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Never Satisfied

Amy is an 18 year old senior in high school. She is captain of the varsity cheerleading squad, straight a student, dating the quarterback, and turns every head as she walks by. With perky D cup breasts and, what many guys referred to as a badonkadonk, both guys and girls get aroused watching her.

Amy always enjoyed walking around school and public places in skimpy clothes with little or nothing underneath. She would often get so turned on and drenched from people looking at her. She would imagine sucking the check out clerk's dick, or maybe the cute beach girls in a skimpy bikini's nipples ... Continue»
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Josh's Good Time

“There you are babe. I’ve been looking for you.” Josh said to his girlfriend Lea, who he had been dating for two years. She was Haitian with perky b boobs and short brown hair. To Josh she had a smile that would light up the world. She was wearing a yellow t-shirt with blue shorts.

“Awww. That’s sweet babe. Since you’ve been working all day, what do you say we go back to your place?”. She reached in his pants grabbing his 9 inch dick and gently rubbing while standing on her tiptoes to kiss him.

“Mmm, someone is feeling frisky today. Sounds good to me!” He reached into her shorts to find ... Continue»
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“Men are all the same.” Anja muttered to herself as her colleague, Martijn left the room.

You can’t hold even the shortest conversation without them leering at your boobs or legs, she thought to herself. Martijn had clearly been a little less than entirely circumspect with his inspection of her form.

Not that she objected completely. In fact she was secretly a little flattered that many men would talk to her chest rather than her face. Even if it could be a little trying at work.

Anja leant back in her chair and gazed idly out of her office window. Beyond the glass lay a vista of ur... Continue»
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sex store head

A few years back I accidentally discovered the adult book
store scene - lots of married and bi curious men like me,
cruising and hooking up. I was too afraid to go through with
it, but kept finding myself in adult stores, pushing closer
and closer to giving it a try. Finally, at a store in Portland,
I discovered booths with a window screen. It was a new erotic
thrill to be stroking my cock while watching another guy
doing the same a few feet away, even if it was through glass.
While putting on a jerk off show for a good looking, well
hung guy, initially I was disappointed when he clos... Continue»
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He was tall, yes tall and muscular, Bald head and walked like he was on ice. He wasn't my type but there was just something about the way he looked at me that made me instantly wet. I was 5'9 and a little on the thicker side. Think black kinky curls and 42 Double D's and a little extra package at the back. It was a rainy friday night and i just got off the treadmill, showered and began walking upstairs towards my condo door when he called my name. I wasn't the type to go to the condominium gym late at night but since it was in my eyes safe, it became a habit as i knew that he would always be t... Continue»
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taking b*****r's cum, how it all began...x

Taking b*****r’s cum, how it all began...x

As a young pritty girl I was all way’s surounded by boy’s and by fifteen I had my first boyfriend, his name was Brad and his cock was hard every time we kissed.One day as we walked home he pushed me into an ally way and we were soon kissing, I could feel his erection pressing against me through his pale blue jean’s and could not resist stroking it through his jeans as he fondled my boob’s and kissed my neck. Brad started to breath harder and then I realised he was close to shooting his load, this was the first time we had gone this far and soon he... Continue»
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Home alone, at last

At last, home alone for a while …..

So, I managed to have a whole day home alone. My life is quite complex with people arriving and leaving regularly, then there’s me being away for short stays whilst I’m working so being home alone can be difficult.

But the problem was that I was missing being naughty, so I planned a whole day for FUN !!!

I started advertising that I was available on two French contact sites a couple of weeks ago, lots of interest and messages but as usual, quite a lot of nonsense, fantasists or guys without the real interest in some serious action.

But one of the... Continue»
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Tasty Threesome for Lilly, Lizzy and Lezzie leads to a Sweet Sexy Surprise
I invite my readers to a sexy story of a tasty three-some as fresh as I heard how it happened
I saw the start of it and heard the hot horny dirty details later from my lovely looking Lilly
I will tell you all about it in a few foxy sexy sequels of hot lesbian love in old Amsterdam
I warn you, dear reader: you are in for a shocking sexy surprise! Want to know more? Read on!
I invite you to a real redhot story which just happened here at Queens Day in old Amsterdam!

I invite my fine friend from far Lilly to... Continue»
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(To Julie, the inspiration for this story…)

(Listen to Angel by Massive Attack for an enhanced read!)

She posted another set of pictures, or as he called it, frozen moments from her mysterious life. She was his new found curse, no… sickness… Do you compare someone so divine to such vile acronyms? She had somehow become a slow breath for his life, if you would call being submerged into the abyss of work six days out of the week, and the only one not surrounded by paperwork and misery, left alone away from the non-existent, or rather non-important world.

Last onli... Continue»
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She's a Dentist but She Didn't Pull My T

On a return flight after a week of business, I was seated next to a very lithe, lovely woman in 1st class. She immedately engaged me in conversation, and I was flattered to receive the attention.

Our discussion began before push back from the gate. We eventually became airborne, and before we knew it, we were landing at our destination. During the conversation, I discovered she was a dentist. I was fascinated at her life story, and how she chose her profession. It was clear we were connecting nicely.

As we landed, we said our good-byes - sharing common pleasantries. As she was visiting f... Continue»
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Sarah discovers masturbation

I grew up a very normal k** or so I thought, I don't remember being curious or even caring about anything that had to do with sex until this one day when I was playing in the garage and as I was going through some boxes I found a dirty magazine hidden way at the bottom of one of the boxes my dad kept there, I was a little shocked to see a naked woman in the cover but being young and naive and also like most little girls very curious I just had to see what was inside, I opened the magazine and right away in the index there were pictures of naked people having sex, I immediately closed it a litt... Continue»
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5 women pt 2

The following morning when Penny woke I was fast asl**p to be woken by Penny wanking my now thick hard cock she straddled me lowering her tight slit onto the b**st feeding it in slowly as she would have full control, she moved up and down slowly grinding her hips as she did, Penny started to moan as she gasped she was Cumming I grabbed her hips pushing her down so she had the full length and thickness in her, she started to shake and then cried out as she cum she carried on for a few moments as I moved onto my side and Penny falling onto hers I twisted her onto her back and started to thrust m... Continue»
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Katherine, every guy's teacher fantasy (a sto

Around 3 weeks ago in September I caught a serious illness by unknown reasons. Due to that, I stayed out of school for two days (Thursday and Friday.) On that Thursday there was a test being administered by Ms. Smith , my art teacher. The Monday after my two-day absence I was planning or more so of debating whether or not I should make up my test that I missed. I knew I had a test but I just didn’t tell my mother because knowing her she may have sent me to school. Two weeks later however which would be today (Monday) during my 7th period which would also be her class, she told me that I have... Continue»
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Margaret The Church Lady

It was Sunday morning again, and the day before Pat and I were to leave Margaret's to return home. I awoke to the smell of coffee and bacon, and heard Pat and Margaret talking downstairs in the kitchen. I pulled on a t-shirt and sweatpants, and headed downstairs. "Well, good morning sl**pyhead", Margaret said as I walked in. Pat was finishing his meal, and was dressed and ready to head to church. I sat down at the table, and Margaret made up a plate of scrambled eggs, bacon, and toast for me. I was still groggy from sl**p, but certainly noticed how she looked. She had her hair and makeup don... Continue»
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And so i lived in a dream,a wonderfull partner,in love,a good life,what could ever go wrong?? I had the perfect life
We worked both ,we had good positions,money never really was an object,our sexlife was allmost satisfactory,we travelled a lot,in short the good life......
But without noticing anything,nothing to put your finger on decay broke in ,our so interesting conversations diminished,silences at the breakfasttable became louder and louder and our allmost satisfactory sexlife became a sexlife,his sexlife in fact,it was allmost as if i didn't really matter anymore for as long as i was th... Continue»
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Film Script - Porn Noir (Work in progress, needs f

Hey guys, just received this script from a young & talented lady film maker. Can you help me and her out by reviewing this script? You'll get early access to the film. Thanks,
Cathy x


Establishing shots.


A gentlemen’s club in the heart of the town is lit
low key with an ambiance of blue and white spotlights
on the stage.

It’s ISOBEL’S night, as the music begins to play
‘SWEET DREAMS ARE MADE OF THESE’, she appears on stage
from out of the darkness with her feather boa. She
begins to dance teasing the audience.... Continue»
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Submissive BBW

I am quite a boobilious brunette with magnificent H cup breasts. My brown hair hangs down to my shoulders whilst my large blue eyes can light up a room. I am also a rather curvy bbw. My belly may be big but my thighs are firm and my arse is to die for, like two perfectly round balloons squeezing together. The brown curly hair between my thighs conceal my perfectly stowed pussy, small and clam-like in appearance and always wet!
I am also a submissive and ready to be used anywhere.
On this occassion I was invited to a party at a friends house in the next town. There would be couples there, bo... Continue»
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Sara's Awakening Part 3

In this part we go back to Sara's point of view. Sara is still remembering the events of the past three weeks since the night she almost caught her dad Mark. This is the morning after and Sara is trying to figure out what is going on with her. She also discovers the real reason for the internet... porn of course. Hope you enjoy!

She finally crawled out of bed at 11 o'clock and made her way to the kitchen for some breakfast. As she made her toast she thought about the night before. The reaction her body had when she felt her dad's body against her's. The way she felt when she kissed him. Wha... Continue»
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Timestop Day 5

Hope all of you are enjoying them :)

P.S. Did not write this people!

Day 5 – Sunday

Warren woke up to the sound of someone yelling. Just waking up, he couldn't make out what was said, but it was more than enough to wake him up. Looking over at his clock, Warren saw that it was just before noon. He pulled himself up into a sitting position and dropped his head to his hands, his head pulsing from having drank the night before. For awhile Warren just sat there. Then his head shot up as he remembered having woken up to the sound of yelling, which had to be his s****r, who h... Continue»
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Unexpected Night Out

Linda was away on business for the second time in two weeks and having to be away all week this tie by the time it got to Thursday night she was ready to get out of the hotel for the night. As luck would have it a group of women had arrived earlier that day on a batchelorette weekend, so short on fun Linda tagged along with the on a night out.

They started out at a couple of bars and Linda got to know a few of the women and was having a good time when they told her they were going to a strip club that night. Wanting to carry on the good times Linda went along thinking it would atleast be a... Continue»
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