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White wife's Walk on the Wild Side with Black

Interracial SexMatureTaboo

MWF62. I met a black man while working. He was about 50, shaved head, a bit of a belly, and about 5'7". He wasn't particularly good looking but he had charm. Enough charm to get me to have drinks with him after work. I called my husband and said I was going for drinks with the girls. He told me to have a good time. I met my black stranger in the parking lot and he said I should ride with him, that he would get me back to my car later. I hopped into his big SUV and off we drove. He asked me if I wanted to get high, and lit up a joint. I was very stoned in no time. We pulled into the parking l… Read more

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Carol's Exposure/ Your Repost


This story is true, and correlates directly to the photo gallery entitled "Carol's Exposure Group." Carol pours her morning coffee, opens her Bible, and begins reading a devotional passage. She quietly ponders her life as a wife and mom. The pastor's sermon from the previous Sunday runs through her mind, as she mulls over the moral depravity in the world today. She has no idea at that very moment, her naked pictures are posted online with thousands of views. Carol would be aghast to know that anonymous, horny men have masturbated to her naked photos. Some have downloaded her pictures and re… Read more

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My Aunt Gomathi With Big Juicy Ass – Part 3


the third part of the story. This story is a continuation of the series. I couldn’t stop thinking about her. Her divine body was all that I could think of in my mind. She said she would call again. But it had been over a week since our last meeting that day and she hasn’t called yet. As I was tired of waiting, I decided that I would go to her house this weekend and surprise her. It was on Sat… Read more

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My Aunt Gomathi With Big Juicy Ass – Part 1


my aunt Gomathi who seduced me and made me her plaything. First, let me describe her. My aunt Gomathi wasn’t related to me by blood. She was married to my mom’s younger brother. My aunt had long flowing black hair, golden wheat coloured skin, paired with a pear-shaped figure. Her breasts weren’t the biggest or anything, but it was just right and no to mention that her plump, juicy… Read more

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My Aunt Gomathi With Big Juicy Ass – Part 2

HardcoreMatureFirst Time

continuation as promised! Thank you all for the amazing feedback. This is a continuation of Part 1 of the story After the last incident with my aunt Gomathi, there was only one thing running in my mind- to get my dick into her pussy. I knew that she would be coming tomorrow for sure just like she had told my mom. My dick was still rock hard from all the new sensations it had felt in the l… Read more

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1. You look sexiest with my nipple in between your teeth. 2. Kiss me from my neck down to my chest. 3. I’ve been walking around topless all morning. 4. I cum hardest when you pay attention to my tits. 5. My nipples are so hard that they’re poking through my shirt. 6. I want to play with your hair while you suck on my tits. 7. Cum across my chest tonight. 8. I want you to rip my shirt off the second you see me. 9. I’m going to give you a blowjob. Topless. 10. Your lips feel so good against my nipples. 11. … Read more

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College Celebrations: Surveillance

Group SexMatureVoyeur

Bernard ferreted around in his deep pockets. He couldn’t find a fag. Shit he’d left them on his desk in the rush over to the Cathedral. Nothing for it; he had to attend a final security meeting, liaise between the diocese and government surveillance for the VIP’s attending the community celebration mass today. Fuck he needed a fag first. He botted a fag from one of the security guy; Murray, who was having his quick smoke too before heading inside. Mutual craving shared in the moment. They both then joined a Richard in the ‘Big Brother Zone’ upstairs behind the Organ. It was a quality super… Read more

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MOM fucked her son.part1


hello there , my name is john and i am not a virgin . In short i lost my it to my girlfriend i still have. My life was perfect as i wanted had a girl to ramm whenever i wanted ,a six digit salary, late night parties, good cars . But no matter how i fucked my girl i was never satisfied. My girl was going to go on vacation for few days thailand. As she flew off there i had no one around to screw with. All was i left with a 6 inch dick in my pants for days. As my mom and Dad were working i was left alone at home because they had a off on the same day while i did not. i went through my girls pics… Read more

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Mistis'Adventures Part 53


In the mean time, Misti and Jerry had already gone out to the farm. Misti had told Jerry what was happening, and told him that William would be along as soon as he could. Mary and Sharon had already left for work, so she sat at the table with him drinking coffee, and talking. She so enjoyed visiting with him like this, and, if it came to them having sex, then, so much the better. He had already drank five or six cups of coffee with Mary, and with Sharon, when she came over, and it was demanding release. He excused himself, telling her, "I've got to go wee-wee. She enjoyed hearing the various n… Read more

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Grandma does porn 2


It was a few days later my Grandmother phoned me, to ask if there was any news I wanted to share with her. "Yes" I replied "the site was up and running, the video was edited with a little help from a friend, and people were paying to view it!" "Good. How much have we have made?" asked my grandmother. "A couple of hundred" I replied "A couple of hundred!" my grandmother exclaimed "That's not even close to what we need! I thought you said doing this, would make us the money we need!" "It can!" I replied quickly "First just give it time. And second, if you want people to pay more, you need more c… Read more

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18 year-old loses virginity to his aunt.

MatureHardcoreFirst Time

As we pulled into the driveway I could feel the butterflies in my stomach and a lump swell up in my throat. I always felt this way when I knew I would get to see her. I never knew what to expect from her. She always seemed to surprise me. My cock seemed to always be semi-erect when she was around...and no wonder...she teased me endlessly with those low cut shirts and that little bikini with her breasts spilling out the top and sides. I longed to pull the string around her neck and let them bounce free from their tight binding. What I wouldn't do to feel them up against take her nipples… Read more

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18 year-old loses virginity to his aunt.

First TimeMatureHardcore

As we pulled into the driveway I could feel the butterflies in my stomach and a lump swell up in my throat. I always felt this way when I knew I would get to see her. I never knew what to expect from her. She always seemed to surprise me. My cock seemed to always be semi-erect when she was around...and no wonder...she teased me endlessly with those low cut shirts and that little bikini with her breasts spilling out the top and sides. I longed to pull the string around her neck and let them bounce free from their tight binding. What I wouldn't do to feel them up against take her nipples… Read more

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Christine - Part 1.

First TimeFetishMature

As mentioned in my last post, my father was an itinerant worker. We moved around a lot and we lived all sorts of different places and the last place we lived before I left home, was an unremarkable house in an unremarkable street in a country town with a population of about eight thousand. On one side lived a retired couple who were friendly and easy-going. On the other side of us lived Christine, a single lady in her late thirties. She was a very attractive lady with almost black hair and a figure that was beautifully shapely without being too thin or too ample. Mum was the kind of person th… Read more

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Lesbian SexMature

I’d been to a friends BBQ in the afternoon & we was all drinking. I had a little to much & felt unwell. I went and lay down on their bed and woke @ 7:30pm. I was a little startled to where I was at first, I began to walk downstairs and I could hear my husband chatting still. I went and found him and apologised for sleeping so long. I was handed a drink and we all continued drinking. It got to about 10 and the guest started to go home. My husband made the suggestion that we do to. I went to grab me coat and say goodbye when Gemma asked if we could drop her off on the way. We got in… Read more

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Mom is auctioned off as a sex slave


In the near future sexual slavery is legal. Everyone is over the age of 18 in this story. Mom is to be auctioned off today. Dad and I saw her in the line leading to the auction stage while awaiting her turn to be sold off. Mom was naked and her hands were tied behind her back. She had a slaves iron collar around her neck. Attached to the collar was a tag that read 37-3. That means that she is in lot 37 as the third girl. There is also a note that the beginning bids start at 2000 credits. This was surprising. This is twice the average and the auctioneer must feel he will get at least that amoun… Read more

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Mrs North


When i was younger,  I loved in a small block of flats. On our floor lived an older woman, just a few doors away. Mrs North. Back then she must have been in her 50s I'd say, but still had a good figure. She was medium build with a hugh bust. She was always impeccably dressed, normally in classy dresses that would show off her figure. On occations the dress would be slightly see-through, revealing her sexy lingerie underneath. We got to know her quite well over the years. Everytime l seen her she always gave me a big kiss and a hug. She'd burry my head deep in her clevege (think Granvill… Read more

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Diana my Workmate


Diana and I work at a Private school in the city as teachers, to be honest, the job is boring with all the teaching and staff meetings and to keep ourselves entertained we have to keep ourselves with odd conversations. I’m 28 years old, fairly good looking and I have worked with Diana for about a month. “Mmmhh….look at that little ass,” I said to Diana. “John you have to be joking me, she’s like 14 years old and technically your student,” Diana said as a cute girl with a perfect ass walked away wearing a tight school uniform. “Yeah but we both agree she is really hot,” I said. “Does your w… Read more

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Juicy Eileen #3


<i style="font-weight: bold;">Chapter #3 I fucked Eileen on Saturday morning a week later. And then the week afterwards. On our fourth meeting, she was already waiting for me in front of the supermarket. She seemed nervous. We hauled our groceries on the bicycle to her cosy little home. As we arrived, I took off my shirt immediately, it was rather hot. I kissed her. She kissed me back. <i style="">"What's wrong, liefje? Something is bothering you, I can tell." "I don't want to have sex today, I'd rather we have a talk." She went to boil a cup of tea. <b style="font-s… Read more

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Sexy MILF heels and dildo


T and I had a wedding for a fellow manager of hers at work. We needed this wedding as a get away for several reasons mainly the fact that we were stressed from work as well as the usual k**s issues. The wedding was 45 minutes away and I had booked us room at the hotel the out of town guests were staying at. The hotel was a step below our usual stays, we had the pleasure of staying at 5 star hotels usually and I was the main reason and T didn’t mind either. T had volunteered to let the bride and groom borrow a car from our dealership to get to the hotel and back-in for the day. She needed to ge… Read more

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Dressing My Son


I had been suspicious of Mark's visits to my panty drawer for quite some time, but it wasn't until I bought that nanny-cam that I could confirm it. You can imagine my surprise when I began coming home from work and finding video after video of my f******n year-old son dressed in my bras, my knickerss, my dresses and high heels. That was the kind of behavior you might expect from a little girl, not a young boy. What amazed me most was how often you did it, how shameless he was in what he took. Something had to be done, he had to be taught a lesson he would never forget. I thought hard about wha… Read more

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