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My s****r taught me

One day when I returned home from school, on my way up to my room as I passed my s****r's bedroom door I heard some noises but thought nothing of it at the time. I had dropped my stuff off in my room and changed out of my school clothes into something more comfortable to walk around the house in.

After I went by my s****r's room again I heard almost the same noises and wondered what was going on. I knocked lightly on her door but she didn't respond so I quietly and slowly opened the door myself and took a peek inside.

What I saw when I looked into my older s****r's room surprised and kin... Continue»
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The Summer of Susan

I was sitting at a crosswalk waiting for pedestrians to cross when this stunning older blond woman walked across the street in front of my car. I call her older because I was 20 at the time and she was probably in her early 30s. She was tall, slim and stunning. She was wearing a sexy yellow summer dress, stockings and high heels and she had long, curly blonde hair that cascaded halfway down her back. She had this aloof air about her which I found intoxicating. I was entranced by her and if my tongue could’ve dropped out of my mouth it would’ve, I was brought back to reality by the honking... Continue»
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LAURIE fucks , sissy drools-Part 2.

Yes, Laurie was quite the whore. Seems everyone but sissy had a hand on those tits. I once saw on a blackboard, "Laurie____ has nice...... features". Guys would sing their version of the Fats Domino song "I found my thrills on Laurie______'s Hills!" One time we had to write poems for a class and get them published in a school magazine. Both mine and Laurie's were published. Sissy that I am, I thought Laurie's p... Continue»
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First time with mom.

This took place many years ago but was just so hot and want to share it.

My mom & I where living in a single bedroom studio apt. Bedroom Living area and little tiny kitchen of living room area, Mom had the Bedroom of course and I slept in the living room the bathroom was off the living room.
I'm out picking up groceries at the local super market just a little across town and wasn't long to be gone to come back to the apartment to find my mom watching one of my nasty taboo porns and touching herself Mmmmm was it so hot to see mom like that spread open her hairy pussy, She was very embarras... Continue»
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A Close Shave

One of the benefits of my job is I have the choice to work from home. Last Thursday, I did just that. I didn't feel like driving through all of the road construction. So I called my boss, told her I was working from home, and all was well. I was two hours into my day, when there was a knock at the door. I opened it, and there was Becki, still sporting her Katy Perry style short hair cut. She was dressed in pajama pants and a plain black t-shirt. She had a shopping bag with her.

"I saw you were home, and decided to visit." she said, rather slyly. I opened the door, and let her in. Her free h... Continue»
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A Weekend With Sandy, Milf Adventures 1-2

Volume 1 story 2

Sandy and I decided on a romantic weekend in the country, We stayed at her late grandmothers house for the weekend, which was quite literally over the river and through the woods. It looked like a haunted house to me. We walked through the threshold and a chill went down my spine, I almost left right then. But I decided that I was just being silly. "This house has been in my f****y since 1859, but my grandmother was the last person to live here and she died 6 years ago" Sandy said. "I love these old houses, Ive been wanting to bring you here for a while"She told me, "Its a... Continue»
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Sexy Sophs 3: Hot Holiday Hobby

Ola 'Olalala' tries tempting teen tricks to get me on her hot hook
Ola longs to get her swollen love lips licked, by a sexy sex-expert
'Clit-fishing' between her longing long legs is her first perfect plan:

So she proposes, after unexpectedly volunteering to do the dishes
That we two would to try catch some fresh fish in the lake for lunch,
While her hot mom sexy Sophie starts to light a grill already for us


Mom is pleased by dear doddie doing the dishes: time to relax
So she hands
... Continue»
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Having Her Ass Again.

On Tuesday morning, I told my supervisor Fatima's husband Alhaji Engineer Sule Galadima that I won't come to work on Wednesday that I really need to relax and write my report on the work progress and submit to my boss, he gave me the go ahead to during mid afternoon, I called Fatima and told her about my arrangement on Wednesday, he was happy and told me that she looks forward to it.

On Wednesday, during the late morning when I know her husband would have gone to work, I called her, but she didn't pick, I decided to wait for her. I have been thinking all night about today and was incredibl... Continue»
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Lucy 5 days.

I've known lucy for 5 years now. Very beautiful very sexy. 5ft 9, beautiful slim tight body. Shoulder length red hair and quite elegant and we'll spoken considering she is a bit of a slut. She likes fucking. Men or woman, it doesn't matter to her but I don't care I'd still fuck her till my cock fell off. Lucy comes to see me a lot and we talk and drink and sometimes she stays over night with me. We have never actually fucked but we have had a few d***ken fondles. Kissing groping fingering wanking cummin etc. Watching porn together. But things have changed. Over 5 days things ha... Continue»
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Kat Chase

8 years. It has taken 8 years to develop these feelings of admiration, restricted by our responsibilities at work. As a woman closer to retirement, I was having a difficult time trying to rationalize my sexual vicariousness for a coworker half my age. Scott, why are you here?

I loved it when he wore his faded jeans. It wrapped his thick thighs and muscled legs assuring dominance in every step. His 5 o’clock shadow, the cracked hands of a man who toiled outdoors, his scar on his right hand. On days when the office was asked to wear their Sunday best, I would always wear something special in ho... Continue»
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Aventuras no estrangeiro

Há uns anos atrás, vivi 4 meses na Alemanha. Mas a história não envolve nenhuma Alemã (com pena minha) mas sim uma norte americana. Chamemos lhe K. K era uma mulher loura com cabelo curto mas bom para agarrar, peitos pequenos mas firmes e, mais importante ainda, uma maluca entre 4 paredes. Curiosamente, a primeira vez que a conheci estava um bocado (muito) embriagado, mas ainda sabia o que estava a fazer, numa festa com um pessoal que se encontrava na mesma situação que eu (erasmus). Eis que ela vem ter comigo (coisa rara para uma mulher ir ter com um homem) e começamos a falar. a conversa não... Continue»
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new rules pt 2

katy dick and mark get on the bus
'lets get to the back i want 1 of you on either side of me' says katy
they get to the back of the bus with katy sitting in the middle
'both of you sit on your hands' says katy
dick and mark sit on their hands katy takes hold of both boys cocks through their trousers and starts playing with them dicks cock is already semi erect as he didn't cum yet but marks takes a little more time but soon both boys cocks are straining the front of their trousers a small damp patch appears on the front of dicks trousers
'oh dear i hope that doesn't stain you will look ... Continue»
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the gay fairy tale(english)

This story is inspired by the old German fairy tale of Little Red Riding Hood, who is called Rotkapp in This story, a male form of the girls name in the fairy tale: Rotkäppchen.
Unfortunately, the fairy tales were very mutilated and, above all, their erotic component, which the original stories had very well deprived. As you know, the wolf is a synonym for the man who is robbing Little Red Riding Hood (no scientific interpretation). So here is a gay version of it that came to my mind, a lot of fun:

Rotkapp had always been a really good boy. Even as a c***d, he had always done what hi... Continue»
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für regentage und so

Camping m.d.Fam. eines Schulfreundes (Netzfund) [ könnte ich noch mal bearbeiten...]

Andreas war seit gestern mit der Familie seines besten Schulfreundes auf Urlaub. Fast 3 Monate hatte er seine Eltern bearbeitet, damit sie ihn mitfahren ließen. Erst Marthas Intervention hatte seine ängstliche Mutter endlich umgestimmt. Sabina war nur deshalb mitgefahren, weil sie sich gerade von ihrem Freund getrennt hatte. Da alle ihre Freundinnen auf Urlaub waren, wollte sie nicht alleine zu Hause bleiben. Sie ließ aber keinen Zweifel, dass sie Gegenwart von 2 Grünschnäbeln, wie sie Andreas und Markus beze... Continue»
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Beginnings of a Voyeur

I was 13 years old when I noticed the 2 older girls who had moved in across the street from my parents house growing up. At that age, I was just hitting puberty, my hormones raging and jacking my dick was becoming a favorite past time. I was a shy k** growing up, still am to some degree. I was an awkward teen at that time and had yet to have a real girlfriend. I was fascinated with the normal type porn of the era, my friends dad had a extensive magazine collection that he shared, and of course the late night movies on"skin o max" were always a favorite.

But when the two 20 somethings moved ... Continue»
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Moms Cum Addiction.

Jill was a normal mom, her husband Cliff was a chemical salesman for a large company. Due to that he traveled extensively leaving her home alone for as long as two weeks at a time.

At 34 she had a good figure; she was 4’11” and weighted 120 pounds. Her husband k**ded her that most of that was her ass and tits, as she had a 42C chest and a J Lo butt. Her shoulder length red hair had a few gray streaks but nothing a little coloring could not fix. All in all things were normal.

It was what started out as a normal Thursday; she was pulling in from a quick trip to the store when she saw her ... Continue»
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my best friend discovers my love to suck dick

I had known Bill for many years, we worked together at the same company and became quick friends...I knew his wife and f****y and we would all hang out together. They all knew my wife and f****y too, but then I got divorced and remained friends with Bill and his wife Jane. I had been a cock lover and cock sucker for a few years before I got divorced, but no one ever knew and I preferred it that way....I like to keep my personal life discreet.

So I had been living alone since my divorce and had a couple of regular guys I would blow, mostly on weekdays. This one guy Tony would come over abou... Continue»
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Ausflug in die Stadt

Wieder einmal ein Treffen mit meinem Liebsten. Wir haben uns ein paar Tage nicht gesehen. Meistens fällt dann die Begrüssung besonders leidenschaftlich aus. Ausser wenn er etwas Besonderes geplant hat. So ist die Begrüssung auch dieses Mal eher nüchtern und kühl. Mich wurmt das immer ein wenig und auf der andern Seite, beginnt mein Körper vor Vorfreude zu kribbeln. Es ist immer so zwiespältig. Die Sehnsucht nach seiner Nähe, aber halt auch die Gewissheit, dass ein Spiel beginnt. Er kramt in seiner Tasche und nach kurzem suchen nimmt er ein Halsband heraus und legt es mir um den Hals. Nun gibt ... Continue»
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Submissive S!sters #4: Anne Admits

After I carry uncouncious lovely Louise to our big bed, Anne is up for her first ever 'Intimate Inspection': of her beautiful Body, hot Heart, lovely Looks, mighty Mind & sinning Soul, a trade-mark initiation inauguration for any cute candidate submissive slave student.

At the start I invite her to sit at my lap from the left at my right leg. So she rests her head at my right shoulder. My right arm around her shoulders, while my left hard comforts her anxiety with caresses, while I whisper my curious questions in her left ear.

"I like you to tell me all about your erotic experie
... Continue»
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Submissive S!sters #5: Anne Analysed

Awesome Anne has tiny tits, even smaller than Louisa-love.
She is a lot less hairy at her legs than her hot elder sexy s!ster.
Big bush of blond hair, curly all around her head, as it is below.
Beautifully blonde below her belly and little bits in her armpits.

Highest time for a more accurate probe of physical intimate inspection.
Of all her outer and inner beauties, so I tap her at her boyish bottom.
Order her to get up and stand legs wide spread at either side of mine.
Right in front of me and very close to my nose, her bums towards me.

... Continue»
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