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Mr & Mrs s Nights Out

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M We have been married for almost 30 years. When we met, Mrs s had long, flowing dark brown hair that reached down her back. At 5'4, she was cute as fuck and had a nice looking body with pert tits and slim waist. She was shy about showing off her assets at first . Mrs s liked to have some white wines, and when she got the alcohol would make her do some flashing at some truck drivers. In our younger days, it was fairly easy for me to talk Mrs s into taking off her top and flashing her firm size 36C tits as we were driving along, but I usually had to wait for the alcohol to take effect befor… Read more

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Drunk Wife Past Out At Party

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D Mrs s is 5”4, nice tits with nice nipples that get so hard when she is horny. She like to wear very short skirts and low cut top's . She like's her dresses to be very short and she don't wear underwear . it is so nice to see her nipples through her top or dresses. I love seeing her fucked by other men So, one day a couple we know was having a party on the Saturday night. My wife had some white wine through the day about four of them she was getting a bit drunk and when she gets drunk she gets very horny. so I asked her to wear her nice short blue dress the dress just come to the bottom of h… Read more

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The Football Game

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T She was about 5' 5 with long brown hair. now, so she doesn't have the body that she had in in our young days a nice tits 36 C breasts and tight ass. short denim skirt and a jersey. As game time approached, she took on the role of perfect hostess. She refilled drinks, passed out more snacks, We all had a good buzz on by kick off, I could tell as the guys got more and more drunk, they had a harder time concentrating on the game as they seemed to spend more and more time watching Mrs s as she walked through the room serving as our hostess. it didn't seem like the guys minded. I was getting ham… Read more

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My Drunk Wife And A Trucker

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M This all happened one weekend in July this year we had a family party in Dumfries on the Friday night .So we was going to the family party for three to four hours and then we would go for a week away at our caravan at Cleethorpes after the party . It was about 10.30 pm when we got on the road to head to Cleethorpes Mrs was a bit drunk as she had some white wines at the party I was sober as I was driving so when we got to Penrith to go on to the A66 to Scotch Corner. We was in some slow moving car overtaking a truck as we past the cab of the truck Mrs s had noticed that the driver was glanci… Read more

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Weekend At T In The Park 2011

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W T in the park 2011 our friends had some tickets but they could not go some we got the tickets off them so off we when to have nice time on the Friday night we was watch in the Main Stage it was Tom Jones. Playing me and my hubby watch Tom and hubby was standing at the back of me and he had lifted up my skirt. He started to playing with my pussy just standing at the back of me. My skirt was very short and my husband just when for some drinks but did not think of telling me . So I am standing watch Tom Jones and thinking it was my husband fingering my pussy but some time had past when my husb… Read more

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Tram Stop In Blackpool

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T It was one weekend at Blackpool it was on the Friday night I had on a very short little white dress with no underwear and you could see my nipples through my dress me and hubby was walking along the water front at Blackpool. When we past about two guys walking to us and the guys seen my nipples through my dress so the guys had stop and turn round and was right at the back of us looking at my ass in my dress. So we was just walking a long when my hubby said to lets stop and site on this bench in the tram stop as we sat on the bench the two guys sat on the wall a cross from us. So I said to h… Read more

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Weekend Away

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W We got a caravan at Skegness in July last year on the Saturday we was going to Fantasy Island so we got ready and Mrs s was wearing a very short summer dress and high heels and this dress just Cover her ass and she did not have underwear on. So we was walking in to the market and the wind blow up her dress just as we walk by four guys the guys got a good eye full of her pussy and the guys whistle at her she like that when they whistle as we walked on she turn round and blow them a kiss. As we was looking round the market she seen a wee black dress in one of the stalls so we when in to have… Read more

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Football Night

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F Hi to all this is Mrs s here i hope you will this it was one week night my hubby had asked four of his friends over to watch footy. I came home from work and my hubby told me that this friends was coming to watch football would i like to do the drinks and some food for them come over. I said i am just in from work so he was not very happy but about 7 the door went it was his friends from work. So i was up the stars at the time i still had my work clothes on. So him and his mates was all in the lounge to watch the game when my hubby as me to get some drinks and food for them and he said to me… Read more

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Saturday at the woods

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S When I woke up that Saturday morning I was think about a nice day with My wife taking her to a nice pub for lunch and maybe, a little bit of afternoon sex. I think my wife had read my mind I can't be sure but when she came down stairs that morning she was wearing a very pretty red summer dress, short with thin straps. All morning as we was in the car I could not stop thinking about lifting that dress over her head and sucking her nipples until she groaned out loud. So when we got to the country for a pub lunch. It was a nice wee pub we had been to before quite isolated. As we got out of t… Read more

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A Day Out At The Loch

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A Hi this was back on 16 August 2016 we when out for a day at the loch as Mrs s like to sunbathe naked so when we got to the loch we put up our tent and got out the sun lounger's and some time a the loch you see some men fishing . We had a nice bit of the loch all to us so i got some nice photo 's of Mrs s on the sun lounger and in the water and some of her walking down the road naked and then she got on with her sunbathing. I sat about for a bit but then i when along the road to the shop to get some cold drinks and left Mrs s sunbathing i was away for about 25 minutes. When i got back with t… Read more

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The Crowded Pub

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T I'm a feminist but I am incredibly turned on by videos men pulling up women's skirts in public. I know they're a huge violation, but the thought of someone doing it to me has made me makes me so fuck horny i would love for men to pull up my skirt as i don't wear panties under my skirts as i love to accidentally flashing people. I sat in the park one week with my knees up knowing I was exposed between my ankles, caught a man staring, and pretended not to notice. I got so wet I was dripping down my leg walking away. I love when my husband takes me really good wee pub. A very, very crowded pu… Read more

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A Summers Day In The Woods

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A The summers day we when to the woods to take some photos of Mrs s the day she would love as we started taking some photos of her and as she got naked the next thing was a couple of guys had walk along the path next to us and i did not see them but Mrs s had seen them as i was still taking photos of her the to guys slowly walk up to us and was standing at the back of me then one of them ask if he can get a photo with her i look round to them the to guys was standing wanking they cock and Mrs s was getting very wet at this point so i says yes you can go in the photo so this guy walk up to her… Read more

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The Night I When Dogging And My Husband Watch Me

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T I felt like letting myself go and being a dirty slut just for one night. I went and had a shower, shaving my legs and my pussy making both lovely and smooth. I then went to the bedroom, looking through my draws to see what to wear. I decided on black fishnet stockings, frilly suspender belt, red crutch less knickers with matching peep hole bra and red high heels. I tied my hair back into a pony tail, did my make up and applied bright red lip stick. Over the top i put my long flasher mac on, put my dildo in my handbag and went out to my car. I just sat there in my car for what felt like age… Read more

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My Friend Fuck My Wife

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My Friend Fuck My Wife My wife and I were sitting in our garden enjoying the nice summer night and one of my mate of mine dropped in. I told him to go inside to get a beer , wife was sitting drink a glass of white wine. We sat around for sometime a while chatting and drinking and more chatting and drinking. My wife gets up and says she is going to get a white wine and get ready for bed and comes back out to the garden in her short lacey nighty and sits down she had been horny all day. I noticed my mate staring at her breasts that were partly on show her nipples was so hard we can see them thr… Read more

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Wife Flashing At Lorry Driver

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W it was last sept and we had been to blackpool for the day, nothing special had happened but it was realy hot and sticky and so we decided to go to a bar for some cold drinks. because i was driving i had to keep to the soft drinks but my wife was getting white wine down her like it was going out of fashion and after about a hour and half we decided to call it a day and make our way home. as we walked towards the car i noticed she was staggering slightly and joked about having to carry her but we made it to the car park ok and then she decided that she needed the toilet but the nearest toilet… Read more

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Car Park Fun

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Car Park Fun Hi Mrs s I am 46 years old my husband buys me sexy outfits all the time one day my husband had left my a note with a box so I read the note and it told me to wear this outfit and meet my husband at a car park but when you get to the car park get out the car and stand by the car that day. So I was curious so I open the box . The box contained a pink spaghetti top and a floral mini skater skirt. The tank top was very soft, thin, stretchy, and... sheer. It was very strange such a suggestive clothing. I was excited I removed my shirt and put the top on. The smooth thin top hugged my… Read more

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A Saturday Night Out In Edinburgh

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A Mrs s Like a nice night we went to a few pubs when we was in one pub a group of young guys was in the pub it was a stag do and Mrs s was coming back from the toilet when one of the young guys said to her a big kiss for the groom so Mrs s put her hands on his face and give him a big Snog so some time later we went hitting a nightclub called Lulu Bar and Nightclub Mrs s is a 46 old mother of 4 with a great figure, long brown hair, nice tits and very sexy ass very pretty woman. she was wear the tight top with no bra and all can see her hard nipples trough her top a black miniskirt, which barel… Read more

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My Baby Is A Slut

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M My wife is pure sex mad she has 5'4" frame. Her tits are firm enough to hold their shape nicely when she goes braless as she wear's top without a bra. She has shapely thighs and an ass to die for. In a pair of tight shorts and a low cut halter Mrs s is a walking wet dream. I think so to me she has a very sexy body that is sexy. She has long brown hair that falls over her shoulders, sexy blue eyes. She loves to flirt with her fuck eyes. One week a asked my wife if I can as some friends over to play cards on the Saturday she said to me and what will I do on Saturday night you can go out with y… Read more

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breeding a mature slut


This was the time..breeding time…Your cunt lips had been recently pierced with four gold rings through your outer labia allowing your cunt to be spread wide… open for all to see and indeed use…your arms were spread and tied apart. likewise your legs, ankle straps having a dual purpose with cords attached to your cunt lips… spreading them….finally the eye mask and ball gag …you could only mumble now… there’s no safety word ….you feel the first hard cock lining itself up between your swollen and spread cunt …the cock is rammed ruthlessly into your exposed sex your dryness causing pain but also p… Read more

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Palm Beach Vixen as her Stags on the job training


I knew the first time i blew my wad in her pussy looking down at the well shape ass of my new married milf that she had done her share of wild fucking. I had enjoyed anal sex and from the size of the tissue around her ass hole i was going to experience many more times if this tuck up blonde would losen up her properness. As i took no time in entering her pussy i said to her you like a big dick in your pussy how often is it someone besides your husband? She smart assedly said," i know about you tennis pros with proper strokes and gentlemanly outside appearances. You fuck the mothers and go home… Read more

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