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Mature Porn Stories

Making love to my Mother


It was a relatively cold night in November, so the air was certainly less than warm. My house was kind of chilly too, although most of the house was heated well. My room was usually a bit colder because of the bad insulation due to construction, but it wasn't unbearable. Nonetheless, during this night I was sitting in my room, watching television. My mother was in the living room, also watching television. I walked into the kitchen to get another drink, so I took a can of Pepsi out and walked into the living room for a minute, mainly out of boredom. For some reason, my mother looked overl… Read more

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Catching Mum Playing 2


Mum was sitting in the lounge when I came in from school and she looked at me and smiled. I noticed she was wearing her silky robe and that was unusual for this time of day. "Mum?" I asked out of curiosity. I looked at her robe, and then her eyes and she knew I was referring to her manner of dress. Is there anything you'd like to do?" She tugged at the tie letting the robe slip open to show me her naked body. Her breasts were beginning to appear from the opening and her nipples were beckoning me to them. "Oh yeah!" And with that I dropped to my knees between her large thighs and b… Read more

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Catching Mum playing.


I started toward my room when I heard soft moans coming from my Mum's bedroom. I moved quickly to the door thinking that maybe Mum could be in some trouble, but what I saw stopped me dead. There she was, naked, lying on the bed. I had many times tried to get a peek at her naked body but hadn’t been successful. But now, here she was. Her stomach was round and seemed to roll down toward her lower body as she lay there. Her breasts were absolutely amazing. They weren’t large 38c.but very round and had nipples that seemed puffy, just right for touching or sucking. Her legs were open wide and I… Read more

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My son's lover


My name is Helen. I am a 31 year old single mum. My husband and I are divorce. One thing my husband did for me that I will always be greatful for is my son. His name is Mark. He is 14 years old .My hair is dark brown but I have a tiny streak of gray in the front. My breasts have always gotten me compliments. My best features, if you ask me, is my butt One day, I was just about to dye the gray streak in my hair brown so I could hide it when my son stopped me. "Leave it alone, mum. I like it. It makes you look sexy." "You actually like this streak of gray? It makes me look old!… Read more

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Wife and her Fantasy Lover


A few years ago my wife told me of her interest in how sexy a school teacher was that she had met. He reminded her of Bruce Willis ( of whom her fantasy was to have sex) After a few weeks she expressed how horny she felt when they just spoke to one another and how would I feel if she had sex with him. She and he had been flirty sexting for a while. I was in 2 minds about this and asked if she had discussed this with him. She said she had not but felt it could happen as he is a man and the right approach at the right time and it could easily happen. A day or two later she said she wanted… Read more

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The Fantasy Fuck store for mature girdled ladies P


As readers will know, I work as an assistant at a boutique clothes and lingerie shop catering specifically for chubby and larger over 50 mature ladies who like wearing girdles. We provide a discreet and private place where they can feel safe – and satisfied -- to buy fashionable, sensuous garments and lingerie that flatter them. And the staff are specially selected to help them fulfil their sexual fantasies whilst shopping. Women do not (or very rarely) lose their sex drive as they get older. If they have a healthy libido and are maybe lonely, lost a husband or lover, they still get the horn… Read more

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Gay MaleMatureSex Humor

The second time I sucked another man’s cock was sensational! My first time, about a year previous, was enjoyable (See my earlier post: Would You Suck This), but come the second time around I’d lost a few of my inhibitions and I couldn’t wait for it to happen. Like the first time I began by advertising on Craigslist and I had been doing so for quite some time, almost giving up all hope of finding a suitable partner when the right guy suddenly got in touch. He sounded perfect and had a terrific looking cock! (See for yourself in my photo galleries.) I promptly responded and we were quick… Read more

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Fucking ex-wife’s friend


This happened maybe 25 or so years ago. My then-wife had become friends with a woman I'll call Sandra. When we got to know her she was in a relationship with a guy who we thought was sort of a dork. Sandra eventually came to the same conclusion, broke up with the guy, moved to another city a day's drive away, and got herself a good job. Some months later I had occasion to go to the same city for a friend’s wedding, and made arrangements with Sandra to stay at her apartment so I wouldn't have to pay for a hotel room. I got there the day before the wedding and that first night duly slept on S… Read more

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A Christmas Gift from My Husband 2001

Group SexHardcoreMature

A Christmas Gift from My Husband 2001 Christmas day was finally here, I'm at my families Christmas celebration alone hubby had to work and all I can think about is getting home to find out what 'special gift' Tom (My Husband) has planned for the evening. I called Tom when I got home, he said it would be about an hour and he would be home. I then headed to the shower to get ready. Not knowing what to expect, I just put on a pair of my tight jeans and grab a sweater, one that buttons so I can show a little cleavage, and no shoes. I then went to the kitchen, started a pot of coffee… Read more

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Tina Cum Slut Wife or Cum Loving Whore

Group SexHardcoreMature

Tina Cum Slut Wife or Cum Loving Whore Tina is my 41 year old wife she has very nice and firm 36c breasts, and an average body. We have a very active sex life and she just loves to suck my cock until I cum and she can swallows all the time. She couldn't get enough of my cum at times she keeps on sucking me until I am hard again to get me to cum for her a second time. This was an every day and night thing and she doesn’t stop until I cum at least twice for her. She literally has me exhausted every day. She will suck me dry before I leave for work every day she just couldn… Read more

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Tina Takes a Day Off from Work

Group SexHardcoreMature

Tina Takes a Day Off from Work I had suspected that my wife was having an affair again for a while now, but I had no definite proof, just the feeling that she was getting her satisfaction elsewhere. For about six months now she had been less interested in sex, she was not work when I called more often than she was there. Also, I suspected that the affair was taking place in our own bed, as the sheets were being changed more often. I decided that I was going to find out, in the classic style, by catching her in the act. We had been married for 12 years and we have been very happy… Read more

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Unsere Phantasie: Wir stellen uns vor bei einem Senior, gemeinsam mit einem sehr jungen Teeny-Paar ein Wochenende zu verbringen. Der Senior ist 62 Jahre, groß, schwer, muskulös mit dickem Bauch und großem sehr dicken Schwanz, der Bull. Wir ein Mittdreißiger-Ehepaar mit Cuckoldneigung und ein junges zierliches Paar um die 19 Jahre erleben eine Rollenspiel-Wochenende bei dem Herren. Das junge Paar ist schon da als wir eintreffen. Wir kennen uns bisher nur aus Nachrichten und einem längeren Telefonat. Der Bull hat uns überzeugt. Er hatte Videos hochgeladen indem er ein junges Teeny fast besinnun… Read more

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My step-mom, my lover

MatureFirst TimeTaboo

I was about 18 years old (and still a virgin.....with females at least), my parents had been divorced since I can remember. My dad had remarried, divorced and remarried again. With his latest wife I acquired 2 step-b*****rs, the oldest (we'll call him steve) was into pot, beer and playing the guitar. My other step b*****r (Josh) was the polar opposite, a football star with girls hanging off him. Imagine my surprise when he turned on a she-male porn in front of me which started our years of fucking each other. Stories to that nature to come later, this is about their mom. M y dad would dri… Read more

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Mom gets hers


I had been awake for the last hour, lying quietly in bed, waiting for my husband to wake up. The furnace had kicked on earlier so it was beginning to warm in the bedroom. There was snow on the ground outside and it was still dark at 6AM. It was not getting light now until around 8 O’clock. I slowly lifted my hips and pulled the t-shirt I wore to bed up and then worked it up my body and over my head. I moved closer to Greg and put my arm across his chest. Lying against him naked I was hoping he would awake before the alarm and have time for me. It has been over a year since the last time we… Read more

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Kat Chase

First TimeMatureMasturbation

8 years. It has taken 8 years to develop these feelings of admiration, restricted by our responsibilities at work. As a woman closer to retirement, I was having a difficult time trying to rationalize my sexual vicariousness for a coworker half my age. Scott, why are you here? I loved it when he wore his faded jeans. It wrapped his thick thighs and muscled legs assuring dominance in every step. His 5 o’clock shadow, the cracked hands of a man who toiled outdoors, his scar on his right hand. On days when the office was asked to wear their Sunday best, I would always wear something special in ho… Read more

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Meine Erzieherin Frau Brandt 3

Interracial SexTabooMature

Trotz unseres lauten und hemmungslosen Sex , blieben meine Erzieherin und ich unbemerkt.So heimlich ich mich zu ihr schlich , genauso schnell kehrte ich zurück zu mein Zimmer.Die nächsten paar Tage waren die Hölle.Jeder Gedanke von mir war auf Sie fixiert.Egal wo ich war , dachte ich nur an Sie.Noch nicht mal in der Schule konnte ich abschalten.Daher genoss ich die gemeinsamen Momente die wir hatten.Wenn auch auf Abstand.Sei es beim gemeinsamen Essen in der Mensa , während der Erledigungen unserer Hausaufgaben unter ihrer Aufsicht oder früh morgens beim Gottesdienst in der Kirche.Immer wieder… Read more

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A night out at the taxi depot

AnalMatureInterracial Sex

Saturday night my sexy wife was looking for some nasty action. She thought perhaps that going to a club in the city will be a good idea. After Ana got dressed looking quite slutty, we left the house and looked for a taxi. Climbing in the back seat, we noted that the driver was awaiting for our instructions where to take us. I saw him looking in the mirror, staring at Anita’s sexy body. Her short skirt was all the way to her waist from sliding over in the seat… her tiny red thong was glistening in the darkness… "Where you go...?" He asked Ana, looking in between her spread legs. My wife di… Read more

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Teacher's Pet


Yes, okay, so I was Mrs. Miller's pet. Teachers pet. I liked her and we got along real well. And the past three years of high school i kept getting in her classes and for this final year I was her aide. It would be an easy A. Mrs. Miler was always nice to me and we talked alot. Nobody else liked her and she did not seem to like them either, but I did not care. Plus I getting all kinds of pussy from the girls, I mean tons of pussy. One of the girls I been working on invited me over to her house. She lived next door to Mrs. Miller. The girl and I went into her pool and then ended up fuckin… Read more

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the gay fairy tale(english)

MasturbationMatureGay Male

This story is inspired by the old German fairy tale of Little Red Riding Hood, who is called Rotkapp in This story, a male form of the girls name in the fairy tale: Rotkäppchen. Unfortunately, the fairy tales were very mutilated and, above all, their erotic component, which the original stories had very well deprived. As you know, the wolf is a synonym for the man who is robbing Little Red Riding Hood (no scientific interpretation). So here is a gay version of it that came to my mind, a lot of fun: Rotkapp had always been a really good boy. Even as a c***d, he had always done what hi… Read more

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Our New Adventures 5? Harry's Bar


Our New Adventures 5 “Harry’s Bar” As I left it from my last account, we were then getting ready late into the evening to head into town, visit a place, what I shall call on here, “Harry’s Bar”. The idea was to have my fantastic wife go in before me and just explore the possibilities that may or may not presents themselves. The most exciting part of this for myself was that, this was her plan which she decided we would carry out immediately after her having checked my previous account, “Our New Adventures 5”, just prior to my submitting here it for your good selves. Now hers’s a spoi… Read more

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