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Masturbation Porn Stories

The Lesson Pt 1


The master walks into his room and pours a drink. He takes his riding jacket off and throws it onto the bed. Turning, he finally sees the girl on her knees by the window. Looking at her, he rolls his eyes. Master: Fuck, I forgot about you. Slave: My Lady Sofia sent me to you. She said you would …punish me. Master: Yes, she’s rather fond of that, isn’t she? What did you do? Slave: She was offended by me, sir. She said I embarrassed her. Master: Really. Do tell. He sits heavily, examining the slave more closely. Her dark hair is tied loosely back from her pretty face.… Read more

Posted by sophiaandjay 4 years ago 5 2,376 90%

Frustration Contact. (Short Story) Also seen on L

MasturbationMatureSex Humor

The queue, waiting for the first lift is large, but my eyes focus happily on the blonde hair of a woman ahead of me, rather than the floor indicator above each lift. I love women like her, slim, mature, maybe even over fifty, dressed in a suit, shiny hair in a bob style, elegant and feminine. I am going into the same lift as her, just so that I may gaze discretely at her and enjoy her good looks. My head thrills at the possibility that she has a thin blouse and underneath, a Camisole top. Utterly divine! The right hand lift arrives and a mass of people shuffle sideways to get it, but… Read more

Posted by matureworship 4 years ago 1 1,032 50%

Do orgasms slowly kill men?

First TimeInterracial SexMasturbation

It is well known that the average man ejaculates in the life of around a trillion sperm. Experts want to determine whether it is true that a man in his mouth sperm lose vigor and therefore do not live as long as women? New York Times in 1992 reported a study with an astonishing and frightening at the same time results. Dr. Wyne Van Voorhies of the University of Arizona studied a simple and useful Trichinella worms that have the same genetic and biochemical processes such as humans and other mammals. The first group of worms can mate at will, which often require the formation of sperm. On av… Read more

Posted by zokizoki1503 4 years ago 2 994



PART FOUR. However in fetish circles she is known as strap on Sam ,as she has a penchant for using a strap on, apart from, thrashing whipping naughty girls / boys. She loves young collage boys, her specialities are young collage girls / sissy boys. In your case it will be a straight out sexual correction. She has asked that she take you straight out. But Miss Jacks and my self have decided that you be attended to softened up before she starts. Lady Samantha., has agreed to this but it must be done under her direction. Be rest assured this time your balls will be drained… Read more

Posted by twilight22 4 years ago 978 86%

Paradise Island: Part 1

MasturbationSex HumorVoyeur

29, Single white male seeks similar age female with good looks and vibrant personality. I’m getting tired of writing that on internet dating sites. I started this journal to release my inner thoughts on paper but so far I've only confirmed my sexual inadequacies and personal hang ups. I’m creeping ever closer to 30 and I’m yet to find ’The one’ I've had 3 relationships in the past 10 years and had sex about as many times. I’m beginning to realise life isn't like the movies. I've read plenty of erotic stories on the internet and seen even more Porn films. I should be an expert at this stuff… Read more

Posted by Skats 4 years ago 5 1,209 50%

Tonya's New Toy

Group SexMasturbation

Tonya’s New Toy “Did Tonya tell you about her new toy?’ I asked. “Yes,” Jason said. “She sent me an email with a link to it. And a picture. You’d think she’d be a little more discreet. I mean, somebody could have been looking over my shoulder.” “It’s Tonya,” I replied. “You know how she feels about that kind of stuff. You celebrate it, you don’t hide it. I mean, geez, have you ever been to anyone else’s house where you see ‘private time’ notes on the patio doors because someone is out there masturbating?” “I guess, so Gillie” Jason said. “But she really doesn’t need to send picture… Read more

Posted by milliet 4 years ago 2,302 100%

Miss Jacks.. PART 3


Miss Jacks Part 3 .It had only been a month since my encounter at Harrogate ,where I had been taken to a rural farmhouse and had been wanked and sucked off by two women . Namely Miss Jacks and a doctor Margaret. A plain clothes police woman had watched, sitting in a chair legs crossed with her skirt up high exposing her suspenders and stocking tops. I just could not get the experience out of my mind, the smell of the women and their perfume. Try as I did I could not shake it off. I was jacking off frequently every day. In the end I hatched a plan i had saved a lot of money. So told… Read more

Posted by twilight22 4 years ago 899 50%

Day Dream

First TimeMasturbationVoyeur

Day Dreaming... I sat in my room bored out of my skull. It was Thursday night and I had no money to go to the bars and all my friends were busy with projects or club activities. I was just about to go to bed when there was a knock on my door. "COME IN! It's open!" The door opened and in came Nicole, from my computer programing class. She was rather short, but well build, meaning she wasn't over weight and not over muscled. She was wearing tight black jeans, a baggy sweat-shirt, white tennies and had her hair tied back in a pony-tail. She smiled as she gave me the once-over. I realized I was we… Read more

Posted by jinkkme 4 years ago 2 1,118 100%

1st Meet

First TimeMasturbationVoyeur

You walk in warily, not knowing quite what to expect. I say nothing,just taking your hand and leading you through the doorway. After youpass, I close the door behind you and throw the bolt. You jump a bit as the spring latch slams home, and look back at me. Ionly smile and wink. You look around; you've never been in my bedroom before. You look atthe mess on the floor, look back at me, but I only shrug and smile.You watch me light some of the oil lamps, your smile slowly growing onyour face. I turn off the light and we are bathed in the soft, gentle glow of thelamps. Still standing,… Read more

Posted by jinkkme 4 years ago 651 100%

A Ride in the Rain

First TimeGay MaleMasturbation

I went to college about 75 miles from my home. About once a month I would go home for the weekend, bringing my laundry with me in a battered brown case that once belonged to my father. I'm sure my mother noticed the dried pale yellow stains on my T-shirts and briefs but mercifully never said a word. Because I didn't own a car, I had to take a couple of buses, and then hitchhike the remaining 30 miles. Back in those days, hitchhiking was more common and safer. And so, one cold, rainy November night, I found myself standing beside the highway at my last bus stop. My breath mixed with the unre… Read more

Posted by b100dr00t 4 years ago 6 3,013 100%

Sporty Simone Seduced #1

First TimeMasturbationVoyeur

SWEET SOFT SEDUCTION Sweet Simone has a secret sexy wish for my bithday gift to her. Please can I practise sex, Peter? Warm blushes colour her cheeks. She doesn't dare to tell me exactly what she would want from me. Erotic curiosity must be the reason, I assume. I decide to make it more easy for her to tell me. Express your dream wishes on paper, sweet Simone. I promise to do my best to make them come true. Thank you, Peter. I will write it tonight and make sure you will get my letter. Keep our secret! Sweet Simone I've known from her birth. Her hot mom was pregnant with her at… Read more

Posted by petdyke 4 years ago 5 964 40%

Masturbating in Public 2


I've been masturbating since my mid teens, and have always tried various methods to add to add to the thrill. Whether its magazines, videos, both phone & webcam sex, toys, tributes - I've done it all. But the one I love the most is masturbating in public. Its not the thrill of being caught, and I never have, but its the different situations and places that get me going. One time I remember was when I was in my mid-twenties. I was driving a transit van on my back from a delivery. The drive wasn't very long, about one and a half hours at best. I was making good time and it was a really… Read more

Posted by robbo81 4 years ago 4 1,414 80%

One Nasty Saturday Night

Group SexMasturbationVoyeur

Last Saturday night I was sitting home relaxing drinking a beer and watching a little porn.getting a little horny I decided to get naked and enjoy myself.well it did not take long before I had a hard cock and was pounding it hard getting ready cum all over myself. I was almost there when the phone rang! god dam it who is calling me now? Hello, I said. Its April what you doing? You horny? we are! Fuck yes I am! I told her. In fact I am naked and jerking off as we speak. You are! Hey, guess what Wayne`s doing right now I heard her tell her girlfriends he is… Read more

Posted by manard 4 years ago 2 2,311 100%

The Girl in the Office


As I walk into the room I'm hit by her sweet smell. That intoxicating scent that taunts me every day to throw caution to the wind and have my way with her right there on her desk. Of course reality sets in and I become aware of my surroundings. I know she sees my cock throbbing through my pants. I'll quickly look to cover it, but we both know its there. It is difficult to resist that smell. The room is dimly lit, with only the light from the rising sun coming through the cracks of her blinds. It sheds just enough light for me to see the absolute beauty that is before me. She is… Read more

Posted by chester0152 4 years ago 1,816


AnalFirst TimeMasturbation

After our initial discovery of pleasuring one another with our frotting and dry humping, Stephen and I spent more time together experimenting with things we'd heard of as one hears about legends. There wasn't a lot of sexually explicit stuff available when this began. Hell! Major network television was still signing off at midnight. All four of them! One day after classes, we hurried to his house, our desire pretty evident as we rushed through the front door and started working each others pants off. Today started a little differently. I reached into Stephens pants and took hol… Read more

Posted by jennifer1969 4 years ago 1 1,138 100%

Sarah discovers masturbation 2

AnalFirst TimeMasturbation

Little Sarah woke up so excited and a little sore from her first amazing day of masturbation, she actually loved the feeling of her pussy, nipples and ass being a little sore from the workout she gave them the night before and she absolutely loved the way she felt, so aroused and she was amazed to have woken up with her young pussy already soaking wet, she wondered if she would ever not be wet down there now that she had found out about masturbation and the feelings she could have while playing with herself and looking at that dirty magazine she found in her dad's garage. OH MY GOD! The magazi… Read more

Posted by jchacon32 4 years ago 1 2,818 100%

"Careful what you wish for"


My wife and I have always had a very healthy sex life, but due to recent stress in our life, sex had come to a stand still..For years, I have always fantaiszed about a MMF with my wife. We had done a MMF twice before, but still, it was my favorite fantasy, my favorite activity, that hadn't been fulfilled in quite some time. Due to a f****y function, we had to travel out of state and spend a couple nights in a hotel(which hotels are a guaranteed turn on for myself), so I knew the sex with the wife was going to be outstanding..On Monday, back at work, I recieved a text on my phone. I opened it t… Read more

Posted by naughtysecret21 4 years ago 1 2,390 100%

The Neighbours tale


Well when we moved here to Bath, not in my wildest dreams, could I have imagined such a perfect neighbourhood or next door neighbour, thank god Spring is here, who needs Robin's in your garden, when you have the exotic Nicola Diamond, yeah since the weather's warmed up she has migrated outside with each passing day. Makes a change from sneaking down to the Summerhouse in the cold to spy on her thru the bushes, the perfect view of her lit windows at the back of her house. What she gets up to is cock-teasing to the extreme. Some of the outfits I have spied her wearing,had many a wank o… Read more

Posted by DiamondLife 4 years ago 1 1,794 50%

Masturbating In Public 1


I've been masturbating since my mid teens, and have always tried various methods to add to add to the thrill. Whether its magazines, videos, both phone & webcam sex, toys, tributes - I've done it all. But the one I love the most is masturbating in public. Its not the thrill of being caught, and I never have, but its the different situations and places that get me going. My first time was in a public toilet. Not the erotic of settings I know but we all start somewhere. I was 19 and in college at the time and had the afternoon off so I went into town to kill some time before I had catch… Read more

Posted by robbo81 4 years ago 3 1,668 100%

Virginity Broken

First TimeHardcoreMasturbation

It was last May. I was walking downtown to meet a guy I barely knew. He said he could help with the fact that my virginity was not broken. When I got to the motel, I got undressed and started to play with myself like I always did.I had the lights down low and was laying on the bed.Then the door opened and I was blindfolded. He saw my pussy and instantly started to finger it. I moaned. He started licking and when his tounge got inside I almost screamed. "Huh, average little slut." He laughed. Then he played with my boobs as we kissed. He fingered, played with my boobs, and kissed my neck at the… Read more

Posted by SexyElevenYearOld 4 years ago 4 4,042 15%