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small dicks are good at oral

today i was talking to a fellow sissy online and the memories of a special girl came to my mind and idecided to write them down and share them..i remember there was this girl i've "dated" for a couple of months that basically touched my dick just one time..she was stunning,you know those girls that manage to have the cutest faces ever and yet they're rocking the body of a goddess where evey single part of their body it's just unbelivably perfect and hot?..that's how she was..i can spend hours describing every part of her body and how baffling perfect each one of them was but i don't think a lo... Continue»
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Die Aufgabe

Eigentlich keine Story im rechten Sinne, doch wer liest schon Blogs?

Stell dir vor, du bist nackt und sitzt auf der Couch einer Freundin. Nicht weil du geil auf sie bist, sondern, weil du einen Auftrag hast. Du solltest jemanden aus deinem Bekanntenkreis aussuchen. Es sollte nicht dein Freund sein und auch sonst niemand, mit dem du schon Sex hattest. Das Geschlecht desjenigen ist nicht vorgegeben. Lediglich, dass du dir im Beisein und vor den Augen der- oder desjenigen nackt von eigener Hand einen Orgasmus verschaffen sollst. Ohne, dass dein Zeuge dabei zu irgend einem Zeitpunkt aktiv eingrei... Continue»
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Die Nymphomanin, Kapitel 2

Es war ein ganz normaler Mittwoch, ich gammelte nachmittags gemütlich am PC in meiner Studentenwohnung und zockte Battlefield mit Freunden, als ich eine Kurzmitteilung von Muriel erhielt. Zugegeben, seitdem ich sie auf der Studihausparty kennengelernt hatte ging alles drunter und drüber in meinem Leben, die unvergessliche Nacht mit ihr schwebte mir immer noch im Kopf rum und obwohl schon ein paar Tage vergangen waren und wir uns ständig SMS schickten, hatte ich weder eine Ahnung was das Ganze zu bedeuten hatte, noch wo es hinführen sollte. Zumindest hatte sie die Geister der Vergangenheit und ... Continue»
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message to a friend

I posted these messages to a mate of mine here on xham a couple of years ago but I don't know if he ever got to read them. He later told me that he hadn't been on xham for quite some time and had forgotten his login password so I didn't get a reply and he never mentioned it so I guess not. Or maybe he did but was too embarrassed to reply, my messages were pretty full on and candid after all. I'd been denied sex from the wife for over a year by this time and was all alone feeling really horny and had had quite a bit to drink and smoke. I just felt compelled at that moment to let him know what I... Continue»
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Meeting with daddy after four years in Singapore

When as a girl you reach an age where sex becomes a big thing in your life, so big, you don't think about what's considered taboo, in fact the exact opposite happens and like a d**g addict looking for a bigger fix, you start to fuck in a manner considered dangerous sex, that kind of kink, gives the best orgasms, for me anyhow I went at it full pelt.

My background had a fertile beginning with both sets of my parents being swingers. My father worked offshore in Aberdeen and my mother would travel up with him for crew change on a Tuesday, staying over on the Monday night and coming home Wednes... Continue»
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The Skate Park--Making Porn

The Skate Park---
Makin Porn

After Mr. Wilson got me out of jail, I went to his house the next day to do a free mowing for him, as promised. He said it didn't really need it at the moment, but that his friend Johnny was around back, and wanted to see me about something. (sweet, I thinks to myself)

Having some of Mr. Wilsons infamous lemonaide, Jonnny tells me he would like to video me at the park ridin on my board. Then, if I would, maybe a jack-off scene later. He went on to explain that this would be distributed to a few tight “friends” for their enjoyment, and that he would pay me ... Continue»
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Train Flash at a Very Young Teen

Originally submitted under my old log in Bigsoftee

I never took a train ride in my life but here I was heading to South Carolina to meet my cousin for an early summer vacation and the cheapest and easiest way for me to get there was train. I boarded the train at 5:45 AM. My eyes were barely open when I got on and trudged my way through to a car that was almost empty and sat myself against the window. I had worked the night shift that evening and with the exception of stopping at home to shower, change clothes and grab my bags I had been on my feet all day. I figured I could get some sl**p in ... Continue»
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MY LAST MASSAGE by Bigsoftee34609

(Originally written under my old log in Bigsoftee)

I live down south and have always been fairly healthy and rarely ever see a doctor. However, about 6 months ago I had an auto accident that caused an injury to my neck. After my surgery, part of my recovery included physical therapy and massage therapy. I found a good physical ther****t and worked out diligently 3 times per week. After a week of working out and feeling a bit tight I remembered the massage script and checked the phone book and one advertisement caught my eye as it stated they worked with accident victims and it was only about ... Continue»
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A Massage for My Exchange Student

Originally written by me under my old log in Bigsoftee.

We had Mary, an 18 year old senior in high school who was an exchange student from Norway, staying with us one year. She arrived two weeks before the school year was supposed to start. She was a rather cute young lady about 5’6” tall with the typical Scandinavian features; long blonde hair, blue eyes, nice tits, a perfectly round ass and a really cute accent to top it off.

Just a few days before the school year started my wife and our three pre-school k**s took off for a couple of days to visit her f****y out of town. I couldn’t go due... Continue»
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Sue My Cum Queen

I grew up in a farming community in Pennsylvania and we lived in a large old farm house. My room was across from my s****r’s room. I was 15 and I woke up one day and discovered that I was the horniest guy in the world. I took notice of my older s****r’s friend Sue. Sue had long, straight beautiful blonde hair and a set of lovely, large breasts. I fixated on Sue and she became the center of my “jack-off” world. She was short, and cute and perky and the way her breasts bounced used to drive me crazy. I didn’t realize it at the time but Sue was just as horny as I was. My s****r and Sue wo... Continue»
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The Apartment Part4.1

At the last party, Diane had very quietly told me that she wanted to invite me for Sunday lunch soon.She knew that it would be in the next few weeks but was not sure when. As it turned out, it was a fortnight later. A note was slipped under my front door telling me when it would be, which left me enough time to sort out some new clothes. I had already been told that she wanted me in femme clothes and as what I had worn to the last party were my only femme clothes I needed to order some more. Once the new clothes arrived, I laid them all out on the bed and chose an outfit to wear. I decided on ... Continue»
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My German Hotel Mature BBW Experience

Frankfurt in Germany is a beautiful place. I have recently returned to Scotland from a weekend over there. Saw the sights, drank beer and had a good time. The hotel I stayed in was lovely. A swanky bar welcomed me as I arrived, and I was pleasantly surprised about the rooms. Very clean and nicely decorated, with massive, door sized windows. The building itself was is a square u-shape. and I was situated on the inside side of the "u". The view from the room was mostly of office buildings and the closed curtains of the other side of the hotel. Mostly...
On my last day in Frankfurt, I was ... Continue»
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A CFNM Trip to my Favorite Hot Springs

My latest trip to my favorite hot springs had a different, somewhat less exhibitionistic tone than my last two visits.

Rather than doing my nude adventure weekend at the campground, where I was the only one naked and really pushing the limits a little too far, I drove closer to the springs and hiked in on the road, camping i*****lly right below the springs.

I stayed dressed for the drive this time. That was a good idea, because I ended up having to stop a few times, and getting dressed would have been a drag.

I also stayed dressed for the 1.5 mile hike along the road to the hot spri... Continue»
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Daddy's love, a very secret affair.

The headline news was about **** and the rise of sexually transmitted diseases amongst teens enjoying fucking. How does society expect teenagers not to want to fuck each other when it's media driven and in our faces with a daily diet of sex from women who just live for it and payed well enough to make sure the youth of today are being primed to accept it as the norm.

Have you ever felt the urge to touch yourself when you are bored, I know I did every-time I checked into a hotel room and took my clothes off with my electric toothbrush and special attachments that never raised any suspicion w... Continue»
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Hubby's Late Night at Work

I spent the weekend visiting my fam.ily out of town. By the time I got back into town it was late Monday night. Hubby had to work late, I knew he’d be tired so I wanted to surprise him there. He’s such a hard worker always pulling long hours to go above and beyond to take care of our little fam.ily. I pulled into the parking lot of his job, quickly freshened up to make sure I looked my best. I had on a short pink dress that he loves with no panties and my favorite pair of pumps. I pushed my tits together and made kissy faces into the mirror before getting out. I walked into the 10-story buildi... Continue»
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My second time with a guy

So after my first experience (previous story) with a guy and going back for more a couple times, I fancied something different, So I got hold of an old friend and asked if he wanted to hang out. I knew he was gay because he used to beg me to wank in front of him when we were both at school, and I always did.

So I went to his house for a 'catch up' So I was sat on his bed and he was on the other side of the room, so yeah we were chatting for a bit and the topic got on to sex as he knew the guy i fucked. So I told him all about it, I could see him getting pretty hard from obviously thinking o... Continue»
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Morning Delights

I wake up in the morning with a raging hard on. It usually happens every morning when I can still feel the warmth of your body next to mine. I stretch out my hands to find you, but I find the bed empty. I know you would have gone downstairs to make coffee for yourself, because I know you need your morning cup bright and early. The though of yesterdays rendezvous does not help the cause of cooling down my passions.
I stretch in bed and open my eyes. My cock makes a huge tent in the sheets under the covers and I feel the need to desperately feel the hot warmth of your pussy enveloping my cock y... Continue»
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Hot & Cold

Hot and Cold

This is a true story about one of the best masturbation experiences I have ever had…when I was younger, before my first sexual experience with another person, I always wanted to ride my bike out to a nature preserve that was a few miles out of the town I grew up in, and finally got the balls to do it. It was a warm summer day, warm enough to work up a good sweat. I rode out to the nature preserve and rode the entire trail, which I am pretty sure was more than a few miles. It was relatively flat ground but still a little difficult for someone that did not exercise or ride a bike t... Continue»
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First Masturbation experience

I haven't found many stories like this (or maybe I just haven't looked hard enough) so I thought I'd do this.

So this is a true story. Like true-true, or true to the best of my ability, none of that nonsense where people say it's true but more like "loosely based on a true story". Just thought I'd get that out there.

Anyways, when I was much younger I had no idea how sex operated. I didn't even know what girls had down there for a good bit. I didn't know semen even existed. I had a very limited knowledge which made sex jokes involving semen and pussy's fly over my head. Not anal or breas... Continue»
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A Sexy Neighbour

I was having a short vacation at my parent’s house. It was a bit boring but there was one consolation though, the woman next door. OMG she made me horny. It was summer and, as both my parents worked, I was home alone. I noticed her hanging clothes on the line. It was early in the morning and she was wearing a long t-shirt, the type used as PJ's by some ladies. As she bent over to get something out of the clothes basket the t-shirt rode up her body and I caught a glimpse of her panties. I lost interest in the newspaper and watched. It happened again. When she went inside I waited. She did not r... Continue»
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