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Wife in the front seat, blow job in the back seat.

We stand by the window looking out to the road, where the early evening shadows stretch across the garden. It's been a fabulously warm summer's day, and we are rounding the day off with a trip to the theatre with 4 of our friends.

"There they are!" my wife proclaims, as the large 7-seater SUV pulls up by the side of the road outside our house.

The trip into town is a half hour drive through twisty country roads and with the flickering of the trees and the restricted view from the back tier seats that we occupy, Patricia, my wife is feeling a little queasy and glad for the fresh air, once... Continue»
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My Friend Sally Part 2

Fun with dogging.

After our cuckold fun Sally asked about dogging and was it for real? I really had no idea but thought it would be fun to try it out and see what happened. We both needed to be careful as we did not want to be found out. So we looked around the internet for information as to where we could go fairly close to are usual motel base.

We found information about a bit of woodland not too far away where you could park up and wander in to the woods to find some fun. All seemed fine with the reports on the internet so we organise to book a motel room for a night, meet up there th... Continue»
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At the Hotel

As we got ready for a night at the theatre I had no idea what Paul had planned for later that night, the show ended at 10.30 and he suggested a late night drink, we went to a local hotel where un-be known to me Paul had booked a room, we sat at the bar and ordered a few drinks the barman was a tall Mediterranean guy about 25 years old, I was getting a little d***k and was flirting with him outrageously, I said I was going to the loo and walked off, Paul spoke to the barman whose name was Carlo and asked if he found me attractive? A little embarrassed he said he did, Paul asked him if after he ... Continue»
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I Love You Mommy

A loud, piercing buzzing bounced off the walls of Larissa's bedroom. She sat straight up, almost in a panic, and swatted her palm down towards the source of the disruptive noise. Finally, her hand hit something solid and hard and the alarm had been put to a stop; it was time for her to get ready for school.

Larissa jumped out of her bed and sauntered down the hall to her bathroom and turned on the shower. It was almost strange for a girl her age to be this lively at 6:30 in the morning. Most eighteen year olds dread the moment when their alarm clocks wake them up for school, but Larissa ne... Continue»
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A Mother's Needs Satisfied

Matt sat on the beach, taking in the amazing view and soaking up the warm Jamaican sun, next to him lay his mother Sarah, enjoying getting a tan. Matt was a twenty five year old, happily married man. He worked a boring job that paid OK and had lived a relatively uneventful life, until last week when he had won an all-inclusive trip for two to Jamaica.

Matt's wife Charlotte was unfortunately tied up with work and so couldn't come. Matt, rather disappointedly, instead decided to invite his mom along instead.

Matt's mom was 46 years old, although she looked closer to 36. She was ecstatic wh... Continue»
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Rewarded Again For Being a Good Neighbor

Last week my new neighbor Michelle a 35 year old divorcee rewarded me for helping make small repairs around her house and loaning her three flashlights after she lost power in an electrical storm. Her two c***dren were terrified in the dark and I had saved the day. Well the next weekend Michelle rewarded me with a barbeque and a nice blowjob for all my help around the house. As she sucked on my 57 year old cock; I thought to myself as I came “how lucky can a guy get to have this blond Scandinavian goddess swallowing his cum after a fantastic blowjob”.

That Wednesday night I got a franti... Continue»
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Susan Awakens

Seeing him at the coffee shop was something that she never thought that she would feel again. It had been so many years since she would gaze upon a man again. Well, maybe she had stared down a man recently, but maybe this was something different, something strange, something new. At 40 she still had a sexy body, but since her divorce she decided that men were shit, and that she was not going to have anything to do with them.

The divorce had not been that bad, but still 10 years of a boring life and what’s worse a boring sex life she was glad to have walked away. No k**s, kept the house, and... Continue»
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Mother learns vaginal fluids can cure acne.

"Vaginal fluid for acne??? I have to read this". Ana the mother of Johnny was doing her typical routine, lying in bed in her birthday suit, reading her latest Cosmopolitan magazine. Typical article about clothing, men, sex, and so on but this one was a first.

It was an article about the use of vaginal fluids to remove acne. While the idea seems preposterous her son Johnny was in serious need of any possible solution. With multiple visits to several dermatologists nothing seemed to work. In fact, we even tried the old country method of raw milk straight from the cow onto his face: no dice. ... Continue»
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My first couple.

I was going for walk as I generally did living the city before I had to go to work. I had no idea that on that day I was not going to make it to work. I decided to walk the three miles I usually did but this time was different I saw a car on the side of the road broke down and cause I'm a helpful guy I inquired if they needed help. Well as I ask I get a rude response from the man saying he has it fixed so I continue on my way. I made it up the road a little ways and hear a honk behind me so I look back and see the car and the guy waves me down and I stop walking. He asks me what I'm doing and ... Continue»
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Tiffany's New Favorite Best Friend

My name is Tiffany. I'm nearing fiffty, and recently a granma thanks to my eldest one who just had his first born. Despite all this, I still look amazing from head to toe and I actually feel more like thirty.

My youngest one moved out just a few years back and I've been living by myself ever since. I divorced their dadd when my youngest was still in diapers, come to think of it so was my eldest, but it was only at night due to his compulsive bedwetting issue which took the poor boy over a decade to sort out.

I've dated a few men since then but recently I've managed to stay single... The... Continue»
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Bad Grandma 2

Grandma gathered up all my cum from my body and cock. " I bet you never thought your Grandma would jack you off!" she said winking at me as she licked my cum from her hand. I was in shock having my cock stroked by someone else but me and watching my pretty Grandma suck up my cum. I had to be dreaming, my grandma did not just jack me off, no fucking way.

"Just promise me you will never tell anyone Mike. I could get in so much trouble for this." She said scooping up the cum from her chest.

"I promise I will never tell anyone Grandma, that was so wonderful. I've never felt anything so good!... Continue»
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My friend's mom catches me; kinkiness ensues.

I cursed a little too loudly as I died yet again to my best friend in Tekken.

"Watch the language in there, Logan!" His mom yelled from the kitchen, only somewhat irritated.

"Sorry!" I yelled back, giving my friend, Brandon Black, a look that said "oops." He shrugged at me, and turned his attention back to Tekken, which he was currently kicking my ass at. Brandon was 18, like me, but a kind of short ginger, like his father, complete with blue eyes, pale skin, red hair, and freckles. He was decently muscled, and moderately handsome. He was also quite good at fighting games.

I, on ... Continue»
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Bengali woman in the villages

this is a story from Bangladesh.
we currently live in the UK. in Bangladeshi tradition and Culture sex is very very discreet not talked about .but sex is very common outside the marriage .my dad used to work abroad in the UK. and me and mom lived in bangladesh in a village. my dad only used to visit once every 3 to 4 year for about 4 weeks at a time. my mom and I lived with her parents. my mom is a very very sexy women she is really very tall and stocky build not sure of the size but very busty she was a bit dark brown skin. most mens looked at her big round butt and her big melon .her shoul... Continue»
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Annie Gets a Surprise

All credit to the original author. As I am working on a continuation, I thought it best to post the original. Again, credit where its due.

Annie Gets a Surprise
by Otis Johnson (

This wasn't supposed to happen to her. It wasn't something she thought about, fantasized about. Steve did, sure. He had asked her about this many times, oh so many times. Annie always said, "No Way. It'll never happen Steve." He finally gave up. In their 26 years of marriage she had never considered or desired another man, another cock. But here she was, legs spread, elbows on the ba... Continue»
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Horn Player

The night was so hot that if you struck a match you would almost expect the air itself to catch on fire. The ceiling fan did nothing to relieve any of the heat, but seemed to whisper apologetically as it spun above his head. He sat there quietly, hands on his knees, sweat running down his face. He was not sure if it was the heat or if he was sweating looking at the sexiest pair of legs he had ever laid eyes on. What those legs were connected to was still hidden in the shadows.
The place was closed, and there was no one there or so he thought. The boss told him to clean up and lock up before ... Continue»
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The Tease

I led the tease pony into the shed on a horse stud that I managed. On a stud a tease pony is used to make sure that the mare that is to be serviced is properly in season. If not then she may kick at the stallion and injure it. The pony is led to the mare and if she is ready, she will back up to the pony, horse or donkey, whichever is used, and she will urinate. The pony will then smell and get some of the urine in its mouth and if the mare is in season, he will try to mount it. You then bring the stallion around and he will then do the job.

I tied the lead rope up and got two leg ropes. I p... Continue»
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Mother: Anal

I was lounging casually on the couch watching TV, when I got a text from mom. She had gone out shopping with some friends and I didn't expect to her to be home for another hour at least. I glanced at the text and immediately felt my pussy tingle and glisten. The text was succinct and to the point, saying "I'll be home in 30 minutes. Mommy's horny and needs a tight asshole to lick and fuck. Do you know of any?"

I actually moaned as I read the text. I sat there on the couch in a state of shock for a few seconds, then turned off the TV and bounded up the stairs to our bedroom. I stopped when I... Continue»
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deepest darkest descent part 3 husband is home

so im maria ive been turned into a slut for black cock whilst my husband is working away i eat black cum my pussy has been stretched so all i can ever have is black cock i eat black cum from annas pussy the other slut owned by tyrone
since the night i was fuxxed by tyrone on the hood of my car and covered in 40 loads of nigger cum ive heard nothing from tyrone
my husband is due home today and i havnt missed him one bit im sure he will want to fuck me but seriously his tiny cock is not going to satisfy me i didnt know what to do id heard nothing for 2 weeks i needed to be fuxxed the 6 inch ... Continue»
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Another off duty adventure or Big fun with big sex

A few years ago, I was stationed in a remote base in Central Europe. The base that was once a home to a fully deployed, large battalion, now hosted no more than two platoons. On duty, would do no more than routine basic training, to keep in shape, as well as some paperwork. I was one of the "lucky" few that stayed behind,
During the time in question, I would often eat at this American-Like diner, where I would enjoy the regular company of Lorena, an older-than-me waitress. Her end of the shift, normally coincided with my end of supper. So unless her husband was in town, which was rare, we wo... Continue»
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My Mother's Second Job Chapter 1

The alarm rang sharply in my ear. I was thankful it rang when it did, for it brought me out of a very disturbing dream. The dream started as most of mine do, but took a turn to the strange.
In my dream I started out slowly running my hard cock in and out of one of the female assistants that I work with at the computer repair store. My balls were beginning to tighten, a sure sign I was going to cum. One moment I'm looking into the face of the new chubby gal who works the counter and the next I'm gazing into the eyes of my very own mother. The next moment I'm ramming my cock into some man's ass... Continue»
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