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No, I was so close! my mind screamed. Frantically, I turned and swung my right leg over Mike's face and positioned my wet, gaping pussy over his mouth. Jamaal had just been fucking me with everything he had, when he had abruptly stopped. “I was so close" I whispered. Then just as he was sliding his heavy cock out of me, I wiggled out from under him and mounted my husbands’ face. He had been kneeling on the bed next to us taking pictures and lazily jerking off. “Lick me, honey. Lick me, and make me cum,” I pleaded to my husband. “Shove your tongue into me. “Fuck me with your tongue. Make me cu… Read more

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A tipsy evening with Avril

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When my husband indulged himself this summer with two golf trips, I decided I needed a short break in the sun. I was perfectly happy to take myself off to a sunny island for a long lazy week but when I told my neighbour and friend Avril about it, she suggested a twosome. Two cut a long story short, a few weeks later we found ourselves sharing a twin room in a luxury hotel in Madeira and spent a blissful time sunbathing, drinking, eating and shopping. On the last night, we decided to leave the packing until morning. We were both tired and decided to stay in, relax on the balcony, and enjoy som… Read more

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Katie the office slut fucked by the boss


Katie, wife, mother of three, monogamous for all my married life, well until about a year ago when I went into sexual overdrive, a mature woman who knew what she wanted - cock and the more I got the more I want. My changing sex life is there to be seen in pictures and stories. After many years of one man, one cock I have lost count of how many cocks have stuffed my holes during the last 12 months, strangers, Harry’s friends, my friends ex partners, customers, twenty truckers and counting and last Christmas I was fucked sensele… Read more

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Katie's online search for stranger cock part


Katie goes online in search of cock continued... Malc needed no permission and fingers were quickly rubbing my pussy. He pulled me up and drew my face towards his and stuck his tongue straight down my throat. I don’t usually kiss much, ‘don’t kiss me, just fuck me’ being my motto, but I liked his confidence, his control and his finger technique was spot on . I came very quickly and he held onto me, firmly, still kissing me, making me squirm as I was struggling to cope with the sensation, ‘fucking hell, fucking hell’ I cr… Read more

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Daddy and Mommy Seduce Tracy


"Fuck yes! Fuck yes! Fuck yes! You fucking bastard! Fuck me like I'm Tracy...Fuck me like I'm Tracy..." Tonya was growling into her husband's neck as his thick cock drilled in and out of her tight ass. Her pussy was done. He'd been pounding away at it off and on for a couple of hours, and it needed to rest. Todd's thick cock was hard, and abusive on her soft, fleshy, wet insides. He had left her pussy sore, red, and inflamed after so much pounding, and squirting. Her clit was on fire from the hard grinding from his pelvis. Now, her ass hole was getting to be a victim. "Yeah? You want fucked li… Read more

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bending over does not mean fuck my ass


As I waited for the front door to be answered a strange voice said "may I help you." Somewhat surprised I said, "I'm Roger I'm here for Judy." With that the door opened and a big, older woman I did not know announced "Hello. I'm Judy's mom Sylvia. Judy told me to tell you she tried to call you to tell you she had to go to work at the last minute, but your answering machine never picked up." Now I remembered Judy said her mom was coming into town. I must admit I was curious about her because Judy has said derisively her mom is way bigger and older looking. Judy thinks I like younger women and… Read more

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The biker chick

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I’ve been selling housewares for Macy’s for 20 years now. I love using my cheerful, personality to meet and help new people. It doesn’t hurt that I’m good looking for a 50 year-old guy, kind of a poor man’s Tom Cruise. I get to meet a fair share of women and sometimes when they are my type we become close friends. They have to be my age, nice, real and fun. Most important of all they have to be big. I’ve made friends with tall women, short women, dominant women, submissive women, busty women, pear shapes, all kinds of women, just as long as they’re on the large side. Last week I was absolute… Read more

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Quick Business Trip


This just happen yesterday, I had to go out of town for a quick business trip to the panhandle of Texas about a 7 hour drive from where I live. I aske my wife if she wanted to ride along with me for the fun of it. She readily agreed to go with me. I told her it might be best if she took an over night bag with her as if it was to late we get a room somewhere. We woke early AM like 3:00 AM, was loaded and on the road by 3:30 AM. My wife was still sleepy so she relaxed in the passenger seat and drifted off to sleep. I stayed focused on the driving and was making good time. The sun had come up a… Read more

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Ex wife mature encounter


About twelve years ago on a hot and sunny saturday afternoon , my ex wife and myself set off across some fields that led to a fishing lake , it was quite a walk along the public footpaths and we took in the scenery , we had a picnic blanket with us and a bag which contained our lunch and drinks , after about half an hour we reached our destination , which was well away from civilisation, we put down the blanket and had our lunch and soaked up the lovely weather , as it was hot and there was no one around my ex took off her top to sunbathe and get a tan, she was 52 at the time and had a great b… Read more

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Awaking alone, naked and sore

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That morning I woke up and found I was alone in bed. The room was filled with a soft glow that came from the huge side window. Sitting up, I found that my cunt and ass were incredibly sore. It hurt too much; but I also felt strangely satisfied. Then I realized I was still fully naked. I found my tiny leather bag in one corner, but nothing to wear. Wandering into the bathroom, then I found that even my ripped clothes I had tossed in the trash earlier had been taken; I finally found a very tiny black gown hanging on a door. Moving silently around the apartment, I found that I was… Read more

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My very best job

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I had only been on the job as superintendent of the apartment building in Miami a couple of weeks. My job consists of maintaining the common areas of the buildings interior and attending to the simple everyday problems with plumbing, electrical and a myriad of other small items in the tenants apartments. Generally speaking, I was a handy man. For 30 odd years I was a highly paid engineer. I got tired of the rat race and chucked it all, my wife included. We never had c***dren and since I gave her everything she didn't mind too much. My third week on the job found me changing the filters in th… Read more

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Desi Daddy Dedication

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Desi Daddy Dedication I guess I will have to start at the beginning so I don’t lose anyone along the way. My path in the gay scene has been a long one. If you have kept up with my writings you have a feel for my beginnings and some of the bumps and curves along the way. I try to detail some of my quirks for you so you get a sense of where I have been and what led me to my current life. So in the beginning, in high school, my oral and anal cherries were taken by two older boys. You know that from previous writings. In that first year and a half I satisfied two teenage boys with lingerie fetish… Read more

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In praise...


...of older ladies who bring much to the lives of younger guys IF they get the chance. In my 20s I was able to join a local nudist centre with my then g/f. Because of her relocation, some considerable distance from me, I ended up at the club and also that most vilified of things the ‘single male’ this life form usually gets short shrift as it is deemed to be he cause of unbalancing of the membership. The overall membership being socially engineered to maintain the family sensitive status and to keep any singles to older ladies and tweenage girls. Tweenage boys being very few at the club usual… Read more

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Dream Fuck

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"I would love to have sex with Jill!" I said out loud without thinking. Mr. Jennings stood there looking at me with a curious stare and then a smile came over his face. "Must be the beer talking." I said. Mr. Jennings lived across the street from me and I spent alot of time over there. I was like a son to them and they let me drink when I hit my teens. Jill Jennings was his wife and the one I said I wanted to have sex with. Bill Jennings was around 65 years old but Jill was just in her early 50's, blonde, nice large pointy tits, nice ass, cute face with brown eyes and freckles. "You and severa… Read more

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Balling Sally , my wife's grandmother


If anyone would have told me three months ago that I would be having sex with my wife's 65 year old Grandmother, Sally, I would have laughed in their face. The fact is not only am I doing it , but to be honest with you I'm enjoying the hell out of it. Simply stated the old gal is twice as good in bed as her 30 year old granddaughter. Here's the story on age: Sally married my wife's grandfather at 15 and my mother-in-law was born when she was 16. My mother-in-law married at 18 and had my wife at 19. Sally is 65, my mother-in-law is 49 and my wife is 30. I am 31 and my wife and I have been marr… Read more

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Mr & Mrs s Nights Out

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We have been married for almost 30 years. When we met, Mrs s had long, flowing dark brown hair that reached down her back. At 5'4, she was cute as fuck and had a nice looking body with pert tits and slim waist. She was shy about showing off her assets at first . Mrs s liked to have some white wines, and when she got the alcohol would make her do some flashing at some truck drivers. In our younger days, it was fairly easy for me to talk Mrs s into taking off her top and flashing her firm size 36C tits as we were driving along, but I usually had to wait for the alcohol to take effect before… Read more

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The Football Game

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She was about 5' 5 with long brown hair. now, so she doesn't have the body that she had in in our young days a nice tits 36 C breasts and tight ass. short denim skirt and a jersey. As game time approached, she took on the role of perfect hostess. She refilled drinks, passed out more snacks, We all had a good buzz on by kick off, I could tell as the guys got more and more drunk, they had a harder time concentrating on the game as they seemed to spend more and more time watching Mrs s as she walked through the room serving as our hostess. it didn't seem like the guys minded. I was getting ha… Read more

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My Drunk Wife And A Trucker

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This all happened one weekend in July this year we had a family party in Dumfries on the Friday night .So we was going to the family party for three to four hours and then we would go for a week away at our caravan at Cleethorpes after the party . It was about 10.30 pm when we got on the road to head to Cleethorpes Mrs was a bit drunk as she had some white wines at the party I was sober as I was driving so when we got to Penrith to go on to the A66 to Scotch Corner. We was in some slow moving car overtaking a truck as we past the cab of the truck Mrs s had noticed that the driver was glancing… Read more

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My parents friend

First TimeMature

I was always so excited when my parents friend dawn was coming over for dinner. She was always so nice to me and she had really really big breasts and every night she came over i think she always caught me looking at her and I always wanted her to stay so I could keep talking to her and looking at her, even though I was shy and didn’t say too much ever, and I also couldn’t wait till the end of the night when I would go to bed and rub hard thinking about her and picture her on top of me with her huge breasts hanging down while I spurted all over myself and mouthed her name and also words about… Read more

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how i lost it

First TimeMatureSex Humor

was 19yr when I lost my v card. She was 28yr plump but had good personality and was kinda interior at the motorcycle dealership I was services managing. I'm quit sure she fancied me but you know I was shy and innocent to the working of flings yet. Now I told you I've been a perv sense I was 7yr old and was deviant in mind but not I in practice at this time. So we'd be working and she kept doing proactive things like bending over to let me see her ass in tight jeans and leaning towards me at times to let me see down her shirts ho yeah she was not a dress warier. I was young and dumb and didn't… Read more

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