did not notice that in her haste to get in the house, she had dripped water all over the kitchen floor. At least I did not notice until my own wet feet went out from under me and I landed flat on my back. I just laid there for a moment, coming back to the present and wonderin… Read more

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Personal Preference

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I had read about the place on the Cruise Spots feature on Men4sexnow and found the description really hot—something like, “I thought I had walked onto set for a gay porn movie.” Unfortunately, I had failed to write down the address, so I was just cruising blind as I tried to find the place when I was in town on the far-east side of the Phoenix area on a short visit. I had just about given up when I noticed this very non-descript building with a sign, PERSONAL PREFERENCE as I drove by it. I did a U-turn to go back and investigate. As I parked, there was this great looking stud getting into hi… Read more

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Cuckold's chair in the corner


Cuckold’s Chair in the Corner Two definitions that our part of OUR wittol/cuckold life: 1) BULLFRIEND……Is a gentleman that dates and makes love to another man’s wife. It may include sleepovers or weekend getaways. The wife loves this man, and he loves her and owns her pussy. 2) CUCKSUCKER….Is a wittol/cuckold that sucks the Bullfriend’s cock. Not all cuckolds are Cucksuckers, but all cucksuckers are cuckolds. For those new to our profile, my name is Donald_Cuck. My best friend Brett began fucking my wife Agness 3 years ago. They now make love at least one night a… Read more

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perfect wife share? we still smile.

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December 2008 We have great sex but for years my husband had wanted to share me with another man. After awhile the idea started to excite me - we had done the usual fantasizing with vibrators etc and had flirted with it when away on trips with me dressing sexy, stockings and sometimes no panties. We used to go out hoping that a situation would arise that would force us to decide. It had happened once in a somewhat disappointing way but the thought of future situations was always there and in our heads. Anyway this Autumn we went to Paris and all the fantasies came properly true. Out in the lo… Read more

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The little special pill 11

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I run a small business and to help me around the office I have a wonderful secretary called Susan, she's a petite redheaded woman in her early twenties with milky white skin and a few freckles. Now I'm a fairly casual boss, we call each other by a first names, often each lunch together and sometimes I even make the tea for her, so when Susan was sat her desk the other day looking rather fed up and tired I had to ask what was the problem? "Oh nothing really Tom, I just have a bit of a headache staring at this computer screen all morning" she replied "Oh hang on then!" I said pulling open one of… Read more

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Still more from Bandit and Caroline


I was walking back home that warm night down the quiet street. It was after midnight and I had just fucked one dog from the neighborhood… This time I had chosen a nice huge light brown Lab. His owner usually kept his gate unlocked; so it was easy for me to reach that sweet dog, which was ready to enjoy my wet cunt with his hard dick… I was in heat that week; every day in the mood for a huge doggie dick… I was fully naked as I walked back to my house. This time my loving Victor was flying away on a business trip and then I was not worried about coming late at home. The nice sweet Lab had k… Read more

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My Momma

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Not even in her wildest dreams did Donna ever expect to be in the position she now found herself in. Down on the floor, kneeling in front of her only c***d, the stacked blonde mother had her head tilted back against the edge of her son's bed. She'd come to Michael's apartment for a simple discussion, that was all. But somehow she had ended up like this, about to become the bull's-eye for a perverted game of target practice. She'd already taken off her delicate silk blouse to keep it from being ruined, and her large tits hung heavily as they strained against the lacy white cups of her bra.… Read more

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Interracial SexMatureTaboo

FUCKING BLACK MEN ©CATFUCKINGEVIL 2018 I love sex, a lot of sex. After I discovered sex with black men was absolutely the best sex I ever had, I decided I was going to fuck a lot of black men. As a single mom I had to balance my home life with my pursuit of sex. Complicating my life with a relationship was not what I desired. I wanted to fuck, plain and simple. This is a compilation of my sexual adventures over a period of about four years, prior to moving in with my amazing white lover, who was responsible for me discovering I love fucking black men. My white lover is a primal man with a b… Read more

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Me and my son


This story is really all my fault, I know it and I just don't care. You can say its good or bad, I am past the point of apologizing to myself over what I've done. My name is Janet and I was in the past a good mom, I lost my husband to cancer and just never got out. It's not that I didn't want the company of a man, too shy, too whatever. I had my fantasy lovers for sure, but masturbating in the shower while spreading your legs to expose yourself to some fantasy lover doesn't make you a bad person. Neither does masturbating in every room of the house, I think, having sex with your adult son?… Read more

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A Mother's Desire


Helen sighed as she reached deeper into the oven to clean out. She wished she had invested in a self cleaning oven.Her dress hitched itself higher on her ample arse as she bent forward, trying to reach a particularly difficult spot. An eerie feeling made her made her turn to look over her shoulder. She found her son, Mark, standing in the doorway, his eyes wide and bug eyed as he stared down at her. Helen began to smile and to mouth a greeting to her son until she realised what her son was staring at. Oh, my God! She thought. He's looking at my arse Not only was her arse protruding… Read more

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266 A CUCKOLDS DISTRESS pt5 The meal over, Terry explained and set up the projector in the little used parlour, explaining to Micky how to go on, while Nan washed up Laughing that “she knew her place” He showed the little chap how to thread the film, and as soon as the curtains where drawn, and two of the family portraits lifted down from the screen area they all were sat comfortably, with Nan sandwiched between her two men on the old leather sofa that had been his parents, still fully dressed. On went the film. The credits gave the name of the Erotic film company of England, and whatever… Read more

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One More For The Road

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Ray and Simmone were a married couple who I knew from my local pub in south east London a good few years ago and, like me they were both in their middle thirties. Ray was a big, big guy - not overweight but definitely a heavyweight; very tall, broad, altogether imposing but not altogether bright. Could have been a doorstop for an aircraft hanger. Simmone was a sex goddess! Not what I would call a classical beauty but she was a mesmerising work of art and her ability to spin heads was unlimited. She positively oozed sex appeal. I mean she reeked of it! Simmone could walk into the pub and kill a… Read more

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Fucked the horny maid at home...


Hi people, it’s a pleasure writing my experience here. My name is KP (initials given), I’m from Navi Mumbai and I would love to spread happiness in females. With no one home, a guy will do what he’s meant to do watch porn in the living room. I use to enjoy my porn with a little sound but never realized that, it was being heard by someone else too. And that someone was my maid, Sunita (name changed), in her mid-30s with long hair, always energetic and was loud while talking, always smiling, she had figure that would turn anyone on, dusky black beauty. But I never noticed so much, as I never… Read more

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Gone too long!!!


Things happened in life and it had been months since I seen him. He was very upset with me, really did not want to see me, he had moved on. I was disappointed but I understood. I had made arrangements with him to come and collect some of the things I had left at his apartment. When I arrived he was very dismissive of me and a bit abrasive. I pretty much expected that, I’ve known him for quite sometime and knew he could be that way. I was putting a few vibrators in the bag when he pulled out a huge one and asked if I wanted it too. I said I did and he held it out. I grabbed a hold of it and… Read more

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First TimeTabooMature

It was summer time and we were both young and ready for adventure and fun. I was a staff member at a summer camp, back from my first year at college and you were just out looking for some fun. I was a 20 year old male boat driver and wakeboard instructor and to this day I don’t remember your name but I know you were an 18 year old Hispanic female, very attractive and that we definitely caught each other’s eye. We were hanging out with our mutual friends at a church gathering called camp meeting. A gathering usually reserved for adults to talk about boring church business while the younger age… Read more

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Creating Catherine Part 7


Oh my miss Catherine, Angel excitedly said, that must have been the most exciting day for you! A slight smile crossed my face and I laughed a bit. Why did you laugh, Angel asked. Oh, I answered, I was just thinking about that day and how I was anything but excited. But miss Catherine, that was your beginning. I mean, it was like your real birthday or something, right? I couldn't help but smile and laugh some more before I said, you know, I never really thought of it that way. But I guess you're right in a way. Even so, at the time I wasn't excited. I was actually so anxious I was nauseated ma… Read more

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SSTER Lacey need some help.


No one’s marriage is perfect. My sister’s is not. My own is really not. The other day Lacey called and asked if I could come down the next weekend. Her husband has been working out of country for the last few weeks and there were some things that needed “a man’s touch” as she put it. My wife had a conference on Saturday and Sunday was going to volunteer at an art auction so I told her I would see her late Friday evening. It’s a six hour drive from where I work to Lacey’s home, so I pulled into her drive a little before 11:00.… Read more

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Another wild encounter with Romeo


The next day my mind and body were both in the middle of a fog. I had let three different cocks fuck me last night. Worst of all, the biggest one had fucked me in my asshole. I had not much rest during the night and I was sore all over especially in my burning anus… That Rottweiler’s knot had been huge and it would be a long while before I could let something that big try to get inside my asshole again. After my loving husband left for his office, I was about to lay down for a mid morning nap when the doorbell rang. It was my sweet neighbor Caroline. She wanted to thank me for taking… Read more

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Motherly Love

First TimeMatureTaboo

I had been awake for the last hour, lying quietly in bed, waiting for my husband to wake up. The furnace had kicked on earlier so it was beginning to warm in the bedroom. There was snow on the ground outside and it was still dark at 6AM. It was not getting light now until around 8 O’clock. I slowly lifted my hips and pulled the t-shirt I wore to bed up and then worked it up my body and over my head. I moved closer to Greg and put my arm across his chest. Lying against him naked I was hoping he would awake before the alarm and have time for me. It has been over a year since the last time we… Read more

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