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His Horny s****r-in-Law

John and Carol are middle aged, happily married, and living the typical f****y life. Next-door are Larry and Lynn, also straight arrow f****y people. Larry and Carol also happen to be b*****r and s****r.

John and Carol are physically active and both proud of their physiques and overall health. Larry is more a couch potato while Lynn, although not outwardly physically active, has maintained her full figure body very well.

The rest of this story is as told by John and how things just seem to happen.

Carol is a very foxy lady for her age. Despite her well-shaped breasts beginning to sag ... Continue»
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Bunbun the Bunny

Bunbun the Bunny

Ritsu sized up the small slender girl in front of her, hands on her hips as her face formed a sly expression, the sort of look she was famous for giving when she had an idea, a spark of inspiration.

"I hope you don't mind us taking you out this late. I guess you're not used to the hussle and bussle, huh? Don't be so shy, introduce yourself!" Said Ritsu, as she nudged the small girl again.

"A-Azusa..Sorry, I guess this really is all new to me..Staying in a club this late isn't typically my idea of fun, you know?" Typically a bookworm, Azusa enjoyed staying away f... Continue»
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An Elf Maiden's Tale

An Elf maiden's Tale

================================================================================================================================================================================================================================================================================================================================================================================================================================================================================================================================================================================================... Continue»
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Wildwood Cabins Spring Break pt.2 (loyalsock)

Tom leaned his head back and let himself absorb the sensation of the girl's tongue as it ran up the underside of his cock. When she reached the tip and flicked it softly, he thought he would explode. That feeling was only surpassed by her lips clamping around the middle of the shaft and sucking hard. Soon, her tongue was again lapping at the erect cock inside her mouth.

Erin was lost in the delight of taking Tom in her mouth when she felt two hands clasp her breasts. Immediately after that, a body pushed up against her ass. Matt had moved onto the floor behind her and, on his knees, was anx... Continue»
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Work mates husband

A couple of weeks back me and a few of my colleagues from work decided to go out on a girls night out .so everybody got dressed up and met up at one of the local pubs .
As the night went on we all got very d***k and had a good laugh toghether when it got to about 1 oclock most of the girls had started to go home so susan one of the older ladies that was there suggested goin back to her house for a couple of glasses of wine .
Susan must be in her fifties but still looks good for her age alot of the guys in the office always call her a milf lol .
Anyway when we got back to her place she seeme... Continue»
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Wildwood Cabins Spring Break pt.1 (loyalsock)

It was a long winter for Dennis and Kim Cashman. Stuck in their Midwestern, upper middle class home while snow fell all around them, they could only dream of vacations and relaxation. Work d**g on, sometimes complicated by treacherous drives over icy roads.

Their daughter Erin, now nineteen and a college freshman, was in the Spring break mood. This was not unlike her normal weekend mood—hungry for alcohol and guys.

So it was with great anticipation that the Cashmans decided to return to the Wildwood Cabins Resort for the weekend. Their eventful first visit the previous Fall had convince... Continue»
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Sara The Bad Babysitter pt. 2 (loyalsock)

She buried her head in her hands on the table as her body shook from orgasm. Mr. Crudele motioned for his wife to stop her blowjob and when she did he seized Sara by the waist and lifted her with one hand and deposited Sara onto the sofa on her back.

"Lick her cunt," he told his wife as he unbuttoned then removed his shirt.

Mrs. Crudele wasted little time in kneeling on the couch between Sara's parted thighs. She used her hands to push Sara's legs further apart and bent her head down and started to lick the girl. Mrs. Crudele really enjoyed eating pussy and it showed. She'd been an exot... Continue»
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My Sexy Mother in Law

My mother-in-law Tina is 5' 10", 50 years old and has baby blue eyes and shoulder length hair. Her legs were still as shapely as they had been in her twenties and her tits were a 38dd. Tina has two daughters, Natasha who is the oldest at 32, 5' 6" with short dark hair and has a chest as flat as a fried egg.

Her youngest daughter Marie and I are both 30 years old. Marie also has blue eyes and shoulder length hair just like her mother and has a nice pair of 36c jugs. Marie's best assets though are her legs. Being 6' tall her legs were so long that they looked like they ran up into her armpit... Continue»
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The time I "accidentally" fucked my mate

So as I said before I was like an unofficial member of my mates f****y had meals there had a key the works, and ended up getting with my mates s****r while they were on holiday which was amazing and our little secret, except it wasn't quite a secret, unknown to hayley her mum knew because we were caught by the security camera..
Anna there mum came and had a talk not long after there return whilst everyone had gone to pick up some stuff in Liverpool so we were gonna be alone for a while getting some decorating done.
But anyway we stopped for lunch before we got started and anna came and Sat... Continue»
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Colluding With Mommy

"Oh, fffffuuuuck! That feels good..." Candy continued to rock her hips on Kevin's cock while a slow, wet river of cum drooled out of her pussy. His thick cock was now soft, but still filled her up. It reminded her of some of her jelly dildos she would fuck her self with. She writhed around on him, their bodies sweaty, and tired from a hard, fast quickie. She walked in, threw her son on the couch, dropped her skirt, and went to town. She normally would have loved to lay there, slowly making out with him. She was a big fan of biting lips, pulling nipples, squeezing cocks, grinding thighs... Continue»
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Getting Bi With Mom 1

Getting Bi with My Mom 1

This story is 95% fact. There is i****t and bisexual sex. If this troubles you I suggest you read on.
My mother was a whore, what else can I say. She's a dirty black slut who takes it anywhere and anyway she can get it. For pleasure and for money. And most of the men in the town have had their go with her. Of course to most ordinary nineteen year old guys to hear that said about their mother would be almost the most offence you could possibly cause. But I loved to think it about mine. Then again, my relationship with my mom wasn't the average kind and she... Continue»
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Mothers Holiday

Dad was an Airline Safety and Crash Investigator, worked long hours and wasn't home often. When home, he slept most of the time or was out golfing with his friends. Years of this kind of treatment left Mom, the "high school beauty queen", a very lonely woman. Raising an only son was her life.

I was soon to be 22 and graduating college. For my birthday, a trip to the Caribbean was planned. The trip itself was costing very little and better accommodations were arraigned for our stay, thanks to free air miles from Dads job.

Before our departure, Dad was called to investigate a crash. Two pl... Continue»
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My Mom Never Looked So Good

Let me start out by introducing myself so you don't find yourself wondering who is telling what and lost in a spiral of information that leads to confusion and despair. My name is Kyle, I am 19 years old and I live with my mom in the city of Bellevue, just outside Seattle, Washington. I played football all through high school, not because it was cool or anything, but because I stayed in great shape and I was allowed to hit the shit out of other guys and not get in trouble. It seemed like a win-win situation for me. I stand about 6'5" tall, with light brown hair, brown eyes and I weigh about 22... Continue»
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Ella teaches

One of my most memorable encounters from my distant past - for which I hope the truth doesn't cloud the eroticism…
This is my own work, and copyrighted as such. No attempt should be made to copy or redistribute in any form on any other
Bear with me - quite a back story.
Here I was at 17, having been dumped by my long time girlfriend for a bloke who I suspected had a bigger cock. (size
issues back then)
After getting over the shock, I became something of a sex hunter, and spent a couple of months shagging every girl I could
get my hands on. This included Jaqui (name not chang... Continue»
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Ravaged Librarian (loyalsock)

Ellen worked as a Librarian. She enjoyed the job but always had very sexy fantasies to pass the day. To help her feel sexy, Ellen often wore the same panties to work for three days. Her fantasies would often make her cream her panties so they were stained with her pussy cream. She also had a clean shaven pussy so she could feel the wet sticky cream soaking her panties as they passed between her legs.

One of her favourite fantasies was to allow a man to ravage her by letting his hand wander up her skirt and feel her panties as the passed between her legs. That fantasy always made Ellen cre... Continue»
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Getting my Best Friend to Fuck my Wife

I've been friends with Mark since high school. I think we got along so well because we were so similar. Both k**s of working class Irish families. Mark and I both married girls we had been dating since college. We both got very lucky in the wife department. Our spouses are smart, funny and attractive but most importantly they both love sex.

My wife, Maria, was a more traditional girl, Catholic school girl, not in the slutty rebellious way, in the legit devout way. She was a virgin when I met her but lost that quickly after we started dating. She was loyal and loving, always eager to please ... Continue»
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Aunt Sue bookstore

Well today is the day that I finally was talked into visiting an adult bookstore. Well that is not exactly true, years back my boyfriend had me go buy a large black dildo that most of you have seen in my mouth and pussy in my pics and vids here. Todays visit was for me to go into a booth and perform at the "token transfer opening". My concession was that it be just for a few minutes and not be local at the three stores in our area. I dressed as I would going to the grocery so as not to attract attention. The plan was simple both of us in booth he would take a few pics. The exhibitionist in me ... Continue»
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Aunt Sue bbc

I finally have some time to put to words an experience I had before the thanksgiving holiday. As you know I am a 71 year old lady who is married but not to my boyfriend who sets up my threesomes and takes the videos and pics that many of you enjoy. Love the nice comments which make me feel so sexy. My bf has always put me in situations to expand my sexuality which really was limited until I met him on sexy ads some 11 yrs ago. He has always pushed me to lay with a bbc but I always resisted. In the times I grew up it was not common or at least kept secret. As you can see from my vids and pics ... Continue»
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Milking sessions with auntie or 2

Billy had been a wreck for the last four days since auntie Cathy had milked him , he had become nervous , even grew shy and if it could be possible for a boy his age even hornier,. Billy hadn't made the connection yet that it was all related to his auntie , and all because of what she was secretly doing. Billy sat in his room when he got in from school , he sat nervous listening to every bang an footstep thinking cathy would be coming in to his bedroom , she'd find any excuse to enter , bringing him his supper of just a drink and some cookies , he suddenly get shy an embarrassed if he bumped i... Continue»
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The supermarket

Ive always found the supermarket at night much better than during the day .. i hate crowded places .. and during the evebing they are quiet surreal places .. i often see excentric people wich i enjoy and i pretty much have the place to myself .. i love it which is why i love to go at night time ..

I wondered through the supermarket cafe and found myself a seat in the corner near the window and sat down .. i sat sipping my coffie and thumbing through a magazine that had been left on the table when my phone pinged .. i unlocked the screen and saw the prompt to connect to the supermarkets wifi... Continue»
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