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Sethy - Part Five - The Bait

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AUTHOR’S NOTE – This story is partly fantasy, partly true. For best effect, read parts 1-4 before this part. The main character, Sethy, is based upon a real woman who is an active member of the XHamster community, and much of Sethy reflects the true woman. The photos included in this story are of the real Sethy and are here with her permission. This story is the property of the author and cannot be copied or used in part or in entirety without express written consent of the author. Sethy – Part Five – The Bait The taxi dropped us off at our hotel at 3:45. While we were in the taxi I had e… Read more

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Getting my own back on my husband ( with a twist )


Not so very long ago, I was talking to a friend of mine, who told me she had seen my husband at a night club, I found this a bit unusual, as he hardly went out, but when I enquired about the time, and what night it was, I remembered my husband coming home late that particular night/morning, so the Agatha Christie started to come out in me, this had to be investigated further, I asked my friend to help, I waited patiently until the next night came around, which was. Tuesday night, as the week before, my husband asked me if it was ok for him to go and have a few beers with his pals, John and Pet… Read more

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Son finally gets his ultimate conquest… his Mom


The afternoon matinee with Allison went really well, and after I returned to college, we texted daily, Skyped weekly and, although we weren’t officially dating, we were definitely intrigued and attracted to each other. I love how cute she is… I love how smart she is… I love how we have so much in common. Meanwhile, I couldn’t get the last thing Mrs. Raske had said on New Year’s Eve out of mind, “Trust me, your mother is not as innocent as she seems.” My sister, Sandra, and Mrs. Raske were working toget… Read more

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My friend's Mom


Ah, Friday afternoon. For some reason when you are young, it seems like Friday will never come. Then when it does, more often than not, you can't figure out anything worthwhile to do. Life is ironic like that. But this wasn't one of those Fridays for me. It was early fall, I had just turned 18 the second week after my senior year in school started, and I was feeling on top of the world. In addition, my parents had taken a late vacation this year and were spending two weeks up north camping in the woods, leaving me to fend for myself. Oh, I didn't mind; they had stocked the refrigerator and pa… Read more

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Unique Family

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I was sitting in the living room, sipping on a glass of wine and watching golf on TV. I could hear Debbie, my wife of twenty-four years, moaning her approval from the bedroom. I knew full well that she was getting laid at that moment. I was also fully aware of the fact that she was in the master bedroom with our nineteen year old son, Dylan. Even though I was still deeply in love with Debbie – and I knew she was still deeply in love me with – and even thoug… Read more

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Craze for big cocks

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I wanted to have some free time and enjoy for 5 years at least, but Chetan was in a mood to have our c***d. So I finally agreed to him. So Chetan was not required to buy condoms. Chetan was fucking me almost daily minimum two times, and sometimes 3 or 4 times also. He taught me many kinky games like cock sucking, blow job, pussy licking, 69, cumming in mouth and swallowing the cum etc. Daily one round he was cumming in pussy. So one day I became pregnant easily. I delivered the c***d after 9 months. Then 3 years passed . My… Read more

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Bottoms Up

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Damn! Damn! Damn! What an ass on that woman!!! She was not a big woman, probably not more than 5' 4" tall and I would guess that she might weigh 130. She had a modest sized waist, maybe 23 inches, was probably 36C on the top but her bottom ... wow! I'll bet it was 40 inches, maybe 42, maybe even bigger. And as round as a beach ball. I had made it my business to check the figures of all the women in stores where I shopped. Mostly that just raised my libido, and gave me hard-on after hard-on, but it was the greatest pastime on earth. And occasionally it led to something a little more intimate.… Read more

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Mom lets Son try Anal


in the morning I woke feeling a slight pressure on my dick. I reach down to see what is making my dick turn so hard. I feel hair covering my dick as I try to focus. Mom is giving me one hell of a blow job and started while I was asleep. I groan as she applies more force with her hand jerking my d… Read more

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Son and Mom dominate Mom’s submissive friend

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After a lengthy bath, an oral orgasm at the tongue of my son, and another orgasm as he fucked my pussy before depositing a load all over my face, we lay in my bed together as I asked, the cum still on me, wearing it like a badge of honour, “So how did you end up fucking my best friend?” He laughed, “You’re still stuck on that?” “More curious than stuck,” I responded bluntly. “Am I hearing a tinge of jealousy?” He asked. “Truth?” I asked, shifting to vulnerable. Advertisements “Always,” he smiled war… Read more

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Older BBC

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My wife has slept with a different man about every six months for years now, really likes the excitement of it. She'll spend either a day or usually a weekend with him. We also attend many nude functions to facilitate this, she likes seeing new men. My wife always has her choice in men, she's gorgeous, 42DD-35-41, all natural, curvy, blonde, blue eyed, full bush, large pussy lips. This pierced penis (picture not available here) reminds her of an experience back when she was 48. We attended this function, saw some usual people, then I noticed this very tall 6'6" lanky built older black man, pr… Read more

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Moonlight byPeggyBuxton© John knew his mother was standing the doorway of his bedroom. The night wasn't that dark. He flipped the sheet back making his nocturnal activity even more obvious. "You're so delicious," he moaned softly as his hand slowly traveled the full length of his thick shaft. "Not as hot as my mother. Nothing could be as sweet as her pussy." Julie had been watching as she had for the last few nights. Her hand was under her short nightgown, fingers wet and moving as quietly as possible. He wants me she thought to herself. A crutch began to slip from under her arm, and she cau… Read more

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Mother's Hot Surprise

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Nicole was in the garage leaning against the side of her husband's car while Noah buried his adoring face in the abundant flesh of her enormous tits. Her nipples were fully aroused as her son's best friend moved from side to side, taking turns to suck on each of her nipples while his fingers pressed deeply into the meat of her pliant globes. The eighteen-year-old's impressive cock was throbbing with heat in her hand, precum already oozing from the head while she lathered the slick flow over the length of his rod. Noah had her thin, off the shoulder blouse down below her braless tits within mo… Read more

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In The Aqua Suite


The pretty young woman who conducted me from Reception downstairs looked like a school leaver to me – hell of a first job - I remember thinking as we went down the dim corridor decorated with art-porn. I followed to the very end door. She produced keys that were chained somewhere beneath her smart, little jacket and pushed it open. After the scant illumination of the stairs and landing, the clinical brightness within was startling. "Go in, please" she nodded pleasantly "and just mind the step-over for me. That's lovely." I picked over the raised lip she had pointed out and took in the scene o… Read more

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The Caravan With Mum


Helen and her son Mark used to go on camping and caravan holidays regularly during the school holidays. A caravan had been booked on the North Wales coast for them to share. It was late afternoon when they got there and while Helen busied herself tidying up the caravan and making them both beans on toast, Mark emptied the car "I'll sleep in this bunkbed" Mark declared. They took a stroll round the campsite after supper and Mark pecked his Mum dutifully on the cheek before settling into his little bunk. They both fell asleep very quickly and both slept soundly until Mark woke at around ha… Read more

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Holiday in Spain With Mum


Mark looked at his mother’s naked body through the crack in the door. Their holiday in Spain had been arranged to take Helens minds off work A fortnight in Spain. “Let’s recharge the batteries,” she’d said, “and just chill – you and me, the sun, the sea and the sand.” In Mark’s mind the added ingredient of “…and the sex” also sprang forward, as he looked forward to the opportunity of meeting nubile young girls stretched out on a Spanish beach, by the hotel pool or, maybe, even in disco. Four days in and it became clear that there was little or no action of that sort available. The few yo… Read more

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My Creative Writing Journal - “xHamster sex conte


xHamster was throwing a contest for all the young women who had impregnation blogs. The object of this contest was to find three (3) men who would be willing to have unprotected sex with the risk of impregnating her. The rules were extensive. 1) All three men had to live in another state. Which means I had to find three men who were NOT in the state of California. 2) One of the men had to married. Another man had to be Divorced. And another had to be widowed. 3) They all had to have had sex with the female contestant wi… Read more

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Love my wife being a slutty whore

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She has often regaled tales of her girls nights out where some guy or guys have been very forward with their suggestions, hitting on her, trying to feel her up and trying to persuade her to go on a date with them. This became so regular that it now seems the norm. She would however be extra randy on those occasions and would be more receptive in bed. Sometimes she would role-play that I was one of the guys who had tried to seduce her, and she succumbed to his wicked ways. I particularly enjoyed these encounters as it felt as though I was fucking some bombs slut and not my loving wife. We both… Read more

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Sleep over ( re vetted


Lying on the sofa after everyone had gone to bed, Adam was glad that he had decided to offer to let them stay the night. Yes they had had a drink or two but he had been fascinated with Marianne. He could not believe that she was with Nigel. Marianne obviously cared for him and they must have been a real item once but Nigel had let himself go badly. Goes to show what 20 years will do to a guy if he doesn't make an effort he thought. Nigel just about fell asleep on the lounge after dinner and seemed almost cranky to be kept up. Whilst he and Marianne had talked. They seemed like they didn’t real… Read more

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Mother's Confession


I’m a 35 year old mother of one, my son Mark. I have 38C cup breasts. I suppose you could say that I have an hour glass figure. As a result of my husband leaving us years ago, my son Mark grew up rather quickly right before my eyes. He was always a serious little boy, but even at such a young age he took to doing things around the house like mowing the lawn, and simple chores around the house. There was nothing that I could ask of him that he would not try to do his very best to fulfill, even when it might have been beyond his capabilities. There were times when I used to get lonley with… Read more

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Beautifully ugly

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I couldn't help but to wonder... is his cock huge like his hands and feet? He had the biggest hands and at least size 16 feet. In a deep voice he just says " 6' 6” " without being asked. As if he knows what I'm thinking. If he only knew. Just then the doctor walks in. I work as a nurse for a doctor who's patience have all been white or Asian up till today. Mister Walker was a referral from another doctor. I wondered how he would react if i just unzipped his pants and pulled out his big black cock. Just then doctor Adams tells the 62yo grey haired Black man he needs to undress completely for… Read more

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