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The Unspoken Game

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Introduction: Bryce's and his step sister Samantha, start playing an inappropriate game. Mom catches them and things escalate. The Unspoken Game enjoy: The driveway was empty when I pulled in at the end of my academic school day. It was just starting to turn dark when I got out of the car and headed into the house, enjoying the calming sensation of the warm early summer breeze on my skin. It was good to finally be home after a long day of studying. I walked over to the front door, my heavy bag on my shoulder, and turned the knob. It was unlocked and I entered. I slid the car keys… Read more

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20 Years of Infidelity Part 6

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After eating, Jason and I returned to our condo but I stopped him from entering and handed him my key and a handfull of money. We needed supplies for a long hike and a longer day at an isolated beach tomorrow. I was wiped out from our flight so left it to him to get us those things we'd need while I went in to sleep. Wednesday......... It was dark when I woke up and checking my watch I saw it was 5am in the morning. Between waking for trips to the bathroom, I'd slept and drowsed in half-sleep about 14 hours. Jason was sleeping deeply beside me. I couldn't remember when he'd joined me in bed.… Read more

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Glory Hole Voyeur

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Benjamin, who was 68 (to my 28), loved sucking young guys cocks. I had been aware of his 'reputation' in that regard for sometime. It seemed as if all the young guys my age that I knew in my neighborhood, had, more than a few times, allowed this considerably older guy to suck their cock. I hadn't, however. My two best friends, Tyler and Shane, had both been to Benjamin's home for some (according to them) awesome blow jobs. So, I admit, I was naturally curious! "Oh man!" Tyler had said, on more than one occasion, "that old geezer is like a fucking vacuum cleaner when he sucks you off! Ya ju… Read more

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Return to Cockington 6

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My brunette curvy wife veronica, my blonde haired teen daughter Milly and myself, strolled along the road heading into the centre of the village that evening all dressed up for a night out. My wife wore a tight black dress that showed off her thick white thighs and plump cleavage, and my daughter wore her prom night dress, a pretty green number that made her look just like a princess, or so we said at the time. As we approached the local pub I asked Veronica once more "Are you sure about this?" "Yes, Peter, i'm sure" replied my wife "But it's them!" I said worriedly. "Yes, and she's going to l… Read more

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Me and my friend (story of our pics)

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So I have known my friend for about over 20 years now. He lives across the street even though I knew him before we even lived this close together. Both of our wives are extremely pretty. His wife is the nicest person in the world. Bleach blonde hair and a very cute butt, small boobs and looks fantastic in jeans. Our k**s are the same age and great friends as well. We hang out with them on a weekly basis, well more than any of our other friends. At least once a week we hang out either on my front porch or his and we all have drinks. My friend and I have always told each other how good looking… Read more

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It's Only Lust


Here is Chapter two   Chapter two It’s Only Lust I have known this lady, standing in front of me for well over thirty years. In the early years when we met for a family function our greeting was usually a hug. As the years past bye we graduated to a quick kiss on a cheek. Now as we stood face to face with our lips locked it dawned on me that not many years ago we had begun kissing each other on the lips when saying our hello. Joyce’s grip on the back of my head was strong. Our lips mashed together and I was losing the tongue battle. There was now no separation between our bodies and my… Read more

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Adultr shop sex

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My husband decided that we needed some sexy adventures at our local adult book store. This particular store is run by some friends that we met at a swing party. They have set it up with porn video viewing rooms in the back, glory holes between the men's and women's rest rooms. So there's always a few horny guys who get a big grin on their faces and a big lump in their crotches, when we come in the door. Now my BF knows that I am a nympho slut, who likes getting gang-banged and passed around by strange men. Once I get started, I get more and more excited as each guy gets a turn fucking my pussy… Read more

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My Mom or a Bitch in Heat

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It is since two years I have started reading i****t stuffs. After gone through these stories I had started to observe my mom with lustful fucking stares. Ohhh! It is really unbearable to hold the feelings to myself this much time and also unable to express my feelings to my mom. It's my friend, Sohail, who pushes me to the reality of this fantasy so far by constant praising of my mom in my presence. It's also interesting story. Before moving further in this episode, let me describe the anatomy of my mom. She is around fifty having medium height and wheatish complexion, beautiful luscio… Read more

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My beautiful

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It was a hot Monday in June when I trudged wearily home from my job. My father works away and though he sends home as much as he can, it isn't a lot. Therefore, my mom needs my money to make ends meet and I have become, I suppose, the head of the family. My mom was preparing lunch for me in the kitchen. It was just a normal day like hundreds of others and I still don't understand what happened to change my life. I said hello to her and she nodded in reply. Dropping my bag, I went to my room to change from my work clothes. When I came out to sit in the lounge, I saw my mom still working at… Read more

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My Girl and Her Mom


I was introduced to i****t a little differently than most people. My first "i****t is best" experience was actually not i****t for me but for my girlfriend at the time. Her name was Kate and she was sexy as could be. She wasn't beautiful or elegant or anything like that, but she just had a look that was dead sexy. Kate was 5'8" with fire red hair that hung down to the middle of her back and bright green eyes that sparkled like none I have seen before or since. The only thing that kept Kate from being beautiful was her lack of curves. She was very skinny and did not have much in the way of brea… Read more

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my closest friend and my sister - pt3

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hey everybody, this is the third part of the story the relationship between Alice and Nora has been widely grown enough to he cancels hangin up i feel sad about him, and how this point changed our friendship, anyway, i decided to talk to him seriously to stop this, so i called him once at 2 am to talk even just 10 mins especially his house beside mine, he refused cuz he was feeling tired and sleepy, i told him that i want to talk him fastly, finally he agreed i talked to him about how our friendship changed and what is the reason of that etc he took his breath slowly of anger and said " that'… Read more

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Ass Fuckin' Fun!


here's my reply to a message i recieved: q: does my ol man mind? a: lol i'm lucky if he does what i ask - and he rarely, if ever, responds to a command! Butt, I'm guessing you're asking if he minds about my having 2 boyfriends or the occasional 'new' sex encounter? Or me flashing and flirting around with our friends or the public? Well, for the most part, he gets a kick from my sexy antics. Ass for other parts, I don't tell him what I don't need to. For instance- let me tell you this story: Early one afternoon he and 3 buddies from his work showed up at the house, saying they'd finished t… Read more

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An afternoon affair

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My wife Misty had been out. Showing properties. And running errands for her mother. When she returned back to the office. To descover mom in a intense and stressful meeting. With a rival company. Which was represented by these two guys named Gary and Bob. Mom had this piece of land, that one of her rich clients wanted. To build a million dollar home on. But the land was land locked by property owned by Gary and Bobs company. And these two were just as greedy, rude, crude and unethical as she was. Yes Mom had finally met her match. These guys were not going to be push overs. But Mom had h… Read more

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Adventures of Teddy: The Beginnings

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These stories are fiction and just based on fantasies and other adult activities, enjoy! Hello to all, my name is Teddy. My life has been filled with so many exciting moments and experiences i would like to share them with you. Growing up my family lived in rural America on a farm. Doing chores and tending to the crops was all i knew. My parents wanted me to get an education so when I turned 18 they sent me to live with my aunt and uncle in the big city. I arrived in the summer before college began.I only knew my aunt and uncle, they did their best to try make sure I was going to make friend… Read more

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Story: Jan cums home to the deep south. (wifeslut, ped, inter, voy,b**st.Ws) Jan was feeling down. She was leaving the place where she worked for the weekend. It was so different here in Memphis than in Northern California. There she lived and worked across the bay from San Francisco. Here she had another boring weekend commiong up. No she caught herself. What she was doing by spending a year or two with her parents while they were both ill, was a good thing. She longed to be back in California. When she thought of california she thought of her husband. He was part of the reason she de… Read more

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Kristi's Dilemma, Part Nine - First Trick

First TimeHardcoreMature

The next week, Mike scheduled Kristi to work her first Friday night. This was her prime time debut appearance on stage, although she was fairly well known among the afternoon and weeknight customers. More important to her – and to Mike – it would mark her debut as the newest prostitute at the club. Kristi detested the word, but she knew it was true. Tonight she would become a prostitute, selling her body for money to any man who wanted her and had the cash to pay. Mike had made it clear that whether the customer used a condom was entirely up to him. Kristi understood. Her body belonged excl… Read more

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Interviewing the Slut Wife of mine

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Cheryl was sitting on the couch as I began to do an interview video of her. She wore her black shelf bra, black hose, and several loads of cum on her tits and face, plus some oozing from her cunt. “How did you enjoy your afternoon, my horny little slut?” I asked as she scooped a bit of cum from her right breast and then lick it from her finger. “Oh, it was so much fun fucking and sucking four guys for an hour,” she smiled lewdly, flicking her tongue out a couple of times. “You’re happy with all of that cock them?” “Mmm, but of course, and all of that hot cum they shot in my pussy, and dow… Read more

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It's Only Lust


Chapter one As time permits I will continue this story. Thanks for reading and your comments. The loud voices and clanging of pots and pans drew me out of my sleep. Letting my eyes adjust I turned my head over to look at the clock on the nightstand. It showed 10 in the morning. I swung my feet out to the floor and sat up. For several seconds I wrestled with the thought of what to put on while playing with my semi boner. On the floor next to the bed laid my sweat pants. Still too tired to care about what I should wear I choose the sweat pants and pulled them up over my naked butt as I stood.… Read more

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Shocked at the size of grandsons cock


Shocked By Size Of Grandson’s Cock Now the day after my daughter’s silver wedding anniversary party I have been left on my own looking after my youngest grandson while his parents have a few days away. The youngest of three at eighteen and not with the best of health since birth, he is also intellectually challenged with an age of a six year old and very clingy to his mom. It is best to ignore what he is doing wrong because he will do it even more. His latest habit is playing with himself in the shower in front of his mom. Since being small my daughter has showered with him and now thi… Read more

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Spa Days

AnalInterracial SexMature

Mister Little, you wanted me to stop by, I said softly, he looked up from behind his desk gave me a half hearted smile and motioned for me to come into the office. I noted that my personnel file was sitting on his desk and he smiled at me. "Reggie isn't it, Reggie Smith,? " yes sir I responded, and smiled. (Damn, I thought, is he going to fire me. what'll I do? He opened my file and read it for a few seconds. Well Reggie, he said I asked to speak to you about that little incident in the hallway this morning, the overly loud swearing etc., I'm sorry about that Mister Little, Nick kin… Read more

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