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Erotic Education 5: Chrissy Comes

BDSMFirst TimeMasturbation

CHRISSY COMES TO STAY ALL HOT HOLIDAY IN OUR TENT ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Chrissy comes unexpectedly to my tent, around midnight, in full moon light Have I slept, or was I still day-dreaming at night of cute Chrissie at my lap? Right hand under my head, gazing the twinkling stars, left hand in my tent "I need to take a leak, pappa Peter! Will you help me & kiss my cunny dry?" She seems to wear only a long wide white T-shirt & sexy slippers: wet weeds She reaches for my hands & I have her squat down to let he… Read more

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Sweet Sex With My Wife.

HardcoreMasturbationSex Humor

My wife and I were lying on the bed one Friday night, I was laying on my back and my head is on my chest, and I was stroking her cheek ever so softly. We're watching a movie, but she's barely aware of it, enjoying the gentle, tender touch of my fingers brushing her cheek lightly. I noticed that she's stirred deep inside, emotionally first, thinking how amazing I am, how lucky she is, how good it feels to be mine. There is another stirring deep inside her body, wanting to be close to me, to touch me, to make the action of our bodies match the swelling of passion deep within her. She sits up.… Read more

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fetish story


Original fetish He removed the falso from her hot vagina and replaced her with a cold, hot tongue. She spread her legs and rubbed on ice-stone plates like a cunt that ran on the handler's hand As they walked together, they felt as light rain drops fell on their bodies. There and there, he would have ripped off, and then he would embrace him very strongly and fast, and he would take a quick step through the city. Her heart was stronger than any thunder. She wanted to have it with rain caps. The rain began to fall sharply, and he pressed it more and more. Her heart grew strong… Read more

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SHORT PIECES (Gay Tales). Volume 2

AnalGay MaleMasturbation

SHORT PIECES (Gay Tales) Volume 2 The Bears It was a lovely day in the forest as Michael’s group had left the tents and continued where they had left off the day before. The purpose of the team was to cut the underbrush and assemble it in piles along the old path. This area had been saved for selective cutting by a major lumber company. Michael’s team was one of five groups of 6 men each spread over the entire forested area. The cutters were seasoned woodsmen, their age ranging from 35 to 60 years old. Most were heavy set bearded men and had spent a good part of their life in different job… Read more

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Our New Adventures 3


New Adventures 3 As previously stated, I’m playing catch up here with events, but just to cover a bit of ground quickly I’ll just say that it has been more than two weeks since my wife’s little confession. It had a very exciting impact on our already brilliant sex lives, all guilt of her feelings has been all but wiped out and she has become more vocal about what turns both her and myself on, something that I’ve been wanting for quite a while. Unfortunately, her gorgeous Irishman has not visited her office since, my wife has seen his colleagues there on occasion but not him. However, thi… Read more

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My first XHamster encounter.


All stories and blog entries are based on true events. Names, dates and locations have been changed for privacy. This could potentially answer a couple of questions. How did I hear about and why have I taken so long to join XHamster? Until recently I was in a long term relationship, sadly my past caught up with me and it ended. I have been a fan of XHamster for a while. I have tried other sites but they tend to be a multitude of sites where men outnumber women 1,000 to one and profiles are links to prostitutes and pay per view webcam scammers. Meh. XHamster was different. I found it by a… Read more

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Sunday Morning Sex.

FetishMasturbationSex Humor

The notion gradually dawns on me as I awoke and sense the sun outside, the curtains swaying in the breeze. I remember the previous night and smile. It was a nice party and even nicer to get back to our house. The wine had made me sl**py and the long day had taken its toll. I turned in the bed to find my wife, but she weren't there. Then I realised the steady drum of the shower coming from the bathroom. She was already up. I threw the covers back and rose, heading for the downstairs bathroom. By the time I had downed a glass of orange juice and made coffee, she was done. The water had stopped… Read more

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An American Prayer

MasturbationTabooGroup Sex

Is everybody in? Is everybody in? Is everybody in? The ceremony is about to begin. Wake up! You can't remember where it was Had this dream stopped? Awake Shake dreams from your hair, my pretty c***d, my sweet one Choose the day, choose the sign of your day, the day's divinity, First thing you see. A vast radiant beach and cool jeweled moon Couples naked race down by its quiet side And we laugh like soft, mad c***dren, Smug in the woolly cotton brains of infancy. The music and voices with all around us. Choose, they croon, the ancient ones, the time has come again. Choose now, they croon,… Read more

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Going for a walk


Barb and I had known each other since we both were at university together. We’d sort of veered in and out of each others lives since then. Chatting on Facebook about loves lost, problems, and even sexual fantasies. We both knew more about the other sexually than many a lover ever would. But the spark was never really there in real life. She did seem to want me, but every time I saw her, I was struck by how not-attractive I found her (even though I knew for a fact many men and women did), and I felt the crazy almost seeping out of her. But again, average sized boobs, a round soft butt, blond a… Read more

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all exposed in public


Being a filthy slut has always been easy for me, i love the feel of being dominated and told what to do which in turns get my meaty cunt nice and wet...fancy dress night at mickys friends house party was looming, my dominant other half micky(at the time) told me i was going to dress as a school girl. Hair in pigtails with pink bows, white shirt, white bra, white school girl knickers and of course the shortest mini school skirt he could get hes hands on......i would of preferred flats (lots of dancing to be done!!) but oh no.....i was told to wear 5 inch heel lace up school shoes along with wh… Read more

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Indian s****r fed me her excess milk

FetishFirst TimeMasturbation

Hi, this is Rajesh again with my new story working in MNC and now settled in Bangalore. I have a great sex life and enjoying my sex life to the fullest with my 8 inch cock and satisfying may Ladies and Aunties , any unsatisfied girls, ladies, aunties can mail me at I am overwhelmed by your comments and have encouraged me to come out with my other dark secrets. Thank you all for the good comments for my other stories that you people gave me. That is an inspiration for me to come up with another incident. This is a story of my elder cousin s****r Sandhya. She w… Read more

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A good time with my wife!


My wife and I have full, penis in vagina, sex 3 or 4 times a week but sometimes she gives me something a little different. We had a hot time together last night. We were undressing for bed and I got nude first. I was in the mood and my cock was up hard. I watched her take off her blouse and drop her skirt so she was looking real good just in her white bra and panties. I decided to finish undressing her. She had her back to me so I started by fondling her ass through her panties then slid my hand up her back, unclipped her bra and slipped it off her shoulders. I reached round from behind he… Read more

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My wank buddy


This is how i became the filthy deviant I am today. It all started with my best friend from school "Matt" His mum and dad owned the first video store in our little town. Matt and I would stay either after school or Sundays in this bed-sit unit above the shop and watch videos until our perants finished work. The first time I stayed overnight it started, Matts mum closed store at 8pm then came up to fetch us.. We begged her to let us stay the night. In the end she agreed saying she would see us with breakfast in the morning. The moment she left Matt bolted downstairs returning with an… Read more

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Dream Diary 4 "True North Strong and Free&quo

Gay MaleMasturbationTaboo

Dream Diary 4 "True North Strong and Free" About three days ago I received an unusual letter in the mail. It was from my cousin Chris. Chris and I are pretty good net buddies. We share a lot of what goes on in our personal lives. But in real life we don't hang out much at all. We only get to see each other at major f****y events. Holidays, funerals and the like. Maybe once a year at best. While we do spend at least a half an hour online each or every other day, we have never used tangible correspondence at all. So when I opened the letter I was very surprised to find a very shor… Read more

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Early Cuckold Sign

FetishFirst TimeMasturbation

It was a hot but pleasant night when I met one of the hottest girls I can remember. I was visiting a buddy whose younger b*****r was throwing a pool party for his high school friends. Since we were out of school, our unplanned appearance sparked interest among the girls. I was approached by a beauty in a tiny white bikini who asked me to join in on the swim. I told her I didn't have a suit and she convinced me to run home and get one while she would accompany me. Her near-naked beautiful body sitting in my car imprinted itself in my head forever. I saw the tiniest suit, barely covering he… Read more

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Sex Students at Professor Peter 4


Professor Peter finally looks like getting close to the standard start of his hot Intimate Interviews & Inspections although he never did two at the same time. Sitting at his lap is most unusual. To some it happens later, if at all. "Our visit to the bench with a view to the GYM IV looked like an informal way to get ourselves acquainted. In fact, it was a first improvised start of both your Intimate Interviews, to be continued in about half an hour or so. With my speed - or more precise: the lack of it - we will need ten minutes to get to our International Institute of… Read more

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Sex Students at Professor Peter 3


Kinky Karin, smart slim student at Technical University Delft, applies at the "International Institute of Experimental Erotics" of Professor Peter in Amsterdam. She successfully takes first few tests on paper in her application form online and later in a private chat with the Professor himself. However, it scares her quite a bit, as he tells her endurance of pain in spanking is one of many exams to take during her intake initial long warm weekend. So she confides in her younger s!ster, who still lives at their folks in Rotterdam. Which is quite close to her in old Delft, of famous pa… Read more

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My Friends Stayed Overnight 2 (The Boys Slumber-pa

First TimeGay MaleMasturbation

This is a true story. Only the names are changed. It was a summer evening. The air was heavy with the smell of buttered popcorn and cotton-candy. My friend Matty and I were at a Carnival that came to town. We had already been on a couple rides. “What ride should we go on next?” I asked him. “We should go on the Starship 2000 Gravitron!” Matty said. The sun had set and with the absents of sun light the Gravitron ride seemed to be the brightest lit up of all the rides. It’s spinning flying saucer shape was painted bright purple and covered in tiny lights. “I gotta go to the bathroom first… Read more

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f***ed by my son


One evening when my husband was working late i came home after dark. The house was in darkness and as I walked in and noticed David was in his room. I walked past his door into my room and began to undress. Hearing a little knock at the door I looked around and saw David standing at the door in some new underpants he wanted to show me Darling, i said, how was your day Ok, i got these new undies, he said, as he wandered into the room. What did you do? I explained I just went to work and dropped into the mall on the way home and got a new skirt for summer Can i see, he asked Of course,… Read more

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Masturbating in the Back of Class


The new 2017 school year has started. I went through all of my classes for the first time around but I noticed something about my very last class; my teacher is attractive as fuck. She is attractive in a milf way. It checks out because she told the class she has a husband and a couple of c***dren. To describe her, she is white, exactly 5 feet, a bit pudgy and wide but thick in the right places, has D cups, a nice big round ass, straight black hair, a pretty face, and a pair of glasses. Not to mention her smile is gorgeous. Nothing super special about her, but I can't help but imagine he… Read more

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