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Suzy's Story - Part 6 (Final)

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(I strongly suggest you read parts 1 to 5 first...) I was beginning to think that maybe I’m some sort of a freak. No other women I have known have ever indicated that they may have the same kink as I have. I have done internet searches and found confessions from women who like sex with older men, but they haven’t been group sex. And most seem to be fantasies. Maybe I’m just lucky, but I have a feeling I’m in a very small minority here. Anyway, I’m having a great time and I don’t feel I’m exploited; I’m certainly appreciated! And well treated. But I do have times when I worry about what I’m do… Read more

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Pervert exhbitionist granny


Helen was a very horny 63 year old lady who ever since being a nubile 15, absolutely loved flaunting her very hairy cunt and large bouncy tits to anyone in public and private whenever she could. She also loved sex but after her very randy husband died a few months ago she was now experiencing massive sexual frustration. And she thought that being a well rounded size 16-18 that was all she was going to get. How to relieve that was down to masturbating and imagination. But to Helen, it was the build up to fucking that got her cunt really wet and her orgasms really strong. Plus she wanted to try… Read more

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Fucking Mom


It all started about a year ago. My mom is a beautiful 38-year-old woman with long flowing blonde hair and a slender body. Her breasts are medium sized but full. My dad is a Captain in the US Navy and is quite often out to sea for three months at a time. During the Gulf war my dad was gone for almost a year in the Persian Gulf, so my mom and I were home alone. After graduating high school, I decided to wait till my dad came home before going to college. This way I would be around to help my mom out till he returned. Little did I know, just how I would be helping her out. About two months af… Read more

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Mrs Brandenton/Sarasota Married Cum dumpster


Shortly after asking my wife of 15 years for a separation I began talking to this lovely woman in her mid to late 30's, she was 5'6" tall and approximately 135 lbs, very, sandy brown hair with brown eyes lovely long legs, and beautiful shapely 34D cup breasts. When I first started chatting with her online she told me she had been married over 25 years, with 2 k**s, a boy 6 and a little girl 5, for the most part they had a pretty good marriage other than their sex live was nearly non existent and he wasn't home much due to his business and stuff. She explained that all she was looking for wa… Read more

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My Confession

TabooFirst TimeMature

my husband is 33. I am now 57 This all happened over 20 years ago or so. I was young. My ex-husband wanted to try something new in the bed. He blindfolded me. He tied each of my limbs to the four bed posts. and started playing with me sexually after a while he said he be right back. A few moments passed he returned and put headphones on my head and played some music from a cd player. I can recall him sucking on my breasts. kissing my body then he started to finger my pussy. I was the wettest I had ever been since maybe the first time I had ever been eaten out when I was younger. I was having a… Read more

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Alone aunt footjob


It was a Thursday evening,at 18:00 precisley,Alan had to go to his aunt's house to take her digital camera to donwload her photos;while he was riding his bike,he was thinking to how to try to lick her feet (he touched and massaged 4 or 5 times them),when he finally arrived. He saw my uncle in the garden cutting the grass,and after saying "Hi" to him,He got into the house: His aunt was stretched out on the sofa,with closed eyes (but she wasn't sleeping); "Hi,how are you?" she said while smiling,"Hi auntie,i'm fine,and you?",and after a big suspyre she said "I'm fine,but my legs are tired and… Read more

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Aunt Amanda's footjob

FetishMatureFirst Time

Jerry is a 24 year old guy. He have had a foot fetish all of his life. He have always found his Aunt Amanda's feet to be exceptionally sexy. She is in 42's but looks to be mid 35's, a COMPLETE MILF! She's 5'7, average sized body, always well dressed and pampered. She's kind of a flirt as well and feeds into him obsession with her sexy feet. He went to visit her one weekend at her house to stay for a few days. She came into the living room where he was hanging out, watching TV. "ouhhh my feet,all that walking hmmm, I need to get off my feet." "Is there anything you need?" Jerry asked. "maybe… Read more

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Changing the sheets leads to a romp


I was left to rest for a couple of hours - then went and looked for Rick to help me change the sheets on the bed. Turned them down and took my flannel gown off - leaving on my panties and Rick had on his boy short. We kissed a lot and Rick guides my hand down to my panties and pushes it inside the top - tells me to play with myself - takes my other hand and puts it on the out side of his shorts over his hard on. He pushes the waist band down and his cock flops out and I grab it. He has me stroke him and play with the tip. After a couple of minutes - he gets on his hands and knees to suck my… Read more

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A chance encounter


A chance encounter A chance encounter. It was late in the summer and the last weekend at the beach house. I was almost ready to go back to the city. One last walk along the beach to soak salt air into my lungs so I would remember it. I walked along the water's edge to get the sound of the sloshing waves inside me. Far away a dark-haired woman was walking in the opposite direction. Against me. She walked in an almost causual manner, yet with her head high up and a straight back. Dangling. As we approached each other our eyes met, curiously. We both slowed down a bit and she looked at me with a… Read more

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TV Mechanic broke my husband’s trust on me

HardcoreMatureFirst Time

I look very fair & attractive; I stand 5’9” tall, which is quite a good height for Indian women and my jet black hair still drops to my waist when untied. Educated women from my community are modest & shy to speak about their physical assets or sex lives. Anantha is a caring husband & complements me in looks nicely, he is also 6 ft tall, fair & a brilliant metallurgical engineer educated from the IIT. We are staying in Bhub… Read more

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Boss Promised Me Promotion

HardcoreFirst TimeMature

I am 24 years old and my height is 5’9″ and weight is 58 kilos and my body stats are 34D-32-36 my biggest assets are my height and big boobs. I lost my virginity at my 20 years to one of my college friend, I started enjoying my sex life from my college days. I am working for a MNC company as team lead and handle a team of about 30 employees, I had joined this company 2 years ago and I was in the list of becoming Assistant Manager. We normally have client me… Read more

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the lonely black guy

MatureGay MaleInterracial Sex

he sits every evening on his balcony on the 3rd and drink his beer alone watching stuff on his ipad im the student living on his left one floor up it was 2am i got home late and he never saw me getting out yet i could clearly see his big cock i his hand as he jackoff to some porn on his ipad ive learn 10 min later this he did it to show me his cock in hope he was right about me getting in his place like there was nothing and i didnt see him came back instead its my appartement door that i forgot to lock who open quietly as light myself a cigarette sit on the balconby trying to see if… Read more

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Crazy Milf from Chile and night off ;)

Group SexMature

It was 2016 summer time in Latin America . it was slow day but i dont remember what day it was anyway maybe arounde 8 pm there was nice looking milf at the bar siting alone just a minut ago her girl frien left other one was a bomb . time was going slow at one moment she was almost only person there . Came 11 pm and girls from bar and some friends was ready to go out we was going some 7 miles away to some nice club really popular place so at last moment one friend called milf from bar to go with us , any way bar was closing and she was dresed nice big ass latina with beautiful sexy legs big tit… Read more

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A very tighy ring


I had been really horny all that long week. My loving husband had been travelling too many times in the last month and he had been too stressed to fuck me between trips. On the third day he was staying in town; I decided to pay a quick visit to his work. I found him very busy at his office. I opened the door and showed him my sexy outfit. I had chosen a terrific skin tight black skirt, with one long cut at one side. My nylon covered legs looked even longer on my high stilettos and of course, I was not wearing a thong at all. I also was wearing a white blouse and a jacket, posing as a b… Read more

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Anita meets a Welshman


Anita and I had been enjoying some nice vacation days at a very comfortable hotel by the beach. On the fourth evening, my sexy hotwife was wearing a new black short sexy dress she had purchased that same afternoon. Before leaving the room for going to dinner, Ana asked me if I thought she should wear a tiny thong under that sexy dress. She looked very hoy dressed like this and I told her she did not need to put on any underwear… She looked really very fuckable,,, After we had dinner, we sat down on a sofa at the back of the bar. We ordered drinks and were chatting away when some you… Read more

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Bent over and looking down to the dance floor


My hubby was out of town again; but this time he was not on a boring business trip: he had gone fishing with Jorge, my girlfriend Helena’s husband.. So Helena had arranged with other girls, Laura and Camilla, to get that same week end out of town, for doing some shopping and going to party… Saturday evening I met the girls at a restaurant and we had a very nice dinner. As we finished our meals and continued having some cocktails, Camilla mentioned we should go to one of the clubs just down the same street. So, we walked down to see if anything was going on. The club was fairly large… Read more

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Horny and wet in the morning


That morning I opened my eyes on the bed and felt very horny. It was Saturday and Victor should not go to his office. I looked to the other side of the bed and found my loving husband was not there. Then I ran my over my round boobs. My nipples were full erected and aching so bad. I touched them and then continued going down to my belly. I soon reached out my pussy lips. I opened then between my fingers and found myself so wet… I need a man; I thought. Right now; I could not wait any longer. I needed a hard cock buried deep inside my hungry cunt. I asked where that loving bastard was w… Read more

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Aunt Michelle's Secret Formula - 2nd Chapter


DISCLAIMER: All characters in this story are fictional and over the age of 18. SUBJECT: A young masturbation addict is sent to a dominating older female who has a special interest in his secretion. (tags: milf, masturbation, soft femdom, handjob, big tits, older female vs younger male, dirty talk, cum denial, prostate stimulation, milking) Aunt Michelle's Secret Formula - Second Chapter - My mother insisted on pulling my trolley up to Auntie’s front door. Michelle lived in an old one-storey villa near the TV station, in a… Read more

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The Harem --at last

MatureGroup Sex

To bring everyone up to date. My wife did not leave for U.K. on her original schedule. Something about a small wedding over there put everything on hold. I still do not know how she is connected and to whom, guess I never will, however she could have attended some of the real festivities, but without me, as I am from the Colonies. She politely declined, delicate situation I understand it to be. She left for what is now a 2 month stint on June 30th, meaning she will not be back until near labor day. I was eagerly anticipating the promise not to be lonely to be fulfilled, however I was alon… Read more

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Lads Holiday

AnalMatureFirst Time

So having just got off the phone to my wife she informed me that he sister Shell along with her hubby were in my neck of the woods for a few days and may well catch up! Great I thought just what I need when I'm out on the pull. The lads and I were back after a great round of golf, showered and were enjoying a cool beer in one of Benidorm's sports bars, the lads being lads were busy chatting up anything that was around our table, I was into a pretty Welsh bird who seemed to be well up for it. She gave me her number and told me to call her later that night to catch up, so I was pretty please.… Read more

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