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Hubby's Late Night at Work

I spent the weekend visiting my fam.ily out of town. By the time I got back into town it was late Monday night. Hubby had to work late, I knew he’d be tired so I wanted to surprise him there. He’s such a hard worker always pulling long hours to go above and beyond to take care of our little fam.ily. I pulled into the parking lot of his job, quickly freshened up to make sure I looked my best. I had on a short pink dress that he loves with no panties and my favorite pair of pumps. I pushed my tits together and made kissy faces into the mirror before getting out. I walked into the 10-story buildi... Continue»
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My second time with a guy

So after my first experience (previous story) with a guy and going back for more a couple times, I fancied something different, So I got hold of an old friend and asked if he wanted to hang out. I knew he was gay because he used to beg me to wank in front of him when we were both at school, and I always did.

So I went to his house for a 'catch up' So I was sat on his bed and he was on the other side of the room, so yeah we were chatting for a bit and the topic got on to sex as he knew the guy i fucked. So I told him all about it, I could see him getting pretty hard from obviously thinking o... Continue»
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Morning Delights

I wake up in the morning with a raging hard on. It usually happens every morning when I can still feel the warmth of your body next to mine. I stretch out my hands to find you, but I find the bed empty. I know you would have gone downstairs to make coffee for yourself, because I know you need your morning cup bright and early. The though of yesterdays rendezvous does not help the cause of cooling down my passions.
I stretch in bed and open my eyes. My cock makes a huge tent in the sheets under the covers and I feel the need to desperately feel the hot warmth of your pussy enveloping my cock y... Continue»
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Hot & Cold

Hot and Cold

This is a true story about one of the best masturbation experiences I have ever had…when I was younger, before my first sexual experience with another person, I always wanted to ride my bike out to a nature preserve that was a few miles out of the town I grew up in, and finally got the balls to do it. It was a warm summer day, warm enough to work up a good sweat. I rode out to the nature preserve and rode the entire trail, which I am pretty sure was more than a few miles. It was relatively flat ground but still a little difficult for someone that did not exercise or ride a bike t... Continue»
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First Masturbation experience

I haven't found many stories like this (or maybe I just haven't looked hard enough) so I thought I'd do this.

So this is a true story. Like true-true, or true to the best of my ability, none of that nonsense where people say it's true but more like "loosely based on a true story". Just thought I'd get that out there.

Anyways, when I was much younger I had no idea how sex operated. I didn't even know what girls had down there for a good bit. I didn't know semen even existed. I had a very limited knowledge which made sex jokes involving semen and pussy's fly over my head. Not anal or breas... Continue»
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A Sexy Neighbour

I was having a short vacation at my parent’s house. It was a bit boring but there was one consolation though, the woman next door. OMG she made me horny. It was summer and, as both my parents worked, I was home alone. I noticed her hanging clothes on the line. It was early in the morning and she was wearing a long t-shirt, the type used as PJ's by some ladies. As she bent over to get something out of the clothes basket the t-shirt rode up her body and I caught a glimpse of her panties. I lost interest in the newspaper and watched. It happened again. When she went inside I waited. She did not r... Continue»
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Lena meine gute Freundin (Füsse,Socken,Blasen)

Ich habe ein sehr engen Verhältnis zu meiner guten Freundin Lena die ich schon aus Kindertagen kannte.
Als Sie 18 geworden war hat sich ihr Leben drastisch verändert, Party, Saufen, dumme Jungs, usw. usw. ich konnte wenig dagegen tun denn ich hatte meine eigenen Probleme und Leben zu meistern. Ich konnte sie nur immer warnen nichts Dummes anzustellen, und auf sich aufzupassen. Eines Nachts es war Freitag so gegen 2:00 Uhr, ich War brav im Bett ich hatte ja spät Schicht und war ganz schön kaputt da klingelte mein Handy.
Ich kroch aus meinem Bett um an mein am anderen Ende des Zimmers liegendes ... Continue»
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Eight Ball

“What the fuck is this shit?” I said, as I threw my book down onto the table. “It’s so hard to find good smut, these days.”

The couples and families at the other tables all looked at me strangely, peering over their crystal glasses and overly ornate centerpieces, before returning to their meals.

“They shouldn’t be out in public if one f-bomb makes them cringe.”

The book lying on my table, which had gotten soaked when it knocked over my water glass, was simply titled, “Wet Lips”. It hadn’t started out spectacularly, but I thought it would be fun enough to keep me entertained, while I a... Continue»
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Gracie 01

I met a Gracie at Clancy's. I was sitting at the bar when this little fat girl came and sat beside me. She had a very pretty face but was short and fat. Not flabby fat but round and voluptuous. Well, a touch beyond voluptuous. I thought such a shame, such a pretty face, yet so fat.

She looked at me and smiled and her face changed from pretty to beautiful when she smiled. The change was amazing. I must have stared at her because she giggled and said.

"Hi, I'm Gracie."
"I'm Vicky."
"Hi Vicky. I've seen you here before."

I didn't know how to respond to that. I'd never seen her befor... Continue»
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Sex Students at Professor Peter 5: Pussy Parlour

Awesome applicant Sex Students cute Karin and yummy young sexy Sylvia
stand spread-legged wide each at a longing leg of Sex-Professor Poet-PETER

As expected his hot erotic examinations causes them mouth- & handfuls of "O"s
as he either licks their pussy juices so soft & seductive or plays pussies pervertly

After the two sexy sista's are sexhausted, suddenly pretty Petra pops up in our garden
as always, an unannounced and unexpected visit to her hot great Grandpa & total tutor

... Continue»
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There I was, leaning back on a picnic table watching him pull my underwear and shorts down my legs. My little cock was swaying around out in the cool air as the rain storm hammered down on the small shelter. He threw my soakened clothes down onto the wet concrete. I remember the slapping sound they made. I stared intently as he removed his shirt. I was in a trance, I struggled getting my wet t-shirt off me....I gave up and froze my gaze on his enormous meat stick emerge from his shorts. It bounced up out, looking straight at me. He moved in between my open legs. He gripped my shirt at the coll... Continue»
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Second visit with kipper

Later that evening I walked back to walk and feed kipper
I arrived and brushed over tail wagging his tail like mad

I fed him and took him for a long walk
Throwing his ball till my arm hurt I was feeling so guilty about what I had done earlier

When we got back the phone was ringing ,
I picked it up, it was Catherine, she had phoned my home and mum had told her I was walking kipper.

Catherine told me they may have to stay a little longer, we chatted about our days and she asked is kipper ok

I hesitated then said yes , I have just walked and fed him him he fine , the feelings of ... Continue»
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My sons BULLY

My Son's Bully

I fidgeted impatiently and checked the time again. Yesterday my son had come home bruised and bl**dy. After some coaxing he had admitted he was being bullied, almost daily, by one of his classmates, Klay. I was about to call the school, when he told me that he had already tried that and they wouldn't do anything without hard proof. Klay was a star athlete on the football, basketball, baseball, and hockey teams and the school was desperate to keep him playing. I had then called his home, hoping to speak to his mother, who would surely understand my plight. Instead the phone ha... Continue»
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growing up

i had a super crush on my friends mom growing up, i stole her panties and bras and hot clothes , whatever i could get my hands on you know, they lived right behind me in a small village almost rural, doors never locked. when they were home i just walked right in. i was over all the time. even tried some peeping tom type stuff but not super into it. shit started to get real though around 14-15 yrs old about 2005. the mom(stephanie) caught the husband cheating on her with this super young chick who was married to a guy that worked for his construction business, well they're super catholic and th... Continue»
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Erotic Education 5: Chrissy Comes



Chrissy comes unexpectedly to my tent, around midnight, in full moon light
Have I slept, or was I still day-dreaming at night of cute Chrissie at my lap?
Right hand under my head, gazing the twinkling stars, left hand in my tent
"I need to take a leak, pappa Peter! Will you help me & kiss my cunny dry?"
She seems to wear only a long wide white T-shirt & sexy slippers: wet weeds
She reaches for my hands & I have her squat down to let he
... Continue»
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Sweet Sex With My Wife.

My wife and I were lying on the bed one Friday night, I was laying on my back and my head is on my chest, and I was stroking her cheek ever so softly. We're watching a movie, but she's barely aware of it, enjoying the gentle, tender touch of my fingers brushing her cheek lightly. I noticed that she's stirred deep inside, emotionally first, thinking how amazing I am, how lucky she is, how good it feels to be mine. There is another stirring deep inside her body, wanting to be close to me, to touch me, to make the action of our bodies match the swelling of passion deep within her. She sits up. ... Continue»
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fetish story

Original fetish

He removed the falso from her hot vagina and replaced her with a cold, hot tongue. She spread her legs and rubbed on ice-stone plates like a cunt that ran on the handler's hand

As they walked together, they felt as light rain drops fell on their bodies. There and there, he would have ripped off, and then he would embrace him very strongly and fast, and he would take a quick step through the city. Her heart was stronger than any thunder. She wanted to have it with rain caps.

The rain began to fall sharply, and he pressed it more and more. Her heart grew strong
... Continue»
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SHORT PIECES (Gay Tales). Volume 2

SHORT PIECES (Gay Tales) Volume 2
The Bears
It was a lovely day in the forest as Michael’s group had left the tents and continued where they had left off the day before. The purpose of the team was to cut the underbrush and assemble it in piles along the old path. This area had been saved for selective cutting by a major lumber company. Michael’s team was one of five groups of 6 men each spread over the entire forested area.
The cutters were seasoned woodsmen, their age ranging from 35 to 60 years old. Most were heavy set bearded men and had spent a good part of their life in different job... Continue»
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Our New Adventures 3

New Adventures 3

As previously stated, I’m playing catch up here with events, but just to cover a bit of ground quickly I’ll just say that it has been more than two weeks since my wife’s little confession. It had a very exciting impact on our already brilliant sex lives, all guilt of her feelings has been all but wiped out and she has become more vocal about what turns both her and myself on, something that I’ve been wanting for quite a while. Unfortunately, her gorgeous Irishman has not visited her office since, my wife has seen his colleagues there on occasion but not him. However, thi... Continue»
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My first XHamster encounter.

All stories and blog entries are based on true events. Names, dates and locations have been changed for privacy.

This could potentially answer a couple of questions. How did I hear about and why have I taken so long to join XHamster?

Until recently I was in a long term relationship, sadly my past caught up with me and it ended.

I have been a fan of XHamster for a while. I have tried other sites but they tend to be a multitude of sites where men outnumber women 1,000 to one and profiles are links to prostitutes and pay per view webcam scammers. Meh.

XHamster was different. I found it by a... Continue»
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