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MatureFirst TimeTaboo

As Jonny lay on his bed, enjoying the soft lips and wet tongue working slowly over his hard cock, he thought about how wonderful his life was. As Cindy, his mom, loving wrapped her lips around her 14 year old son's warm, stiff cock, she thought back to how it had gotten this far. She thought back to how her husband had passed away 3 months ago as she popped Jonny's cock out of her mouth and slowly licked around his tight balls. She thought about how lonely she had been, and how comforting it had been to have a son like Jonny. She thought of how they had gradually grown closer, first wi… Read more

Posted by moneysex23 2 days ago 2 4,289 95%

My Aunt


My story begins during that one fateful trip my aunt made to visit my mom and I. I was 19 at the time and my mom and I lived alone in our condo overlooking the water. Our house was nice, a big pool and a hot tub downstairs (my mom had a great job and that left us very well off). I also had a problem. After many years of masturbation I could not make myself reach an orgasm. I thought I came close a couple of times, but the fact that it never happened to me was cause for worry and I began noticing my cock would begin to hurt as it stayed up for hours on end at some times. My 21 year old girlfrie… Read more

Posted by sonny8023 2 days ago 2 7,729 97%

Mother´s big jiggly ass 2


She tried to push me away with her hands now resting on my head , but I was still going strong in licking her pussy . Her hips started vibrating . Now I knew , that she enjoyed it . She had been betrayed by her own Body . Sooner or later my mother would reach her climax . Even though she was engulfed in horny desires , I heard her speaking to me . " You have no idea what you´re doing ! " While licking her cunt , my eyes were looking straight at her . I observed how the expressions on my mother´s beautiful face kept getting back and forth from lusty to restrain . There was a serious inner fight… Read more

Posted by Othello2010 2 days ago 1 1,923 90%

My Friend's Hot Mom (Part 1)

First TimeMature

I'm Joe and I had just turned 18 and was staying at my buddies (Ben) again. He lived with his mom and she was going out. We did the usual-hang out and drink some of his mom's beer. By midnight, we crapped out. Him on the couch and me in his bed. What a guy. His mom had gone dancing with her boyfriend Cliff. I knew she probably wouldn't be too late because Cliff had to work in the morning. Ben's room was adjacent to his mom's with a door in between. I closed and locked the main door and left the connecting door open about a foot. I then laid there and thought of Ben's mom. I have been coming o… Read more

Posted by bigfishplaying 2 days ago 3 3,633 90%

Making New Friends

First TimeGroup SexMature

39 and newly divorced had taken my employers offer to head up a new office which took me 200 miles from my ex-wife. The office was in a small picturesque coastal town. I did not know anyone and as the office initially consisted of me, a secretary, Helen, in her late 50’s and Liam as 19 year old office junior work was not going to give me a social life. I had decided to give it some time before I started dating again (the divorce was bitter as she cheated on me with a good friend). Work took up a lot of my time as start-ups do and so when I did get home at night it was dinner a glass wine and… Read more

Posted by Maninnylons2 2 days ago 3 2,634 92%

My Cousin ezeta part1


Before I plead guilty, I want to tell you a little bit about myself. I’m a student in one of the Universities in Kenya doing a course that I think I better keep it to myself. My course does not take much of my time so I always stay in my hostel watching movies. At the time it happened I was 19years old, a first year student in a University. I am not much in appearance; I am average with 5 feet with a medium build body. This story happened on Thursday at the time I was in relationship with my ex-girlfriend Nelly. That day I was in my hostel watching Game of Throne since I didn’t have any lect… Read more

Posted by simplemaster98 2 days ago 2 1,170 100%

My Cousin Ezeta part1


Before I plead guilty, I want to tell you a little bit about myself. I’m a student in one of the Universities in Kenya doing a course that I think I better keep it to myself. My course does not take much of my time so I always stay in my hostel watching movies. At the time it happened I was 19years old, a first year student in a University. I am not much in appearance; I am average with 5 feet with a medium build body. This story happened on Thursday at the time I was in relationship with my ex-girlfriend Nelly. That day I was in my hostel watching Game of Throne since I didn’t have any l… Read more

Posted by simplemaster98 2 days ago 996 100%

My wife and my son (Part 4)


Debbie came into our bedroom as soon as she left our sons room. God honey that looked so good when you came on the window. Now half as good as you looked letting our son have his way with you. Oh baby he felt so good too. I looked between her legs and she was dripping cum. Are you looking at something you might want? You know I do honey. Debbie placed a knee at either side of my face. Talk to me Jimmy, make me feel good. Honey I can see cum dripping out of your lovely cunt. Knowing that you just had a nice big cock up there turns me on. Does it baby? Seeing that big cock sliding in and out o… Read more

Posted by deniadaniya10 2 days ago 2 3,013 83%

Wife gives the perfect retirement present


My wife arranged a very special treat for Vic in more ways then one. Vic, or Victor, to give him his full name had worked for the company for 45 years but having turned 65 he now wanted to retire and the company wanted to put on a party to thank him for his dedicated service. He was still pretty active for his age and went to the gym, but he was bald and looking tired. My wife, who is in her early 30s had helped him sort out his pension and everything else he needed as Vic’s wife had died a few years ago and he was alone. My wife had also organised a party for him at a fancy hotel with dinner… Read more

Posted by Assmeanything 2 days ago 2 2,812 92%

Wants to be a slut

Interracial SexMatureFirst Time

She knew exactly what she was doing even though she proclaimed herself innocent of that knowledge. It started with watching porn, then she had signed up for the site (just so she could interact a bit) and now she was messaging some younger, black guys. It's true she has never done anything of the sort before but it has been weeks since her last sexual encounter and she is feeling her urges building. "Nice pic" she send innocently enough. She does not really expect a response but she want to get out of her comfort zone and do something she has never done before. Recently divorced and getting… Read more

Posted by Twisteddarkness2991 3 days ago 2 1,866 35%

Seeing What I Could See...Senior Sex!


Seeing What I could See...Senior Sex! It's strange to realize that it's been 24 years since that fateful day that my “Auntie A” revealed herself to me. Her tall robust body had caught my fancy at a very young age and the want grew from there...big legs, large bust, wide hips, beautiful facial features...the older I got the more I wanted to see. I think somewhere along the line she noticed my interest as I always watched her move, sat at family gatherings so I might catch a glimpse of her stocking tops , and even peaked around corners at h… Read more

Posted by thighfan 3 days ago 2,306 80%

The Awakening of Colleen Chapter Two


Bringing my Mrs and baby home was an excellent feeling my son weighed in at over 7lb and had a good pair of lungs on him as I often found out. Colleen and I had discussed what this would mean to our relationship and she seemed happy enough to put us on hold till we could discuss with the Mrs some way of sharing. Having written this down it seems to be a cold statement but it is not meant to be. As the Mrs went back to working weekends Colleen and I managed to get together every week. So, during the week I slept with the Mrs and at weekends slept with Colleen. This seemed to be a perfect soluti… Read more

Posted by Dr_Foster 3 days ago 476

A Favor For Mom


Wow! My mom is one perverted little woman. I'll tell you about something that happened to me when I was 18 and still living at home. Mom was getting out of the shower and I could see her checking herself out with her towel around her breasts. The towel was only long enough to cover the upper half of her ass, and man, I took one look and just couldn't believe that ass belonged to my mom. My dick got hard after a few seconds. My hand gravitated toward it and I started stroking myself. Just then, my mom turned and saw me. My heart froze and I (nonchalantly as possible) made like I was just pas… Read more

Posted by sonny8023 3 days ago 1 7,431 94%

Lending a Hand

First TimeMatureTaboo

I stood in my room pleasuring myself, I placed mom's panties to my face and inhaled deeply then moved the panties to my cock and came in them, a large load but not very satisfying. I had this feeling that I was being watched. I looked at the load I just put in the crotch of mom's panties. Not as big as usual I thought to myself. Who would be watching me? I knew mom was deep asleep. I decided to quietly go check. Down the hall and to her room. I pushed the door just enough to see in. A small light was on and I could see the mirror on mom's dresser. Thru the mirror I could mom on the bed pleasur… Read more

Posted by zimabean 3 days ago 4 3,190 93%

A slut dill for some Mexican men

MatureGroup SexInterracial Sex

That same evening I put a pill on Victor’s wine glass and my loving hubby just passed out in few minutes. He barely limped to our dormitory and fell on the bed. Then I went to Watson’s home. He was waiting for me, as he massaged his huge black dick. Entering the room I could smell fresh paint mixed with the sweat of that black man. He had been working there along with three other Mexican workers, painting several rooms of his house. After entering that place, Watson grabbed me by the hair and made me bend over a sofa. Then he ragged my thong and shoved two fingers deep in my tight… Read more

Posted by Anitaslut44 3 days ago 1 1,545 100%

Me My Friend And Mare


This Is A Story That Happened When I Was 15 And My Friend 16 My Friend Was Over At My House For A Sleep Over We Played Video Games Watched A Movie And Overall Had A Lot Of Fun When It Came Bed Time We Would Obviously Stay Up And We'd Continue Playing After A Few Hours We Got Bored It Was About 3Am And After Some Discussion We Decided To Sneak Out You See We Lived Out In The Middle Of Nowhere Our Only Neighbour Was A Farm Owner And We Decided To Sneak Around There An Electric Fence Surrounded The Farm And Was The Only Thing Seperating The Farm And Our Garden. There Was A Hole Beneath The Fence… Read more

Posted by ExclusiveErotica 3 days ago 3 3,799 55%

Fucking my friends BBW wife - Part 5


I woke up as I heard the bathroom door closing, Linda must have woken up to shower. I looked at the clock next to the bed, it was almost 2pm. We really tired each other out. I heard the shower turn on and Linda was in there for a while. I guessed that she really wanted to clean up after our last fuck which was really intense and messy! She came out of the bathroom wrapped in just a towel. Her red hair still wet and in contrast to her pale skin. She suggested that I take a shower and that she'd have a surprise for me when I got out. I wasted no time. The hot water felt great against my sk… Read more

Posted by TallNJChub 3 days ago 1,363 100%

I'm a proud cuck and a wittol

MatureHardcoreFirst Time

This is yet another story about my ex girlfriend who was the most sexual person I ever met. We met on Compuserve in the early 90's and immediately began a very flirtatious online affair.She dared me to fly out to Kentucky to fuck her and I took her up on her dare (offer). Seeing as I attend professional seminars all over the country it was easy to make an excuse to get away for a weekend. As usual my flight out of Newark airport was delayed leaving so naturally I was late getting to Kentucky. When I got there she was not at the gate awaiting my arrival and did not answer my calls either. Just… Read more

Posted by Wittoldc58 3 days ago 1 825 50%

School Dream


I think most men have that one woman in their lives that for what ever reason they just want to fuck. She may be hot or super sexy but they really would fuck her if given the chance. For me that woman is Mrs. Parker. She was the office woman at my high school and from the moment I first saw her I fantasized about her and wondered what it would be like to fuck her and nut inside her. So the whole four years of high school I would flirt with this woman. Again, as I said she was not a super model but I found her very sexy. She was tall, five foot ten. I am guessing around one hundred fifty po… Read more

Posted by zimabean 3 days ago 1 3,534 100%


First TimeMature

Flower.... There is a young Eastern European woman working as a waitress at a local Chinese restaurant. The last 5 or 6 times we have visited I have found myself feeling very attracted to her sensually and increasingly more sexually. The desire to be with her is increasing every time I meet her and I feel I need to let her know but cannot summon the courage. I want her know how I feel and see if she feels the same for me. Yesterday we had a family party and I had just taken my seat when I saw her like an angel walking towards our table. Immediately my heart was pounding and all I could think… Read more

Posted by stuhat69atgmailcom 3 days ago 2 1,014 100%