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Mom's Birthday Present

I finally made it to my eighteenth birthday. It was not exactly how I wanted it. My father had split with my Mom. I hadn't heard from him in some time. Mom said she would have something special for me so I was excited for that.

I like to work out at the gym. I got back home from my workout. I thought my Mom was going to cook a special meal for me. I was wrong. When I walked into the house my Mom was standing there in her bathrobe. It was late in the afternoon. I wondered what was going on.

Mom walked over to me. She put her arms around my neck and kissed me on the mouth.

"Happy bir... Continue»
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The Good Guy all the Bad Girls Want part 3.

Part 3. Ruth and Ben.

The four of us sat around Sharon's kitchen table working out our new routine for the coming week. A couple of days had passed since the first session and yesterday had me flat out on my sofa recovering from our little adventure.

Angie, as usual, was in charge and taking notes.

"Alright," she said, calling us to order, "Here's what I'm thinking. Six days. Monday till Saturday. That means a potential two appointments per week for the three of us to have sex with Ben on our own. That's allowing for things like work, f****y visits, or whatever else that may pop up an... Continue»
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El tachero y la tarifa a pagar

Esa noche de viernes tuve que quedarme un buen rato después de hora en la oficina para terminar unos trabajos pendientes.
Al asomarme a la ventana me encontré con una noche cerrada y algo lluviosa; así que decidí tomar un taxi que me llevara a mi casa. Era inútil llamar a mi esposo, porque justo en esos días, nuestro auto estaba en reparaciones…
Antes de salir le avisé que regresaría en taxi para que fuera más rápido y seguro. Mi esposo contestó que empezaría a preparar la cena por mí.
En la primera esquina abordé un taxi. Era un trayecto bastante largo, así que ya sabía de antemano que el ... Continue»
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Out for a walk and some fun

One evening while having a drink and looking back on our holidays we were talking about a walk in the nude I had made. Not just sitting on the couch with John like now, the curtains closed and a drink at hand, but outdoors with nothing, John leading me for a walk.
John suggested me to write it down as a report to be shared with others and eventually to go with some vids we made.
At first, I was not sure, but in time the idea of sharing my experience and feelings looking back at our holiday fun aroused me and that's how I started writing this report down….
Out for a walk and some fun...
... Continue»
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The Good Guy all the Bad Girls Want part 2.

Part 2:

With age comes grace dressed as wit and worn with experience.

The imagination is a wonderful thing. She is a blank canvas upon which you can paint the daydreams that float through your mind. Sexual imagination is the emotion that speaks to each of us in her own intimate way in visions of light and dark. The fantasy we all seek to make real.

 I sat naked on the edge of Angie's big bed and watched as the three women began to undress in front of me.

My heart began to beat faster and faster as each item of clothing was removed and more of them was exposed to the light. It was s... Continue»
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Gordons fuck

When Helen was tired from fucking the two horny men, they all fell asl**p in the motel room till early the next morning. Helen awoke early and slowly pulled back the covers on Gordon and exposed his cock. Her cunt-smell was still on his cock and she could taste his cum as she started to suck his fat but soft cock and as she sucked he began to get hard in her mouth.
As he woke she motioned to him to be quiet as she sucked his fat cock so that they didn't wake her hubby beside them. She wanted to fuck Gordon without her hubby knowing. She wanted to cheat on him again with another cock, like she ... Continue»
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OK I was 19 so I would just about fuck anything and everything that female with a pulse.

My f****y wasn’t short of money but the trade-off was that I lost Dad, most of the time through work commitments. And when Mum had had enough of him I lost her too. She packed her bags and left.

I'm not complaining, lots of money has it benefits but they don’t replace a f****y and one becomes selfish. I guess its monkey see monkey do sort of thing. All I know is I got what I wanted and when I wanted it.

On the day in question Dad or as the staff called him, Mr Mason, was away again but this tim... Continue»
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The Good Guy all the Bad Girls Want part 1.

Death is not only the mother of beauty as the poem goes but also the mother of opportunity...

So it was with the passing of a favorite Aunt who left this mortal realm one damp Autumn morning in October. The mourning days passed as my mother grieved for a beloved s****r as her life became fond memories told as stories to those of us left behind. Time waits for no one. Life moves on. And with the reading of my Aunt's will, my life changed in ways I could never have imagined even in my wildest dreams.

Here is that story.


A few days after her funeral, I found myself standing outside ... Continue»
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Enjoying Mom again

I woke up the next day wondering if it was just a dream.

Did I really fuck my own mom? In front of Dad? And did she really swallow my cum?

What if she woke up feeling ashamed of what happened last night? And I could never enjoy her again?

Well, I rationalized to myself, at least I got to do it once. And that one time was simply amazing. I'd be content just to have done it once.

I got dressed and went to school. She was still asl**p so I'd have to wait until later to find out how she was feeling about last night after sl**ping it off. I wanted us to continue our new relationship sta... Continue»
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Exposing my wife at a pubic beach

This happened a couple of years ago, but it is still one of my favorite days.
My wife and I went to the beach to relax away from the k**s. Now my wife is a sexy full figured woman. She is a little prudish about her body, mostly because she feels that she isn’t sexy, but I keep having to chase off guys when we go out for drinks and I have to use the restroom.
So I tried to talk her into wearing her sexy two-piece bathing suit that I bought for her, but she insisted in wearing her two piece that you can pull down to where the top stretched to touch the bottom looking like a one piece. I can te... Continue»
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Jimmy crosses the street again

Friday morning found me between Camilla’s arms in her bed, after spending the night together. Her black boyfriend Michael had fucked both of us; but during the birthday party he had picked up a stupid blonde bimbo.
Then the bastard had fucked all night long that silly bitch, causing Camilla exploiting out in rage. She told him to share his bed with that young bimbo.

When I woke up I noticed my legs were spread. My girlfriend was between them, licking my still wet cunt. Soon Camilla made me cum again and I cried with pleasure as she took care of my pussy.

In the afternoon I came back hom... Continue»
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Neulich fing Alex mich auf der Treppe ab. „Ich brauche Hilfe mit meiner neuen Waschmaschine, bitte!“ Als hilfsbereiter Mensch folgte ich ihr mit meiner Tasche in der Hand in ihre Wohnung, obwohl ich eigentlich eine Verabredung hatte. Dennoch schloss ich für sie die neue Waschmaschine an und Alex war sehr dankbar dafür. So dankbar, dass sie mich spontan heranzog und küsste. Meine Hand führte sie zu ihrem festen Po. Ihre Signale waren eindeutig. Und mir kam ein genialer Gedanke: Alex sollte mir zur Verwirklichung einer erotischen Fantasie verhelfen. Nachdem sie mich nur zu gerne ihren String unt... Continue»
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Mom's Best Friend

"You are joking. Please tell me you're joking?" I doubted my mother understood the desperation in my voice, but I was disgusted and disappointed. How could she do this?

"I'm not joking Chris." My Mom was still calm, oblivious to reality as usual. "I told Megan to call you. She'll be in town next week and I thought it would be wonderful if you could take her to dinner. It's not like you have this busy social life and you can't fit her in. You're always telling me that you don't get out enough."

She was right, but the reason I never got out was because I was always working, not because I... Continue»
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Enjoying My Mom...In Front Of Dad

My mom Deborah is not like most moms. She's 54 years old but she has a body like a 24-year-old. Big tits, slim waist, and no cellulite anywhere. At her age, most of her friends start cutting their hair short and start to focus on gardening. Not my mom. She's got really pretty, long sandy blonde hair, and if you see her from behind, you'd be forgiven if you thought she looked like a young twenty-something girl.

I know it's weird to think of your mom in a sexual way but it's hard not to with my mom. She and my dad are like total opposites. She looks like a model; he's fat and ordinary-lookin... Continue»
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Wife Spanked by Step Dad - Updated

Wife spanked by step dad

My wife’s parents have always been strict disciplinarians, so my wife was used to corporal punishment. When she lived at her parent’s home, the punishments for my wife usually consisted of spankings to varying degrees.

For minor misdemeanour's, my wife’s mother would usually take her over the knee for a hand spanking across her clothed or panty covered bottom and sometimes, if the misdemeanour warranted it, a spanking OTK on her bare bottom.

For serious incidents, my wife’s step dad would usually administer the punishment, which would require my wife to bend o... Continue»
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Mitch’s s****r names were Ginger and Olive. Both girls were good solid farm girls. Nice firm breasts that any man’s hands would struggle to encase. Their legs were solid from all the years of working on the farm. Their mother had taught them well in the ways of looking after a home, cooking, cleaning, sewing and many other things. These two had also been taught about farm work. As each c***d reach the age of twelve their parents had given them 6 beef calves to raise as the start of their herd for their farming future and now at 20 & 22yrs they had a reasonable herd each and regularly broug... Continue»
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Discovering Joy

This is fiction, mixed with one of my fantasies. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it. The second chapter will be coming next week

It took thirty five years but I have finally had a major fantasy come true. Let me tell you my story;
I recently celebrated my sixtieth birthday. The wife and I live in a small town that is roughly three hours from her parents and all our c***dren. This arrangement allows us a lot of privacy and we do take advantage of it. Our sex life is active and we play out many fantasies. The majority of them are adding another man or w... Continue»
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flashing wife to ex b*****r in law

In 2016 I caught my wife sexting with a guy she knew from years back, he was her exhusbands b*****r. He lived 5 hours away from us so I know they didn't hook up. And this is the story on how it started and how I hacked into accounts and got to have fun with it in the end. Some may say im crazy and other will say good job. I had fun and would donit again if need be.

She had been taking sexy pics for weeks but wouldn't send them to me. I asked who was she sending them to and she said no one. I suspected it but had no proof. But I'd find things like her pussy soaking wet and her panties would ... Continue»
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Mom Control

Sunil must hardly have set off on his train journey to Delhi when me and my son Hetesh began to enjoy a week of i****tual sex. We used every room in the house, including the kitchen, bathroom and even the balcony and we worked through every position possible. I especially enjoyed it when we had ‘standing 69’ with Hetesh holding me upside down and lapping at my clit and gaping hole whilst I drew his large cock to the back of my throat and speared myself on it until I could draw his cum into my stomach.

When we were both home together that week, we used every moment we had to pleasure each ot... Continue»
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Sorry mommy.

I never really looked at my mother like that, but by the age 17/18, my entire life changed. Before I start, let me tell you a little bit about myself , I wouldn't call myself popular but I am not a "nerd" either, ive had a few girlfriends here and there but nothing too serious, people say I look a lot like my mother but I don't know, however we do share the same english accent. My mom is 5 foot 4 with a nicely curved ass and dd bra size, which I found out going through her underwear one day. If I had to compare her to someone, I would have to say she looks a lot like nigella lawson, but with a... Continue»
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