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Fall of Beta

Some of us hubbies are just meant to be betas. However, it does mean we do not have desires and sometimes we even get the nerve to demand we get the respect we deserve. I remember one night doing just that with my wife. We had gone out for the evening and my wife was dressed hot! Some of her male colleagues lavished compliments on her right in front of me, but that can be another story. Being a hubby with cuckold desires, the attention she was receiving fueled my foreplay for things to come! I guess I could say I let her kiss some of her colleagues on the lips, but actually I guess I have litt... Continue»
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Bating in the cane fields

I was near completing my field trials in sugarcane, developing new crop protection products, I had a long day. The rial was in a quiet location on the edge of the field and the temperature was now very pleasant with a nice breeze. I sat down on my fold camping chair and had a cool drink. So peaceful it was... I was thinking that the drive back to the motel was only an hour or so and was looking forward to surf my favorite pornsite and relax with long jerking and edging... I had my first masturbation experience when I was 9 or 10 - and remember it to this day. Since that time I have been ba... Continue»
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How I became a whore - Pooja

Whore is just a social construct to me. We all know what promiscuity is. Having multiple, casual, and indiscriminate partners, blah, blah, blah. However, I don’t know how many people are curious to know why a woman becomes promiscuous. I want to preface by saying that a woman’s decision to be promiscuous is not always negative. I just want to tell my story.

My name is Pooja, I was 18 and finished my +2 when it all started. I was good in studies and it’s my dream to finish my college and get a good job to support my family. I belongs to a poor family lost my mother while I was in 6th Std. My f... Continue»
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Friend from college

My name is Rony. I’m from Kerala; after MBA from Bangalore I started working there itself . I did my graduation in Kerala. And that is where the story starts. This story is true. For people who think it’s not. . Well up to u.

I am 28 right now and this happened during my third year in college. And our heroine was my senior

And man alive she was a bomb. Her name is Selma Basheer and she had an awesome figure. Great boobs, nice piece of ass, and she had these horny cat eyes.

I’m not that bad looking myself. And i have a big cock too. I don’t know my size n all. So about Selma, i had heard tha... Continue»
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Out Of Afrika, Chapter 1

Out Of Afrika, Chapter 1

Chapter 1

Simone and Ian watched as their daughter fumbled with the small tightly wrapped package looking for an edge where she might get a finger nail to tear at the gift-wrap. They looked on amusedly as the box was rotated and then, at last, Chloe found a weak spot and with a small cry of triumph the paper was ripped off to reveal the last of her gifts; an anonymous plain white box.

It was the morning of her 16th birthday and a school day; not a holiday but birthdays in the White’s hous... Continue»
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Alone with my cock, being watched...

I worked in setting out field trials in sugar cane for new pesticides - it is hard work in the heat of the day. Often I needed a rest and a drink of water. One day I was working to set out a new trial and my thoughts wandered to a girl I watched the night before, a sexy middle aged woman with a beautiful bouncy ass. I sat down on my folding chair and the breeze was nice and relaxed me. When doing field work, I have always roomy boxers, to allow for good air circulation - of course it also allows for good room when my cock comes to life. Thinking of the sexy woman, my cock became hard an... Continue»
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Relief At Last

I saw Amy watching me through the front door as I walked up to the house. She was smiling broadly. Seeing her made my cock stir behind my zipper, and the CB 6000 I was still wearing (after almost three weeks since she had put it on me) was pulled snugly up against the back side of balls; which 'hurt', but in a 'good' way!

When she let me in, she gave me a warm and very affectionate kiss, which made my cock stiffen just that much more; and which also caused the CB 6000 to press just that much more firmly against the back of my crowded testicles!

"I'll bet 'someone', " Amy said, smiling, "... Continue»
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new rules part 4

when they get home sally opens the door 'don't forget the rules boys strip before entering ' she smiles
both boys strip in the garden then enter the house sally takes hold of marks cock squeezes it and gently wanks it mark groans 'you really do have a nice big cock' she gets down on her knees and takes te head in her mouth running her tongue over the tip then sucking and bobbing her head up and down on his cock
'why don't you wank your cock dick while you watch sally suck marks cock' says katy 'but no cumming'
dick starts wanking his cock which is already hard from watching sally suck marks... Continue»
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Lizzy and the Black Bouncer (Full)

Lizzy was in here early 20's she was a slim size 8 with a tiny wait and curvaceous bum. She was about 5ft8 and had long brunette hair. Lizzy was newly single and had just started working in a bar in her local town. Lizzy longed for something different and exciting.
Then one day whilst she was working at the bar she was informed by her boss that a new doorman/bouncer was going to start at the bar working on the doors. Lizzy was asked to show the doorman around so he could see the layout of he venue and get a feel for the place.
Lizzy went to the front of the venue where she was introduced to
... Continue»
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Amy's Pussy

That evening, after having spent a good portion of the afternoon with Amy, and watching her finger her lovely, natural blond, hair-fringed pussy, to I have no idea how many orgasms (a dozen, perhaps?), I kept picturing this in my minds eye! I couldn't get the sight of it out of my head. I didn't really try though.

I was still wearing the CB 6000 male chastity device I'd worn (which I did just for her) the whole time I'd been there. I was fixing some soup on the stove in my small apartment, and as I waited for it to boil, I could feel it rubbing against the inside of my bathrobe after I'd sh... Continue»
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Unforgettable Holiday ch 1

Unforgettable Holiday Part 1
Id given up on a summer here this year.
Id decided to book a late bit of sun to get naked on the beach again once more this year.
I booked a week at the famous Maspalomas beach, id heard and see the fun that happens there. Id feel good going into our winter with a nice tan/feel good factor, so i booked a last min deal for the last week in october . Fingers crossed it would be hot for that week , i really needed some sun.

I wande... Continue»
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Mom's Masturbation

I was 18, my mother was somewhere in her early 40's. She would never tell me her exact age and to be honest, I was baffled that she was past her 30's. We lived in a house, just the two of us. My father had left when I was younger, but it never phased me or my mom any. My relationship with my mother was an average mother-son relationship. Nothing out of the ordinary really. I would come home from school and play sports or video games, she would come home several hours later from work and would head straight to her room for the night. If I was hungry I would have to make myself something simpl... Continue»
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Ends Up Cumming On Their Tits

The story begins on the back porch where two women wait to service me. One is my girlfriend and the other is someone I don't know; they are both without clothes and both heavy breasted. I'm sitting in a chair naked because no one is ever around at this time of night. Nervously, my girlfriend holds my cock and offers it to the other woman. I wonder if they even know each other by they're behavior. Trina holds tight at the base and tugs it erect, then looks at the other naked girl and says "Cindy I told you I wanted to watch you suck my boyfriend's cock. It's all yours". She didn't even ask me i... Continue»
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More fun with Jean

It seems like forever since I've seen my neighbour Jean, but this morning my luck was in. Me and Lisa were out last night and when we got home we enjoyed ourselves, as usual, by watching some great porn films. After a few hours of pleasure Lisa went to bed leaving me to carry on watching and stroking as I normally do. As morning arrived I kept a look out for Jean in case she came into her garden as she often does. I opened the blinds enough so that if she looked over she would definitely see me. 40 minutes went by and I saw Jean in her garden. I moved a bit closer to the window and saw Jean ... Continue»
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Amy In The Afternoon

My phone buzzed.

When I saw who the text was from, I felt unmistakably excited. It was from Amy. The text read: 'Are you busy this afternoon? If not, CALL ME!!!'

When I had a moment free, that's what I did.

"Hey!" She said. "I was wondering if you'd like to drop by later this afternoon. Would you like that?"

"I'd love to!" I replied, without a moments hesitation.

"How have you been?" Amy inquired.

"Oh, you know. Same old same old!" I replied, truthfully enough.

"Any---sex?" She asked, with just a touch of irony in her voice.

"Nada," I said. "As usual!"

"If you come... Continue»
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Wife has been watching porn too

Linda had known I was a porn userfor some time. At first she was shocked by it, although after catching me a number of timesher attitude had softened. Because of Lindas attirude to me watching porn I hadn't really thought that it was a possibility for her. That was until I was using her iPad one evening and had lost a page on the internet browser. I clicked into the history and through curiosity clicked on the last few day, nothing there of any note and then I remembered that she was very late getting to bed one evening so gave that day a click. To my surprise there it was a full cashe of hist... Continue»
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Interstate Innocence

(1975) I loved the smell of the old Greyhound bus station, something about the exhaust from all those buses. But my Ma didn’t seem to like it there much; she seemed kinda nervous. Maybe I am confusing her disdain of the filthy bus station with the trepidation she must have felt with sending me, her thirteen-year old boy, off to Texas for a month. I dunno, but I did what I could to calm her, which meant doing what she said, promising to write and telling her how much I would miss her. Nearly thirty years later, I still wonder how she sc****d-up the money for that bus ticket. Anyway, I got on th... Continue»
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These are confessions and stories people have sent me.

Do you have a confession of something you did, or something you'd like to do?

Private Message it to me and I'll post it. Don't worry about spelling, grammar, etc.


I was a spy that worked for peanuts. Literly. I was in first or second grade and shared a bedroom with my brother, Frank, who was in 6th grade. One night I saw him going up and down on his hard thingy while smelling our older sisters Panties and he squirted a big load. i went and told my older sister, Brenda, who was in ... Continue»
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Wife's Sister

My Wife’s Sister

(Only the first part of this story is true, The rest is made up.)

(Oct 14, 2017)

My wife and I took a trip to Boston with her sister. We got there around 5 pm. And decided to eat at a sea food restaurant. As we were leaving in the car, my wife spotted a small row of shops and asked if we could stop and look. I told her I was tired and wanted to get back to the motel and rest. Emma, my sister-in-law also said she was tired. So we decided to go back to the motel and my wife would come back and shop.

We get to the motel and my wife ... Continue»
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Miryam que rico

Hola todos buenas,

tengo la necesidad de expresar estas vivencias, las estaba haciendo muy elaboradas pero me aburrí, ahora me quiero enfocar en contar las historias y punto, ademas casi nadie vota, ahí va,

es una mañana fria como todas las de mi hermosa ciudad, ya voy tarde para el trabajo pero aun es demasiado temprano, aun esta oscuro, llego a la terminal de las américas y o sorpresa la estación no da abasto, maltrecho del viaje en el alimentador me dispongo a realizar la carrera de todos los días hasta el torniquete luchando contra otros por llegar de primeras y si no hay de otra pagar e... Continue»
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