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Story: Jan cums home to the deep south. (wifeslut, ped, inter, voy,b**st.Ws) Jan was feeling down. She was leaving the place where she worked for the weekend. It was so different here in Memphis than in Northern California. There she lived and worked across the bay from San Francisco. Here she had another boring weekend commiong up. No she caught herself. What she was doing by spending a year or two with her parents while they were both ill, was a good thing. She longed to be back in California. When she thought of california she thought of her husband. He was part of the reason she de… Read more

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Kristi's Dilemma, Part Nine - First Trick

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The next week, Mike scheduled Kristi to work her first Friday night. This was her prime time debut appearance on stage, although she was fairly well known among the afternoon and weeknight customers. More important to her – and to Mike – it would mark her debut as the newest prostitute at the club. Kristi detested the word, but she knew it was true. Tonight she would become a prostitute, selling her body for money to any man who wanted her and had the cash to pay. Mike had made it clear that whether the customer used a condom was entirely up to him. Kristi understood. Her body belonged excl… Read more

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Interviewing the Slut Wife of mine

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Cheryl was sitting on the couch as I began to do an interview video of her. She wore her black shelf bra, black hose, and several loads of cum on her tits and face, plus some oozing from her cunt. “How did you enjoy your afternoon, my horny little slut?” I asked as she scooped a bit of cum from her right breast and then lick it from her finger. “Oh, it was so much fun fucking and sucking four guys for an hour,” she smiled lewdly, flicking her tongue out a couple of times. “You’re happy with all of that cock them?” “Mmm, but of course, and all of that hot cum they shot in my pussy, and dow… Read more

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It's Only Lust


Chapter one As time permits I will continue this story. Thanks for reading and your comments. The loud voices and clanging of pots and pans drew me out of my sleep. Letting my eyes adjust I turned my head over to look at the clock on the nightstand. It showed 10 in the morning. I swung my feet out to the floor and sat up. For several seconds I wrestled with the thought of what to put on while playing with my semi boner. On the floor next to the bed laid my sweat pants. Still too tired to care about what I should wear I choose the sweat pants and pulled them up over my naked butt as I stood.… Read more

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Shocked at the size of grandsons cock


Shocked By Size Of Grandson’s Cock Now the day after my daughter’s silver wedding anniversary party I have been left on my own looking after my youngest grandson while his parents have a few days away. The youngest of three at eighteen and not with the best of health since birth, he is also intellectually challenged with an age of a six year old and very clingy to his mom. It is best to ignore what he is doing wrong because he will do it even more. His latest habit is playing with himself in the shower in front of his mom. Since being small my daughter has showered with him and now thi… Read more

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Spa Days

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Mister Little, you wanted me to stop by, I said softly, he looked up from behind his desk gave me a half hearted smile and motioned for me to come into the office. I noted that my personnel file was sitting on his desk and he smiled at me. "Reggie isn't it, Reggie Smith,? " yes sir I responded, and smiled. (Damn, I thought, is he going to fire me. what'll I do? He opened my file and read it for a few seconds. Well Reggie, he said I asked to speak to you about that little incident in the hallway this morning, the overly loud swearing etc., I'm sorry about that Mister Little, Nick kin… Read more

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My blond Mom

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Doug is 18 years old, pretty average build, although a bit built from running track in High School. His mom had divorced his father when he was very young so he never really got to know him. She's 39 but still had an amazing body. She's 5'9, blue eyes, long blonde hair, about 130lbs, huge 38DD breasts, and legs that go on forever. She still took great care of her body and went running and swimming several times a week. Now that Doug was out of school she had a lot more free time to herself. Doug had always thought she was an attractive woman but was noticing her a lot more now that she had bee… Read more

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Kristi's Dilemma, Part Eight - Me? A whore?

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“Then he showed me those rooms in the back, down the hallway to the left of the bar. I had no idea! Why didn’t you tell me?” Amy looked hard a Kristi. “Would you have gone to the club to begin with if I had told you?” Kristi looked down. “No, probably not.” Amy smirked. “You mean definitely not. I know you well enough to know you never would have tried this lifestyle if I had told you everything up front.” Kristi stood up from the couch where they were sitting in Amy’s living room. It was a warm day and Kristi, clad only in a thin t-shirt and shorts, was beginning to sweat. But it was the stre… Read more

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20 Years of Infidelity Part 5

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'Ah, shit!' I was thinking while trying to carry on an intelligent conversation with the travel agent. I had to really grit my teeth and even bite my hand at times not to moan and gasp while Jason knelt behind me to slowly ease his cock deeper inside my pussy. These last days before our trip were pretty hectic and didn't leave much time for us to fuck. At least not as much as we'd come to love. It wasn't as though we weren't finding times for quickies when we could. Thus the reason my knees were on the floor and I was bent over a reclining chair cushion. I'd been sitting beside the phone (Ca… Read more

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Early Years


As most young men and woman as growing up you might hear your parents having sex down the hall. Well I am no exception to this, I can remember several times I had heard them and yes like every young boy I got hard and had to jerk off to them. One day I was home from school and was nosing around my parents room. I found a box under their bed on my dads side and well hell yes I opened it. WOW I found all types for adult magazines and two toys in it. I pulled the magazines out and under there I found naked pictures of my mom. For what ever reason I did not look at the magazines I looked through a… Read more

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Umiliata di fronte ai miei compagni di classe e no

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25 Marzo. Diario di Marzia Cabelletti. Finalmente riesco a scrivere nuovamente sul mio diario. L’ultimo mio aggiornamento risale al 12 Marzo, il giorno prima di… di… ancora oggi ho difficoltà solo a ricordarlo. Devo farmi forza. Lo psicologo da cui sono andata mi ha detto che per me è molto importante che io ricordi tutto e che lo scriva. “Per esorcizzare la vergogna” dice lui. E’ facile dare consigli, vorrei vedere lui se i suoi colleghi lo prendessero e… no, così non và bene, devo seguire un ordine. Devo descrivere la brutta cosa che mi è successa dall’inizio. Come se fossi una giornalista e… Read more

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Spiking the Mug

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It's a sweltering 103 degrees today, Anyone who's anyone are finding ways to avoid the intense heat, Amungst the many people whom are involved, Muggsy like the rest, Hides inside and turns the AC up full blast Achoo! Achoo! Mr. Faber walks into his sons room, A refreshing cool breeze blows by as he does "Muggsy" He called out sternly with a stuffed up nose "Where's Spike? I can't find him" Muggsy shrugs his sholders "I know he's here somewhere, My allergies is... is..." Achoo!! Mr. Faber sneezes so hard he flies out of the room, Muggsy quicky runs to the door and closes it, He wipes the sweat… Read more

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So this woman responded to my ad looking for a mature juicy white woman. She lived about a half hour away but I didn’t mind the drive. When I pulled up to the address she lived in a small duplex home. I texted her and told her I was out front and she told me to just walk in the door. I walked up to the door and walked in and she was in the living room waiting for me. She was wearing short denim shorts and a long t shirt. She had long curly brown hair a huge round ass and huge tits but her face wasn’t much to look at. She had to be around 50. We made small talk while she led me down the hall to… Read more

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meine Kreuzfahrt mit der Schwiegertochter


Endlich in Rente, mein Job hat alles von mir gefordert und nun geht es in den Ruhestand. Ich bin 62 Jahre alt und bin glücklich endlich nicht mehr im Hamsterrad mitrennen zu müssen. Meine Frau und ich haben für diesen Zeitpunkt und als Einstimmung in den Ruhestand eine Reise gebucht. 6 Wochen auf einem Schiff, mal ein paar Tage an Land und dann weiter, einfach genießen. Wir haben alles mitgebucht, wollen uns keine Gedanken machen über Geld und zusätzliche Ausgaben, relaxen pur. Es sind noch 9 Wochen bis zur Reise und wir zwei freuen uns. Jetzt genießen wir das etwas spätere aufstehen, das ausg… Read more

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Mein bisheriges Leben

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Es ist sehr merkwürdig, seit dem ich 17 Jahre alt bin, gehe ich mit meinem Geschlecht anders um als ich es biologisch wirklich bin. Das macht sich wie folgt bemerkbar! Noch weit vor dem siebzehnten Lebensjahr als ich so um die neun Jahre alt war, habe ich, wenn meine Mutter auf die Arbeit ging ihre Kleidung angezogen und mich anders, besser gefühlt. Ich konnte damals zwar noch nichts damit anfangen, aber ich dachte mir später das mein leben eine Menge Überraschungen mit mir vor hat. So kam es dann als ich mit 12 Jahren in der Schule großenteils gemoppt wurde und als „männliche Variante“ ich wi… Read more

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Trucker Cock

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After closing the flimsy plywood 'door' behind me, it took a few seconds for my eyes to adjust to the dimness. The monitor on the wall in front of me flickered into life as the video I'd selected out front began to play. But, the video wasn't the real reason I'd come to the adult bookstore! I'd come in order to hopefully get the chance to suck a cock! I hadn't done that in well over three months, and though I was a married guy, I loved sucking cock (something my wife would have not approved of had she known)! Now that my eyes were adjusted to the dimness of the booth, I could see the round… Read more

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A Life...Part III (Liz's Thoughts)


After the lewd conversation had taken place between Liz and her niece, Liz left the house to take a walk in the woods to see if she could walk off her randiness. Before she set off she went up stairs, took off her knickers and bra and threw on a loose cotton dress to cover her nakedness. As she walked down the lane from the house she felt the warm summer breeze waft up underneath her dress causing the soft cotton to billow up to where it became trapped at the top of her midriff where the dress clung to her bouncing tits. She welcomed the feel of the warm breeze that rolled up between her legs… Read more

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Kristi's Dilemma, Part Seven - Hard Lesson

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Tuesday’s debut went better than she could have expected. After the initial butterflies, Kristi conquered her self-doubt and worked her shift like a pro. For the next several weeks she danced Monday evenings along with Tuesday and Thursday afternoons. She earned some decent money and began to earn a reputation too. Men liked her, even though she was older and fatter than most of the club’s dancers. That in itself made her special. Instead of the thinner, younger, almost doll-like dancers the club usually featured, she seemed more real, more honest. The men loved her. She loved teasing the men,… Read more

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Happy Birthday Son


Hey, Sahil is back with yet another of his i****tuous sexcapades. All my old readers would be aware by now that I have been in a sexual relationship with my mother since my 18th birthday. And if you have read some of my older stories, you would be aware that I have been having a lot of fun. And why wouldn't I be having tons of fun having the most tabooed relationship in the world! I know all my readers would probably give an arm and a leg to be in my position (pun intended). A man's mother is probably his first ever crush, curiosity and darkest fantasy. It does not matter how big a facad… Read more

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I Made It Home, Finally

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I Made It Home, Finally. By; Cindylynn34 01/07/18 Transgender, young/old, Mexican dick, mind control, love, humor. This story may rock you. It may shock you. And if it makes you spew off a nice creamy one, well, that’s just too dammed bad for you! I am from Houston Texas but right now I am standing by my white 2011 mustang, hood up, trying to figure out what’s wrong. Normally I would have used interstate 10 to get back to Houston but hearing of a major wreck on my radio, I used back roads and farm roads, determined to get back home and back to my normal self before my work week starts tomorr… Read more

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