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Nympho Mom


By the time I had climbed off the bed, both men had undressed and were holding their hard cocks in their hands looking at my mother lying on the bed as she pushed the fingers of one hand deep into her cunt and her other hand squeezed her breast. She looked at them with lust in her eyes. "Are you going to fuck me or stand there watching me?" my mother asked. One of the men lifted my mother's legs onto his shoulders and without any foreplay shoved his cock all the way into her cunt in one thrust and then started fucking her slamming his cock in and out of her cunt. The other man moved his hard… Read more

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My homestay student forced me


In the past there had been some embarrassing situations between our homestay student, David, and I, of a physical nature. I imagine his behavior stems from his culture or some genetic endowment as I'm sure i have done nothing to encourage this. On one occasion he had basically forced me to kiss his genital area and had become completely carried away with it, developing a huge erection. And then on a later occasion he had forced himself on me in an overly intimate fashion where i had again firmly resisted but he, being of bigger size and weight, had persisted and things had gotten out of hand… Read more

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Drunk Mom


...The boy had wanted to have sex with his sexy mom for a long time. She was so sexy to me. She was tall, long hot legs, big nice tits 36c, dark hair, and I had seen her hot looking dark bush, peeking at her a many times. She had such natural beauty that you would have to see to believe. I was use to having my buddy’s stare at her and get boners. She knew she was beautiful and she too, was use to having men look at her. She had lot’s of men to chose from, but at home, she picked me to tease. She had sensed I had the hots for her for a long time. I was the only one she could be herself around,… Read more

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Sharing that middle aged woman with my wife

MatureLesbian Sex

As Melanie lay back onto my body; she thanked me for letting her enjoy my hard dick in her wet hot pussy. I kissed her back, as I watched Ana was getting jealous. Then she asked Melanie if she wanted to stay all night with me; as Shawn fucked my sexy wife’s cunt and ass in another bedroom… Melanie sensed something was wrong between Anita and I; so she replied she would let us to decide it… Then she just stood up and went inside for some drinks. I quickly asked Ana what she was planning for the night and she bit her lower lip in a sensual manner. She looked me in my eyes and said, since it… Read more

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The Tits of my Mother


My experience all started when I was 16. Let me give you some background on my parents first. Both were from the same state on the East coast but never met until some years later. They both attended a Division A College in the Mid-West. My dad played football and mom played volleyball. My dad stood 6"'3", 250 lbs with dark hair and played tight end. My mom was 6', 150 lbs with blonde hair. Both could have been models. They met during their junior year and dated till the end of senior year when my mom got pregnant with me. Five years later my brother was born. My mom was only 21 at the time and… Read more

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Mother teaches her first lesson.

MatureFirst TimeTaboo

Over the next week Jerry spent many nights thinking of his mother. Things were getting tougher in school. He was feeling more and more left out. John was still moving from girl to girl while he couldn't even get a first date. He attempted talking to Sherry one day when he saw her having her lunch alone under a tree. He went over to her and made up a story. Said he had lost the days assignment for a class they had in common. "Sure Jerry, I have it right here in my notebook," she said. He sat down beside her as she started looking through the pages. "So what do you have planned for this week… Read more

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Milking my mother


Part 1 Let's start by saying that this isn't one of those stories where the mother has made it rich or is the perfect ten in every aspect. But how do I describe my mother? The woman who birthed me almost twenty years ago and has done her best to provide me with all I could ever need. I couldn't have asked for a more loving parent even if I'd wanted to. If I needed support in any way, she's always been there to pick me up and dust me off and then tell me everything will be ok. That no matter what she'll a… Read more

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Painting my mother


Hi, I'm Ben. This is the story about my mother and me. It begins with the familiar return from college and a difficult re-insertion into the home life that I had left four years earlier and had not been part of except for Christmas holidays and the summer after my first year. Each summer after that I had worked a dream job as part of the crew for a company chartering sailboats in the Caribbean. I did that for the first two months after graduation but, due to the sagging economy, the company was forced to let me… Read more

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Mother's Problem

TabooFirst TimeMature

Patricia was admiring her body. The mirror reflected a bombshell beauty. She was thirty-eight, but she still had it where it counted. At five feet and six inches, Patricia was a woman who had taken care of her body. After only one c***d, she still had perky and bouncy breasts, tight abs and an incredible ass that had been sculpted even more by the squat routine she did every morning and right before bed. The total package was completed by lovely smooth skin, which was pale. There weren't any wrinkles on the cor… Read more

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The Unspoken Game


Introduction: Bryce's and his step sister Samantha, start playing an inappropriate game. Mom catches them and things escalate. enjoy! :) The driveway was empty when I pulled in at the end of my academic school day. It was just starting to turn dark when I got out of the car and headed into the house, enjoying the calming sensation of the warm early summer breeze on my skin. It was good to finally be home after a long day of studying. I walked over to the front door, my heavy bag on my shoulder, and turned… Read more

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My Daughter's Sweet Milk


Part One My wife, Amanda and I were sitting on the couch watching some Netflix and finishing some Chinese takeout when I heard a knock at the back door. "What now?" I grumbled as I paused our show and got up to make my way through the house to see who it was. As I entered the kitchen I could see through the window in the door that it was my daughter. "Hey Jules, what are y..." I started asking as I opened the door for her. As she raised her head, I barely recognized the girl I saw in front of me. Her makeup ra… Read more

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Mother & Son - when lust takes over

TabooMatureFirst Time

Alison closed the door behind her and left a sigh of disappointment as she watched out of the window to see the car disappear. Another attempt to date, another failure. Jake was a great guy, handsome , smart and successful but that wasn’t enough for Alison. In a couple of weeks it would be 7 years since her husband’s death but she still couldn’t find the strength to move on. She was a gorgeous woman, her juicy curvy body and her beautiful face were always the centre of attention everywhere she went. Being so wanted and knowing that every man was extremely jealous of her husband was very flatte… Read more

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Kinky old Joan longs for kissing, fingering, pissi


Joan was really looking forward to meeting Simon as he said he preferred classy ladies and the thing that made her tingle was that he enjoyed watching them pee especially outdoors. She loved piss fucking indoors but was always hesitant of getting caught or, even worse, ridiculed if caught peeing outdoors. Maybe Simon could help her with that. He phoned for a chat and suggested they meet up at a well known park in her town that afternoon as it was public and a lovely sunny day. Asking to meet him in cafe opposite the main gates h… Read more

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"I want to make it clear," she whispered into my ear as her hand rubbed the buldge in my shorts,"what we do here doesn't leave the room!" Her brown eyes looked deep into me. I shuttered a "Uh-huh." Everything was moving so fast as she leaned into my neck and pressed her lips against my skin. She took my hand and slid it up her short tight skirt. I felt the heat radiating from between her toned tan legs. I moved two fingers inside her. It was warm, wet. She let out a soft sexy moan which made it even more stimulating. I couldn't believe my luck or was it?? Two weeks earlier, I wasn't sure if c… Read more

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In the country with stepdad

First TimeMature

I was young when my father left, so it was mom and I for years. Mom dated some, but nothing heavy till she met Bill. He was the only guy she brought home, I guess to see how I felt about him. After a few months Bill asked if I wanted to go fishing. I told him I've never fished before. With a smile he said don't worry about it, it's easy. I said OK, I'll try it. He rubbed my shoulder and said great, how about next weekend. Friday night he loaded fishing gear, blankets, and food in the back of his truck. I hugged and kissed mom good bye and got in the truck. The sun was coming up when we ca… Read more

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Adventures in hypnosis

MatureVoyeurLesbian Sex

Their tenth anniversary had just passed, he had just climbed off her. They both rolled over and tried to sleep. John's thoughts disturbed him, he'd known when they married she wasn't the most adventurous in their sex lives but always hoped she would change over time. Monica on her part was wondering what she was doing. She knew he wanted her to be more adventurous but he hadn’t pressed when they'd first married, especially as what she'd done with her fingers and tongue had kept him more than happy, but now he seemed bored of her. That night their sleep was disturbed and restless. A few days… Read more

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My First Time with "T"

First TimeHardcoreMature

In keeping with my pattern of going backward and forward in time with my life’s sexual experiences, I want to share the story of T and me. We met in an online chat room on a popular dating web site. I had met ladies their before with various results over the two years I was separated from K/my now Ex-wife. T had just joined the site and hadn’t committed to being a paying member. She posted a picture of herself in work clothes and she looked, nice. Not made up or fake, a “this is what I look like” picture. I had several pictures, as well as a detailed description of myself and what I was look… Read more

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Kinky old Joan longs for kissing, fingering, pissi


Joan, a savvy and elegant lady had lived a very varied life and was an incurable romantic softy when it came to finding good satisfying sex. Now 68 years old and widowed for two years she desperately missed her husband who had shared her unusual turn on. That was to get her bladder nice and full, then move to lots of deep tongue kissing followed by extreme petting and fingering her hairy cunt and arse and as her climax built, letting out piss squirts. When it came… Read more

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An Indian Wife's Party Quickie-- 1

Group SexMatureAnal

It was to celebrate my husbands' boss being a father of a baby boy. I am Amu. 25 years of age, married to Vivek for the last 1 years. We have no c***dren as we have decided to delay being parents till we settle down with a good financial base. Vivek, my husband, who is 2 years older than me, was working as an Engineer for Mr. Raghavan's firm since the last many years and they had become very good friends; in fact we had bec… Read more

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Seduced By Husband's Boss

HardcoreMatureSex Humor

Hi there! My name is BAVI and I am a 25 year old housewife. I would like confess how I was prey to my husband's boss Mr.Ranjit. My husband works for a well known appliances company. Mr.Ranjit, his boss, is around 43 years of age, fairly good looking but a hard boss to work for. He was also well known for his roving eye and we… Read more

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